This story is set in Victorian London and contains daddy/little play but not incest. It is a story that I have been thinking and fantasizing about for months and I felt it was time I put it on paper. I hope you enjoy. All characters over the age of 18 and it is not based on any real life events or persons.


Lord Richard Barrington III was growing more surly and discontent every day. Since the death of his wife Rowena last year he had spent his days carrying out his duty in the House of Lords and his nights in the various bawdy houses of Cheapside. If he wasn't busy gambling away his deceased wife's sizable inheritance he was burying his prick in one or two of the harlots or even a dandy from time to time. This was quickly becoming tiresome for him and he longed for the days of having a warm cunny at home to use at his whim and indiscretion. Not that his late wife Rowena had a particular warm cunny or disposition, but she was his and he didn't have to pay her. He had never been particularly inclined to the idea of marriage until he was introduced to Rowena who was an heiress to an estate much larger than his own. She had been enamored with his rakish good looks and charm, and they were married within a fortnight.

The problem with Lord Barrington was his unique and limitless sexual desires. Some have even said that his sexual proclivities are what led to the death of his young, beautiful wife Rowena. She had a timid demeanor and had always been prone to bouts of melancholia after he visited her bedchamber, but she usually recovered after a couple of days. That was until the day she came home early from afternoon tea at The Strand to find the Lord copulating with one of the kitchen maids and a footman in their marriage bed. Lord Barrington, who always tried to be attentive to his dear Rowena's needs, had simply invited her to join in the festivities when she ran from the room and threw herself from the stairs in a fit of despair.

Lord Barrington did not grieve for his young wife very long. He found this to be an incredibly well timed turn of events as he had already squandered the sizable inheritance from his father on a series of bad debts and expensive mistresses. Within a week he was out celebrating his newfound freedoms and wealth, but no matter how much money he spent or how many people he rutted with he still could not find what he was searching for. There was an emptiness and need inside him that he could not fill. That was until the day he met Miss Eliza Turner.


Miss Eliza Turner had not had an easy life, orphaned while she was still in the cradle, she had spent her childhood being shuffled around orphanages and girls homes throughout London. As soon as she turned eighteen she found herself being tossed out of Mrs. Chatterly's home for wayward girls onto the streets of London. Well really she only had herself to blame for that. Miss Chatterly had been kind enough to keep her on as a kitchen maid after she had come of age. That was until she was caught lifting her skirts for the cook's son out by the wood pile. The repercussions of the incident were not worth the little pleasure she had received from coupling with the inexperience lad as he roughly rutted into her with his small prick. She regretted it now as she was standing on the corner trying to sell posies for enough money to keep food in her belly, and pay for a bed in a run down rooming house in Cheapside.

Truth be told though she would have made the same mistake again if given the chance. Eliza was a bit of a different creature than most other ladies. Her every thought and desire was driven by her needy quim. This all started after arriving at Mrs. Chatterly's and being introduced to her new roommate Beth. Beth was several years her senior and quite a little minx. They spent many a long night engaged in petting and licking each others tight quims until they fell into and exhausted slumber. Unfortunately Beth had found herself pregnant with the footman's babe and was thrown out of Mrs. Chatterly's a month before Eliza's own departure.

Eliza now spent her lonely nights in the rooming house petting and playing with her cunny, fantasizing about Beths angelic mouth and nimble fingers. She had taken to using candles and carrots to stroke the itch deep within her quim, but it was never the same. She had considered taking up work in one of the bawdy houses, but was too afraid of being roughed up by a patron or becoming pregnant.


It had been a most trying day in Parliament and Lord Barrington was in need of several wet, warm cunts to release his frustrations upon. Feeling particularly unsettled this afternoon he had directed his carriage driver to let him off a few blocks away from his favorite bawdy house so he could walk the rest of the way. He ambled leisurely down the sidewalk avoiding the various peddlers and three pence whores, until he came upon a most angelic creature selling posies. Her soft blonde ringlets, large doll shaped blue eyes and rosy cheeks captivated him immediately. She could have been confused for a china doll if not for her tattered, dirty frock.

"Sell you a posy for a pence Sir. Sure to put a smile on your lady's face," she said holding her basket out for his inspection.

