Part 1

She screamed, she cried his name, her body trembled beneath the devilish euphoria of his sublime and masterful touch. She moaned long and hard, her body writhing in a sea of ecstasy as he filled her insides with his primal limb. Her croak was guttural, complete and satisfied. She slurped her juices from his phallus and he tongued her as a reward for her enthusiasm.

His pencil lifted from the page.

He was not quite finished, but now his sex pet had entered his office. He knew what she wanted, on account of the lingerie teddy she wore with her thigh-high lace stockings.

"My Victoria's Secret parcel came. Do you like it?"

He said nothing, looking back down at the page and glancing at the orgasmic words he had just written. He liked pencils, able to be rubbed out more easily. He liked the control it gave him. A pen was more absolute, which he respected, but he found flexibility to be a key ingredient in life. He glimpsed a pair of hazel-green eyes through the glass of the desk, a bitten finger in her naughty grin. Her breasts were not huge, he liked that about her, but they were still large enough to bulge beneath the erotic attire that exposed her cleavage.

He fidgeted in his seat, aroused by her mood yet aware that he needed to finish. He had a deadline, and he suspected he would be getting a call soo-

The phone rang. He noted the glint in her eye, the sudden change of her demeanour as he picked it up. He flipped it open. Such a satisfying gesture, regardless of what people thought.

"Hello... Quite well. I still need to proof-read it, but I think I have almost completed this next story. There is still," he looked down at the hands fiddling with his trouser zipper. He swatted her hands away. "Yes, sorry, just brushing aside a small nuisance. Where was I?" Again, her hands played with his zip, a giggle under her breath while he tried to concentrate. "Something I need to add to it."

He was beginning to feel flustered. His thoughts were all over the place, being drawn to the hands that were loosening his belt and trousers. "I'm listening." His heart was pumping. Her nimble fingers had freed his crotch and dragged his trunks beneath his raging erection. He saw her beautiful lips, licked by a drooling tongue. She ran her fingers over his thighs.

"...Right, yes," he responded quickly, though the call was muffled to his ears. He sighed, stifling a groan as she gorged herself on his thick, throbbing meat.

With tongues and kisses and a harsh sucking of her sealed lips, her head bobbed up and down savouringly, sniggering at his fidgeting and stuttered words,

"That s-sounds... good," he blurted out, trying to compose his voice. "...I can assure you, I am not touching myself," he grabbed her hair and held her face down on his pelvis, leaning back in his chair and slumping into it. He forced her head to stay there, ignoring her gags and tightening throat while he spoke. "Sorry, could you slow down a little bit please?" Though he was speaking to the caller, his eyes were trained on her's and she seemed to get the message. He freed her from his grasp. She did not stop rimming his helmet with her tight lips, nor did her tongue cease its incessant desire to coat his member in thick, warm, soothing saliva. Her mouth was wet and wanting and she only teased him harder with eyes of longing.

Part 2

While she worked her mouth along his length, her hands crept along his thighs and up his stomach. With a slow rise of her lips from his base to his helmet; a very slow rise, her fingertips climbed his chest. "Uh huh, yes. That sounds good," he tried to not sigh too loudly. Her smile got wider, lips tighter as she descended, letting her tongue salivate until it trickled down his underside to his testicles. The sensation, combined with her gorging mouth and nimble fingers playing with his nipples through his shirt. He breathed heavily through his nostrils, straining to hear the voice on the phone. "By all means, I trust your judgement. If you, erm," she was now swirling her thumbs on his nipples, tickling them until his mind was gone. "Yes, do that." She nodded, continuing to play with his nipples while he tried his very best to listen to the ideas on the phone. He leaned forwards, his free right hand collecting her wrists together to push them back into his lap, "No, I think I have had enough of that now. It is only nice for a while, and then it's not so fun." She had not taken her mouth off his stiffness this whole time, but with his meaningful glance she pulled off. Her hands gripped his mass tightly and began pumping.

She pinched her thumb and index together, rubbing his rim rapidly with her left hand while her right index swirled his tip. She stroked his slit, wiped his pre-cum with a moan from his sealing lips. He pressed his hand down on the arm of his chair, moaning harder at her tongue spreading over his helmet while she began to pump and roll her hands in every direction.

