Thanks once again to my wonderful proofreaders: Gari, Angel and Laura.

As with all of this series it is, of course, dedicated to Laura.


"Happy birthday, baby," you said as we walked, naked and hand in hand, out to the pool.

I squeezed your hand and smiled. "And thank you for all my presents, love."

We stopped and kissed, our arms naturally going around each other and I felt the familiar warmth and tingles in my pussy. Our earlier lovemaking had only served to increase my desire.

We broke the kiss and moved to lay on our enormous sun lounger. The heat of the day was pouring down on us and we basked in the warmth of the air and each other's bodies.

"I have one final surprise for you baby," you said after a lingering kiss.

"Another present? You've already given me so much."

"Not quite what you're thinking, baby. But you will get to unwrap your gift soon."

I was puzzled but knew that I would love anything you gave me.

I heard the doorbell and you said, "Ah. That will be your gift. Stay here, baby. I'll be back in a moment."

"You're not going to put something on? The delivery driver is going to get a pleasant surprise," I said with a grin on my face.

You looked at me, smiled and winked.

"Don't worry baby. I know what I'm doing," and with those enigmatic words ringing in my head I watched your beautiful ass as you walked back into the house. I was intrigued

A minute later you walked back out, still naked but my heart skipped a beat when I saw you had someone with you, holding your hand.


Heather smiled and said, "Happy birthday, Anna."

She was dressed in a beige spaghetti strap top, blue denim shorts and open sandals. Her straight blonde hair blew gently in the breeze.

You looked into my eyes and smiled, "Well? Aren't you going to unwrap your present? Don't you want to see how beautiful she is?"

I got extra tingles rushing through my pussy at that moment. I could feel my clit throbbing and deep warmth and wetness in my lips.

I smiled and stood up. She smiled and said, "I am yours, Anna. Tell me what you want."

I looked into her blue eyes and saw the heat and desire there. I looked at you and smiled as I placed a soft kiss on her lips. I pulled back and took the edge of her top and lifted it, revealing her braless, gorgeous tits. Her dark nipples erect. I kissed her again and then kissed down her neck and took one of her nipples in my mouth. She sighed and I felt her fingers in my hair.

As I sucked and grazed her nipple I undid the button on her shorts and slid them down. I pulled back and saw that she was obeying our house rules. She had no panties and her bald cunt was puffy and wet.

"So, what do you want to do with her?" You asked.

I smiled at you and said, "Finish unwrapping her, first."

I slid the shorts down and undid her sandals. She stepped out of them and was finally naked like us.

"Laura, my love," I said, "Lie down on the lounger, please?"

You smiled, sat and then lay down on the lounger, your legs slightly apart.

"Heather, I want you to kiss Laura."

She smiled and lay down next to you and I was thrilled as I saw your arm wrap around her, pulling her to you as you kissed. I lay down on the other side and started nibbling your ears.

I trailed a finger down to your breast and started stroking and tweaking your nipple and I felt it stiffen under my touch.

You broke your kiss and said, "This is supposed to be for you, baby, not me."

She looked directly at me and said, "I've always wanted to taste you, Anna. Laura's right. This is your treat."

I shuddered and briefly closed my eyes. When I opened them I lay back on the lounger and opened my legs, feet flat on the surface, and gestured to my pussy.

"Heather, please. I want to feel your tongue and fingers on and in me. Laura, I need your taste again."

You smiled, knowing as you always do, what I wanted. She slipped down between my legs and I felt her touch, her fingers tracing up my warm lips while you straddled my face, watching what she was doing the whole time.

I watched as you lowered your beautiful cunt to my lips. You leaned forwards and put your hands on either side of me. I lapped at your entrance, opening you, pushing my tongue in as I felt her tongue lap at my clit. I took your clit in my mouth, filling with your beautiful taste and scent. I tried to mirror her tongue movements. I felt two fingers slide into me, and moaned into you. I brought my hands up and pushed at your entrance, feeling your wetness and readiness. I could tell you were close and my own orgasm was right there on the edge.

When she pressed up in a rhythm on my cunt walls and flicked faster with her tongue I sucked harder on your clit and buried my fingers deep in you. Suddenly my orgasm washed through me and I heard you cry out.

"I'm cumming baby. Now!"

The heat washed up through me, from my cunt walls, my clit, all up and out as you writhed on top of me, your juices covering my mouth and chin.

As we slowly recovered you swung your leg back and lay down next to me. She slid up and lay on the other side. I kissed you and then you kissed her, finally saying, "I love your taste baby. And you covered her with it. Taste her."

She kissed me and you suddenly went down and opened her legs.

"I think she deserves a reward, don't you baby?"

Heather moaned and rolled onto her back and I just said, "Yes. She does. Make her cum, love. For me."

You smiled, locked your eyes on mine, "For you, baby."

As you clamped your lips over her bald pussy I watched and felt an extra thrill. It was so wonderful to see you pleasuring our friend like this. I took one of her nipples in my fingers and gently squeezed and twisted it.

She moaned as your fingers slid into her. You stopped for a moment and our eyes locked as you said, "She is delicious, baby."

You carried on and I just watched, switching my gaze between you and her. When she called out, "Fuck... fuck... I'm going to.... Cummmm," I kissed her. A deep, passionate kiss.

Her orgasm seemed to wrack her body for an eternity. She writhed and moaned and we rode with her.

As she came down to earth you slid back up and we kissed. I tasted her on you.

I smiled when we broke, "She does taste good, doesn't she?"

You nodded, a big happy grin on your face.

She looked between the two of us and said, "Fuck... you two are good."

You placed a gentle kiss on her lips and said, "A quick swim and coffee? I think we need to go further, don't you?"

"You're going to be here all day?" I asked.

She smiled, "As long as you will have me."

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