Dan and I drove back home in silence, I didn't understand why I had willingly sucked Mr. Richards' cock, why I felt such a dazzling sense of elation and achievement when his hot, thick cum first oozed into me, nor why I had swallowed it all with such relish.

I'm sure Daniel must've been lost in his own thoughts after seeing me in my knees in front of his tutor, my lips puffy and swollen, red faced and sweating from exertion, cum and spit running down my chin.

As I turned into our street Dan finally broke the silence "It was like that my first time too."

"What do you mean?" I asked keeping my eyes on the road.

"He made me sit on the floor while he spelt out exactly what going to happen and why I deserved it. By the time he had finished talking I didn't know if I wanted to knock him out, or cry, or run for my life. He solved my problem for me by pulling me over his lap and spanking me."

"When I started crying, he yanked down my jeans and jockey shorts, forced my legs apart and spanked my balls. I screamed out loud, he spanked them again and I nearly vomited in pain. Mr. Richards stroked my back and thighs while I stopped dry heaving and calmed down."

"Then he started tugging, pulling and squeezing my balls roughly, painfully, when I started to protest he spanked my balls again. Then he started pulling, tugging and squeezing my balls, this time I didn't protest, even when he started to force his fingers into my hole, I just let his strong, calloused fingers torture me."

"It took a while for me to realise that my cock was hard. I started to hump his legs, trying to cum while he worked my hole and balls. He noticed and pulled my cock back behind my legs so I couldn't move it and he spanked my balls hard until I was on the verge of passing out from the pain, until he spanked the cum out of me and I came, whinning like a dog."

"That's when he told me I was going to need some special training."

I had parked the car by now and silently listened to my son's story.

"He pushed me off him on to the floor, tears and sweat running down me. He stood towering over me and I flinched away as he unbuckled his belt, he chuckled at my reaction and told me that soon I'd be kissing it."

"He wrapped the thick leather belt around my neck, choking me and used it as a leash as he dragged me to his physio room."

"He told me that he would show me my true nature."

"Who I really was."

"Once I finally understood and accepted who I truly was, WHAT I truly was, then he began to teach me."

Dan stopped there, saying "We should head inside, mom's going to want to know what we've been talking about."

The spell broken, we both got out of the car and went into the house. Judy was asleep on the sofa, I glanced at my watch noting that it was late and said we should head up.

I stared at Dan's pert ass as he walked ahead of me, he really did have a juicy peach of an ass.

As I got to my bedroom a wave of exhaustion came over me, I just barely managed to strip down to my boxers before I collapsed into bed.

Next day I overslept and seriously considered calling in sick.

As we all sat down to dinner that night Judy wanted to know what happened with my meeting with Mr. Richards. I kept it brief and vague, telling her how pleased Mr. Richards was with Dan's progress, how he was considering bringing in special tutors to really push him and that he had invited me over on Sunday for a workout.

Judy raised an eyebrow at that last part, I'd never been one for exercise, I was overweight and had been for decades, whereas she was a gym bunny. I was just lucky that I was relatively tall and the fat didn't just go to my gut, but was spread on my chest and ass as well so I looked kinda big but not obviously obese.

Thursday night Dan asked me to help him with his homework, so with a theatrical sigh for the benefit of my wife, I hauled myself to my feet and grudgingly trudged up the stairs, full glass of wine in hand.

I closed the door quietly and stood with my back to it, partially to make it impossible for Judy to check up on us and partially out of nervousness.

"Daddy told me to tell you that we know you've been spying on me." Dan said matter of factly.

It was weird to hear Dan use the word 'Daddy', he hadn't used that word since he was 6.

Double weird to hear him use the word in relation to someone else.

Triple weird with a side order of uncomfortable knowing he was using the word in relation to someone he might be having sex with.

"And that you'll be punished for it." he added.

I gulped loudly at this.

"But for now Daddy told me to get you ready for your first lesson."

With that Dan took off his clothes in front of my and folded them neatly on the bed, he then helped me take my clothes off so we were standing naked, his slim, hairless toned body and bubble butt contrasting sharply with my hairy, neglected body.

