It was Friday, and a big swimming meet was today. Beth made plans to skip the meet because so far whoever was doing this had not pushed any humiliation, tasks, or instructions for her swimming. And she figured whatever outfit was provided she wouldn't want to swim in front of hundreds of people in it.

So, Beth walked to the cafeteria still butt naked wearing only her collar and leash. She got to the bag opened it up and saw a swimming suit. She was confused. It looked like her size, it looked like it would cover everything. She quickly put it on and to her surprise, it fit. She was finally covered. She noticed a note. She picked it up and to her amazement, it simply said enjoy your swim meet.

Her mind raced with who could be doing this to her. The only people she could think of was her professor and the groomsman. But that would be extremely surprising because before this started her professor was always nice to her. And before the wedding, she had never even seen the groomsman before.

Beth was actually really excited about her swim meet. She went to meet her teammates in the locker. She honestly didn't think any of her teammates would be doing this to her because they had no reason. She was a freshman and the second-worst swimmer on the team. She was never rude to anyone.

She was part of two races this meet. The first race was about to begin She was in the first heat for swimming in the 100-freestyle race. As soon as she jumped in the water, she could tell something was odd. Her swimsuit was getting tighter, she couldn't figure out why. As she kept swimming, she realized it was a dissolving swimsuit. She wanted to hide. She was not allowed to leave once she finished the race; she had to stay and support her team. She swam as fast as she could in hopes of getting out of the water before any real damage was done to her swimsuit. As she got out of the pool her suit was still on her, unfortunately, the suit was ripped and had a couple of holes.

She wanted to go to the locker room. However, she still had another race to do. Unfortunately, it was towards the end of the meet. When it finally got to her 2nd race she swam as fast as she could as she figured maybe she could avoid her suit completely dissolving. She finished in record time, but when she looked down the suit was full of holes. When Emily saw what happened she had a look of terror on her face when she realized what was happening to Beth's swimsuit. She rushed over there with a towel and wrapped it around her giving her a big hug. Beth did not want to take a chance that would be considered covering so she brushed Emily off to the side and said she was fine. She looked down and realized Emily inadvertently made it worse when she wrapped the towel around and hugged her as that made the holes even bigger.

Just then to her horror, Beth found out that she had won her race. She guessed the extra motivation was all she needed because she had never won before. Beth then had to go get her trophy. She carefully walked up in hopes of keeping her swimsuit and her dignity intact. As she made it to the podium she reached for the trophy and as she reached she heard something that sounded like rubber bands. She looked down and realized that her bathing suit had snapped. Her bottoms fell off completely. Her top stayed on, however, the front portion burst open revealing her breasts to anyone who looked. She did not care anymore about supporting her team or collecting the trophy. Being seen almost completely naked by hundreds of people was the tipping point. She ran, she just ran. As she did, each movement was putting stress on what little remained of her swimsuit. After running just a couple of steps which felt like an eternity, the rest of the swimsuit fell off. She was now butt naked in front of hundreds of people. Yet she did not cover, as she did not want another punishment. She continued to run until she was back in her dorm.

Enough was enough. She seriously considered taking some clothes from someone else and going to the police. However, what could the police do? She didn't even know who was doing this to her. Also, her parents, her boyfriend, and her friends who didn't attend this college had no idea this was happening to her. If she went to the police then she was certain that all of the videos and pictures taken of her would be sent to them. She decided against going to the police, however, she was going to find out who was doing this. She thought of an idea and went to bed.

Beth woke up 3 hours early as she has had enough. She skipped her shower, her breakfast, and putting on her makeup. She marched right down by the cafeteria and she was in luck. Her plan actually might work today. The black bag was nowhere in sight. She didn't know what she would do if she caught the person. After all, they had all the pics, videos, and all her clothes. But nonetheless, she felt like it would be a start. So, she stood behind a tree and waited.

After around an hour, she saw a figure in a hoody with a black bag. Beth couldn't quite see who it was, however, she knew this was her best chance at figuring out who was behind all of this. She started to charge and then all of sudden the figure turned around and she stopped dead in her tracks as she recognized him immediately. It was the Professor. & page=3746#93626 & page=2051#51271

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