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"Have we... seen this one before?" Kimiko asked, glancing around the wide expanse of the living room and its acres of plush, cream-colored carpets. It looked intensely familiar, but after three months of house-hunting with Lorelei, she had to admit that all of the interiors and exteriors were beginning to blend together. She'd tried to keep notes of her impressions at first, but after the fourth time she stared down at her little yellow pad of paper and couldn't think of a thing to write beyond 'nice', she gave up and decided to trust Lori to keep it all organized.

Lori looked like she had been born to do exactly that. The hazel-eyed Caucasian woman had on a sober black pantsuit that had creases like razor blades, and her long, wavy auburn curled down past her shoulders seemingly without a single strand out of place even in the worst weather. She carried a tablet that contained answers to every question Kimiko asked almost before she asked them, and nine times out of ten didn't even bother to look at it before replying. Like now, when she said, "Yes, we came by here a week ago when you were just beginning to think about expanding your price range. I thought I'd bring you by again now that we've run the numbers, since you liked it so much."

Kimiko blinked, looking again at the large, open room in front of her. "Did I?" she asked, in tones of vague confusion. It did look nice, she had to admit, but... did she really talk about it in such glowing terms that they needed to go back to it again? She crouched down and took her shoes off, taking a moment to run her light topaz fingers through the thick carpeting. She was beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the options, her brain so full of floor plans and bedroom counts and functional utility that she couldn't remember what her actual tastes even were anymore.

Thankfully, Lori always seemed to be on top of things. "Oh yes," she said, stepping out of her own sensible pumps and reaching down to help Kimiko up. "You really loved looking at it. You called it your 'dream house', remember?" Kimiko took the hand gratefully, stepping onto the soft carpet with an almost audible sigh of bliss. She certainly remembered enjoying her walk through the living room. The warm, plush surface felt so good against her stocking feet that it was all she could do not to lie down and make little snow angels on the floor in her blouse and skirt. It would probably be unprofessional, though. And tangle her long black hair up something fierce.

"We went through the kitchen-it's got a breakfast island, and marble countertops-and you said that it felt just like you were stepping into a wonderful dream, Kimiko. Do you remember that?" Kimiko trailed her fingers along the cool stone surface, her brow furrowing in confusion as she struggled to recall the events that Lori apparently had such vivid, sharp memories of. But the constant parade of features and jargon and long, boring drives from one house to another to another blurred together in Kimiko's mind until it almost became a blank to her. For all she knew, Lori could have just been driving her back to the same house, again and again, and telling her it was someplace different each time.

Kimiko realized she'd just been standing there, holding Lori's hand loosely, lips parted vacantly as she stared into the middle distance and lost herself woolgathering. "I, um, yes. Yes, of course. My dream house. Yes." She didn't remember any of it, not really, but she couldn't exactly admit to Lori that she'd been wasting most of the professional realtor's time these last few months. It seemed rude-certainly the middle-aged woman had better things to do than drive a complete stranger around every afternoon and show her houses that faded out of her brain the second she left them, especially when Kimiko had a perfectly good apartment she was in no danger of losing. She was probably costing Lori money.

But the gorgeous, perfectly composed redhead seemed anything but upset by Lori's indecisiveness. If anything, she seemed positively thrilled to spend time in Kimiko's company. "That's exactly it!" she beamed, giving Kimiko's hand a gentle squeeze. "That's exactly what I wanted to hear. You're in your dream house." She led Kimiko through the kitchen to the smaller foyer near the back door, then up the broad staircase that led up to the second level. "You're in your dream house right now, Kimi, and you know what that means, don't you?"

Kimiko's eyes crossed for a moment as she tried to figure out not just the answer, but the meaning of the question itself. Lori sounded so perfectly confident that Kimiko would know just what it meant to be in her dream house that it almost seemed to bewilder the young woman further. It was like they were sharing a private joke just between the two of them that Kimiko somehow managed to not be in on, which seemed downright impossible. It only fed deeper into her sense of disorientation, as though the expected response had somehow vanished into the same void of endless, repetitive sameness as all of the trips to all of the houses they kept going to. Her brain had simply been numbed to it all. She was fully reliant on Lori to do the thinking for her.

