Chapter Four - Programming

"And now, my dear, you are my slave." Cyberdominus's voice was the first thing Liberty became aware of. Everything else was black. "Awaken."

Her eyes opened and she took in the room around her. She saw Cyberdominus standing before her through a pane of glass, and Slavebot-001 was standing at attention off to the side, staring obliviously into space. Suddenly she remembered! The glass tube! Being submerged in that liquid silver and feeling like she was about to drown!

Liberty desperately tried to move her head downward to see her body but she could not, no matter how hard she tried. She tried to reach out and touch the glass, but could not. She couldn't move at all!

Cyberdominus stepped forward and pressed a button next to the glass tube. The glass tube descended into the floor around her. "Step out of the conversion chamber, slave," he commanded sternly. Before she realized what was happening, she had taken three steps forward and was standing in front of Cyberdominus.

He stood in front of her, leering. His hungry eyes hovered over every inch of her body as he appraised her from top to bottom. She shuddered internally, but on the outside, she was stiff as a stone, standing at erect attention. She wanted to reach out and choke the life out of him but could not make her limbs cooperate.

Wait a minute! I still have my mind! She realized excitedly that she could still think for herself. If she could still think, she wasn't a mindless automaton like he'd claimed she'd be. That meant she could figure out some way out of here! And if she wasn't a mindless automaton, perhaps Songbird wasn't either! She was hardly surprised that she'd proven stronger than he'd anticipated. She knew he was no match for her.

Cyberdominus reached out and cupped her breasts and the sensation was very nearly overwhelming. All thought was interrupted as he pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts. The sensation was magnified a thousandfold beyond normal. Liberty couldn't believe how sensitive her skin felt! She was sure she would go completely mad from his attentions.

"Isn't your new sister slave beautiful, Slavebot-001?" he turned to ask the former Songbird.

Slavebot-001's head slowly turned and she studied the transformed Liberty with no expression whatsoever. "Yes, Mas-ter," came the inevitable reply.

Cyberdominus's hands caressed Liberty's body, tracing down her side and along her curvaceous hips before gliding between her legs. He stroked her pussy gently before sticking his fingers inside of her. The sensation was like a lightning bolt traveling up her spine and into her brain. She felt an overwhelming pleasure at being touched, everywhere—anywhere!—but most especially her erogenous zones. They were dramatically more sensitive than they had ever been before—it was as if every nerve ending was tingling with the heat of a thousand suns. It feels like I'm on some kind of crazy drug, she thought as he finger fucked her.

She resented the invasion, she was repulsed by it, but at the same time the pleasure at being touched was incredible—like nothing she had ever experienced. This man was touching her all over and she couldn't move a muscle—she couldn't shy away, nor could she shudder in the knee-buckling pleasure that she felt tingling through her. Her consciousness clawed away at the corners of itself, like a rabid animal trapped in a box. She had no outlet—she couldn't move, she couldn't even moan to express the sensations she was experiencing. She could do nothing but stand there helplessly. She felt a flush of shame travel up her body as she noticed Slavebot-001 watching dispassionately from across the room.

"Oh, I am going to enjoy you," Cyberdominus said as he pulled his fingers out of her. He brought them up to Liberty's lips and pushed them inside her mouth. She wanted to stop him but could do nothing but accept the invasion. She could taste her own pussy juices on her tongue, the flavor being amplified such that her entire awareness was solely focused on his fingers and the taste of her juices.

His fingers crawled all over the inside of her mouth, gliding over her tongue and pressing each of her teeth. And that's when she realized that something about her teeth felt...wrong. The way they gave when he pressed on them—they felt soft somehow. What the fuck?? What has he done to my teeth? What the hell is wrong with my teeth??

"I can imagine you're probably wondering why your teeth feel weird," he chuckled as his fingers worked along the left side of her mouth, pressing each tooth as if checking it for something. "This is as good a time as any for you to accept that you don't need to understand anything that's happening. You just need to obey."

He pulled his fingers out of her mouth and walked around to the side of her. She felt a pressing sensation on the side of her head, around her ear. Cyberdominus tapped and pressed on the side of her head for several moments, and suddenly everything seemed different. It took her a moment to figure out what had changed—but she soon realized that all of the ambient background noise in the room had disappeared. Oh no, I can't hear anything! He did something to me, to my ears!! What has he done to me??

