This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

"Why don't you get down on your knees and serve me, oh daughter of mine?"

Fyr groaned, a spatula in one hand and a saucepan in the other, though it seemed that the sauce that she was in the middle of making would have to wait. Her mother posed, nude, with a hind paw up on a kitchen chair that already boasted claw-marks from similar escapades. Her red-scaled daughter flinched and turned away, but there was no dissuading her dominant demon of a mother as she imperiously snapped her fingers, pointing to her pussy.

"You know what to do..."

"Come on, mom..." Fyr whispered, though she could not deny that she was already moistening between her thighs, her own need running as rampant as it ever had before. "I have to keep cooking dinner, I can't do everything for you. Why don't you find Scott?"

He was probably the other member of the household who was in a position to serve her without thinking twice about it but even Fyr was under him and, frankly, sometimes a demon simply wanted to dominate the lowest of the low. It was her place in their lives, after all, serving the demons and everyone else that they wanted her to service too, all as they pleased and most certainly as exactly as they pleased too.

Fyr whimpered, turning her head from side to side, yet she could not have explained how she found herself on her knees, the hardness of the tiled kitchen floor pressing up to her. If she'd had more forethought, she would have used the rug to cushion herself just a little but it was funny how things like that ceased to matter when one was wrapped him in the intoxicating heat of the moment. The saucepan, thankfully, had been set aside so that it would not bubble and boil, though her creamy sauce may be later found to have reduced more than Fyr wanted. It was not the worst thing of the day, to be fair, but something that Fyr would grumble and lament over later.

There were only so many things, however, that she could take under her control at any one time. She slurped into her mother's pussy, the dragoness' ragged wings looming over her, spread and towering, hissing through her teeth.

"Yes..." Sasha snarled, curling her lips ominously back from her teeth. "Deeper... More..."

Fyr could only obey, Sasha's hips rocking, thrusting up to her lips as the demoness relished in her power. To be a demon was to take what one wanted without any care or consideration for those around her, for what Sasha had found in her life as a demon so far was that those in her vicinity simply fell into line. She snarled and lapped at her lips, tasting Ropes in her maw, the lingering feel of his seed slipping down her throat and over her tongue intoxicating. Yes, always more, she had to have more, and she was the demoness head of the household who would take everything that should ever have been hers and more too!

Work? What was that? She smirked down at her daughter, pinching and groping her frills as the dragoness, who now seemed so much smaller and shrunken into herself than she used to be, squealed. Yes, there was pain but that was just one more thing that Sasha leaned into hungrily, her drive and need for more unparalleled by any other than, perhaps, the other demons in the household. Ropes fed her drive and she met him more than halfway, taking every opportunity to fuck even while his tentacles plunged into the slits in her sides, her body perfectly formed just for him.

Two paws landed on her shoulders but she did not spare her stolen husband, Ropes, a look, scoffing and turning from him even as the cougar's tentacles snaked teasingly down her sides.

"Don't you see that you're interrupting me?" She growled loftily, not even gracing him with looking at him directly. "I'm making use of your wife here... And she's doing a fine job. Perhaps it's the only job that her tongue should be doing from now on."

Ropes' frown bypassed her attention but, for a demon, he was relatively easy-going, which only made his flare-ups all the more delicious for when the fire of him broke the surface. He was prone to fits of rage, never unwarranted, but she wanted to push him there again and again, if only to feel him slam her into the bed, the frame breaking and cracking under her, fucking her so furiously that she came time after time again, leaving no distinction between one ferocious orgasm and the next.

Ah... Yes. That was how she wanted it, the way that she wanted everything to be. She had her way as the cougar slunk off, surely with his tail between his legs, though he did spare a moment that she did not enjoy. He should not have twisted his tentacles around his wife's neck, her daughter's neck, Fyr moaning and leaning into it, momentarily distracted from eating out her pussy.


