That sobering thought in mind, Kelly began a slow and deliberate blowjob. Making oral love to his cock. It was wet and sloppy, just like he and the other niggas liked it, and as she had come to adore.

Tyrell groaned out an occasional growl of pleasure but quickly checked his voice to make sure David wouldn't awaken.

All too soon, though it was a good 10 minutes, Tyrell's balls were ready to empty themselves. Kelly was fondling them as she felt them pull up into the sack. Tyrell's hand which was resting on her head the whole time, began to increase its pressure. She heard his breathing pick up slightly. All unmistakable signs which her growing her experience knew meant his release was coming.

She craved it. The power of his ejaculation in her mouth was something she dreamed about. She began to fondle his balls more deliberately and then pulled back until just the head was in her mouth. She nursed it, running her tongue gently under the male g-spot. And then the eruption began.

Rope after rope of delicious semen burst into her mouth, filling it with its richness. She thirstily swallowed, coaxing all his testicles had to offer onto her tongue and into her throat and belly. The pleasure of feeling his climax was enough for her to experience a no touch orgasm of her own.

When she was certain she had drained him to their mutual satisfaction, Kelly pulled back and sucked in a needed lungful of air. She ran her tongue around her swollen lips and then smiled up at her lover, "Thank you for teaching me to suck cock. I had no idea how much I was missing just being with David."

Tyrell smiled and nodded, then patted the naked slut on her head in silent acknowledgment of her words. He helped her to her feet then said, "Get that sexy ass back to bed so the motherfucker don't know no better. We going to have to repeat this before he go though, you understand that, right?"

Kelly smiled and said, "I was hoping you would say that." Then she grabbed her sleepshirt and made the reverse trip, once again as silently as possible.

The wicked sensation of sliding into bed next to her sleeping husband with the taste of Tyrell's seed still on her tongue was incredible. She lay there for a moment, staring at David as she reveled in the naughtiness of it all.


The following morning, Kelly woke and had David head out to get them some breakfast food. She needed to give Tyrell some time to get himself out of the house without David home to hear him moving about. When he arrived home, the couple ate breakfast together and just had a lazy morning. Kelly saw the sides of David she had been overlooking since her transformation began, his kindness, his sensitivity, his politeness. All things she had once coveted and things many women would adore in a partner.

Yet, she couldn't help but contrast him with the assertiveness and dominance of her Black lovers. They were kind to a certain extent, but sensitivity and politeness were not their forte. But that didn't seem to bother her in the least. In reality, she saw that as an asset. An alpha male trait. As her conversation with David wore on, the distinction between him and her lovers exposed itself more and more.

Their discussion was interrupted by the buzzing of her phone with an incoming call. Glancing at the screen Kelly saw the caller ID: "Boss calling".

Kelly smiled at the phone then glanced up at David, "Sorry honey, I have to take this." Then she politely got up and stepped away from the table.

"Yes, Boss?" Kelly saw David's glance shift her way out of the corner of her eye. She took a few steps further away from the table.

As she did, Mr. Robinson's smooth voice seemed to glide into her ear, "How's the little bitch this morning? I'm guessing waking up this morning wasn't as much fun, huh?"

Kelly offered a playful giggle at his greeting as she continued to ease away from David. She wished she had turned the TV on so there was some ambient noise in the room to help mask her voice.

Mr. Robinson continued, "Me and the boys had fun last night. From what I understand, you did too. Is that a correct statement, Mrs. Harkins?"

Kelly squeezed her thighs together and felt her breath catch at his question. She moaned out a soft, "Mmmhmm," desperate to avoid further piquing David's attention.

Her Boss didn't miss a beat, "I'm thinking maybe after dinner tonight, we can continue where things left off last night. That sound like something you'd be interested in, Mrs. Harkins?"

The addicted wife's response was almost desperate. She wanted to shout out her desire but couldn't with David so close. Instead, she said offered a neutral but inviting, "But how?"

Mr. Robinson's low chuckle preceded his statement, "I think you can find a way for David to get a little sleepy, so he'll call it an early night."

Kelly paused at his words. Was he suggesting she drug David so he would fall asleep? And if she did, was he planning on him, Tyrell and Jake joining her at the house while David was in a drug-induced slumber? And was she actually considering doing it?

