AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a rewritten version of a story written a few years ago. CONTENT WARNING: Light bondage and reluctance/non-consent roleplay with dominance and submission between consenting adult characters. Lesbian sex, threesome, strap-on feature in this story as well. Please skip this story if this is not your thing. For all others, please enjoy--and if you would like to read more, please check out my other stories. Thank You for reading!


Miss Miriam Collier never went to work without the secure softness of a treasured scarf around her neck. The one she chose today was one of her favorites; a long silken work of art which was hand painted in a wash of delicate blues and greens by none other than her closest friend and fellow English teacher, Alice Stark. A stunning example of feminine poise and grace, the 45 year old Miriam disguised her age very well with her dark, chin length hair and beautiful glowing face.

Miriam preferred to dress sensibly and simple. She favored blouse and skirt combinations that paired well with her scarves and matching leather dress pumps. Her choice of attire always made her appear confident and a bit taller than her slender 5'5 frame. She stared straight ahead, trying to balance a large stack of student notebooks ready for her scrutiny and final grade over the long weekend. A couple of loose homework assignments, turned in at the last possible minute before the final bell rang 7th hour were pinned between her fingers and the stack of notebooks. Her purse swung accessibly at her side as she fumbled with her car keys. A musical little jingle cut the unseasonably humid air.

Late afternoon had already turned into early evening. About what time was it now...four forty five, or maybe five thirty? It was hard to tell, she'd been so busy handling the few last minute crises a few of her seniors were having. Miriam shifted the load in her arms and put purpose in her steps as she quickened her pace across the faculty parking lot in pursuit of her car. She glanced over her shoulder back at F.W. Harmony High School and noted the quickly darkening sky faintly flickered with several bursts of lightning. The thickly rolling clouds grumbled angrily to themselves. Strange. It seemed like an hour ago when the halls inside the sprawling two story building rolled and grumbled in a similar way in a cacophony of teachers and hormone-addled teens excited to ditch school and start the weekend.

The faculty parking lot was nearly empty except for a handful of cars and Miriam. The neat little row of trees along the lot's edge stirred noisily and seemed to contribute to the overall sickliness of the atmosphere—a dull green-black the color of rotten olives. The wind suddenly picked up strength, stirring up the airy blue nimbus of Miriam's long skirt up and around her knees. The late homework sheets whipped and snapped noisily, threatening to fly from the hot dampness of her fingers across the parking lot and empty field. Finally! Her car was a few feet away; a modest little sedan. The teacher turned to unlock the door before the papers had the chance to escape and get lost near the back drivers' side wheel.

A lone pair of figures strolled along the opposite end of the faculty lot and paused for a second or two just as a vicious bolt of lightning streaked the evening sky. Miriam barely registered the few rain droplets that fell on her cheeks. BOOM! The English teacher nearly had a heart attack. She flinched, and almost dropped the heavy, awkward tower of notebooks. A few stray sheets of paper escaped her grasp when she dumped everything in the back seat. She quickly stooped to retrieve the loose sheets and shot the couple a look of disdain when she realized who they were.

Miss Kris Bennett and Miss Eddie Neal, two of the four female PE teachers who have been at F.W. Harmony for the past 20 or so years. The two women walked closely together with squared shoulders and calculating expressions which were obvious even from a distance. Miriam was aware of the longstanding rumor about the two of them being lesbians. Whether they were a couple or not was anyone's guess. She wasn't sure how true any of the stories were, but she figured that her colleagues couldn't all be lying. Miriam Collier has been teaching at Harmony herself for the past 14 years now, and everyone more or less accepted that Kris Bennett and Eddie Neal seemed to be joined at the hip. Where one went, the other one was usually not far behind.

Miriam's lovely full lips stretched across her face with a smirk, and for a split second, her eyes locked with the tall, silver-haired butch. Kris Bennett. Both women were thin and lanky in build and very, very butch. Miss Neal was closer to Miriam's age, but Miss Bennett was in her mid-50's by now. She wondered a few times, in passing, what dating another woman was like, or kissing another woman. But Kris and Eddie were just too rough, too...mannish! What would people think if they ever found out? Besides, the gym was on the opposite side of the building from Miriam's classroom. She rarely saw or spoke to either of them except for an occasional frosty exchange of greetings.

