Everyone filed out the front door, and into the warm afternoon. Jack took them on a full tour of the property, including the stream and a nice mud hole nearby. Corrie became increasingly excited, as they approached the hole. It was not natural; it had been dug by Jack for the sole purpose of masturbation, and Corrie was enthralled with the idea of trying it out.

"This is a scene!" she bubbled excitedly. "Everyone get your phones ready. Who wants to join me?"

"Me!" everyone replied in unison.

Jack smiled.

"Someone give me their phone." he suggested. "I'll film it. Everyone start back over there, and dash for it. Wade into the muck and get all covered in it. Roll around and wallow in it like a bunch of pigs. Then, start masturbating. It'll be another good group sex scene. Does anyone squirt when they cum?"

"I do." Kat said, raising her hand.

"Good!" "Let me know when you're close, and I'll get a good POV shot. Maybe you can even hit the phone if you're lucky."

"Okay, that birch tree over there is your 1." Jack instructed. I want to get this shot from three different angles."

The young women each picked a spot as their own personal 1 (where you start each scene from). Jack got them lined up and started shooting.

"Rolling... and action!" he exclaimed.

The five nymphs all rushed at and then past him.

"Cut!" he hollered. "Back to 1!"

On the third take, he angled the shot so he could get them slogging into the slop. The young women were giggling like schoolgirls, as they waded into the soupy mess. One by one, thy all dropped to their knees and then fell into the orange muck, covering their gorgeous nude bodies, in the red, Southern clay, as they floundered around in the thick gooey mud.

It wasn't long until they were almost entirely covered, except for parts of their faces. Even their hair was full of the orange mud. Kat led the session, being the first to spread her legs and begin masturbating openly in front of everyone else. Soon, the five muddy nymphs were sighing blissfully, as Jack got shots from every angle.

"I'm gonna cum!" Kat groaned.

Jack waded into the goop and positioned himself about five feet directly in front of her parted legs. She grunted loudly, and several spurts of cum and urine shot from her cunt, striking the camera directly, just as he had envisioned.

"Perfect!" he exclaimed. "Now, it's MY turn!"

He set the phone on the dry ground and dropped to his own knees, grabbing Corrie by the waist and pulling her toward him. He grabbed a handful of mud in each hand and plopped it onto her tits, massaging them firmly. She squealed with pleasure and laughed.

Jack settled into the mud on his back, and began tugging on his cock. The girls all watched in fascination as he pleasured himself in front of them.

"Let me do it for you!" Kira begged. "I want to jerk you off, Jack!"

Corrie fumbled for the phone that was laying next to the pit and resumed shooting, as Kira mounted Sallee's uncle and tugged his stiff cock, while he squeezed her firm, young breasts.

"Here it comes!" he grunted. "Oh fuck!"

Long, ropy strands of semen shot from his penis and into Kira's open mouth.

"Mmm," she murmured, as she swallowed it, "you're going to love this, Sallee!"

Jack lay on his back, breathing heavily, and smiled.

"Let's scrape as much of this off as we can, and then rinse off in the creek." he suggested. "There's an outdoor shower back at the cabin too. Okay Corrie, cut! And THAT'S a wrap!"











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