Her mind raced at her options. The option to not do it was not a consideration. Her excitement of being taken by her Black lovers under the same roof as her husband was too appealing, just like her sucking off Tyrell the night before was. Kelly thought she recalled some of her father's leftover sleeping pills in the drawer where he had apparently stored his medicine. Those would probably work. But were they expired? Would that be an issue? How could she get them to David without him noticing?

She felt tremendously wicked that she was considering this. And that wickedness only increased as she whispered to her Boss, "I think I can figure something out."

Her Boss replied, "Now that's what I like to hear Mrs. Harkins. Let me know when you sort things out and what time you want some real company this evening."

Kelly was positively breathless as she responded, "Yes, Boss."

The call concluded, David looked at his now unfaithful wife and asked, "Everything ok?" A hint of desperation in his voice.

Kelly smiled at her clueless husband and said, "Everything's fine. Mr. Robinson was just making sure we enjoyed ourselves last night." She was about to take her seat when her body demanded attention. "Excuse me honey, I need to use the bathroom." A few minutes later, Kelly's fingers brought her to orgasm as she thought of the evening's potential.


Kelly decided to use the remainder of the day to put David's mind at ease. The night promised fun, but significant potential for problems, so she needed the day to be smooth. They went to lunch. They took a walk in a nearby park. And they even snuggled on the couch for a bit scouting for some new series on Netflix they could binge together on their visits.

As evening approached, Kelly's excitement for what lay ahead increased. At the same time, she also felt a growing sense of nervousness about drugging her husband. It was a surreal mental competition. The thought of David struggling to stay awake as she waited for her Black lovers to arrive was an erotic cocktail. She knew it was wrong, but the sexuality was just too right for her to ignore.

David almost threw a wrench into her plans when he proposed they go out for the evening. However, Kelly was able to fend off that request when she declined, saying that they had already ate lunch out and another meal out would just not do her figure justice. She punctuated that with, "Are you trying make me fat, David?"

It was a question in jest, but still it had David scrambling to make sure she knew he had no such intent.

They shared a mutual laugh about that and then Kelly told David that she was going to get dinner ready.

Kelly felt like a foreign agent as she began to put their meal together. She attempted to carefully scrutinize the pill bottle she pulled from the drawer, checking the dosage and mentally comparing her father's estimated weight and situation with David's to try and determine what would do the job. Her nervousness had her glancing over her shoulder with every sound and it seemed the noise from the pills rattling in the bottle was being blasted out a set of concert speakers.

The dosage for her father was two pills. Kelly opted for three for David. She had to be sure it would do the job. As delicately as she could, she pulled them from the bottle then quickly secured the lid and tucked the bottle back in the drawer. Once the bottle was safely away, she glanced at the doorway leading into the kitchen expecting David to be standing there with his arms folded asking what she was doing.

He wasn't, yet she stood there staring a moment only to realize she had been holding her breath for nearly a minute. Gripping the pills tightly in her hands, Kelly let out a heavy exhale and then sucked in a lungful of air. She couldn't help but giggle at how silly all of this probably looked.

She had one more act of preparation. Crushing the pills so they could be clandestinely given to him. She didn't know if in the food or in his drink was better, but with all the stories on the news about women being take advantage of with 'dirty' drinks, she opted for that route. She could not believe she was going to do this. She consoled herself with two things. First, David was not going to be sexually abused as some women were, and second, it would reduce the risk of a confrontation if he were awake. The thought of not having the men over never entered her mind.

Kelly successfully snuck the crushed pills into David's drink and let them dissolve, then finished putting the rest of the meal together. As they sat down to eat, a rush of guilt accompanied by her inner voice questioning what she was doing arose. The internal battle of right and wrong was raging inside her. Just then, fate interceded. Her phone buzzed in her pocket.

It was a simple question packed with meaning from Mr. Robinson, "What time?"

Kelly looked at the text. She was breathless. This was the deciding moment. Call things off or give Mr. Robinson a time and get the evening's fun in motion. She gave one final glance to David who was taking a long pull from his doctored drink. With that sight, the decision was made. Kelly quickly typed back, "An hour?"