Miriam Collier turned and sat in the drivers' seat before shutting herself safely in the confines of her car. BOOM! Another flash of white light temporarily blinded the English teacher. She felt the faint vibration of the thunder through the chassis and floorboard. With a trembling hand, she stuck the key in the ignition, turning it once. Click! Rrrr---rrrr---rrrr! Miriam let out a gusty sigh. "Why is this happening now of all times?" Click! Rrrr---rrrr---rrrr!

She turned the ignition again, but the car shuddered weakly, barely turning over. Now another phosphoric halo of bluish-white light filled the small interior. CRACK—BOOM! "Goddamn it..." Miriam sighed, exasperated. She angrily fished into the depths of her purse for a dime to use the payphone on the first floor near the main office. She wasn't in the mood for this right now. The slim, middle aged teacher scrambled out of her car and slammed the door shut in frustration before dashing through the squall of icy rain towards the school's side entrance. She shuddered from the shocking cold rain and burst of adrenaline in her system when she made another furious dash back to retrieve her purse.

Safe inside, Miriam's thoughts returned to Miss Bennett and Miss Neal. She walked quickly down the long dim hall, past several banks of lockers, in the general direction of the main office. "Kind of hard to believe either of them are really women." She muttered to herself, laughing at her own observation. "Wonder how often they get mistaken for men?" Miss Bennett and Miss Neal both had reputations for being tough on their students; "Coupla ugly hardass dykes!" She'd heard one of her third hour students refer to them. Cheryl Lundberg, sophomore, blurted that out to the girl sitting in the row next to her right before Miriam threatened to give her a lunch detention. "I don't want to hear that kind of talk in my classroom, Cheryl," Miriam said. "Have some respect."

"That's what old Miss Bennett said to Sue Pomeroy in third hour." Cheryl flatly replied. "Right after she followed her into the showers!" Miss Collier didn't know what to say to that.

Miriam stood there in the darkened hall for a few seconds, listening to the downpour outside doing its best to drown out the several rumbles and cracks of thunder. There was a solitary payphone near the now main office. It was a short distance from the student commons. She'd give Alice Stark a call and ask her to come pick her up. Her car would be okay here until she could get a tow truck to retrieve it in the morning. Other than the rain and thunder, the building just seemed so...quiet! "Of course it's quiet, it's Friday," Miriam muttered "You expecting a pep rally through here?"

She dropped her dime in the slot and her hand reached tentatively out, bringing the receiver to her ear. Miriam dialed the requisite numbers. There was a series of clicks as the thing returned to zero. The teacher thought she heard a faint squeak of rubber soles and a kind of liquid squashing and dripping. The custodians are probably coming through to mop the floor. Another crack of thunder cut through the squall outside; the lightning that followed briefly illuminated the empty hall. There was no ring in her ear, but she was relieved to hear another click and the sound of her colleague's voice.


"Alice, it's—" Miriam Collier's reply cut short with a loud gasp. An outburst of sudden, thunderous pounding of feet against the terrazzo floor surrounded the bewildered teacher. Hands reached for her from the semi-darkness, tearing the receiver from her grasp before slamming it back on the carriage. The hands gripped Miss Collier by her arms and roughly steered her down the hall and around the corner. Their hold on her was tight—uncomfortably so. Miriam saw flashes of light colored short sleeve shirts, knee length shorts, bunches of jangling keys, and a gym whistle. It was obvious that the hands that bound the English teacher so tightly were definitely female, but they were also very large and very powerful. All at once Miriam felt queasy and the color drained from her beautiful face. She struggled to break free from her captors and failed miserably.

She guessed those mysterious hands belonged to both Miss Bennett and Miss Neal, but in her mounting horror, she didn't want to believe it was so. One of them was extraordinarily tall and butch...outright manly in stature and appearance. Miriam noticed a flash of very short sliver gray hair. The slightly shorter woman stood directly behind, restraining her in a vise-like grip. Her captor's breath came moist and hot against the English teacher's slender neck. A faint odor of sweat and rain and something like chlorine from the pool hung in the air, mingling with the smell of the rain from outside.

"Bet you thought a couple of angels just came to sweep you off your feet." The taller, silver-haired woman spoke with a deep, authoritative pitch. "Well, you're close, Collier. We came to sweep you off your feet...but we're no angels." Miriam gasped and her eyelids fluttered. She certainly recognized that voice, that deep, raspy pitch. It was a voice made raspy from years of barking orders at scores of defiant teen girls to put on their gym uniforms and run laps.