He took me by the hand and led me to his ensuite "the first thing Daddy told me I had to do was to remove all your body hair below your neck."

I looked at him in shock. "No. Uh uh. No way. No chance."

Dan smiled at me in a condescending way, as if I was a naughty puppy that'd been caught eating something they shouldn't.

"Daddy said you'd say something like that."

"He said to tell you that if you don't then the videos of you playing with yourself while you spy on me would be distributed to select friends and family, in addition to being uploaded to a number of porn sites."

I stared at him speechless.

"What about Judy?" I stammered.

"What about mom?" Dan replied, "You guys only have sex on your birthday and wedding anniversary. She leaves the house a good hour earlier than you in the morning and she regularly falls asleep watching TV, so its not like you guys even undress in front of each other anymore. Infact I'd say that it's been a long time since you've even seen each other naked."

Dan giggled at my expression. "Now let's get to work."

He grabbed a big bottle from the shelf and squirted a generous measure into his hands, he had me raise my arms and spread my legs wide as be rubbed the hair remover all over me.

He seemed to spend a lot of time rubbing my ass, cock and balls. I was embarrassed by the whole thing but as his talented fingers tickled and teased my hole, my cock began to stiffen with a mind of its own.

Dan giggled when he noticed my cock was starting to get bigger and stopped playing with my ass, I let out a low groan of disappointment.

He stood and went to fetch his phone, I stood with my eyes closed, burning with humiliation, shame and deep inside my gut, flickered a twisted, shameful, perverse arousal.

My ass was begging to be touched, to be toyed, played with, fucked, used, owned.

Dan took pictures of me from several angles while he waited for the hair remover to work. Once he was satisfied he led me into the shower and vigorously scrubbed the cream off me, along with my manhood and my dignity.

Still stunned by what he had said I passively let him wash me clean, raising my arms and spreading my legs wide to let the warm water wash away all my body hair. Dan dried me off with a towel, then he took another bottle from the cabinet and squirted a generous amount into his hands. He then slathered the moisturiser all over me, again playing particular attention to my asshole.

I couldn't help myself, this was all so surreal, I bent over to give Dan better access, I reached back to spread my hairless, generous ass cheeks wide. Dan giggled again, darted forwards and gave my needy hole a quick, wet kiss. I groaned out loud at the feel of his soft, warm, moist lips briefly touching my hole and pushed back, hoping he would do it again.

Instead I heard another giggle and the sound of Dan taking more photos, I wiggled my ass at him, trying to entice him to lick me again, but all I got was more photos taken.

Dan playfully spanked my hole, I yelped in surprise and stood up, giving him a dirty look in the process. The shock and the pain also served to take away my growing erection.

Dan then turned me to face him and sank to his knees, I looked down at him and my breath caught in my throat, I had crossed so many lines in such a short period of time that I was actually excited at the thought that my son might give me a blowjob!

Instead Dan worked quickly to slip one ball through a transparent plastic ring, he gently pulled the other through the same ring and threaded my shaft through a second ring that was attached to the first. His touch was starting to get me excited again so he flicked the head of my dick with his finger, it stung and I hissed in pain, however it had the desired effect and my semi vanished. He then easily slipped a transparent plastic tube over the head of my cock and up my shaft until it sat snugly against the other ring. Quick as a flash he locked the two parts together with a small metal padlock and took some pictures of his handiwork.

I looked on in horror as my manhood was literally taken away from me.

"What have you done?" I whispered.

"Just what Daddy told me to." Dan said simply, as if this was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Daddy did the same to me when he first started training me. He said he would explain everything on Sunday, I just had to do my homework" He looked up at me with a smile.

I was now shivering, partially from cold, partially from fear, partially from excitement.

I had lived a very sheltered life up to this point, I'd worked hard at college and landed a good job straight after graduation. All that hard work and dedication had left very little time for drinking and partying let alone sex and experimentation.

I didn't have much time for dating with the long hours and the stress of the job. I met Judy when my co-workers dragged me out to a bar to celebrate my 23rd birthday. We dated for a year before I asked her to marry me, we brought a small house together and soon Michelle and Daniel came along.