Lord Barrington stooped down from his impressive height to peer into the basket but quickly averted his gaze to meet Eliza's bright blue eyes.

"I'm sorry to say that I do not have a lady to take it home to, but how about I give you a shilling to come to my carriage for a moment," he said flashing his dazzling grin.

Eliza hesitated for a moment before responding, a shilling would pay her room and board for a week and ease the constant rumbling in her stomach, but the risk was just too great.

"I'm sorry Sir, I must decline. I am not a harlot."

"I apologize Miss. I was so enchanted by by beauty that I lost my manners. Let me introduce myself, Lord Richard Barrington III, It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am sure your parents are very proud of such a darling daughter."

Eliza's eyes lit up and her little cupid mouth turned up into a smile, "Thank you Sir, but I have no parents. My name is Eliza Turner."

"Ah well then I am sure your guardian or husband is much pleased. I tell you what, I am in need of a new house maid. Would you be interested in working for me?"

"I've no husband or guardian sir. I take care of myself just fine," Eliza replied with a grin as she twirled her basket.

Lord Barrington's eyes lit up at the revelation of this sweet, little waif being completely unattached. "No guardian, what a shame. Well in that case, I have been looking for a ward and I think you will do just wonderfully. How would you like to come and live in my nice townhouse on the Strand with me. I will buy you some new dresses, and we can groom you into a fine young lady."

Eliza bit her lip and looked into his dazzling green eyes, as he held out his hand to her.

"What do you say little one? Come with me and I promise to make your life pleasurable," he purred in a low timbre that sent a shiver straight to her cunny. She nodded her head and took his hand as he led her across the street to his carriage.


Eliza studied the Lord as the carriage trundled across the rough and dirty streets of Cheapside. He was a handsome man, well dressed and roughly twenty years her senior. He had broad shoulders and long legs making him an imposing figure in the small cab of the carriage. His deep emerald eyes met her gaze and he smiled.

"So tell me how does such an angelic young lady find herself all alone in Cheapside?"

Eliza averted her gaze into her lap before replying, "I was orphaned as a babe. I was living at Mrs. Chatterly's and working in the kitchen until a month ago when she threw me out."

"That's terrible why would she throw such a fine young lady like yourself out into the street?"

Eliza bit her lip and looked out the carriage window, trying to avoid his intense gaze as a tear rolled down her cheek. Lord Richard leaned forward and took her delicate hands in his, "Come now little one. I don't want you keeping any secrets from me."

Eliza's cheeks where flushed bright red with shame and she choked back a sob before replying, "I got caught out by the woodpile with the cook's son."

"Hmmm, I see. And what were you and the cook's son doing than enraged Mrs. Chatterly so?" He asked knowing full well what act they were engaged in but wanting to hear it from this waifs angelic mouth.

"We were, he was, we were rutting Sir," she exclaimed with a sob fearing that he would throw her out of the carriage now that he knew she was tainted. "Please don't throw me out Sir. I promise I will be good."

Lord Richard quickly pulled her across the carriage and into his lap. He held her and stroked her hair softly.

"There there little one. It's just fine. You are perfect," he cooed into her ear. He was actually quite delighted that she was no longer chaste. He had sullied a vast number of virgins in his day but they were just never suited to the rough rutting that he desired.

Eliza had ceased crying and was nuzzled into his neck peacefully as the carriage arrived at his opulent townhouse on the Strand.

They were greeted by his butler and one of the house maids. He introduced Eliza to them as she climbed down from the carriage. Andre the butler was a large African man, he bowed and kissed Eliza's hand causing her to giggle and blush. Lord Barrington introduced the tall busty maid as Marina, she would be Eliza's personal maid and was to take her to the guest suite and make her comfortable. Andre took Eliza's hand and led her up the steps to the house as the Lord conversed quietly with Marina.


Eliza sunk into the deep copper tub with a sigh. The warm, fragrant water felt truly decadent as it rolled over her porcelain skin. She was accustomed to bathing with a rag and cold water from a bucket in the corner of the room. She relaxed back into the water as Marina lathered and massaged her scalp with rose oil shampoo.

"I see our little one likes to be pampered, oui," Marina said in her thick French accent as she rinsed the suds from Eliza's golden locks.

