This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


"Oooh... I really need to go..."

Kira grinned, the donkey's ears flicking back and forth as she sat back in the seat of the bus.

"Shouldn't you have gone before we left?" She teased her friend with a glint in her dark eye. "You know how long it takes to get into the city here."

Hannah, however, was struggling -- quite obviously too. The horse twisted back and forth in her seat, the bus bumping along, although she could not even hold onto anything for support as the need to urinate dominated her entire body, her mind, expression contorted. Even her rich brown neck was damp with sweat down the line of muscle as she twitched, fingers gripping her skirt, trying to pull it down further over her legs as if that was going to help her cause at all.

She squirmed, opening and closing her mouth as she desperately tried to avoid gaining the attention of others on the bus, though she'd known, at least in part, just what she'd been doing when she'd left the house she shared with her friend on a full bladder. It had just meant to be a little drop of cheeky fun, something to stir up the day a little, for things had become so bland and boring. It excited her, made her hot and tingly in all the wrong-right ways, but she was just lucky that Kira indulged her, at least a little. If only the donkey didn't seem to take such a perverse delight in it too, she might have found it a bit easier...

Hannah groaned. She didn't want that. She didn't want that at all. Her body and her mind were in conflict, a torrent of emotions and sensations coming up resolutely against one another, none willing to give way. But the need was there, the bulging pressure of her bladder bearing down, even her skin feeling too taut over the swelling of it, which was surely already showing through her lower abdomen.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"

To anyone else on the bus, they were just too femfurs out talking and enjoying the day but they knew differently. Kira smirked and propped her chin up on her paw, enjoying the show. She'd always loved watching things from the sidelines but never being involved herself and had wondered if there was a little bit of a voyeur in her, although that was not something that she had to worry about. She could do and enjoy what she wanted, thank you very much, as long as there were no ill consequences to come her way at the end of the day.

"You know you want to go," she murmured, making it all the worse for Hannah, the horse grunting as she tucked forward, pressing her skirt down. "You have to... Why don't you...just give in?"

"Ack -- Hannah!"

The mare's shoulders rounded and, for a moment, Kira though that she had indeed passed the point of no return. She shuddered and gasped and drew even more looks from other passengers on the bus but, blessedly, she was not that far gone, however she shook and twisted her skirt, fingers working to distract her. Alas, there was no way at all for the mare to relieve the pressure in her bladder, building up to bursting point, and distractions only worked for so long, twisting and rocking back and forth, back and forth.

"You're going to lose it..." Kira was relentless, moving in closer, scooting up along the shared seat to her friend even though Hannah shrunk away, pulse pounding. "You're going to embarrass yourself even here... Everyone's going to see you lose control, stinking the place up. What is it, your first time?"

Kira might have teased, even though she had not wet herself in public before either and had no claim to fame, but it was an interesting thought. She could see the heat in the mare's ears, how the flush crept down her neck, and the scent of Hannah had changed to, betraying a deeper sense of arousal. But maybe her side was the controlling one, the one that could toy with a willing victim and play her to her whim. She'd have to find that out in due time but, for the time being, she was more than happy to torment her friend over and over again, letting her grunt and whimper and try to hold her bladder.

Hannah shook her head over and over again, each bump and rattle of the bus harder and harder to bear through, jostling her in the worst of ways.

"Hold on, here comes a pothole!"

Kira could not help but laugh as the mare squealed and braced, finally fearing that that would be too much for her bladder, but the jolt never came as her friend laughed all the harder.

"Honestly... You should have seen the look on your face!"

Yet Hannah could not display any expression of frustration, only at her predicament, the bubbling, pressing need growing all the more stringent. To become angry would have been to lose control in another way and she needed every last sliver of concentration she had to hold it in, the need rising, bubbling, feeling even then as if her bladder was filling up more and more in a way that she simply could not control.

She had to though: she'd put herself in that situation and there would be hell to pay if she let her bladder go on the bus. Thus, she was forced to quail and quiver in place, an elderly otter rising from her seat and waddling over, clinging to the backs of seats and support poles just to get herself there.