Judy was the perfect match, outgoing and vivacious, with an infectious smile and a musical laugh. She was 5'5", weighed 110lbs (she went to the gym religiously every morning before work, while I preferred the extra hour in bed), perky 32A tits and had long dirty blonde hair and green/grey eyes that Daniel inherited. She was generous and open hearted, she never commented on the size of my dick or that I didn't last long in bed.

When I met Judy I was a virgin and had never been in a relationship. I thought our sex life was fine, the occasional make out session when the kids had gone to bed, sex on birthdays and anniversaries. I never thought there was anything more to sex than kissing, touching her enchanting tits and missionary.

Then came that fateful night where out of curiosity and boredom I had gone to see how Dan was getting on with his homework and saw him fingering his ass to orgasm. I was shocked and confused. I refused to believe what I had seen.

The next night was the same, only that time I touched myself for the first time whilst I watched. When Dan had finished, I scampered to my room and I stroked my cock to the image of my son finger fucking himself, except I stopped stroking my cock and began to stroke my ass, just like I'd seen Dan do. I came so hard I blacked out.

Now I was hairless, my cock was trapped in a cage, my tits constantly tingled and I had given a blowjob to my son's tutor.

To say things had got out of hand was an understatement.

Dan got dressed and I followed him in a daze, still not believing what had just happened. The feel of my clothes against my newly sensitive, hairless skin reminded me that this was actually happening, as did the pain in my dick when the cage prevented it from getting hard.

Dan was sit in his gaming chair, tapping away on his phone in a world of his own. I stumbled to the door and headed downstairs, I checked on Judy to find her asleep and snoring lightly. I made my way to the kitchen and finished the rest of the wine, drinking it straight from the bottle.

I stumbled upstairs and passed out exhausted.

Friday morning I woke up alone in bed, my hand went between my legs and was met with the hard, unyielding plastic of the cock cage.


I dragged myself to the bathroom, closed the door and examined myself in the mirror.

Still hairless.

Double shit.

I took a shower, still hoping against hope that this was some terrible nightmare. The water was hot and washing myself with shower gel felt different, I never noticed how sensitive my skin was, how pleasurable it was to touch, to fondle, to stroke.

I don't know how long I took just exploring my new hairless state, I do know that I enjoyed it very much, as my cock attempted to grow a number of times and each time it was frustrated by the cage.

Weirdly, by the time I had finished getting dressed for work, I had almost forgotten about the cage. Sure it made a bulge in my suit pants and the padlock rattled when I walked but that didn't bother me.

Friday night Dan left for his shift at the diner and Judy and I settled down for mexican food and margaritas.

Saturday was uneventful, although I was pensive and full of a strange nervous energy knowing that I would be seeing Mr. Richards tomorrow.

Sunday arrived and I took my razor into the shower with me, I don't know why but I felt that it was important that I be smooth all over for Mr Richards, so I went all over my body looking for any new growth. I also spent a lot of time moisturising myself afterwards.

After thoroughly massaging moisturiser all over, my asshole was crying out for attention and seeing as I was alone, I gave in and toyed my hole with my fingers. The sound of Dan stomping up the stairs shocked me back to reality and I hurriedly pulled the duvet over me, just as the door swung open.

Dan smirked at me as I lay on the bed, red faced and very obviously doing something that I shouldn't.

Suitably embarrassed, I got dressed and packed a backpack with what I thought would pass as gym kit.

We both went downstairs and chilled until it was time to head over to Mr. Richards for our session.

I was tense in the car, driving a little too fast. We pulled up outside Mr. Richards' house a good 30 minutes early.

Dan led the way, he knocked twice, then stripped down to his jockstrap and knelt on the welcome mat, arms behind his back, head down. Confused and a little uneasy I knelt down besides Dan, clasped my arms behind my back and looked at my knees.

I couldn't tell you how long we waited there, I can tell you that my knees were sore, I had pins and needles in my legs and my embarrassment and anxiety went through the roof every time a car passed by.

After what felt like an eternity, but in reality was about 15 minutes, I heard the sound of foot steps approaching. The door opened and a high feminine voice said "Oh, hi danni! You're keen today! Come on in, Daddy is just finishing up with lucy and clarabella. He said I should send you up to help them finish up, then he'd be down to start work on the new arrival" I looked up when she said this and my mouth fell open.

