This story concerns a husband and wife who get to fulfill a shared fantasy. If extra marital sex, or the idea that some husbands can be happy with their wives fucking other men offends you, then please pass this story by!


It had been a wonderful holiday. A trip of a lifetime you might say. I had taken my wife Jessica to Africa for a safari to help her take her mind off the fact that both our children had left home, and we were now empty nesters. The first two weeks of the safari had been everything I had hoped it would be. Touring round some of the less popular game reserves, we had seen all manner of big and small game. Now we were coming to the last few nights of the holiday and we had been offered a night camping out under the stars. Most of our group had shunned the idea, worried that the wild animals would attack during the night. We had been reassured by our guides however that we would be safe sleeping round the campfire.

It was Ndori however, our personal guide that had reassured Jessica the most and with his infectious sense of happiness, how could we refuse? Jessica had seemed entranced by Ndori ever since we had met him, and she had whispered to me more than once that he was just like the imaginary lover we had introduced into our love making recently. And so here we were, just the pair of us tucked up in blankets, (although we hardly needed them given the heat) on each side of the flickering campfire. It was Ndori who had suggested this sleeping arrangement and we hadn't questioned it.

Sometime around midnight I was awakened by movement across the fire and as I looked, I saw Ndori kneeling down next to Jessica. I thought she was asleep, but she raised her head and so I guess she had been awakened or perhaps was drifting in and out of sleep like myself. I wasn't sure what he wanted and so I kept watch without moving. I could see him moving close to my wife and even in the darkness I could see his muscular form as the fire light caught him. He was still dressed as he had been each day, in traditional Ethiopian hunter's animal skins. Bare chested and with the animal skin hanging down in front of him to protect his modesty.

I couldn't hear what he was saying to my wife but I did see her look towards me and so I suspected it must have concerned me. I saw her shaking her head, and then was shocked to watch as Ndori lifted the blanket from my wife so that he could see her. Okay she wasn't naked, sleeping as I did in a t-shirt, but apart from a pair of panties that was it. I could imagine what he was staring at though. Even at the age of 44 Jessica looked very good, and her c cup breasts were no doubt threatening to escape from her modest white covering! He then knelt down in front of Jessica and unfastened his animal loin cloth. Despite the crackling of the fire, I could hear my wife gasp as she stared at the sight of Ndori's bared manhood. He was side on and I could see a prodigious erection jutting out from his groin as he gazed at my wife.

I should have got up and rushed to my wife's defence. For all I knew he was about to rape her! However, in the back of my mind I couldn't quite believe that he would do that and risk his job and even worse punishment at the hands of the local authorities. For that reason, I did nothing. I decided to see how Jessica would react. It didn't take long to find out. To my amazement she stretched out her hand and grasped Ndori's rigid cock and began to stroke him. I was stunned! My normally shy and conservative wife was masturbating another man! A black man! This was just like our fantasy, only now this was real! Ndori was obviously delighted at my wife's acquiescence and after allowing her to pull on his engorged penis, he lent forward and pulled at Jessica's t-shirt.

This was the crunch point I knew. It was one thing allowing my wife to have a bit of fun and admire first-hand the gifts of this back man. It was another allowing him to get her naked. If he did, where would it end? And yet I did nothing as he pulled the garment from her and tossed it aside. I knew he was gazing at my wife's breasts and then he leaned further over and began to suckle on first one and then the other breast! The effect on Jessica was immediate. She tossed her head back and sighed as this stranger licked and nibbled her sensitive breasts. I watched spellbound and she cupped his head and held his mouth to her nipples as his swirling tongue wreaked havoc with her senses!

Whilst I'm sure Ndori was enjoying himself, I suspected that given the situation, he would be in a hurry for the main prize. And I was right! He suddenly moved away from Jessica's breasts and reaching down grasped her cotton panties. Without ceremony he ripped them from her as if they were made of paper! He then gazed down at my naked wife, no doubt admiring her neatly trimmed bush. But he was on a mission and without further ado he knelt between her legs and started to lean down on her. I suddenly heard my wife say "no Ndori, please I'm married, my husband is just over there."