The sharp bark came with a lash of her tongue cracking through the air and Fyr shuddered, delving back into her pussy with renewed vigour. Placated, at least for the time being, Sasha moaned and rocked and pumped her hips until the exotic bliss of climax overwhelmed her, powering through in wave after wave that she ate up and drank down with a demon's relish. She needed that lust to feed from, day in and day out, no other way about it, and she would have it every day, every time she pleased, wanting more even as she drank down the passion of her daughter, her restrained need. Holding her back from orgasmic bliss gave her pleasure and sustenance too and Sasha did not care all that much where she got her feeding in on.

Ropes, however, growled and threw himself down on the sofa beside Kao, the two of them clad only in pairs of long, loose shorts that were easily removed. Clinging to the last remnants of summer even as autumn took a grip on the land, they ran a little warmer than most and did not feel the cold as much as demons. That, however, was most likely partially due to how much time they spent in motion, sexual activity the order of the day, though it had been a while since Ropes had taken his rightful place at the head of the household, forcing even Kao to bend the knee to him. The cougar purred, his annoyance eased but only a little. Maybe forcing the dragon, Sasha's son, back to his knees and taking his cock into his mouth would find him in a better mood in no time at all?

"She's getting full of herself, isn't she?"

It was Kao that broke the silence, however, his blue-scaled tail dangling off the sofa as he frowned, flipping through the channels on the TV as if he was not paying any attention at all. The tilt of his head, however, was angled towards Ropes.

It was not something that would have usually have been said about a femfur, at least not in the household, but it was one of few ways that they could put it, not being of particularly eloquent minds. Sasha had forced her way into more and more and Ropes even thought that she may well have been angling to take his place at the top of the household. To be frank on that matter, it was not something that he was at all worried about, being the one true demon there. It was almost laughable to think that she could usurp him but lesser demons sometimes could be exceptionally prone to rather grandiose expectations about what they could achieve in the mortal world. Whereas they would remain stronger than any mortal, they couldn't hold a candle to the burning blaze of a real demon.

"Agreed," Ropes said, sighing as his tentacles slumped back. "Sure, it's entertaining when fucking but there's only so much of her attitude that anyone could take, let alone me. I take it you feel the same there?"

Kao would have flinched if he did not have the control over his expressions that he did, half-shrugging instead. She'd even told him to get between her legs the other day and softening the interaction to a sixty-nine hadn't made it any better for him, his pride simmering and bruised in the aftermath. There shouldn't have been anything wrong with her wanting that, of course, but it was the gleam in her eye and the meaning behind the act, how she was angling to break down those that she saw as equals or above her, bit by bit. That was what got to him, what made every day with her grind on him just a little bit more.

"Of course..." He scowled, turning the TV off, no longer making a pretence of not being interested. "Fyr would say that she's completely insufferable... And she'd be fucking right about it too! Sasha needs to back off, learn her place again."

"Which isn't a bad one," Ropes agreed readily, licking his lips, his pale eyes taking on a more ominous glow than usual. "Just not one where she's constantly clawing at our nerves, trying to push in and get somewhere else. Maybe she needs a hobby."

"She's already going to that gig next month, she's got nothing else she likes doing right now."

"Except fucking," Ropes countered.

That was food for thought and the dragon's shaft rose just thinking about Sasha on all fours, fucking her rampantly, the slap of his hips on her buttocks ringing through the room with a clap that could not be ignored. Kao growled in the back of his throat, eyes alight, the pupils narrowing there a little more, though outward expressions of his demon-hood, to be fair, were few and far between. Maybe there was a way for Sasha to remember that it was not right to push in on their space...that benefited him too.

"I could put her in her place..." Kao mused. "She's calmer after being fucked, but it doesn't last for long."

Ropes' eyes gleamed.

"You could impregnate her again. That'll ease it, or it should. Or else we'll have to find another way."

The blue dragon considered his options for the moment but there was hardly a demon so inclined to lust in the whole world that was going to turn down sex when it was offered to them on a silver platter, a smirk pulling at his lips.

