"Ohhh" Violet moaned. "This is all so nasty. I'm not a whore to be used any way that you want."

"Violet you are definitely not just any whore. You are my whore. Now I want you to put my cock in your ass and make sure to lean back and give a good show for the camera. Keep those legs spread wide so there is a clear view."

Moaning softly Violet reached between her legs and grasped the black cock laying there. She guided the head to her rosebud anus and began to lower herself. At first there was strong resistance. My wife leaned in and whispered "Relax as much as you can. It will hurt less when it goes in that way. Then just lower yourself a little bit at a time until it's all in. Then lean back and Steve will fill your pussy with his cock. Relax and let the men do the work."

While Pat had been speaking to Violet she had held the cell phone camera at arm's length so that you could see the two of them and hear everything that Pat said to Violet.

Pat resumed recording the action with the video as Violet began to insert Officer Smith's cock into her anus. Slowly she zoomed in and recorded the head of Officer Smith's cock as it popped into Violet's ass. Violet paused a moment to become accustomed to the new object wedged in her ass and then she lowered herself some more. After several repetitions Violet finally sighed as her ass was completely filled with hot black meat.

Violet paused before she finally leaned back as she had been instructed. Both Steve and the camera were presented with a clear view between Violet's wide spread legs. It was a beautiful view of her ass stuffed with black meat. The lips of her pussy were dripping with her own juice as Steve moved forward.

Violet started just a bit as she felt the head of Steve's cock push the lips of her pussy wide to make room for his cock. She moaned as Steve relentlessly moved forward forcing his cock into her until his shaft was as deeply buried in her pussy as the black one was in her ass. Violet was filled with man meet and just rested as Pat had told her to savoring the experience.

First Officer Smith began to move his cock in her ass and then Steve joined him. They developed a rhythm where first one cock was shoved in and then, as it was pulled out, the second one was shoved in. Violet could not help herself as a loud moan escaped her lips.

As promised, we continued to fuck her ass and pussy until she let out a loud sigh and shuddered as she climaxed. We both felt her hot pussy juice as it gushed around my cock and ran down the crack of her ass where Officer Smith felt it as well.

A few minutes later she felt Officer Smith tense and shove his cock as deeply into her asshole as he could. He held that position as Steve continued to pound into her pussy. She experienced a new sensation as she felt hot cum from the cock pumping into her ass.

It wasn't long before she felt Officer Smith lifting her off him so that he could remove his cock. She felt the loss as his black meat slipped out of her asshole. Steve turned her over with her knees resting on the sofa and her ass in the air. Hardly missing a beat I immediately buried my cock in her stretched asshole. I only lasted a few moments before adding more cum to what was already in her ass.

Moments later I was done and I removed my cock from the tight grip of her ass hole. Pat zoomed in with the camera to record all that cum as it began to ooze from her ass.

Violet simply collapsed on the couch as she struggled to bring her breathing and emotions under control. She couldn't help questioning the things that she had done? What have I become? I should be feeling bad about the last couple of days but somehow I feel right. I feel fulfilled as if I have finally become a woman.

When Pat offered her a hand she took it and allowed Pat to pull her to her feet. Once she was stable on her feet she turned to look at the two sated men collapsed on the couch and thought to herself, I did that. Those two men used me in all kinds of ways that should be objectionable. She thought she should be horrified by what she had done but had to admit that she didn't feel it. She was even more concerned knowing that she would do it again. Hell to be honest she couldn't wait to feel two cocks using her again. She felt liberated.










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