Tom and I have a very full and fun sex life. I'll admit, I've got a very talented mouth, tongue and throat and please Tom on a regular basis, but he never kisses me after I give him a blowjob until I brush my teeth. He once told me he is not gay and he isn't tasting his cum. My response has always been, well I'm not gay.

One Friday night, Tom and I were out with friends and by the time we got home I was horny as hell. Unfortunately Tom had gotten so drunk he passed out on me. The next morning I was up first and still horny, so I started sucking his cock. He woke up with a huge smile and quickly blew his load, I love the taste of his cum. My favorite breakfast is cum with a coffee chaser and back to bed. But today Tom announced that he was playing golf with the guys and had to go. He headed to the shower while I headed downstairs to make coffee. We had coffee together then left, barely a peck on the cheek.

So I spent the day planning on how I was going to get even. I love sucking cock, so I was not going to deprive myself of that joy, but I needed to get better control,. I knew that he would be gone all day and he'd grab burgers and beers before heading home. So I knew I would not need to feed him when he got home, or did I?

Tom has a great tongue and it makes my pussy drip like crazy. I love it when he eats me out. He loves kissing and slowly running his tongue from my belly button straight down my landing strip to my clit. I am always dripping wet by the time he gets to the promised land and by the time he is done, I just want to ride his 8" cock hard, and he loves watching me ride it till he explodes deep inside me.

Tom is very athletic, he played baseball in college, tall and strong with a great smile and personality. Upon graduating from college he took a job working for his father and makes a very nice living for us. I've always considered myself very attractive, 5' 8" tall, blonde hair blue eyes with very perky tits and a great ass and pair of legs. We met in college where I was the center fielder for the softball team and he played all 3 outfield positions for the baseball team. My long legs enabled me to be get every fly ball hit anywhere in my vicinity.

By the time Tom got home I was hot with anticipation. I got him a beer and me a glass of wine and we sat down on the couch together. Shortly thereafter I got up to go to the bathroom and came back wearing my sexiest babydoll. I modeled the outfit for a few seconds then hopped onto the couch. He did not need any additional encouragement and he was quickly kissing his way to the promised land. He licked up and down my slit tasting my juices and I ground my pussy all over his face. He took two fingers and shoved them in my ass as he nibbled lightly on my clip as I exploded all over his face.

I love getting on top after he eats me and ride his cock and today was no different. Except today, when he laid on his back and I kissed all over his face, cleaning my pussy juices from his beard, I had a special treat for him. I prepared the setting by getting the hand cuffs ready and had him cuffed before he knew what was happening. I then tied his feet so he was completely spread eagle. I then got on top and stuffed his lovely cock into my waiting pussy. He loves it when I talk dirty while riding his cock and tonight was going to be my dirtiest. "I love your cock in me and I am going to ride this baby hard tonight." I could feel him growing even more. I rode that cock as hard as I have ever ridden a cock and just as we were both about to explode I told him he was going to eat his first creampie tonight. Before he could get the protest out of his mouth, his cock erupted deep inside me with a massive load. I replied "I did not know you would be so eager to eat your first creampie."

The protests came as expected and I ignored them all. After a few moments I crawled up putting my knees on either side of his head. I wanted him to see the creampie drip onto his face and I had my self inches from his mouth. He turned his head as he saw the first drop fall and it landed on his cheek. I told him how disappointed I was in him as I used my finger to wipe the cum from his cheek and put it in his mouth. He continued to fight the inevitable so I planted my pussy on his mouth. He tried to struggle and refused to open his mouth and stick his tongue into me. So I rubbed my freshly fucked pussy all over his face and beard and told him he was not getting up until he properly ate my creampie and from now on, he was to kiss me very deeply and passionately whenever I gave him a blowjob.

Tom continued to fight his first creampie, so I went to a 69 position and lowered my pussy back onto his face while I sucked his cock to attention. He had yet to stick his tongue into my pussy. I gave him a great blowjob and stopped just as he approached the point of no return. Then I got on top and rode him again. My dirty talk showed no compassion and this time there was no secret as to what was going to happen. As I rode his cock I described he was to clean my pussy and eat my creampie. As soon as he came I was right on top of his face lowering my pussy to his mouth. He reluctantly began eating my pussy but not with the enthusiasm and passionate I loved from him and let him know.

I stayed on top of him for quite a while as I needed to recover from three orgasms in a short time and get ready for the next round. He was tied up and I was in complete control. I kissed him passionately, I do love the taste of pussy and cum and this was the first time I got that mixture from his mouth. It had always been from sucking his cock. I again sucked his cock back to attention and repeated to fuck him hard. After he exploded deep inside my pussy and I resumed my position letting him watch the cum drip from my pussy onto his mouth. I lowered my pussy and Tom eagerly cleaned my creampie. There is just something empowering having a guy eagerly clean your creampie.

I left him tied up all night and in the morning gave him a blowjob as a reward. Followed by a repeat performance. This time he was bucking from the bottom and I had an earth shattering orgasm before he came. Then he ate my pussy like a man possessed. I took the cuffs off and he got on top and pounded my pussy like he had not been fucked in weeks. Then crawled between my legs and cleaned my creampie without and encouragement. I told him creampie is like scotch, it is an acquired taste. & u=68181 & u=168684

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