"Deal. If not, we double-team her. She won't be any match for both of us at once and, hell, that'll be funny if she's squirming and thrashing, snarling at us! We can even set her on Fyr afterwards and watch her take out her frustrations on her!"

Ropes laughed but the deal was already made and there was no more to say as the dragon that he had turned into a demon was already on his feet. Like that of a snake's, his tongue flickered out darkly, tasting the air, but he knew where Sasha was, Fyr's muffled cries emanating from the kitchen. No one minded her use of Fyr, of course, but there was sharing to be had too amongst the demons and it was just another niggling annoyance that Sasha had not played fair with in too long. It was time to show her what she needed to do to remain a fair part of the family and, if not, well... Kao grinned openly, a flash of white teeth curving up too far around his muzzle like the grin of a Cheshire cat. There were more forceful ways too, of course, to show a demon what was and was not acceptable. That was one of the reasons that he was careful around Ropes: a little respect went a long way and ensured he still got all that he wanted. It was a small price to pay when considering all that he got in return.

"Go on then, slut, try to get off, why don't you?"

Fyr whimpered as she was taunted, on her back and humping up, Sasha yawning widely and letting her grind onto her paw, though she always pulled away, her fingers shoved into her daughter's pussy, whenever Fyr was getting close to the edge. All the younger dragoness could do was whimper and whine and beg to be allowed to cum, drawn to the edge over and over again, wanting so much and getting nothing at all. It was outright cruel and not even fun for her anymore, tears prickling at the corners of her eyes.

Smirking down at her, Sasha bared her teeth.

"What's the matter, whore? Too much for you? I can imagine... You are dealing with a demoness, after all. You're lucky I'm even doing this to you, you're so worthless."

"That's enough, Sasha."

Kao snarled, showing his teeth, not even doing her the justice of referring to her as his mother, for their relationship had transcended such bonds and bounds. She didn't deserve to be called such when she was tormenting Fyr: that was not needed. There was still a little bit of brotherly protectiveness in him, despite how often he made use of his sister too, though it would have been impossible for him not to recognise how wet his sister got for him. With what he did to and for her, there was a lust in her that wanted it too and, frankly, Kao agreed with Ropes in that taking those that did not truly want it was out of bounds. As demons of lust and passion, they had no reason to force attention where it was not wanted, too many luxuriously devious temptations at their disposal to make it a more pleasurable experience for those that they fed from.

Maybe that was what Sasha needed to learn.

He latched his fingers around her wrist, claws biting, and yanked her off-balance, dragging her away while she was vulnerable: it was the only time that he was going to catch her as he wanted to. Sasha howled and thrashed but he channelled as much strength as his demon side possessed into hauling her off. He wanted to get her back to at least one of the bedrooms but, well, he wasn't going to get that far with his cock hard and her thrashing like a banshee, as strong as he was even though he had something to tame the rampant temper of her spirit one way or another.

"Get the hell off me, Kao, or I swear I'm going to rip you apart!"

She allowed him time, not really meaning it, knowing what her place was despite everything else as she snarled and snapped, lunging for his shoulder. He didn't realise that she'd connected with him until a flash of burning pain seared through, yelling as he toppled into the living room with her teeth sunk into him.


Well, that was about all that he was going to get as he twisted around, not pulling away, even though his new natural abilities would ensure that any marks on him from her teeth and claws would not take all that long to heal. He did not have to reach to her pussy to temper her, however, his fingers releasing her wrist and instead delving into those tender, sensitive entrances on her sides. They were not something that he usually played with, as they were clearly for Ropes' tentacles, but with a demoness red-hot with lust and rage he would take any opening that he could get one way or another.

"Oh... Kao... Unnff... No, fuck!"

She wanted it and didn't at the same time, furious that he had wrenched her away from her daughter and yet rising to the lure of passion all the same. Her jaws hung open as his fingers teased deeper but it was far, far too light and too gentle for her, her hips swinging, sitting astride his thighs with the hard meat of his cock rising before her.

