Caroline was excited, after more than a year without a job because her husband had forced her to quit her previous job after an 'incident' and then not trusting her to have another job, he had relented and was prepared to let her go back to work. This was not to a big firm like before, but a friend had told her about a guy on the high street that worked on his own that needed an office manager that could double as a legal clerk, it was perfect for her. She had a call with him on Wednesday, his name was Alan, which caused her some conflict, the last Alan she knew, was part of the reason her husband had waited so long to let her have a job again.

Anyway, Eamonn was driving her to his house now for a formal interview, Alan had asked that they do it on Saturday afternoon, as he was so busy in the week. Eamonn actually liked this as it meant he could go with her, and ensure the guy was alright and she could accept the job.

They pulled up and Eamonn jumped out too, 'It's far too cold to sit in the car, I am sure he won't mind me waiting inside somewhere,' he said. Caroline rolled her eyes, but said nothing.

They were a couple of minutes early, but Caroline knocked on the door, and they waited.

A guy in his late 40's answered, a little round in the middle, but fit looking, and certainly had a confidence about him, 'Arr, you must be Caroline, come in, come in. I'm Alan'

'Hi I am Eamonn, her husband, 'said Eamonn, 'it's a little chilly to sit in the car, do you mind if I come in and wait?'

'Of course no problem, a few of my mates are watching the football, you can sit in with them,' Alan said.

They both walked in and Alan shut the door behind them, he indicated to the door on the left, which Eamonn opened. The noise of the TV and guys chatting came into the hallway, as all three of them walked through, there were 5 guys sitting in there, all over 50, and most of average build, two guys though were massive, Caroline thought they must be at least 20 stone.

Alan said, 'Eamonn, this is Mick, Rob, Andy, Pete and Tony,' he indicated each as he went around the room.

Mick and Rob were the large guys, and Andy must have been in his late 60's, Pete and Tony were clearly the youngest much closer to Alan's age, Tony had a beer belly, but Pete was fit and looked to have hard muscles under his clothes.

'Beer, Eamonn,' Mick asked, and without waiting for an answer passed him a bottle.

Eamonn made to sit down as Alan touched Caroline's arm and lead her away, closing the door behind him. Alan took Caroline to the end of the hall and through the door into the kitchen, closing the door behind them.

The kitchen was large with a breakfast bar and a dining table with eight chairs, there were large doors out to the garden, all the units, counters and appliances looked expensive, and the floor appeared to be polished marble. Eamonn made a lot of money, so Caroline was used to a luxury kitchen but this was something else. Alan had taken a chair at the table, a laptop open, connected to a camera, to film her interview Caroline assumed.

There was a brief pause before Alan indicated the chair in front of the camera, and in that pause Caroline was sure Alan was apprising her head to toe, she could not help thinking about herself feeling a little self-conscious. As was always the case Caroline's outfit walked a fine line between sexy and professional.

He started with she shoes, they were her black high heels, into which her black stocking fitted around her shapely, sexy legs, moving on to her mid-thigh body contoured skirt, which was red, and contained her pert, very sexy bottom, the tightness of the skirt highlighted just how perfect her bottom was. Moving on to her black top again it was right on the borderline between sexy and professional, tight and fitted to her body, really showing off her beautiful 34 DD breasts with long sleeves, but ending before her shoulders, exposing them and the tops of her arms. All in all, a very sexy professional. She smiled at Alan, slightly nervously, but it was clear Alan was admiring her pretty face, and her gorgeous smile as she sat down.

The interview stated with all the normal boring questions, and they spent 15 minutes talking about her experience, then Alan enquired about why she had not had a job for almost a year.

'Well,' she began, 'there was an incident at my last firm, and Eamonn made me leave, and this is the first time he has allowed me to look for another job. To be honest I would do just about anything to get and keep this job.'

'Yes, yes, I have spoken to your previous employer, Nigel is a friend of mine,' Alan said, as Caroline blushed.

Caroline was not sure what to say, had Nigel told Alan about how she was used, and humiliated about him and that worm Jeff? Her fanny fluttered at the thought of that night.

'Nigel and I had a complicated relationship...our humour didn't align,' Caroline finally said.