Thank goodness I thought, some common sense and self-respect had returned to my wife. My optimism was however short lived. Ndori said, "don't worry, your husband is asleep. And I know you are curious about me; I've seen you staring at me over the last few days."

"Yes, I know" replied my wife, "but I was just curious, that's all. I don't want to cheat on my husband. I'm sure you can respect that."

"I can" replied Ndori, "but I know deep down you would like to know how it feels to have a black man make love to you. Tell me that's not true?"

There was silence and then I heard Jessica start to say "but we can't, I mean I can't it..."

"Sshh, let it happen, it will be alright, let me show you."

As Ndori spoke he wiggled forward forcing Jessica's legs further apart and then he positioned his cock and slowly pushed. Jessica let out a whimper and then a loud groan. She didn't stop him however and so Ndori continued to feed his huge cock into my wife. I couldn't see but imagined it had to be stretching her terribly. The movement stopped and I wondered what was happening.

"There you have taken it all. I knew you would."

There was silence and I could just make out Jessica staring up at the African stranger who now had his substantial cock buried in her welcoming vagina. Ndori raised himself up on his arms and started to rock in and out of my wife. This caused further murmurings from her and then I saw her hands grip his muscular arms as he continued his thrusting. With time I could hear the unmistakable sounds of my wife's wet sex. A squelching noise emanated each time Ndori thrust into her. As their love making continued, I could hear my wife's breathing becoming louder and more ragged. Suddenly she cried out, arched upwards and I could hear gasps of "oh my god, yes, yes".

Her obvious orgasm had no visible effect on Ndori. He just kept thrusting into my wife with a gradually increasing tempo. My wife moved her arms around his broad back and her long legs moved up to scissor round Ndori's waist. She did this with me when I was getting close to orgasm, just to make sure I stayed in the saddle! This suddenly set up a chain of thought for me. They were fucking without protection! After my vasectomy, Jessica had not needed birth control and yet she was still technically fertile enough to conceive! What would she do? I'm sure Ndori wasn't going to pull out! This proved to be the case when a few moments later Ndori's movements became frantic and then after a particularly brutal thrust into my wife he let out a load roar and then went rigid. I knew exactly what this meant. He was ejaculating into my wife's unprotected womb. I could image his big cock pushing against her cervix in an attempt to push his seed as deep as possible.

Jessica appeared to be hanging on to her lover, literally. Her arms were tight around his back and her legs were locked around his muscular waist. She was wailing and saying something that I couldn't catch. And then it was all over. Ndori collapsed down onto my wife and they lay entwined for quite a few minutes as they came down from their sexual plateau. Ndori then lifted off my wife and knelt up. I could see his semi erect penis dangling in front of him as he gazed upon his conquest. Without further ceremony he stood, gathered his loin cloth, and strode away from the fire.

To say I was stunned by what I had witnessed would be an understatement. Although we had shared a fantasy on many occasions, that involved her being taken by a stranger, it had always been on the premise that I was there to join in and watch. Whilst it is true that I had watched her first infidelity, I had done nothing whilst my wife was been taken by another man, without me being there to share the event. How would I deal with this? What would Jessica say? Would she admit her infidelity? These were all questions that would have to wait for the morning as I noticed that Jessica was rearranging her t-shirt and blanket and then lay down as if nothing had happened! I kept turning over in my mind what had transpired and wondered if our marriage was in trouble. Eventually sleep must have taken me because the next thing I became aware of was Jessica waking me up as the sun replaced the blackness of night.

"Ian are you ok? You seem very sleepy, wake up breakfast is ready."

I sat up and saw that my wife was now dressed and appeared happy. I could smell the aroma of food being cooked over the kitchen fire and realised that I too was hungry.

"I'm fine. How are you, did you sleep well?"

"Yes, thank you I had a good night."

So, there it was, no admission of her infidelity. Life as normal as if nothing had happened! As I dressed and crossed to the breakfast area of the camp, I saw Ndori busy getting things organised for the day ahead. He was giving instructions to the rest of the porters and the group. When he saw me, he just beamed and asked how I was. There was no hint that anything had occurred, no smirk or cheeky comments. I was impressed, but also mystified at how calm he was. After all he had just seduced his client's wife only a matter of hours earlier and now his manner was one of a calm professional guide and organiser!