She was short (5'0") and skinny (98lbs), with a gorgeous tanned complexion, long black hair and black eyes.

Definitely east asian heritage.

She was wearing a classic frilly french maid outfit, complete with a thick black leather collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. There were three chains attached to her collar that ran down into her top. She was exotic, very submissive, very feminine and very, very sexy.

With that Dan stood and entered the house, I got to my feet with a groan, as sharp pain shot through my knees and my legs were on the verge of falling asleep. I followed Dan inside, stopping to take my shoes off.

Dan headed towards the stairs, presumably to help 'lucy' and 'clarabella' finish up whatever it was that they were doing. I followed the maid into the lounge.

She turned to face me and said "You must be Ben." I nodded dumbly, "First time?" I nodded again, "Don't worry" she said "It's perfectly normal to be nervous, Daddy will be here soon and he'll take good care of you." She smiled at me and indicated for me to sit down, I went to sit on one of the black leather recliners and she tutted at me. Confused, I looked at her questioningly. "Until Daddy give you permission, you sit on the floor, silly boy."

I sat cross legged on the floor while the maid pottered around, dusting and cleaning, giving me glimpses of her fine ass and toned legs. Nothing surprised me at this point, so it wasn't a shock when she bent over right in front of me and pulled her while satin panties to one side, showing me the cutest little asshole in the world.

"Daddy says I always get dirty when I'm cleaning." She whispered as she wiggled her ass in my face. "Would you help clean me up?"

I was paralysed with indecision.

Part of me wanted nothing more than to eat her ass until she screamed, part of me was terrified of what Mr. Richards would do if he caught me, a dim part of me felt guilty, apparently my conscience thought it was okay to give Mr. Richards a blowjob but eating this 22 year old's ass was cheating.

She teased me for a minute or two, giving me an up close and very personal lapdance right in my face before we both heard the sound of Mr. Richards coming down the stairs and the maid stood up and quickly made herself look presentable before greeting Mr. Richards with a curtsey as he entered the room.

"jane, help danni with her work out routine, make sure she is using the correct breathing exercises, poses and techniques."

"Yes Daddy" and she curtsied again before scampering eagerly out of the room.

Mr. Richards strode confidently into the room and sat in a black leather recliner in front of me. He was naked apart from a pair of black silk boxer shorts.

I shrank in his presence.


Hesitantly, I began to take my clothes off and clumsily fold them into a pile next to me.

"Stand up. Feet shoulder width apart, hands on your head, eyes on the floor."

When I was in position, Mr. Richards stood and slowly circled me, his hands touching my neck, squeezing my throat, before gliding along my shoulders and biceps before gently running his fingertips back along my triceps and under my smooth armpits, then down my ribs, rubbing my belly before cupping my tits as he stood behind me.

A small moan of pleasure escaped my mouth when his fingers touched my nipples. His fingers lightly circled my nubs and they hardened in response to his touch, as he continued to tease my nipples I continued to moan softly and push my chest out further.

He stopped touching me and I groaned in disappointment.

Mr. Richards moved closer so that his chest touched my back, he reached around me again and cupped my tits in his hands.

I practically melted when his big, calloused fingers returned to rubbing my nipples.

I could feel my cock desperately straining against the cage as he twisted and pulled my nipples, the feeling was electric, like getting the world's greatest blow job twice over as he expertly flicked, pinched and mauled my tits. I was moaning loudly now, my head thrown back resting on his shoulder, eyes closed in ecstasy, my chest pushed out as far as I could, my body craving his masterful touch.

I felt my orgasm building from my toes up, my body tensing as he continued to flick, rub, pinch, twist and pull at my nipples. He bit and licked my neck as my moans increased and I started to mindlessly hump the air in my arousal.

He read my body perfectly and backed away when I was on the verge of orgasm. I collapsed to the floor in shock as I had been leaning against him to keep me upright while he groped me.

Mr. Richards sat down in front of me, with an air of regal superiority. His black silk boxer shorts now tented and stained from the precum leaking from his magnificent cock.r"











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