'I definitely got that,' Alan replied, 'but what I really want to know now is, will you fit into my office, you certainly dress the way I want, but will you do the things I want?'

'As I said yes I will do anything,' Caroline said.

'Take off your clothes, all of them except the stockings, and stand by the breakfast bar then,' Alan said, for all the world as if he had just said, 'Would you like a drink?'

Caroline looked at him for a moment, the thought of him doing something to her, that she did not want, while her husband was in the next room created huge excitement in her, she could sense the warm feeling in her pussy. She stood and stepped out of her heels, undid the buttons on her top and removed it, carefully placing it on a chair that was not in use. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of that too, placing it on the same chair as she blouse, then she walked to Alan and turned around.

'Please can you unclip my bra?' she asked.

Alan quickly and expertly unclipped the three catches on her bra and she slipped it forward to remove it, releasing her beautiful tits, they bounced as she pulled her bra off, and she placed it with her other clothes. Lastly she stayed facing away from Alan as she slipped a finger into each side of lace black panties, and pushed them down, this gave him a good view of her pert, tight little arse as she bent down to remove them, but also her wet pussy, it would tell him how excited she was.

Before she could put her knickers with the other clothes, Alan said, 'put them on the breakfast bar and go bend over it so I can inspect you.'

Caroline complied, feeling both nervous and excited. She bent over the counter, but to lay flat her heels just came off the ground a little, but it was not uncomfortable, she lay and waited.

Alan got up and walked over his strong hand stoking up her stockinged leg and across her butt when he got to her, he moved down and felt her wet pussy, 'that's a very excitable little cunt you have there,' as he slipped two fingers inside probing and moving them about exploring.

'It's done me proud over the years,' Caroline replied.

Alan withdrew his fingers, and said, 'right, I want to see how your arse looks with a red glow, ok?'

Caroline's pussy twitched, she was going to be spanked, she loved being spanked, but Eamonn just didn't do it.

'Not really, no, I am not happy about that, but as I said I will do anything for this job, so feel free,' Caroline thought that was a good balance, not eager, accepting, but acknowledging that she would rather not be in this situation.

As the first three spanks landed, Caroline grunted, it had been a long time since she had been spanked, and they stung. However those were a warm up, Alan settled into a rhythm slapping her arse quite hard, but ensuring a coverage across the entire area, she grunted, somewhat at the sting, but more in pleasure as slap after slap landed.

Eamonn say slowly drinking the beer he had been handed, the conversation had centred around the game on the TV, it was the Saturday early kick-off, and Eamonn had no real interest in either Liverpool or Manchester City, but the lads seemed to be getting into it, with Pete the only City supporter.

Mike had said something to him not long after he sat down that was playing on his mind, his exact words were, 'Your wife is a stunner, and you are a very lucky man, exactly as described.' What did he mean 'described' who described her, she said she had never met this Alan, his mind would not rest on this and it kept going around and around.

'Where is the toilet?' Eamonn asked the room.

'Other side of the stairs, on the left,' came the reply.

Eamonn put his beer on the table and got up, walked to the door, nobody seemed to even notice, he opened the door and walked through, pulling it too, as he walked away towards the toilet. The change in air pressure by him pulling the door too, cause the door at the end of the hall to pop open, it was silent, the only reason he noticed was because he was looking that way as he pulled the door. He could hear a voice, which he thought was Caroline, but not make out what was said, he walked to the toilet and went in.

When he came out he paused for a minute, should he go listen to what was being said before he went back to the living room? The sound he could just make out though was not voices, it was more like somebody making dough, slapping it on the counter, exactly the sound when I make pizza dough and stretch it out he thought to himself.

Curiously got the better of him because he was sure it was Caroline's voice he had heard, so what was she doing now? Why was bread being made in an interview for a law firm?

As he got to the door it was open just enough to see through, he stood still, shocked by the image in front of him. Eamonn knew he should burst in shouting or something, this was exactly why she had not been allowed a job she could not be trusted. However, he couldn't move, this was the first time he had witnessed her being used, and something just made him watch.

Caroline's arse was being spanked hard in a fast rhythm, there was a glow developing all over it, from the tops of her legs to the bottom of her back, the grunting was not in pain, the slut was enjoying this, he knew she had not been as unwilling as she suggested before.

