"You've created a monster Monica."

Holden Shepard found it in himself to corner his old friend outside the school library. Throwing his arm around her he recalled his very first time fucking Monica Gift in her own home after delivering pizza along with his delivery trainer, and best buddy Ryan Quinones.

"Did I?" She leans forward to pat his already tented crotch.

"Not the monster I meant, but yeah you created him too. I was talking about Jimmy Newton. He's tapping more pussy than I have in four years of high school. Look at me? I'm hotter than that pudgy bastich."

"You know exactly why he's getting all this attention."

"Is that what it's called? I've seen girls running for the closest garbage can to hurl after being with him."

"Be nice. I don't believe that. Most of the girls are actually surprised by his talents. You must be doing something wrong. Has he nailed Becca yet?"

"Not yet! God I hate the idea of fucking her after he has. Gives me the willies."

"You'll be fine. Worst case is you can cuddle with her after the trauma and tell her it's going to be alright. You can even go to therapy with her."

"So not funny." He slaps her forehead chuckling, "You heard from Ryan recently? Ever since that crap with April I'm not sure even I trust her."

"No! He's missing a lot of school this week. I hope he's okay. He won't even return my texts or calls. I thought about going next door to ask Brock but I'm not even certain his dad knows his situation. I'd hate to make Ryan more miserable if his dad bitches him out for not saying anything. Besides if I do Brock's going to want to take me to bed and watch old movies."

"Crazy! I wonder if Ryan's brother knows anything? They used to talk about stuff all the time."

She fidgets knowing that April nearly had sex with Ryan's brother Kyle, possibly Ryan wasn't even aware of that. It had actually slipped even her mind of that day at the adult bookstore. A simple shrug left it at that.

"I'll find Ryan and corner him. Let's just give him a bit more time."

"Right! See you around Beautiful." He released her and headed to his next period class.

"Peace out."

For now!


In the private office of Gym Coach Marion Murray whom was taking a private break from her girls upstairs in the gym...

The young ladies were playing basketball half court, the other half devoted to the boys, which kept her flock busy. She had to isolate herself after pondering more on the reality that she had lost out in buying Monica Gift at last weekends Charity Slave auction to Principal Lloyd Janson. Ever since seeing cute little Monica and some super hot blond bimbo playing with one another inside a classic car weeks ago Marion and her girlfriend Karla fantasized about enjoying the crazy little bitch in bed. She was not giving up hope.

She and Karla Selby were plotting their conquest without ruining their bond with the young woman. Marion's bond that is, considering Karla had only met Monica one time. This scheme was more on Marion than Karla but her lover was definitely all in to sin. Tempted to fire up a cigarette and break school policy Marion had to chew a piece of candy to maintain her strength. "Gift should be showing up next period for gym. I'm gonna propose a deal she can't refuse. As much as she's been getting away with of late there's no chance of her even crying foul when I discuss anything inappropriate. Come on that little bitch has gotten away with wearing body paint britches to school without anyone even knowing, or at least turning her in. Not that she would get in trouble as long as she has Janson on a leash. Damn! Now I wanna collar that kid and take her for a walk in the park alongside Karla." Good luck with that one!

Her chuckle led to her opening her bottom desk drawer for yet another peek at her strap on dildo. Why she had it at school was anybody's guess but her lust for Monica might just have something to do with it. Sighing at the mental image of herself bending Monica over her desk and fucking her with Baby, the pet name for her strapping young cad, Marion lost track of time. Ignoring her students was nothing new she usually got the group started then let them do their own thing for the hour anyway. Easy paycheck in her mind without the stress.

"Ten minutes until D-Day." She hissed at the clock on her wall. Taking her cell out she fired off a text to Karla at her own job as an interior decorator. "Here goes...Operation Gear Shift is ready to ride." Her reference to the park weeks ago when witnessing Monica literally fuck herself on a classic car's gear shifter, crazy little slut. Karla sending her a "Good Luck Mistress!" only made Marion more determined than ever to bring home a plaything for she and her sub. Ten very long minutes. Cigarette won! Three drags and a shot of Glade!


Leaving her Geometry class Monica was followed out by her favorite photographer and oversized puppy Jimmy Newton aka Neutron. Since acquiring his help in taking risque photos for the school yearbook he had actually grown on Monica as a true friend. From that endeavor onward she adopted him, looking out for the portly boy against the cruelty of some of the more hardened criminals in school. The deal formed between Monica and the students for his assist was not going over well, but at least the girls were slowly coming through on their ends. Required vomiting afterwards seemed natural...right? Strangely even as grotesque as some of the girls saw Jimmy, the second his massive dick reared up the vile aspect resided. Strange how that kind of evolution works isn't it?