It took almost until they were at the top of the stairs for Kimiko to realize that while her mind had been lost in pondering the question, her lips had answered for her. "It means I'm dreaming," she heard herself responding in a dazed, vacant monotone, the words almost entirely filtered out by her consciousness if not for a tiny nagging sense of familiarity to them that made Kimiko think twice about what she was saying. Or in this case, just the once. Because she hadn't been thinking about them at all when she said them.

"That's right," Lori cooed, walking her down the hallway past rooms of staged furniture into the master bedroom. "It means you're dreaming. That makes so much sense, doesn't it, Kimi? You always dream in your dream home. That's what it's for. You go through the door, and your mind immediately begins to fall asleep and have such lovely, happy dreams for me, doesn't it?" She guided Kimiko to the king-sized bed, gently tugging the younger woman's wrist to make her sag onto the mattress in sudden, helpless exhaustion.

Kimiko's mind felt strange, as if it was simultaneously slowing down and racing to keep up with Lori's sudden shift in topic. Of course sleeping meant dreaming, or dreaming meant sleeping or whichever one led to the other in Kimiko's increasingly muddled head. But, but that wasn't what 'dream house' meant, was it? It just meant the house Kimiko dreamed about, the house she pictured when she let her heavy eyelids close and lost herself in a beautiful daydream so clear and sharp that she didn't even need to think about anything... anything else. Just that perfect, lovely fantasy. Just her own needs, her own desires. Nothing else mattered but that.

Kimiko was so distracted by the familiarity of that seductive chain of logic to notice herself whispering, "Yes," as Lori slid onto the bed behind her and began to gently pet Kimiko's long, soft hair. She recognized the words seeping up out of her subconscious to become her own thoughts, she could almost hear them in her head in a comfortable, intimate voice. As if she'd heard them over and over for months. As if they were always right there, guiding her back from the same premises to the same exact conclusions. As everyday and ordinary as the fingers stroking her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse.

"You know you're dreaming again, Kimi," Lori whispered, her breath warmly tickling the back of Kimiko's neck. "You're back in your dream house, and that means you're back in the dream again. Everything that's happening to you right now is just a silly, sexy dream, isn't it, pretty girl?" Lori's fingers punctuated the key words with light, teasing pinches on Kimiko's nipples, finding the stiff buds through Kimiko's shirt and bra and tweaking them to tingling attention with her touch. Kimiko's head lolled forward, drooping onto her chest as the pleasure sank into her like the warmth of a campfire on a cool evening.

"...yes..." Kimiko mumbled, her lips barely even moving as her thoughts receded deeper and deeper into drowsy confusion. Everything that was happening felt so familiar, from the hands cupping her small, pert breasts to the fog that settled onto her mind to the warm, tingling surges of arousal that made her spread her thighs wider and wider so that Lori could hook her long legs around Kimiko's ankles and hold the young woman in place. It felt like she'd experienced it dozens of times in... in dreams. Of course. She'd done this before in her silly, sexy dreams. Kimiko wasn't responsible for what she dreamed about. She couldn't control it. It just happened, and she could relax and surrender to the warm, sleepy pleasure that she was feeling right now.

"That's it," Lori purred, her fingers undoing the buttons on Kimiko's blouse with practiced ease before pulling it off the young woman's shoulders to pin her arms to her sides. "You love to come back to your dream house over and over, whenever I tell you to. It doesn't have to be this house, it doesn't even have to be a new house. Any time you hear me say those words to you when we're alone together, 'dream house', you'll remember that you're dreaming again and you'll begin to sink into that soft, sleepy confusion in your mind that always leads you back into my unbreakable control. Isn't that right, beautiful?"

Kimiko nodded vacantly, her head barely rising even a fraction of an inch as she murmured a quiet, distant, "...yes." She could feel Lori removing her bra, reaching back around to caress her bare breasts with one hand while the other slid down to the hemline of Kimiko's skirt. It had slid almost all the way up to her waist now, and she gasped in dazed astonishment to realize that she hadn't worn any panties into the bedroom. Lori's fingers sank smoothly and easily into her soaking cunt without a trace of resistance, from cloth or anything else. It amazed her so much that she almost didn't notice how wet she was right now.

"That's my good girl," Lori murmured gently, thrusting lazily in and out of Kimiko's pussy with two, then three fingers. "And just like you don't need to remember your dreams, you don't really need to remember anything that happens when you go into your dream house for me, pretty girl. It empties out of your mind as soon as you wake, like a mist gently blowing away on the breeze, leaving your thoughts blissful and untroubled just like waking from a wonderful, restful sleep. Isn't that right?"