"Are you quite alright there, dear?"

Kira's grin widened.

"Yes, are you? Are you, dear?"

The elderly otter shot her a look but all Hannah could do was nod weakly. She could barely talk but she still needed to force her lips to form some semblance of words, her mouth dry. All the moisture in her body, or so it seemed, was in her bladder.

"Y-yes," she finally managed to force out, though it took every last drop of willpower in her body to do so. "I'm f-fine...fine...thank you..."

Although she did not look much like she believed Hannah, the otter made her way off again, keeping an eye on them from a distance. Thankfully, however, their stop was coming up, the bus already slowing as Kira got up on her hooves, pulling at Hanna's sleeve.

"Come on -- you don't want to miss our stop!"

She felt she had to rise, despite everything, the pressure increasing, blood roaring in her ears, tail swishing, though Hannah did not dare clamp it down over her backside for fear that would be too much for her too. The wobbling and jerking of the slowing, grinding, bus was rough to bear through but, somehow, she managed it, the biblical coming to a slow, gruelling stop in the nick of time.

She was off and out almost before the doors had finished opening, Kira hot on her tail, though the donkey was lighter on her hooves than the jerky, shuddering horse.

"Wait up!"

It was not far to go, stopped just in front of a long, stone bus shelter, the bustling masses of the town centre on a Saturday afternoon calling them on, but she still had to chase her. Hannah came to a dead stop behind the bus shelter, whipping around on a little-used path lined with prickly bushes that caught and pulled at one's clothes if they were not careful about it.

"Phew... I thought you were never going to slow down. Come on, you've had your fun. I'll get you to a toilet now, Hannah, come on."

The mare's head shot up, nostrils flared, eyes wide. For a moment, Kira reached for her, tugging ineffectively at her sleeve, trying to get her to carry on.

"Come on, we've got to..."

And then she trailed off, the harsh reek of something acrid hitting her nostrils, the donkey sucking in a breath that she immediately regretted. Yet the hiss and splatter of hot piss marking the pavement could not be denied either as Hannah moaned lowly, the relief of finally letting it all go sweeping over her.


Yet there was no deity there that would save her from the embarrassment of it all, hunkering down on the other side of the bus shelter, her legs bent a little but not quite crouching. She couldn't get down all the way, piss streaming down her legs, staining her panties, which, of course, were already sodden through. Dimly, Hannah was aware that Kira was nearby, patting her shoulder, though there was a giggling bray trapped in the donkey's throat, unable to think of her all that clearly.

No, all Hannah could focus on was her wet panties, how they reeked and clung to the folds of her marehood as if they were trying to tease between them, though she could not have said she was angling for that. A hot rush of humiliation ran over her, powering through her veins, ears pinned back and muzzle tilted in towards the wall just so that she didn't have to see whether anyone else had seen her embarrassment or not.

Maybe she wanted them to see, her ears flicking as if to catch laughter, squeals of delight at her humiliation. Maybe she wanted to be all exposed and dirty and nude out in the open, forced to stain her own coat with her piss. Maybe that was what should have happened, even on the bus, everyone turning away from her embarrassment while the mere presence of being a piss-lover out in public swelled within her in orgasm.

She couldn't hold it back and she was there for everyone to mock even as Kira shielded her from view with her coat, the reek of piss clinging to her nostrils, seeping into the very essence of her being. Hannah panted heavily, moaning and whimpering, yet could not deny the pleasure coursing through her too, the ill-gotten gains from a fetish enjoyed out in public for the very first time.

Her panties clung to her, piss-spots on her skirt. That she was going to have to go home to change was a given, even if she did not know how to get there.

But Hannah knew, now that she'd had her "first time" out in public, it was a high and a kick that she was going to have to get over and over again.

One time would never be enough, now that she'd experienced it for herself.

She only hoped that Kira too would go with her the next time around...

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