Her Boss responded, "Nice. What about him?"

"Won't be an issue."

As she clicked send on that response, David asked, "Everything ok?"

Kelly read Mr. Robinson's "That's my girl." response before responding to her husband.

Kelly felt the raging lust inside her having that little chat exchange with her Boss with David right there. She hoped her eyes, or her voice didn't betray her as she looked at David and replied, "Everything's fine. Just someone from work." She set the phone down feeling the moisture in her pussy as David nodded and took another drink.

The married couple started out in conversation as they began to eat, but David's responses and attentiveness began to drop off as the medication began to take effect. Witnessing this, and knowing what it meant for the night, only served to further Kelly's lust. She knew everything about this was wrong, from her infidelity to drugging her husband, but the desire was overwhelming. She kept up light conversation as she watched David begin to fade.

When they finished their meal, David was slurring his words and fighting to keep his eyes open. He was trying to explain his fatigue and apologized to Kelly that he might not be able to help her with the dishes. Kelly smiled and told him it was ok as she took his hand and led him from the small kitchen table to the living room. David flopped down and Kelly whispered in his ear, "Just relax, honey. I'll take care of everything."

David barely nodded in response before leaning his head back on the couch.

That sight drew the new Kelly fully out in the open. She pulled out her cell and took a picture of David and sent it to Mr. Robinson with the caption, "No issue at all."

Mr. Robinson replied, "That's my bitch."

With David sinking deeper into his drug-induced slumber, Kelly darted from the room to get herself ready for her Boss' arrival. She opted to keep things simple and David's presence helped her decision. She put on her bikini, knowing it wouldn't be on long anyway. Mrs. Kelly Harkins' persona was left behind on the bedroom floor with her clothes as her newfound persona slowly padded from the bedroom toward her sleeping husband on the couch.

Kelly sat gently next to him and whispered, "I'm sorry, David. I didn't know what kind of men I needed until after we were married. And there's no going back now." She gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, then waited for her Boss to arrive.

She didn't have to wait long. Mr. Robinson entered the house as if it were his. She was not surprised to see he was not alone. Accompanying him were Tyrell, Marcus, and a Black man she had not met. She rose from the couch to greet her lovers, stepping to Mr. Robinson first. He put his hands on her hips as she draped hers over his shoulder and behind his neck. A sultry, "Hi Boss." flowed from her lips, before she rose up on her toes to give him a kiss.

Mr. Robinson smiled and nodded, then looked to the Black men with him. He said to Kelly, "You remember Marcus, right?"

Kelly felt the flush of redness in her cheeks as she thought back on their meeting. She gently bit her lower lip and nodded, saying, "I sure do. Nice to see you again."

Marcus stepped behind her and ran his hands up her sides as she looked back over her shoulder at him. He leaned in close and whispered in her ear, "Remember that drink at my club? You didn't get to meet the nigga who brought it to you," clearly speaking about the Black man she did not know. Kelly's eyes drifted to him.

Marcus paused a beat and made eye contact with Mr. Robinson who nodded his unspoken consent, satisfied the mood Kelly was in would greet the next sentence with acceptance. Then Marcus said, "Why don't you go introduce yourself and thank him for being a good employee."

Kelly's nipples flared at feeling his breath on her neck and ear, and at the meaning of the words he spoke. She swallowed heavily, took a deep breath in an attempt to settle her racing heartrate, then slowly moved to the Black man who stood there with a sense of awe.

His expression, Marcus' words, her libido, and her unconscious husband created something of a perfect storm. Kelly felt like was aflame with lust. She moved to the as yet unnamed Black man and draped her arms and hands behind his neck as she did with Mr. Robinson. She looked up into in his eyes and said, "Thank you for the drink the other day. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you or thank you then."

She looked to Mr. Robinson out of the corner of her eye and he winked. She turned back to the Black man and said, "How about if I thank you now?"

The Black man had his share of white women and white wives. But this is the first with an unconscious husband in the same room.