"...y-yes," Kimiko whimpered, drool trickling from her slack lips as she felt her self-control melting into blank, thoughtless pleasure under Lori's touch. The words sounded so familiar, reinforcing the web of suggestions that she could only recognize when she was so deep and drowsy that her mind effortlessly responded to Lori's commands. It felt like 'yes' was the only response she had anymore, the only possible answer that she could give to Lori's programming and her touch and her inexorable, inescapable bliss. Kimiko didn't need to think about what she was agreeing to. She only needed to accept.

"And if you happen to find yourself doing things when you wake, things that don't always seem to make sense at first, your waking mind is going to know that those decisions are all your own. You're not following my suggestions. You don't even remember my suggestions. You don't need to resist those urges to obey, because you don't know that you're obeying me at all. Doesn't that make so much sense, sweet girl?" Her voice was accompanied by a slick, rhythmic squishing sound that Kimiko only barely recognized as the sound of fingers churning her dripping cunt.

"yes yes yes," Kimiko moaned, her mind inexplicably filled with visions of sitting down in Lori's car for the trip and immediately pulling her panties down and off. They were lying on the floorboard. She didn't need them, not while she was viewing houses with Lorelei. She could remove them and prepare herself for instruction like a good, obedient slut for her wonderful, perfect Mistress. Her waking mind would come up with its own rationalizations. Kimiko's deeply hypnotized self always knew the truth.

"That's my girl. That's my good little dream girl. Do you want to cum for me, pet? Do you want to cum and seal all your programming deep into your obedient, brainwashed mind?" Even in her dazed, overwhelmed state, Kimiko could spot the trap inherent in Lori's softly whispered words. If she admitted she needed to cum, she would only surrender her will deeper and more inescapbly into Lori's hypnotic control. If she refused, she would open herself up to more and more teasing, more and more desperate arousal until her will broke and she accepted her conditioning as Lori's helpless, obedient fucktoy. There was no way to resist. There was no end that didn't result in her becoming more horny and compliant.

And it didn't matter if there was. Kimiko could only think of one answer now anyway. "Yes!" she screamed, bucking her hips helplessly against Lori's thrusting hand and blanking her mind out with total, overpowering ecstasy. She could feel herself gushing onto the bedspread, could hear herself moaning and gasping and shouting out her mindless pleasure loud enough to echo off the walls, but it didn't matter. The house was empty. Lori had cleaners on call. She had planned her seduction perfectly, and the evidence would disappear just as easily and as automatically as Kimiko's memories of her brainwashing.

"Good girl," Lori purred, coaxing more and more climaxes out of Kimiko's drooling cunt until the younger woman was practically drunk with pleasure. "Good girl Kimi, good girl Kimi, good girl Kimi..." The chant went on and on until Kimiko couldn't help associating Lori's praise with the pleasure of orgasm almost instinctively. She knew what was happening to her. She knew what Lori was making her into. She just somehow couldn't bring herself to care anymore.

It felt like hours before the multiple orgasms finally subsided, before Lori released her to slump back onto the bed in supine, vacant bliss. "You're not thinking at all anymore, are you, good girl? You're just mindlessly accepting your programming like the obedient slut you are." Her fingers slipped out of Kimiko's cunt, moving to rub and tease the younger woman's labia to slowly coax her into a state of drowsy, relaxed contentment. It would build back into arousal soon enough. Kimiko had an almost limitless capacity for pleasure when she was dreaming for her Mistress.

She sank deeper into the dream with every word, her mind growing more and more empty as she recited Lori's calm, confident words and slipped further into mindless trance. "i'm not thinking at all anymore," she repeated, sighing in drowsy happiness as she surrendered to Lori's warm, wonderful control. "i'm just mindlessly accepting my programming. Like the obedient slut i am." She already understood that when she woke, she would remember nothing of their session together, nothing at all of being fucked into helpless compliance by the gorgeous older woman. She would only recall another house that wasn't quite what she needed, another place that wasn't quite right for her to spend the rest of her life. It would go on like that, she knew. As long as necessary.

Until Mistress was satisfied with Kimiko's programming. Then she would find her true dream house, the one where she could dream forever in Mistress's will. Kimiko couldn't see it yet, but she knew it looked just like the cozy little rambler where Lori lived. And once she entered it, Kimiko knew she would never want to leave.



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