Eamonn stood there mesmerized by his naked wife's body being slapped by this stranger, the slapping stopped, and Alan moved to finger her, and rub her clit, she moaned loudly, and Alan landed a couple of slaps, like he had on her arse on her pussy, Eamonn gasped, she seemed to like that too.

A huge hand landed on his shoulder and Mike said, 'It's not nice to spy, you should go in and watch properly.'

Mike was a very big guy, not just fat, but broad and clearly very strong, he pushed open the door and walked I, pushing Eamonn in front of him, Eamonn could not resist his legs just moved under him, although he realised that he had a massive erection as it was uncomfortable to walk.

Caroline moaned, Alan had gone back to rubbing her clit after slapping her pussy, the sting of that felt so good. She heard a noise and turned to see Eamonn being marched in by the Mike guy, Eamonn had an erection and was walking uncomfortably, Caroline squeaked in fright.

'Caught him spying,' said Mike, 'He was clearly enjoying the show, so thought he should come in and watch it close up.'

Alan pushed Caroline backdown onto the worktop, 'Stay,' he commanded, and walked towards Eamonn.

'You like watching your wife humiliated, spanked?' Alan said to him.

Eamonn didn't speak, but he nodded.

'That's good,' continued Alan, 'because we are all going to fuck her too, you want to watch that?'

Much to Caroline's surprise He nodded again. Mike picked up one of the heavy dining chairs and moved it, Eamonn say down, almost like he wasn't thinking.

As Alan returned to playing with Caroline's pussy, Mike moved another chair to in front of Eamonn, facing him, they were big heavy chairs, expensive Caroline thought as she looked at Eamonn seating there watching, she could not look him in the eye.

Caroline relaxed back into the play of Alan, her pussy was wet and he was doing a good job of bringing her to an orgasm, just as she was there, he took his free hand and picked up her panties, and pushed them into her pussy, she could feel them inside as she shook from the orgasm, there was something so humiliating about cumming like this in front of her husband, but also it was such as turn on.

Alan got her to move, and took her to the chair, he said, 'on the chair please, kneel on it and support yourself with your hands on the other side, all fours if you will.'

Caroline climbed on, side on to Eamonn, but far enough to one side so he could clearly see her arse and pussy, she watched as Alan pulled out his cock, it was a nice cock she had to admit, a good girth, and more length than the average man, he walked around her, made eye contact with Eamonn, and pushed his cock into her, she felt the panties being pushed up as his cock slid in, it felt good she moaned.

Alan thrust two or three times, forcing the knickers right up her, then he withdrew, and rubbed her clit again for a moment, that was so good, the carnal moan that she let out told the whole house she was enjoying it. Alan pushed his fingers into her pussy once more, and snagged her knickers, pulling them out.

He walked over to Eamonn and said, 'open,' indicating his mouth, which Eamonn did, Alan pushed the panties in, and continued, 'just so you know how much she is enjoying all this.'

Eamonn closed his mouth Panties inside, and sat there looking at his wife. She could see that the bulge in his trousers was even bigger.

Alan returned to Caroline, and slapped her pussy a couple more times, to her grunts of pleasure, then in a fast motion pushed his cock back up her pussy until his balls touched it, there was another primal moan from Caroline at that, and she grunted as he thrust her. Mike walked around the front of her to where her fabulous tits were swinging to the thrust from behind, and as they swung toward him he slapped them, with each swing he landed a slap one tit then the other. After about 6 or 7 hits on each boob they were sore, each additional slap stung and hurt, she could feel them going red, god she felt like a slut.

The sting of each slap was almost getting too much when Mike stopped, the pounding from Alan continued, she thought she would cum again soon, as she looked at Eamonn, he was watching intently, and rubbing his cock.

Mike bent down and kissed her, a full French kiss, his tongue exploring her mouth She kissed back, this breast of a man somehow turned her on, and she enjoyed the gentle touch lips to lips, caressing the inside of her mouth with his tongue, Caroline felt the orgasm start, the warmth rising through her, and the tensing of muscles, the kiss was already challenging with the constant movement from the pounding, this made it impossible, Mike withdrew. She looked at Eamonn, and they locked eyes, he can't have been happy her enjoying an intimate kiss like that, but his hard on was still there and he was still rubbing it, he is enjoying this she thought.