"Unnghh!" Miriam groaned. She struggled to get away, but she could barely move. Now the tall, silver-haired butch reached out, taking her captive's beautiful hand painted scarf in her hand. She ran a couple fingers along the length of fabric, feeling the silky softness catching against the calloused thumb and forefinger while favoring the English teacher with a sarcastic, thin-lipped smile. "Pretty nice looking scarf." She observed. "Bet it can do a little double duty as a choke collar, whaddaya think, Ed?"

Miriam had no time to respond. She heard a devious laughter in her ear, and then she was suddenly jerked backward from behind while the scarf tightened around her neck. The captive teacher gagged and her eyes began to water. The tall butch gym teacher held her gym whistle and slowly brought it to her lips. She was very close; inches from Miriam's face. "Let me go." she pleaded. "I'll scream...I swear..." Now she felt the scarf tightening further, the ethereal length binding up and digging into her windpipe. She felt lightheaded and her skin prickled painfully as a rash of goosebumps raced down her arms.

"Go ahead, Miss Collier. Scream. Or blow, I don't care and neither does my colleague." That deep, raspy voice dared the English teacher to make another sudden move. The gym whistle was turned towards Miriam's mouth now, hovering in inch or so away. In one defiant burst, the English teacher tried lunging forward. Her lips barely grazed the mouthpiece. She was ready to blow it with all her might. Maybe one of the custodians would hear her. Or another teacher, if any were still in the building at this hour. "Wrong move, Collier!"

Miriam saw a brief flash of blinding silver light from the whistle before letting out a loud gasp. She felt her scarf tightening suddenly as she was jerked backwards. The shorter butch gym teacher released her captive long enough for the taller one to grab a fistful of Miriam's blouse, scarf and all. Now the scarf slackened as she was shoved hard against the wall. The nerve endings surrounding Miriam's left shoulder blade screamed while the woman stumbled drunkenly a few paces. She felt another shove against her stomach, causing the poor woman to retch and gag. She fell hard onto her knees against the cold terrazzo floor while a chorus of deep laughter swirled around her head and in seconds, everything went black.


"What a shithole!" Eddie Neal observed. "We could've just gone back to your place instead. Would've made things a little more romantic..."

"Hey, this shithole got me through my first two years' teaching!" Kris Bennett huffed.

Kris Bennett and Eddie Neal continued their conversation over a couple bottles of Falstaff, unaware that the English teacher lying unconscious on the bed stirred a little. Eddie took another drink from her beer and went over to the lone window. She pulled the shade down and closed the curtains, faded from untold years' of sunlight. The two butch gym teachers had brought Miriam Collier to the Schandor, a hotel in downtown Thatcher Blake. It was once a grand establishment with multiple floors and stunning art deco interior next door to the Lincoln-Douglas. These days, it had become little more than a flea trap with a mixture of short and long term paying guests. "Looks like your new love is starting to wake up from her nap." Eddie teased.

Miriam Collier slowly woke to a bewildering series of drowsy images. Her eyelids fluttered and she saw flashes of a dingy room with art deco features that no doubt had seen better days. The mattress underneath her creaked noisily while she struggled to sit up. On one side of the room she saw an old armchair and a writing desk cluttered with beer bottles and some object or two that she couldn't identify. Now the English teacher gasped when she saw the two gym teachers, Kris Bennett and Eddie Neal standing there, close by, deeply kissing and feeling each other up through their shirts.

Kris broke the kiss with her colleague long enough to deliver a taunt in Miriam's general direction. "Like what you see? Well, keep staring because we're just getting started!"

Words failed the English teacher. Her body ached and her eyes watered, but she couldn't bring herself to look away. As a matter of fact, her eyes remained fixated on the sight of these slender butch women making out. The shorter one, Miss Neal, stood about 5'5 or 5'6 with a brush cut that made her look somewhat like a teenage boy. Miss Bennett was taller, easily 5'11 with an extremely slim but powerful build. She looked like a man, and was often mistaken for one both in and out of school. The longer Miriam watched, she became aware of several tingling, almost itching, little bursts of fire shooting throughout her body.