Kelly sensed his thoughts and looked back at David before turning back to the Black stranger. "Don't worry about him. He's out for the night. Time for me to express my gratitude." Those words spoken, Kelly Harkins sunk to her knees before him and freed his cock from its pants. A healthy 8 solid inches of slightly engorged Black flesh sprung into view. Kelly's mouth watered at the sight. She gave the swollen head a wet kiss, then ran her tongue from the base of the shaft to the tip, coating it completely, her saliva hanging in a long string from her tongue.

She gazed up at her new Black lover, then to her Boss, Tyrell, and Marcus, before turning back to the man with the delicious Black cock she was holding. Kelly looked up at him and knew what she wanted to do next. She smiled up at him with her lips touching the head and said, "What's your name, lover?"

The man, still somewhat in a state of shock from the speed of events, glanced quickly at the other Black men, then back to Kelly. "Name's DeAndre." No sooner did he get the words out before Kelly plunged him into her throat. DeAndre's voice boomed out, "Oh fuckkkkk." as she took him to the balls.

Tyrell and Marcus looked at him and responded nearly simultaneously, "Dude, shut the fuck up! Her fucking husband's right here."

Only Kelly and Mr. Robinson remained silent. Her for obvious reasons. Then Mr. Robinson spoke for both of them. "Relax. Little bitch said she was taking care of things, and I got to believe she did. Ain't that right, little bitch?"

Kelly slowly slid DeAndre's cock from her throat and gave the head a loving suck before releasing him for the moment. She turned to her Boss and said, "Yes, Boss. He's down for the night."

DeAndre, still rocked from Kelly plunging his cock down her throat, looked at the other three Black men and said, "What the fuck you want me to do? How I supposed to know this bitch going to do me like that?"

His response drew some mocking laughter from the others before Kelly smiled up at him and said, "I'm sorry, baby. I just couldn't resist. Sit down and get yourself comfortable. Let me make it up to you." DeAndre took the opportunity to assert himself and put an end to any potential further mocking from his peers. He moved to the vacant love seat and sat down, then said to Kelly, "Damn right you going to make it up to me. Come over here and get that mouth to work again."

The playful banter continued among the men as Kelly made her way towards DeAndre on her hands and knees. Her naughty smile lit her face as she saw DeAndre continually cast somewhat nervous glances in David's direction. Kelly put his mind at ease when she ran her tongue up his shaft and then cooed, "Forget about him, lover. Let's enjoy each other." Then she began to suck his Black cock.

Her skills, his arousal, the sheer eroticism of the evening all served to push DeAndre to orgasm quickly. Kelly relished in the sensation of yet another Black cock pumping its semen into her welcoming mouth. His load was just as rich, thick, and delicious as all the others she had enjoyed since going Black. It was a pleasure she would never tire of or give up for any reason. She swallowed him greedily.

Kelly gave his DeAndre's cock one last kiss before turning towards the men standing there watching. She smiled at her boss and said, "Who wants to fuck?"

Her eyes were fixed on her boss' as he calmly motioned with a finger for her to come to him. She stood slowly and gracefully, an aura of sexuality emanating from every move she took. She sauntered towards her boss, one foot directly in front of the other giving her bikini clad hips just the right shimmy.

As she stood before him, Mr. Robinson slowly tugged the string holding her bikini top together and let her breasts spring free. Then he slowly turned her around so her back was to him as he pulled her in close. Kelly was now facing her unconscious husband as the three other Black men looked on.

Mr. Robinson cupped her breasts and began tweaking and rolling her nipples as he leaned into her ear and whispered, "Look at that whiteboy laid out like that. Motherfucker thinking he got you all to himself. But that ain't the case anymore, is it little bitch? You got the jungle fever now, huh?"

Kelly was almost swooning at his touch and his words. She leaned back into her boss and just delighted in the sensations he was causing.

Mr. Robinson continued, "It's time we set the record straight, Mrs. Harkins. These titties, they belong to the niggas." He reached down inside her bikini to her pussy and stroked her wet seam and said, "This pussy, it belongs to the niggas." He then brought that finger, moist with her pussy juices, to her mouth, "And who does this mouth belong to, little bitch?"

Kelly had to pause to pull in a lungful of air before responding. With her heart pounding in her chest, Kelly answered her boss, "To the niggas." & u=19862хасково-е-домакин-на-държавен-турнир-п

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