"Hey Cheyenne?" The girl's boyfriend Darius bolted around Jimmy and Monica just as they had ran into one another. Darius was still trying to apologize for his playing with ex-girlfriend Thelma. Cheyenne was not falling for his shit again.

"Leave me alone Darius. Just let it and me go."

"But, I don't want Thelma dammit! I want you."

"Too late!" Cheyenne spotted Monica and Jimmy utilizing their crossing paths as her way out. "Yo, Jimmy? I'm ready to get it over with if you are." Grabbing Jimmy's arm she smiled brightly at him, "You should make me scream harder than Darius ever brought out in me."

"Whooooa!" Jimmy huffed with his jaw gaping, drool forming the second she said Yo.

"Don't you even Neutron." Darius doubled up his fist. Monica seeing his anger jumped in front of Jimmy. Hardly enough in her small stature to stop him a number of her other girls namely Amber Welch and Lindsey barricaded to her side as a show of unity.

"Don't you worry about him James." Cheyenne hugged Jimmy's arm just to aggrivate Darius, "He and I are soooo through. He has no say over who I see...even if it is for a few minutes."

"We...skipping class?"

"You know it Stud." She wanted to hurl but kept her appearance bright and cheery. Behind her Chey's best friend Rosa found the congregation disturbing.

"What's going on?" Rosa winced as Darius fumed, walking in circles repeatedly, a few of his friends there as back up too. It was looking like war.

"Rosie!" Chey dragged her to her opposite side, "Guess what we're going to go do?"

"Uhhh? We?"

"Yep! We're going to repay Jimmy here as promised."

"Like fuck you are." Darius was getting loud and losing it. Even Rosa whimpered a repeat of, "Like fuck I am." under her breath. She had no choice Chey was not letting go.

"What's going on out here?" A voice of higher power intervened, one that made Monica Gift invincible. "Break up whatever is going on right this instant. Darius...I demand you calm down."

"Fuck you Janson." He resisted the Principal. Lloyd was in control mode right at the moment even with his Mistress Monica present, he had a job to do. With their buddy beyond hope Darius lost his posse who threw their hands up and walked away.

"Yeah!" Monica giggled behind her books, "Fuck you Knave." His nickname when in slave mode. Monica wanted to bark her own orders but kept it civil at the moment.

"I'm gonna kick Newton's ass." Darius was becoming unpredictable.

"Do you wish to stay on the team?" Janson pulled the Athlete's feet out from under him in just that one well posed question.


"I want to." Jimmy whines at Chey and Rosa, "Both of you."

"For your own safety Jimmy you may go stay in my office until next hour." Janson knew by Monica's expression that the boy was going to need protection. With a wave of his hand Jimmy cleared his throat and led Chey and Rosa with him around Janson and Darius. Darius was ready to cry as he watched Cheyenne's cute little ass wiggle away, her head on Jimmy's arm. Rosa equally as lofty looking back at Monica with a painful look in her eye. Monica simply gave Rosa a thumbs up. Someone felt that thumb up her ass without it actually being there. Poor Rosa!

"To class the rest of you. Last warning Darius...cool down and get it together."

Seeing his ex-Thelma worried for him she attempted to walk with Darius until he growled, "Get the fuck away from me Bitch." Thelma backed off and pouted. She was not going to get her man back easily.

"Good work Knave." Monica stepped up to Janson. "Now go to your office and jack off in front of Rosa."

"Yes Mistress." Lloyd found it an honor to be told to...handle things on his end.

"So crazy!" Lindsey laughed as Lloyd left them. "How do you do that?"

Monica shrugged, "He likes me."

With next class already started the girls would all be late. In Monica's case...Marion Murray would definitely not bitch the girl out. Amber? Different story! No fair!


"Sorry we're late Coach." Amber Welch barged ahead of Monica, Monica flirting with the boys on the opposite court slowed her down. Lifting one side of her t-shirt up over her left tit would slow anyone down. Coach Randell seeing her turned the other way to avoid students seeing him get hard, she just had that strong of an effect over him. Today was not his day! Boys and girls alike whistled at Monica boosting her ego into sitting her books on the floor just to free up both hands and inevitably both tits. Amber laughing her ass off stood by Marion Murray and sighed. "Aren't those beautiful?"

"Yes...they...are!" Coach Murray was wiping the corners of her mouth.

"I'm going to hate graduation time, my girl there is tooo awesome. Once we get our diploma she's going to leave us."

"For where?"