"I'm afraid I have to go. Something has just come up and I cannot ignore it. I will call you once the story is proof-read. Goodbye," he flipped the phone shut and lifted her face off his shaft, followed by her gasp as she beamed at him.

A thread of saliva trailed between his helmet and her lips, licked into her mouth just before he clenched his fist around her throat. He lifted her head up, though she remained on her knees with her hands still pumping. He brought her in close, their foreheads together and eyes locked less than a finger-width apart.

"Naughty girl," he tutted.

"Your naughty girl," she corrected him. He slapped her cheek lightly with his free hand, then kissed her strongly. He tossed her face away, grabbing her by the hair again. "Use me as your cum dump, Sir, please?" Her smile was so hungry, as were her hands, still shaking along his shaft and squeezing it tightly. He sighed, forcing her face back down on his phallus. She buried her face in his bush, eager to please him and drain him of his load. He was getting close already, but he had plans for this horny minx.

"You want to be my cum dump?" She pulled off again, licking him clean and rubbing his length while nodding,

"Yes please, Sir. Make me your slut, Sir."

He grabbed her by her hair, forced her down on his shaft once again and tilted her head back while she gagged on his throat-blocker. He could see that she was struggling, which made him bounce, which made her convulse even more. Her head jolted, her gag reflex making her eyes blurry with tears while she gazed at him. She began trying to pull off, but his arm locked to keep her stationary.

Part 3

"This slut belongs to me. She is going to go fetch her collar and return to me on all fours, just like the good pet she is. Be quick about it." He let go of her hair and she yanked her face away with a desperate need to gulp down oxygen. She smiled happily while her chest heaved and he leaned forward to spank her as she got to her feet. She skipped out of the room and he took his sweet time in getting up. He was not calm, though, on account of his racing heart. To make things easier he covered his pulsing, wet erection and buckled his trousers. She was so hot, so seductive, and he was already creating images in his mind of what he was about to do to her.

He got up out of his swivel chair, moved around his desk and stood barefoot on the carpet. When she returned, he pointed to the floor and she grinned. She lifted her collar and leash to her teeth, held them in place and shut the door behind her. She slid her back down the closed frame, winking at him with her chest pushed out. She got to her knees, curling her body until she could stalk towards him. She kept her eyes trained on him, her collar and leash secure in her simpered jaw. She approached him and he hovered his hand before her head, his palm facing her expectantly. She released her collar obediently and he caught the leash too, curling his index finger under her chin with his free hand. He lifted her until she was upright,

"Face the desk." She obeyed, turning sideways to him. "Lift your hair for me, please." She did as she was told. "Such a good girl." She collected all of her hair and kept it above her scalp. He placed the ring over her windpipe and buckled the collar at the back of her neck. He clipped the leash to the ring and she dropped her hair.

He fed the leash between his thighs, pulling on it until she leaned into his crotch. She beamed and licked the bulge of his trousers, but he pulled harder and smothered her face with his radiant heat.

"I want you to finger yourself with your left hand." She bit her lip, sending her hand between her legs and instantly moaning.

"I'm so wet, Sir."

"Good girl. Just the way I want you. Do not stop."

"Yes, Sir." With his right hand he dragged his zip down, her face still pressed to his pelvis. She watched eagerly, licking her lips as his raging erection re-emerged.

"Enjoy," he said simply. She moved her face closer but he tensed his penis, bouncing it away from her tongue. "I said, enjoy."

"Yes, Sir," she nodded, humming at her swirling fingers dipping inside her slick walls. She opened wide and used her tongue to find his tip, but he twisted his hips and his penis swung away from her.

"Enjoy," he emphasised, but now she whined.

"Yes, Sir." His penis swung back and she jolted her head again, but missed it with another cruel turn of his hips. He grabbed the base of his penis firmly in his hand, slapping it on her face multiple times and rubbing it on her cheeks, over her flinching eyelids.

"Be a good girl and suck it," he demanded.

"Yes, Sir," she stuck her tongue out, gaping her mouth for him. He tapped his tip on her tongue, slid it up until his tip caught her nose and forced passed it to tap his warm flesh on her eyelid. She tilted her head to lick his shaft as he massaged his underside down on her cheek, bringing it back in to her welcoming lips. He shoved it into her mouth and pulled his left hand to tighten her leash, trapping her face against his crotch.

"Now we are getting somewhere." She giggled, permitted by the slacking leash to bob her head.


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