"I'm just not used to any of this. It is so wonderful," Eliza murmured as Marina lathered her body with the same sweet smelling rose soap.

Marina just nodded as she nudged Eliza's legs apart to wash between them with the soft sponge. She took her time, eliciting a low moan from Eliza before moving up to wash the small buds of her breasts, her fingers tracing over the small pink nipples. Eliza's cunny quivered at Marina's delicate touch and she was reminded of all the lovely nights she had spent with her dear Beth. She was drawn from her lustful reverence when Marina dropped the cloth in the tub and stood to retrieve a bath sheet.

"Come now, we have to make you ready for Lord Barrington, he is expecting you at dinner shortly," she said as she motioned for Eliza to step out of the tub. Eliza climbed out of the tub and Marina rubbed her briskly with the sheet until her porcelain skin was pink and glowing. She then led her over to a chase in the corner of the bathing room and motioned for her to lie back as she retrieve a glass bottle from the cabinet. She began to rub the sweet smelling jasmine oil all over Eliza's body.

"I think you will love it here little one, oui," Marina said as she ran her oiled hands over Eliza's thighs nudging them apart till her quim was in full view.

"Ooo and you have barely any hair down there," she exclaimed as she rubbed the oil over her mons and down her labia, "This is good, we will not have to wax. Lord Barrington will be very pleased."

Eliza could only reply with a moan as Marina rubbed the oil deeper into her cunny, pressing the tip of her thumb inside. Marina continued with her task, paying little attention to the affect she was having on Eliza as she spread her labia for inspection and ran her finger over the tiny bud of her clit several times. Eliza moaned loudly and grinded against Marina's hand desperately seeking release.

"Ah, no no. Little one," Marina exclaimed as she pulled her hand away, "The Lord would surely give me the fist if I made that little cunny cream before he did."

Eliza groaned as Marina pulled her towards the vanity so she could fix her hair. Eliza watched as Marina combed and arranged her hair into golden ringlets, she finally worked up the nerve to ask Marina what she meant about pleasing the Lord.

"Marina, are you saying that Lord Barrington wants to marry me?"

"Oh no darling, I doubt that. He tried that once and it did not end well. He wants to make you his special little one."

"So you mean he wants to make love to me?"

Marina laughed out loud at thought of Lord Barrington making love as she walked to the wardrobe to retrieve the outfit that Eliza was to wear.

"Little one, let me tell you something about the Lord. He fucks, he ruts, he buggers but he does not make love. And it seems that he is intent on making you his new, favorite toy."

"Oh my!" Exclaimed Eliza at the revelation.

"Oh do not worry, Little one. He is very good and I am sure will bring you much pleasure. Oui," Marina stated matter of factly as she pulled a white silk stocking up Eliza's slim leg. Eliza remained silent as Marina quickly dressed her in a pink satin dress that barely came to her knees. She found it odd that she was not provided with any under garments but her cunny was bare under the short skirt. Marina slipped her dainty feet into some satin slippers and led her down to the dining room.


Lord Barrington was seated at the table reading the day's news rag and sipping brandy when Marina led Eliza into the room. His prick quivered and started to grow hard as soon as he saw her. She was a vision of perfection in the short, frilly pink dress and white stockings. Her petite stature and delicate bone structure suited the dress perfectly. Her golden hair fell in ringlets around her face and Marina had applied the faintest amount of pink rouge to her cheeks and pouty cupid lips. He cleared his throat and excused Marina from the room.

"Turn around for me Eliza," he said in a low throaty timbre as his eyes devoured her.

Eliza blushed and twirled around slowly as he rose from his chair and stalked across the room to her.

"Oh my, You are perfection," he purred as he reached his hand out to stroke her cheek.

Eliza gave him a warm smile and stuttered, "Thank you Sir."

Lord Barrington smiled down at her, "Ah. No more of that sir nonsense, little Eliza. You must call me Daddy now. Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes sir, I mean Daddy," Eliza replied with a charmingly sweet smile that seemed to come natural to her.

"Good girl," Barrington cooed as the stroked her hair and ran his hand down her back, "Now be a good girl and bend over for me. I must have a glimpse at your precious quim."