"Just saying...college maybe. God I can only imagine the shit she's gonna pull there. So gonna visit her every weekend."

"Go change your panties, your sobs are rerouting.."

"Pffft! Who wears underwear these days." Amber headed on downstairs to the girls locker room. Hearing her comment Marion had to watch Amber and her booty sway, Marion had always thought even Amber was hot for her size. While not huge, her ass certainly had some added lovin'. Let's not mention her huge well documented breasts, no bra those cannonballs were hurling across the battlefield.

"Hey Marion." Monica finally made it over.

"You done you shameless Hussy?"

"Oh not even. Hold my books." She hands them over to Marion with a bubbly reaction. Seconds after Monica Gift had her shirt off and was working on unzipping her tight jeans. Slithering them down to her ankles she had forgotten her shoes. "Oopsie! I'll just shuffle." Reclaiming her books she heard cheers bounding from all angles. Marion had to laugh and hide her expression, again watching a hot little piece walking away so boldly made Marion crazy. She really wanted to take a cell pic but knew the students would see her. Bad move! Not for Coach Randell...he had his video recording even as Monica hopped step by step down the stairs. Marion seeing him motioned, "I want a copy of that." Thumbs up, Marion got her wish before she even gave chase.

"You're insane Gift." Murray called out to Monica just entering the locker room. "Before you get dressed can we talk?"

"Sure! Help me take my shoes off?"

"I can do that." Like a grumbling puppy on steroids Marion hurried to catch up. Following Monica inside Marion found Amber totally nude and taking her time getting dressed. Amber Welch was a rebel just like Monica. At her gym locker Monica entered her combination then tossed her books in, then her t-shirt. Twisting to face Marion with a full frontal view she teased her nipples and lifted her right foot, taking a pant leg with her. "Little help?"

Growling to conceal her dominance Marion kept her words minimal as she crouched to take Monica's tennis shoes off. "You could have kicked these off Gift." Being humbled against her wishes was not making Marion any happier.

"Where's the sexiness in that?"

"Trying to seduce me?" Marion chuckled, her mood lightening up.

"She seduces everybody." Amber laughed.

"You know Gift...I tried like hell to win you at the Slave for a Day Charity. Fuckin' Janson!"

"Yes I am. He's actually pretty good in bed. Eats an awesome pussy." Monica tormented Marion knowing her lesbian side wanted to sample her sweet young twat.

"Not as good as I do."

"Ohhhhh hell!" Amber stayed nude and just stood there hands on her hips.

"I need to talk to Gift alone. Get your ass dressed and go shoot hoops."

"She can hear what you have to say Marion. We're tight!"

"Are we? Are we really?" Amber reached in between her thighs and pried her labia wide to reveal a well used hole. Marion was sweating bullets at the gap.

"You're right. I bet I could easily accommodate a fist." Monica shared her own succulent void. "What were you saying Marion?"

"You sluts make me crazy. I wanna cut you a deal Gift."

"I'm listening."

"My girl Karla's parents own a beach house in Fort Lauderdale. What would you say if I got you the key to hang out there over Spring Break?"

"Whooooa! HELL YES she wants that key." Amber barged in as Marion stood up from removing Monica's shoes. Monica fidgeted at Marion as if mulling it over.

"What do you want in exchange?"

"YOU BITCH!" Marion couldn't resist keeping her yap shut. "Karla and I wanna have a night alone with you."

"So you're buying my services? I'm not bi Marion."

"She is now." Amber sneered at Monica then flared her gaze just as fast, "Hunks from all over Florida."

"I don't know Amber. I kind of like being the boss. Marion here is...bossy."

"Never gonna change Wench." Marion scowls, "Come on Gift...a week in the sun. The house even has a private pool and sauna."

"No chaperones with a Coach's whistle?"

"All to yourselves just don't trash the place."

"Taaaaaaake the deaaaal!" Amber was becoming vicious in demeanor.

"So...what? A threesome with you and Karl?"

"Karla...she's the girly one Bitch."

"I'll take one for the team." Amber changed tactics..."I'm bi."

"Tempting Welch, but Karla and I have our hearts set on tearing Gift here a new hole."

"I tried." Amber gave up in a breath, "Back to you Skank!"

"Hey!" Monica snickered, "I can squeal and deal on my own thank you very much."

"Name it Gift!"

"Are you willing to take one for the team Marion?" Monica smirked devilishly, instantly Marion knew where she was headed.

"A guy? HELL NO!"

"You would be in control!" She winked.

"What part of Dike don't you understand?" Amber added laughing. "Sorry!"

"I know she's a...anyways...I also know you dig control over others." Monica relates, "Just like I do now. You know I've got Janson by the balls right?"

