Hi Y'all,

I decided last night, since the kids were all staying over at friends and my husband was up in Alaska for his Air Force Reserve duty, I'd do what I knew best and find a horny guy in my Uber to fuck me. I needed that thrill and the intense passion I get from the excitement of fucking a complete strange I just met.

I struck gold on my third ride as I was picking up a rider in Columbia City in Seattle after just dropping off a rider I'd taken from SeaTac. The guy was middle aged, slightly overweight but had a good blonde head of hair and very nice smile. He looked like the kind of guy who probably fucked plenty of girls in high school and college but was likely now married and not staying in top form. I thought he was very cute and fuckable!

I picked him up outside a bar called the Royal Room and he was headed to another party at some friends in Renton. It was obvious he was a bit buzzed and immediately started talking me up. He had right away slid to the middle of the back seat and was leaning forward telling me how much he loved Columbia City and was so glad he could get a Uber ride with a "very attractive" women. He was babbling but I was enjoying it.

Just a couple minutes in he asked, "Do guys hit on you very much,... Sorry but after a couple of drinks I have to tell you... you're a very hot sight to see on a Saturday night."

I didn't answer for a second and knew that he must be enjoying my outfit of a thigh length skirt and a blouse that was pushed up showing some mommy cleavage with the one wonder bra I own.

I told him I don't normally drive during the night but was a bit lonely and thought interacting with people tonight might be the best way to spend the night.

"Fuck honey if you're lonely you've found the right guy to spend the rest of the night with, do you ever join your riders for a drink or as a 1 at a party?", he asked.

I told him that I've been known to have some fun from time to time and if he didn't mind I'd love to see what's going on at the party he was going to.

He got super excited about that and said, "Damn that was easy."

I told him,"Yes I'm pretty easy with the right guys."

After a few more lines of hot banter he was asking if I'd like to skip the party and asked me what my sexiest fantasy was.

I confessed that I was obsessed and consumed by the desire to have some wild fun in a semi public area. He was all of a sudden on fire with emotion and telling me he couldn't believe this was happening and he knew the exact place to stop if I was truly interested. He told me he loved to go running (I'm guessing he meant walking by the looks of him) in Lakeridge Park. He took control of what he wanted and gave me directions to the park as we were practically about to pass it. We pulled off a road called Holyoke Way and it worked its way into the park. He told me to stop if I was truly up for this fun.

I stopped the car and he told me to get out. I joined him at the back of the car where he immediately gave me a big hug and an awkward kiss. I'd wondered if this was the right guy for this. It was still a little light out and I could see through the trees the lights of the nearby houses. There was also a car parked about 20 ft in front of ours which I'd guessed was a runner/hiker in the park. He started kissing my neck and right away had me. I just love that feeling. I reached down for his cock and could feel the trace of it in his pants. Even flaccid it was large. I immediately unbuckled his pants and unzipped his pants so I could have better access. I passed his growing cock and reached for his balls. He had a matching large set of balls which I admired. He stopped kissing me as I cradled his balls. He could tell I was no first timer. As he looked me over head to toe his cock began to grow and harden.

He took this opportunity to drop his pants to the street and his boxers. I couldn't stop my eyes from straying to his erect cock. It was perfectly straight and stiff as a board. The beautiful head was exposed which I liked because I dislike foreskins honestly (sorry guys). I estimated that it was at least eight inches long, maybe even nine. I must be crazy I thought to myself but fuck I love this and I crave cocks exactly like his.

He seemed to be enjoying my body too. I wanted it to be clear that I was ready and willing to be fucked, so I removed my skirt and let it fall to the ground as well. I wasn't wearing panties and he had his hands all over my ass and pussy in seconds.

He told me to turn around and bend over my Accord's trunk. He knelt between my legs and did something that totally surprised me. He began to explore my asshole with his tongue. I was sure I was squeaky-clean down there because I used lots of soap and water there in the shower that morning. I like to get my finger all soapy and shove it up my ass.

I wasn't expecting this kind of foreplay, but I liked it. It was the most exciting sensation I had felt in a while as he tried to get his tongue up in my asshole. Then he pushed his middle finger slowly and carefully all the way in me. I have been finger-fucking my asshole when I masturbate ever since I can remember. And his finger was much bigger than mine. I knew he was going to make me cum so hard. I was reminded of the time my Dad walked into my room as I was fucking my ass with the thanksgiving day candles. He slowly closed the door and never said a word.

Back to my new ass friend. He pulled his finger out and moved into position behind me me. I was trembling with excitement and anticipation. He didn't keep me waiting long, I felt the smooth head of his cock touch my asshole. A thrill went through me like an electric shock.

I felt the pressure build as he began to push, but it wouldn't go in. I started to despair that it wouldn't work. I could tell he stopped and started jerking his cock as well as spitting on his hand and working my asshole with spit. Just a few seconds later he tried again and just pushed harder, and suddenly the tip went into me, forcing my ass to stretch and take it.

I exhaled and inadvertently grunted. It wasn't painful, there was just a momentary spasm and then my asshole relaxed and accepted it.

He considerately asked if I was alright and I whispered yes, don't stop.

He began a series of gentle pushes and with each push a little more of his thick cock slid up my ass. The sensation was similar to his finger but multiplied by a hundred. I forced myself to be quiet and submissive and take it. I didn't want to discourage him in any way.

It must have taken five minutes for him to get it all the way in, and I enjoyed every fraction of an inch as it insinuated its way into my belly. At last he gave one more push and his hairy ball-sack pressed against my soaking wet pussy. That almost set me off in an orgasm.

