It didn't take long for Sarah to start to shake uncontrollably and has her orgasm ripped through her, this time it made her legs turn to jelly and she flopped to the floor. She did however beckon Paul over and squeezed her breasts together. Paul instantly knew what she wanted, and taking a step forward he took aim, started stroking furiously, and then let stream after stream of cum spray over her breasts. There was loads of it, I couldn't remember the last time Paul shot so much out.

We lay there spent for a little while until Sarah starting using her fingers to remove Paul's sperm from her tits, then licking her fingers to savour his taste. She grabbed the corner of the blanket and wiped herself down before standing up to get dressed. She told us to use the blanket to clean up too as she'd put it to be washed as soon as she got home. She reached into her bag and said she would have to rush back, her dinner break was almost over.

We got dressed and returned the way we'd come to get back to the complex. I asked if she and her hubby went over there much, and she explained that not as much as they liked, her hubby worked away a lot. She admitted she actually went over there more on her own, hubby knew she did but not how frequently.

"Have you ever been caught over there, apart from the couple when you were together?" I asked.

"Not really," she replied, "Although there was an incident once on one of the earliest visits I'd made on my own."

She explained that she had the idea of going over there alone during her dinner breaks. Has they had a communal space to leave their belongings she could answer why she had a picnic blanket by saying it was to sit on while eating. She'd been looking around the shops one day and had seen the hairbrush, and knew it would make a perfect replacement dildo. A dildo in her bag would take some explaining, nobody would bat an eyelid at a brush in her bag.

"So what was the incident?" I asked.

"Well, the same day I bought the hairbrush I couldn't stop feeling the handle and wondering what it would feel like inside me. I decided to visit the park that dinner time, I lay the blanket down as normal and got on all fours. I slid the handle into my pussy and was groaning so loud I wasn't sure if anyone could hear me from the path."

My heart was racing as I listened, I was imagining myself in Sarah's place.

"It was only the second time I'd been there on my own," she continued, "So I decided the best option was to face the corner of the blanket, and pulling it up I bit onto it to stifle my groans. I was there for about ten minutes I think, didn't change position at all, and had the best orgasm I'd had for weeks. I hadn't taken off my skirt, just pulled it right up around my waist and removed my knickers. when I finished and turned to put them back on I couldn't find them, and then I noticed four of five streams of semen on the corner of the blanket opposite to where I'd been biting."

"So someone had been there with you?" I asked excitedly.

"Well, I presume someone had followed me in and had wanked off behind me trying not to make a noise and interrupt me. Must have stolen my knickers as a trophy too," she said.

We'd got back to the shoe shop now, and Sarah kissed both of us on the cheek, thanked us for a lovely walk with a big grin on her face.

"Shall we go home," asked Paul, "I don't think I've got the energy to carry on shopping now...

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