The day passed without incident or further comment from either me or Jessica. We made our way to the huts where we were to spend our last three nights. As we unpacked our clothes, I felt compelled to say something to my wife. I just blurted out, "I saw you last night."

Jessica turned and looked at me and very calmly said "what did you see?"

"I saw you and Ndori" I replied.

"Oh. I see" was her immediate response.

When no further comments came, I asked "Why, can you tell me why?"

There was a long pause and then as if she was choosing her words very carefully me wife replied: "It was something I just had to do. I had been wondering about what it would be like with a local tribesman and as the days went by, I thought I could be tempted."

"But you weren't sure, were you? I saw the hesitation when he pulled the blanket from you."

Again, a hesitation and then "yes that's right. I still didn't know if I could or even should break my wedding vows and sample what he was offering. Especially as you weren't there to share it with me. But it was just like our fantasy."

"But then you did, what changed your mind?"

"It was him. The way he looked at me in that predatory manner. He had raw animal lust in his eyes and well at that point I knew that I couldn't deny him."

"But he took you without protection. Didn't that worry you?"

"Yes of course it did. I tried to tell him but then realised that he wouldn't be used to using a condom and, in any case, I didn't have any did I?"

"No, I suppose not" I replied. "Did he make you come?" I asked.

"Nearly, but no, he was too quick and eager to put his seed in me. I didn't manage to get off with him."

I realised she was denying her orgasm to protect me, to show that she had not enjoyed herself that much. I of course knew better.

The rest of the day passed by without further comment from either of us. After dinner that night we had retired to our living quarters which like all the other rooms, was contained in an isolated hut complete with bathroom and a living area. I was about to bring up the subject of my wife's infidelity again when there was a knock at the door. When I opened the door, I was greeted by Ndori smiling broadly.

"Can I come in my friend?" he asked, "I have some unfinished business."

I looked blankly at him and then he added "your wife."

Seeing my hesitation and confusion, he stepped past me and seeing Jessica sitting on the settee he stopped and said, "Hello again, beautiful lady, how are you today?"

Jessica looked equally perplexed as to why Ndori was calling on us late in the evening. "Is something wrong?" she asked him.

"No nothing is wrong. Last night, well I presume you have told your husband what happened?"

"No, I mean I didn't have to, Ian saw us last night."

"Oh, that is interesting" said Ndori, "that means he can't have been upset, or he would have stopped us?"

"Well, I don't know, I mean, I..."

I felt I needed to say something at this point. "Look Ndori, I was surprised last night that you would be so bold and well, I was intrigued to see how my wife would react. I didn't expect that you would succeed with her."

"Ah, but I did, and I think she enjoyed it as well, didn't you Jessica?"

Jessica blushed and looked away before replying. "Ndori, I had been wondering what it would be like to be taken by a Tribesman like yourself and well I just let it happen. But it was wrong, I shouldn't have betrayed Ian like that."

Ndori smiled and then slowly but quite deliberately he undid his loincloth and let it drop to the floor. Now both my wife and I were gazing in awe at his penis and balls, which all appeared to be of abnormally large size.

"Here I am again" said Ndori, "I think you would like some more wouldn't you Jessica?"

"No, I couldn't, I mean, that is.."

Ndori took a step toward my wife and held out his hand. As if in a trance she took his hand and allowed herself to be led to our bedroom.

It took a few moments for me to process what was happening here. The man I had seen seducing my wife the previous night was now naked in our apartment and was leading my wife to our bedroom. I was both shocked and aroused at his boldness and my wife's quiet acquiescence. I decided to see what was going to happen and how far my wife was going to let this man get with her, knowing that her husband was close by. When I reached the bedroom and looked through the door, I saw a sight that will both trouble and excite me for the rest of my life. Ndori had wasted no time and the pair of them were kissing each other passionately.

As I watched I realised that there was no shame or embarrassment on the part of my wife. She had fallen for this African tribesman in a big way. I reasoned however that she was away from home and family and the normal constraints on what she would consider appropriate behaviour. She was clearly exploring her sexuality, and, in a way, I couldn't blame her for selecting such a physically attractive male. Ndori had to be six four in height and I guessed 200 pounds of solid muscle. As they kissed, they both looked so happy and relaxed together.