Eliza blushed but did not hesitate to bend over the table and display her bare bum to him. To say that the Lord was pleased by the sight would be an understatement. She had the most perfect little peach of a cunny he had ever seen. Her mons was covered with a light spattering of downy blonde hair and her prominent puffy outer lips gave no glimpse of her inner lips or pleasure bud tucked within. He groaned with approval as he ran a finger gently down her slit and was rewarded with a low whimper from Eliza.

"Oh you are truly perfection. I must have just a sniff before dinner!" He exclaimed as he bent over behind her and buried his face in her cunny. He couldn't help but run his tongue across the length of her slit several times, causing her to squeal in surprise, before tearing himself away and pulling her to sit in his lap at the head of the table.

"Ah, what a truly delectable little cunny you have Eliza. It is taking all my gentlemanly training to restrain myself from bending you over the table and plowing into you right now."

Eliza was nearly trembling with desire and wiggled in his lap, pressing her bum into the hard length of his manhood.

"If that would please you Daddy," she said breathlessly as one of kitchen maids came in and set the table with platters of delectable smelling food.

Lord Barrington let out a deep chuckle as he cut into the duck in front of him.

"Oh what a little minx you are. I think we will get along just fine Eliza. But we must have dinner before dessert and I am sure that little tummy of yours is rumbling."

"Yes Daddy, it smells so good."

He smiled and fed her a morsel of honey roasted duck from his fingers.

"So tell me Eliza. What led you to rutting out back with the cook's son. Did he promise to love and marry you?"

Eliza swallowed the duck and replied, "No Daddy, I was just lonely after Beth left. I couldn't help myself."

Barrington fed her another morsel and asked, "Who is Beth? And by lonely do you mean that you had a needy little quim?"

Eliza blushed at his blatant assertion and stuttered,"Beth was my roommate at Mrs. Chatterly's. We.. we pleasured each other."

"Ah, I see. So you are a little nymph. Do you enjoy the taste of cunny?"

"I've not really thought about it Daddy. It was just something we did. We sometimes stole candles, and carrots from the kitchen to use also."

Barrington took a heavy swig from his glass of brandy and ran his hand up Eliza's skirt to find her cunt soaking wet.

"So did you two kiss and rub your bare cunnies together also?"

Eliza just nodded her head and elicited a low moan as his fingers probed her slick folds.

Barrington cleared his throat and abruptly pulled his hand away to feed her another morsel of duck.

"Eat up little one. My prick is about to bust through my trousers and you are going to need energy for tonight."

"Yes Daddy," she replied as she bit into a roasted fig.

"I think you will love it here Eliza. You can be yourself here and not be ashamed of your needs and desires. So did you enjoy your bath with Marina?"

"Mmm, yes I did Daddy."

"Good, she will be your maid. And you can play with her too if you want."

"Do you mean play, like me and Beth did?" She asked and wiggled excitedly in his lap.

"Oh yes darling, and sometimes Daddy will join you too," he replied with a wide grin.

They quickly finished the rest of their meal and Marina entered the room again.

"Ah Marina, so glad you are here. Please take the little one to my room and prepare her for bed before I spill my load into my trousers."

Marina just nodded her head and grinned as she led Eliza away.

Lord Barrington let out a sigh of relief and sunk back into his chair to finish the rest of his brandy. This little one might be the death of him.


Marina led Eliza into the Lord's master suite. Eliza gasped in surprise at the decadent furnishings. In the middle of the room was a large four poster bed adorned with numerous pillows, red silks and furs. There was a large chase in front of the window that looked down to the street below and several large bureaus. In the corner of the room was a fireplace with a fur rug and ottoman in front of it.

"Come on let's get you undressed. The Lord is not in a patient mood tonight," Marina said as she pulled Eliza to the middle of the room and pulled her dress over her head. She left her stockings on and gave her a short sheer white robe to wear for some modesty.

"There, now you are perfection. You look so much better eau natural than in all those silly frilly garments."

"Thank you Marina," Eliza blushed and looked around the room with a bewildered gaze.

"Oh sweet thing, come here and relax on the chase. You can have a sip of brandy to calm your nerves while you wait on the Lord."r" & u=8282 & uid=144455 & uid=217562 Thynne & uid=594665

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