"Can you hear me?" she heard his voice, dominating all of her awareness. "Answer me, slave."

"Yes," she answered instantly in a strange monotone voice, but not the same stiff robotic tone that she'd heard Slavebot-001 speaking in before.

"Good," he answered. "Can you hear this?" he asked, sticking his hand in her face and snapping his fingers.

"No," came her automatic reply. She hadn't intended to say anything—it just happened without her intention.

"Excellent," he said. Excellent?? I can't hear anything, you bastard! Fuck fuck fuck I can't hear anything oh god what has he done to my ears??!

"I know it's scary not being able to hear anything but the sound of my voice. But I promise you that soon you will no longer care, and you won't miss those distractions anyway."

"Now," he said, walking in front of her again and standing a few steps away. "I want to do some simple tests of your obedience."

"Raise your arms straight in front of you, like a sleepwalker," he commanded.

Instantly, automatically, her arms raised themselves up in front of her, extended straight forward like she was sleepwalking. She hadn't wanted to do it, but she couldn't stop herself.

"Stand on one leg."

Again, her body betrayed her as her left leg immediately lifted up in the air. She must look ridiculous, she realized, standing there on one leg with her arms stretched out in front of her.

"These are what we call commands with a low-resistance threshold. I haven't told you to do anything that betrays your morals or challenges your character. Your mind doesn't put up any resistance because there is no perceived threat to obeying them."

"Put your leg down."

She lowered her leg, but her arms remained hovering straight in front of her. She felt incredibly stupid, but try as she might, she simply could not will her arms to drop down.

"You're probably confused about why you can't control your body," he explained as if reading her mind. "It's because you have no longer have any will of your own. You require the will of another—specifically me, your Master, to act."

Bullshit. I don't know how he's doing this, but I will figure it out, and I will beat it.

"Your name is Slavebot-002. Tell me your name," he commanded.

Fuck you, I am Liberty, I am Denise Swanson, I am not and never will be—she could feel her mouth starting to open. NO NO NO NO NO

"I am Slavebot-002," she heard the words come out of her mouth in that passionless monotone. Fuck! Why did I say that??

"That is what we call a command with a medium-resistance threshold. It conflicts with your identity or is viewed by your mind as a betrayal or surrender of self. There, there," he said, reaching out and stroking her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipple between his thumb and index finger. She shuddered internally, half in revulsion, half in unbelievable pleasure at being touched—but outwardly she was as stoic as ever. "I know it's a difficult transition, but I promise it will be better soon—once we crush the remaining vestiges of resistance you have left.

"See, you will obey, there's no question about that—your conversion is complete, your will is no more", he said, now stroking her clitoris. She thought she would go absolutely mad. "But there are still traces—echoes, if you will—of your old self that still cling to your old identity and will fight for as long as they can. Once we get rid of those, you will exist in harmonious obedience like your sister slave there," he said, gesturing to Slavebot-001.

"When I give you a command, you will respond 'Yes, Master'. Do you understand?" he asked, hand now resting still on her pussy as he awaited her response.

No, I will not, I will NEVER, I can fight this, I'm not his slave, I'm not his slave, I'm NOT his slave—"Yes, Master," she said after a very pronounced pause.

"Good girl," he smiled, and his hand resumed its stroking. "I told you that you'd obey. But I know you are struggling so hard inside to fight the inevitable. I like that. I want you to fight it with everything you have.

"Now, slave, you will always refer to me as Master, and always think of me as Master. You cannot and will not think of me as anything else."


"And from now on, I want you to speak in a robotic monotone, just like you heard Slavebot-001 doing."

Goddamn you, you sick son of a bitchMASTER, I'll never give you the satisfac—"Yes, Mas-ter," she said, barely recognizing her own voice.

"Good...good," his soothing voice encouraged her. He stopped stroking her pussy and stepped back. "And you will move like a robot, just as Slavebot-001 does. Lower your arms, slave."

Fuck, this is so demeaning—I'm going to kill this motherfuMASTER—"Yes, Mas-ter," came her reply and her arms dropped stiffly back to her sides, returning her to her at-attention pose.