Ndori broke their kiss and looked sideways to the door where I was standing. "Ah Ian there you are, do you like what you see?"

"What, well I.. you do seem, I mean you do look good together."

"Yes, we do, your wife is wonderful, she is soft and yet lithe. You are a lucky man Ian."

As he said this, I noticed that Jessica was staring at me. It was as if she was trying to gauge my reaction to what she was doing. When she realised that I was not objecting or likely to cause a scene, she said "Ndori, there is something I want to do for you." As she said this she gradually sunk to her knees in front of her black Adonis and then gently took hold of his semi erect penis and started to stroke it. I'm not sure who was more amazed at the effect it had, my wife or me. As she lovingly masturbated him his cock grew to its full magnificence until she was faced with some 10 inches of black veiny throbbing cock. All the while she kept jacking him off and the significance wasn't lost on me when I noticed her wedding rings on her slim delicate fingers, which in turn were wrapped around his dark meat.

Ndori for his part had his eyes closed as my wife lovingly played with his mighty appendage. And then again, she shocked me. My normally conservative wife grasped his cock at the root and opened her mouth so that she could engulf his cock head in her warm mouth. I watched as her soft tongue swirled around his flared cock head and listened as Ndori moaned in pleasure. As she got more into it, Jessica started to suck and lick his big cock, although she was having difficulty in accommodating his huge girth in her mouth. I alternated glances between my wife and her enthusiastic cock sucking and her black lover's face, which was creased in pleasure as this white woman paid homage to his mighty cock.

I don't know how long this went on, but suddenly Ndori said "Enough, Jessica, I need you now." My wife pulled away from his groin with some reluctance and was helped to her feet by Ndori. Once she was standing face to face to with him, Ndori reached round and unclasped my wife's dress and let it fall to the ground where it pooled around her white sling back sandals. Save for her panties they were both now naked and each was staring at the other with undisguised lust.

We all knew what was going to happen next. My wife was going to be taken by this black man who we barely knew. More than that we were all complicit in the act. Ndori was looking forward to taking a white wife in front of her husband and my wife was desperate to feel his big cock in her again. As for me I wanted it too. I wanted my wife to enjoy this handsome athletic black tribesman. We were all mature adults and since I wasn't objecting why should my wife? We had talked about it before, but never acted on our fantasy talk. Well, here was the chance!

Ndori picked my wife up as if she weighed nothing and laid her on the bed. Joining her there he lay next to her and whilst nuzzling her neck and ear ran his big black hands over her toned and lithe body. He cupped each breast in turn and gently tweaked her nipples which had become like hard rubber bullets standing proud of her medium but well-proportioned breasts. This caused my wife to sigh in pleasure as her lover took time with her, getting her ready for what was to follow. I noticed her white cotton panties had now turned a somewhat darker colour as her vaginal secretions soaked into the gusset and gave a clear signal as to her state of arousal and readiness.

After what seemed like an age, Ndori moved lower down the bed, and gently pushed my wife's thighs apart. Sensing what he was going to do, Jessica allowed herself to be manipulated by her lover and stared intently at him as he bent down to remove the last barrier to her womanhood. He slowly pulled them down her long legs and looking at me threw the sodden garment my way. Even before I caught them, I could smell my wife's essence. The panties reeked of a horny fertile woman!

As soon as Ndori's tongue made contact with her sensitive flesh, a loud moan filled the room. After a few tentative licks and probes with his tongue Ndori really set to and gave my wife wonderful oral sex. I was surprised that he did this since I had been led to believe that it was not in his culture to please a woman this way. However, we later learnt that he had been taught by another white wife how to please her with his tongue and he had never forgotten that lesson! He soon had my wife thrashing about on the bed below him and in no time, she was sobbing and shrieking through a shattering orgasm. Ndori took his time to allow her to come down from her sexual high and then moved up across her body so that he could kiss my wife. In actual fact he was in the process of mounting my wife but I'm not sure she realised!


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