"Fine, you win," she growled, a hint of something darker hiding in her tone. "But this is how we do it -- my fucking way!"

She had not been one to swear in years gone by but being turned into a demon while she had been carrying the first egg had changed things. Her belly needed to round out again, to show her what her lusts truly let to, but there was only so much that she could do about that on her own. Kao knew that even if she did not, showing his teeth in his most fearsome snarl yet, teeth peeling back from his teeth, his intent all on show.

"Yes... But my way," he growled, knees rising, a hind paw hooking around her leg. "This...isn'!"

Each word was punctuated with a grunt of exertion but he had to use his hips and tail to flip her over, her paws going for his throat. The claws raked and left scrapes down his throat to his chest, but he could not spare time to inspect them, knowing that they were not in any position to cause him harm anyway. He had to take her, had to get her pinned down, had to force her under him through any means possible, a flung out arm slamming the armchair back off against the wall.


That was Fyr but, again, there was no time to spare for her with the writhing beast that was Sasha trapped in his arms, snarling and snapping, lunging for his throat, wanting to overpower him. It was not to be, however, not in the moment, snarling something that may or may not have reached her ears, though Kao was not even sure of what he said in the heat of the moment. There was too much happening too quickly as he forced his body over hers, her legs kicking as she writhed like a serpent at the end of its line, a beast knowing that it was cornered and due to face its comeuppance at long last.

She spat at him, a drool of saliva dribbling down his cheek, but he could not stop even for that as his hardness ached for her. Something in the fight empowered the dominant part of him and, even then, he could not hold back from it, snarling and snapping, gnashing and meeting her jaws with his own, leaning hungrily into every moment that presented itself to him. He needed it, wanted it, forcing one of her legs up and to the side, the brush of his cock on her giving her a fragmented, momentary pause.

It was all he needed to sink his cock into her, trusting the lines of his body to guide him home again, right up where his cock belonged once more. Deeply, it shoved into her body, yet the grind of it was not one that Sasha wanted, snarling and lunging, her claws slashing out in a flash of silvery-black. Had she painted them again?

"Fuck you, you bastard of a son! I'm going to make you regret this!"

Maybe he had been too forward to think that he could tame the beast of Sasha, his mother, all on his own but he was in for it, Ropes surely watching from somewhere. He could not think of the cougar who had changed the course of their fates, however, not when he pressed down on his mother's throat, stifling her cries, if not her thrashing. Even her tail lashed out, striking the tall lamp in the living room, knocking it over, all while the flash of his red sister looked on in horror.

"Stop! You're hurting her!"

But he needed to hurt his mother to make her see, though everyone knew that, as demons, they could more than take a few knocks and scrapes. It was Fyr and Scott, of course, that needed to be treated more delicately and that was told in how her fist connected with his ribcage, something cracking. He grunted, huffing faintly, though he would not show any signs of weakness even as she tried to claw away -- not to escape but, of course, to turn the tables back on him, the duel of sex only just begun.

The pain of his rib breaking in the immediate instance, however, slowed him for a moment and the next his cock was out of her, dripping with her juices. Their arousal was up and he scrambled up with as much energy as he could manage, his mother hunkered over and hissing, weaving her head back and forth like a demon gone wild.

"Fine, is this the way you want it to be?" She snarled, her eyes taking on a more demonic, faint glow. "Wait... Just you wait... You'll see!"

What he was to see would not be in that moment as she leapt, all flashing fangs and ragged wings, Kao lurching into motion. Around her, he had to get around her, but she was too quick for him even as his body sought to heal itself, his cock achingly hard and wanton still. He crashed to the ground and could not hold in the howl of pain that coursed forth, his tail whipping out and around her ankle. She followed him swiftly, knocking the sofa back and cushions flying, though that was absolutely the least of Kao's worries when it came right down to it. No, he needed to pin her, to fuck her, to bring her back down to a level they all could manage with a bun in the oven.

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