"I've seen his change when you're around. Good job! What are you asking Gift?"

"Wouldn't you just love to get even with Lloyd for all the years of his strict bullshit?"

"Depends on how. I'm almost afraid to hear your counter offer."

"Strap on your big boy pants Marion. I want you to hit Lloyd where it hurts."

"Excuse me?"

"Up the ass Dike!" Amber was being a bitch but playfully.

"I'm not afraid to punch you in the nose Welch."

"No name calling...unless it's in the bedroom." Monica chuckled. "I'm good at that. I also like being called names." She teased Marion with a finger under her chin. "I want Knave to respect any thing I make him endure."

"So get a guy for him. I'm not into dudes."

"You know what I've been doing with the yearbook."

"I've picked up on it. Funny as hell actually." Marion grinned, "How come you never asked me to be in any pic?"

"There's our pic."

"Not following."

"Let me take a picture of you hitting Lloyd up the ass with a strap on. I know you have one."

"Bottom desk drawer even." Amber winced with knowledge.

"How the fuck do you know that I have one in my desk?"

"I didn't until now. SUCKER!!" Amber bluffed the woman.

"We've all suspected you did. No biggy Marion."

"Oh it's a biggy." She chuckled. "Follow me. We have twenty minutes of class left. I'll show it off." With her office connected to the locker room there was no cross country trek. Entering her office with the two totally nude young women Marion unlocked her desk drawer and brought out Big Baby, Baby for short, but the dildo was hardly short standing tall at a good ten inches.

"That's huge." Amber bulged her eyes and touched the rubber texture of it. "I wanna try it. Put it in Coach." The busty brunette bent forward over the side of Marion's desk. Chuckling Marion strapped herself in and stroked it like a guy for laughs. "Need lube Welch?"

"I can take it."

"Alright! Watch and learn Gift. Watch and yearn." Easing the dildo up to Amber from behind the stiff crown pushed through her labia and penetrated. Heaving in and out a good seven times Amber was moaning and full of banter.

"Harder Manior...I mean Marion." Her kind of ridicule crossing her being Manly and the donkey Eeyore, she being an ass. Regardless she pinned the tail to the backside with precision.

"You're a pisser Welch." She winked at Monica.

"Squirter too."

"Wanna try it Gift? I'll let you borrow Big Baby to ream ole' Lloyd."

"Nope! You're doing it. I want you in the yearbook fucking Lloyd up the ass. It won't look obvious you'll be wearing clothes. Like all of the photos Jimmy took of the students in compromising positions or hidden nudity. It's called stealth bombing."

"Damn you Gift! I told you I'm not into guys. Even though it would be funny to make an ass out of ole' Janson."

"Well I'm not really into girls either but I'll agree to Karla and you if you do this for me."

"Swear on it?"

"Key to the condo?"

"It's a house, but I'll get it. Karla can sweet talk her parents into anything."

"So can I." Monica bats her eyes.

"Hey! Get busy back there." Amber laughed. Marion gave up and nailed Amber hard until she came around the Baby. Such a good boy!

"You have next hour free...meet me in Janson's office. I'm going to get dressed and head out early. Don't fail me Marion."

"Don't fail us Gift."


Amber got another five minutes of tough love.


Lloyd Janson's private office, far enough from the secretary's to never be bothered unless it was an emergency. The ladies in the steno crew were old and less likely to budge from their desks anyway. Besides they had a TV to watch their soap operas on.

"Holy shit Jimmy!" Cheyenne had endured the hefty Jimmy Newton fucking her missionary on Janson's desk. His unexpected talents and girth were doing their job to the point every girl that had fulfilled their part of Monica's agreement was losing their sanity in a good way. Repulsive or not Jimmy hit and hit hard. His worthy performance was certainly taking her mind off of Darius. Cumming with a powerful climax Cheyenne threw her arms around his neck and clung to him like she was dangling over alligators, nails digging into his shirt sharply.

"Ow!" He mumbled. "That hurts Chey."

"Never thought I'd ever say this but hit me again James." She was really needy suddenly. To her right Rosa stood against the wall by the door whining over why she had to witness this let alone take part at some point. While a wild one at heart Rosa was picky about guys, Jimmy Newton was not remotely her type. Even worse across from her sitting in his desk chair off to the center of his office was Principal Lloyd "Knave" Janson with his pants down to his ankles jerking off, his eyes locked on to Rosa. Cringing under the stress Rosa hadn't even realized her hands were roaming over her body nervously but enticingly just the same. The why would cross her mind in 3...2...1...BAM! BAM! BAM!











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