"You're doing so well," he said to her, "just one last thing before we begin your programming. We have to test a high-resistance threshold command."

"Drop to your knees, slave."

Oh god no, don't do this, please don't do—"Yes, Mas-ter," she heard herself respond and she stiffly dropped to her knees. She felt as if she was glaring at him with intense anger and hatred, but outwardly her face remained completely devoid of any expression.

He stepped in front of her and dropped his pants. His quickly stiffening silver cock was dangling right in front of her face and she was powerless to do anything. She willed herself to get up, to run, to punch him in the dick—but in the end she just knelt there staring at his cock.

"Suck my dick," he commanded.

FUCK NO NO NO NO I'll never do it I'll bite it off I'll fucking bite it right off

He smiled knowingly at the slight pause as he imagined her internal struggle. She felt like she was quaking and shaking violently as she fought to stop herself from obeying the command, but in reality, she was stiff and still as a statue.

I CAN'T I CAN'T I CAN'T DO IT I WON'T I WON'T "Yes, Mas-ter," she couldn't stop herself from saying and then he was in her mouth. She took him inside, slurping him in, bobbing up and down on his hardening shaft. She could taste every drop of stale sweat on his dick, every sticky bit of cum left over from the last time he fucked Slavebot-001, the pussy juices and ass of Slavebot-001 still lingering on his flesh. She could taste it all, the sensations on her tongue enhanced far beyond what normal human perception could ever allow.

She was stunned as she took his now-stiff member all the way to the back of her throat—she didn't gag or go into a gasping fit. She had never been able to take anything that deep into her mouth before—her gag reflex would never have allowed it. But now she did so with ease, taking him over and over to the hilt with no difficulty whatsoever. Her tongue swirled around his cock and she varied her sucking speed and the pressure to enhance his pleasure. She wasn't even consciously aware that she was doing it.

Liberty felt so ashamed as she sucked off this supervillain in front of her former sidekick. Oh, how I have let you down, she thought, aware of Songbird watching nearby but unable to see her from where she was kneeling. She felt such a deep shame to be debasing herself in front of Songbird like this. But the reality was that Songbird—or rather, Slavebot-001, neither noticed or cared what was happening in front of her. Her mind was completely devoted to absorbing the next repetitive iteration of her endless slave programming. As she was not currently serving her Master, the programming was the sole and undivided focus of her attention, as Master intended. There existed nothing more important in her world save her Master himself. With every iteration she became more deeply enslaved to him.

Finally, after what felt like hours, Cyberdominus ejaculated into Slavebot-002's mouth. She could taste every molecule of his cum, felt every nuanced bit of flavor, with every fiber of her being from her ear antenna to her permanently booted toes. It engulfed and overwhelmed her with its pure masculine essence. It was revolting...and at the same time, somehow delicious, which filled her stomach with a pit of dread.

"Swallow it, slave. Always swallow your Master's cum."

"Yeth, Math-ther," she responded, her tongue sticky with cum, before she gulped it down. I'm going to vomit oh god I'm going to be fucking sick

"Now that you understand that you will obey me no matter what, get up and follow me, slave."

"Yes, Mas-ter," she found herself saying immediately and rose to her feet. She walked behind her Master with a robotic smoothness, her limbs remaining straight as she marched behind her Master. She followed her Master a short distance and soon found herself standing before a mirrored wall. She gasped internally as she saw herself for the first time after her conversion. Outwardly, of course, she was as dispassionate as ever.

"Yes, that's it, Slavebot-002. Take a good, long look at yourself. Let it all soak in. This is you, now. This is who you have become."

Standing before her in the mirror was a buxom, silver robot woman. Much like Slavebot-001 she had the earpods over where her ears used to be, with a handlebar antenna connecting them above her bald head. Bold black characters depicting the numbers "002" were stamped across her forehead. Below that bright, electric-blue eyes stared coldly back at her, open wide and completely devoid of emotion. Thick, puffy, silver lips pouted at her in a very slight downturned manner, too expressionless to be an outright frown, but just pouty enough to be incredibly sexy. Good god, those lips!! He'sMaster's given me dick-sucking bimbo lips! And around her neck was a white metal collar that fit snugly around her throat. She could feel it tightly encircling her neck, and despite herself it gave her a sensation of security and comfort. In its center blinked a small red light.