When Caroline looked back, Mike had his cock out, it was massive, in proportion to his huge body really but it had to be 9 or more inches long, and fat with a substantial girth, she had flash backs to the big cock that Nigel had pounded her pussy with, but this was bigger. He moved closer and forced it between the lips he had just been kissing so tenderly, and into her mouth, the thrust from Alan forcing it towards her throat, she gagged, but it was moving back out just as quickly as it shot in, she had no time to catch her breath, and the next thrust from Alan, forced Mike's cock back down her throat, the gag was less this time but still there. She felt her eyes water, and the saliva from her mouth dripped from his cock as he withdrew again. For what felt like several minutes, but she was sure it wasn't she knelt there, having a cock rammed into one end or another alternately as she rocked back and forth, tears streaming down her face, but she was loving it.

The thrusting abruptly came to an end, Alan's cock deep inside her, she felt it spurt, it pulsed as cum was spread all over the inside of her pussy, Mike removed his cock from her mouth and bent down to kiss her again, her mouth was a mess, but he kissed her gently and passionately, then whispered, it's going in your arse now. She felt Alan withdrew, and immediately missed the feeling of him inside her, then what Mike said hit home, no that monster couldn't go in her arse, she would not be able to walk.

'Please no,' she said, 'you can't fit in my arse.'

Mike ignored her and picked her up and turned her over, she was laying her back on the chair now, her arse and head hanging off each side, she looked to Eamonn for some support here, but he avoided eye contact, and his cock was actually out now and he was wanking openly.

Caroline now saw that the other guys were all in the room drinking beer and watching, the one called Pete started to come over as Mike rolled her legs up over her stomach fully exposing her arse, he slapped it a good few times, she moaned, then he moved his huge cock to her arsehole.

The tip slipped in surprisingly easily, but the push that came after made Caroline scream, it felt like her arse was being ripped in two, fire shooting though it, Mike grunted and stopped, she had no idea how much of that monster was in, but she already felt like she could take no more. Mike withdrew so just the head was in again, and she quickly used a hand to start rubbing herself, then a push like the first happened, she managed not scream but the sound that came out of her mouth was not words or a pleasure grunt and she felt more of that cock slide into her.

She was sure it was not all in, but Mike started to pound using her legs rolling up over her stomach as support and a spring for the motion, she grunted at each thrust, and was sure that more and more of that cock was going into her each time.

The one called Pete was walking over, he brought some tissue and cleaned up the mess of tears and saliva on her face and mouth, it was gentle, tender, as Mike had been in the beginning, and she was sure another cock was going down her throat.

Pete kissed her, a gentle kiss, a kiss that stroked her lips and almost made her forget the pain and pounding in her arse. She focused on the kiss and the rub of her clit, and started to drift away into a dream world, she looked at Eamonn, and thought she could see jealousy in his eyes at the kiss, but he was still wanking.

Pete stood and removed his sweats and boxers, his cock was a more normal size and shape, actually pleasing on the eye, to Caroline. He stood over her head and lowered his balls into her mouth, the intention was clear to her and she licked and sucked his balls, she watched his cock grow harder and harder as she did. She had never done this before, but it was clearly working her tongue flicking across his balls and touching the shaft now and then, she was glad that he was clean shaven no hairs in her mouth that would have been gross.

Pete moved and positioned himself with his arse over her face, his cock between her tits, and he squeezed them together to form a tight tunnel around his cock, he moved a little but the thrusts from Mike created enough movement for her tits to wank him, she lifted her head and tongue and licked his arse, she had always wanted to try that but never had, she listen as Pete moaned, 'oh god that is good.'

With everything going on Caroline struggled to get her focus back on her clit that she was rubbing, however, the rhythmic pounding from Mike was starting to feel good, she was sure almost all, if not all his cock was in her, and there was something so erotic about Pete fucking her tits while Eamonn watched, he must be jealous of that, he thought her tits were her best feature. Caroline slowly lost herself in the rhythm, two men pleasuring themselves with her body, and her rubbing her clit for all it was worth.

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