Kris kissed Eddie's neck, working her way upward. She whispered something into her ear and a distressed little cry came from the bed. The shorter, dark haired butch moved away from her dominant partner and joined Miriam on the bed. "What—" Miriam started with a gasp. Eddie positioned herself behind the captive English teacher. She grabbed Miriam's arms now, pulling her back to allow Kris easy access to her new object of desire. "You're such a beautiful woman." Kris observed. She planted her knee on the mattress in front of Miriam, caressing the captive woman's cheek. "Shy too, I like that. Let's see if I can't get you to come out of your shell a little."

The silver haired butch put her hand out, grabbing at Miriam's thighs. Now she drew the captive woman's skirt up to expose the hot, dampened crotch of her panties. Kris massaged the space between Miriam's legs for several seconds before fondling her breasts like she was down at the A & P testing the melons in the produce section for ripeness.

Miriam's breath caught in her throat. "What—what is that?" Her dark eyes settled on what fate had in store for her tonight amongst a cluster of empty beer bottles on the writing desk: A riding crop and two large, flesh-colored phallic appendages nestled in two black leather harnesses resembling jock straps. "Where did you get those...things? I don't think I can—"

"Never mind where I got 'em," Kris replied. There was an obvious terseness to the gym teacher's voice. Suddenly Miriam felt like a reticent teenager, one of Miss Bennett's students. "Only thing that matters tonight is where they're going." She caressed her captive's beautiful face again and Miriam shuddered with a mixture of excitement and shame. She could smell her own arousal on Kris's fingertips; her body betraying her. "Don't worry, I think a little tease like you can handle it just fine. I'm sure of it."

Miriam watched in silence while Kris stood up and unhooked the keyring from the belt loop of her shorts before tossing it noisily aside onto the grimy looking armchair near the desk. She took off her light colored short sleeved shirt and white bra. Eddie's grip on Miriam tightened when she saw Kris return to the bed. Now the incredibly slim shirtless butch unbuttoned her captive's snowy blouse and roughly pulled it open. Miriam's thoughts were racing now, unsure of how to process what was happening. Kris, on the other hand, seemed so cavalier about it; almost bored. It was as if she and Eddie were in a locker room after some intramural sports practice. As a matter of fact, Kris made no attempt at being sexy or alluring.

Eddie released Miriam briefly; just long enough for Kris to finish yanking off the woman's blouse. Now Eddie unfastened the clasp of Miriam's silky white bra, baring the uptight English teacher to her captives. "Ow!" she let out another gasp when Eddie pinned her arms firmly behind her back, restraining her once more. The skin around her ear burned when she heard the few hushed obscenities whispered from behind. Kris let out an eerie, almost girlish sounding laugh in agreement of her colleague's observations.

With the snap of a finger, Miriam was rudely shoved up onto her knees, level with Kris Bennett's breasts. They were small which was to be expected of someone with her athletic build. The skin was milky and pale, capped with equally small, pale areolas and nipples standing fully erect. A very faint unmistakable odor of Ben Gay and some kind of cheap soap clung to the butch woman's skin. Kris snapped her fingers at Eddie again. "Keep this wanton little bitch upright, Ed. Make sure she doesn't move."

Kris leaned in towards Miriam, closer and closer, until their lips met in a deep, insistent kiss. One kiss became two, then two became several. Miriam parted her lips, hoping to come up for air, but she felt the butch woman's tongue push its way in. "Gah!" The English teacher let out another startled gasp when Kris finally backed off. She barely had time to realize what was going on before Eddie shoved her at Kris's bare, nearly flat chest. There was an obnoxious cackling from behind. Well good to hear Eddie Neal thinks this is so amusing. Kris also seemed thoroughly amused by the situation although she managed to keep her composure a little better than her colleague.

"Why don't you suck on my tits, Collier, since you can't seem to stop staring at them so much." The captive woman stared, wide-eyed and unresponsive. "NOW!"

Miriam drew a deep breath and shut her eyes as she felt her head being shoved closer to Kris Bennett's chest. She was painfully aware that the shrill, tingling sensation between her legs was more intense. This is wrong, she thought. But as soon as she felt the butch woman's erect nipple brushing against her soft, full lips, she nearly swooned. That smell of Ben Gay and something like pool chemicals mingled with the light, clean scent of her floral perfume. The smell, though strange, was not unpleasant. It was an intoxicating cocktail of power, danger, and raw sexual desire. The mattress wobbled a little and Miriam struggled to stay on her knees when Eddie Neal joined her colleague in removing her shirt and bra. The darker haired butch fondled her own breasts while she awaited her turn with the English teacher.

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