I could feel the head of his cock up in my stomach. I thought about the tiny slit-hole in the tip where his cum would squirt out. I wanted it to happen but not too soon. I wanted to be fucked for an hour first.

Well that wasn't fair, I couldn't expect him to last that long. But I will take all I can get.

He went to work in a methodical steady way, pulling out a few inches and pushing all the way back in. Each time he went all the way in his ball-sack tickled my clit. I didn't expect to have an orgasm from this anal sex but maybe I will. Maybe when his cum pumps into me it will set me off.

As he fucked me he would say,"You like it up the ass don't you?", "I wanted to fuck that big white ass as soon as I saw you, this is unreal", "Fuck your asshole it just taking it so well, fucking amazing!"

I have always had a craving for cum and now I was going to receive a load in my stomach I pictured it firing all the way with such force as he fucked me hard.

These thoughts raced through my brain as he humped me. Some cum or maybe just seminal fluid must be oozing out of him because the lubrication was allowing him to pull out farther and slide in faster. I knew my asshole didn't produce any lubrication so it must be from him. The thought of his love-juices being inside me added fuel to my fire. He was ramming the full length of his cock deep into me and I was absolutely loving it!

Fucking me a little faster caused my body to slam against the car and the sounds of fucking to echo through the trees, and we were both breathing like work-horses. The noises would have been comical if they were not so sexy.

I sensed the finish line approaching and I pushed him back some so I could drop my body down to make sure every bit of his stiff cock went into me. His breathing changed and he tensed up. Here it comes.

He stopped and pressed tightly against me and made sounds like he was in terrible pain. I knew it wasn't pain but I was afraid he might pass out (reminding me of my bad week).

His cock throbbed and twitched and his cum shot forcefully into me, going even deeper than his cock had gone.

I joined him in an intense orgasm, my arms and legs thrashing and flailing around. I could feel the cum pumping up through his cock and spurting into me. My body accepted it eagerly.

We both calmed down, and he stayed inside me with his cock still rock-hard. I felt a calm satisfaction engulf me knowing his living sperm were inside me.

He started to pull out and I objected. I finally gave him permission but only if he promised to shove it back in me as soon as he recovered. He grinned and promised that he would.

He pulled it out of me almost as slowly as he had pushed it in. When the head popped out a little gob of cum came with it and I could feel it running down my leg. He then turned me around and I thought he was going to kiss me but instead pushed me gently on the shoulders making me squat in front of him. He then stuck his cum and ass soaked cock in my mouth telling me to clean it up so he could get dressed for his party. I fondled and caressed his big balls as I sucked and licked every inch of his huge soft cock. I could feel cum leaking from my ass and dripping to the street as I licked the last bit of cum and other fluids from his shrinking head.

He told me that there was a woman at his company who liked to suck him off in the ladies' room occasionally but she wouldn't let him fuck her ass. He told me I was one amazing slut and watching me take his ass fucking cock in my mouth was making him so excited. He told me to keep sucking on it even though it was semi-hard. He hold me to look up at him as I did. As I did this his cock immediately came back to life.

He then had me stand up and took off my blouse and bra exposing me totally naked in this now dark park but in the middle a community where anybody could walk or drive by. He turned me around again and started pulling hard on my nipples and leaning into me so I could feel how hard he was again.

I felt his cock-head touch my asshole. It felt like a spark touched my exposed asshole. Like before he pushed me down onto the car and spread my legs. He pushed and it slid in easily. My asshole was still stretched open and slippery with his cum.

He pushed it all the way in and began to fuck me hard, like he didn't care at all if I enjoyed it. I reached between my legs and touched his cock as it slid in and out of me. The sounds the fucking and moaning to the wet, squishy sounds emanating from my cum-filled asshole.

I went into a dream-like state of ecstasy. He fucked me in a rhythmic, steady way, and he took his time.

He was sweating from the hard labor he was doing, and it was making our bodies slick against each other. That may sound disgusting but it was very erotic and animalistic. It reinforced what a big, strong he-man he was.

Once again I sensed him tensing up and catching his breath. Here it comes again.

He pressed hard against my butt-cheeks and groaned. His cock pulsed as the cum pumped through and gushed into me. If I could suck with my asshole I would have sucked it out of him. I want to taste his cum. I would eat a bowl full of it with a spoon I was so hot and wanting.

This time things ended very quickly. We could see a person ahead returning to their car and he quickly pulled up his pants so he looked normal in just a couple seconds. Me on the other hand was still totally nude except for my socks and shoes and I hid behind the car gathering my things as I continued to feel my asshole open and leaking cum.

My asshole was a little sore, but it was a good feeling. There was an empty sensation, a vacant feeling now that his big cock wasn't in me. I couldn't help it and pushed my finger in and it went all the way effortlessly. I wanted to feel how open it still was and I was stunned it hadn't closed yet.

What surprised me though was that my rider must have freaked out from being scene and afraid the cops would be called and he disappeared into the woods. I got dressed and back into the car and didn't feel like waiting around for him in the chance the police were on their way and drove away as soon as I could.

That night when I got home I couldn't sleep so I opened my computer. I surfed to my favorite porn site and searched for anal. As I watched scene after scene of monster cocks disappearing up a cute girl's asshole I played with my clit and gave myself a couple very intense orgasms before calling it a day. I was glad my asshole had closed up and very satisfied with the fun I'd found.

Kisses, jen











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