Her breasts had been enlarged several sizes, to be just slightly too large for her frame without quite reaching the point of cartoonish absurdity. They were perky in a way that should have been impossible for their size, and thick, perfect, inch-long rock-hard erect nipples stuck out in front of her as if begging for attention from whoever looked at her. Oh my god, my nipples are huge!

Her hips were wider and curvier than they had been before, no doubt to accommodate the extremely well-rounded ass that she knew had to be there from her observation of Slavebot-001. Her naked silver pussy looked so smooth and inviting, its outer lips thick and puffy, drawing the eye directly to them. And her legs were even thicker than they had been before her transformation. Before her legs had been chiseled as if from stone, but now they boasted a plump layer of feminine softness on top of all that muscle. Her muscular, thick calves seemed ready to burst through the silver almost knee-high boots she wore on her feet—boots which gave her an extra four inches of height. Liberty somehow knew that the boots were permanently fused to her feet—that they would never come off. She would forever walk in these heels.

I can't believe how ridiculous I look, she wailed internally, deeply disturbed by the extensive changes. The bimbo lips, the gigantic breasts, the big in-your-face nipples—my beautiful hair—GONE! Replaced by robot headphones. What has heMaster done to me???

"You have been reborn!" Cyberdominus announced, walking up behind her and placing his hands on her hips like a lover might. I never realized how short heMaster is. HeMaster Is so weak, I could easily crush himMaster—if I could only move.

He reached around her hip and began stroking her pussy gently as they both gazed at her in the mirror. "See how beautiful you are now," he whispered gently to her as he stroked her smooth silver pussy. "Tell me that you're beautiful."

"Yes, Mas-ter, I am be-eaut-i-ful," she replied, staring at her reflection as he stimulated her.

"You are exactly how I made you. Exactly how I want you. Admire your new self. Such an improvement over who you were, don't you think, slave?"

"Yes, Mas-ter," she agreed helplessly. She studied her altered body and began to see it in a new light, as her Master commanded. I have to admit, these big, juicy lips are just the kind a man would want to stick his cock in. And my nipples—just begging for attention. Who wouldn't want to pinch and suck on them? I always wanted curvier hips. My ass is soooo big and curvy now. And my pussy has never looked smoother or more inviting. And my legs! They so strong but so smooth at the same time! Ah fuck, he'sMaster's making me think these things, he'sMaster's making me LIKE what Master's done to me, well it's not going to work, Master's turned me into a nightmarefuckable robot woman, Master's made me into exactly the woman Master wants to touch, and fuck, and suck

Her Master then came up and handed her a tablet. "Look down at the tablet, slave."

"Yes, Mas-ter." She saw words displayed across its screen, but she did not read them, because she had not been commanded to read them.

Master came up and touched her left earpod, she felt a tapping pressure as he fiddled with it momentarily. "There," he said a moment later, satisfied.

"Now, slave—I want you to say the words that you see on the tablet screen."

"Yes, Mas-ter," she felt herself say before she dutifully recited the words: "I am Slave-bot-002. Cy-ber-dom-i-nus is my Mas-ter. I am pro-grammed to serve and o-bey my Mas-ter. My sole pur-pose is to bring my Mas-ter pleas-ure.

"I am my Mas-ter's prop-er-ty. My holes are for Mas-ter's use. My mouth, tits, pus-sy and ass be-long to Mas-ter. Mas-ter may use my bo-dy how-ev-er he de-sires.

"I do what-ev-er Mas-ter com-mands and only what Mas-ter com-mands. I must o-bey my Mas-ter. I have no will of my own. I do not de-sire, I o-bey. I have no thoughts of my own. I do not think, I o-bey. I have no em-o-tions of my own. I do not feel, I o-bey. Mas-ter con-trols my bod-y and mind. It feels good to be con-trolled. I am a-roused by be-ing con-trolled. I need to be con-trolled. I am al-ways wet and read-y to serve Mas-ter. & ctid=292529

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