In the shower, Tricia, being her usual spunky self, made sure to kiss and feel me up at every opportunity. She wasn't going to let me go get away with one little roll in the hay. My sexy stepdaughter wanted more of that Daddy dick, evidently. She couldn't get enough of it. Then again, it was very hard to refuse what she offered me on tap.

"Whatcha thinkin', Daddy?" Trish teased me as she pulled me closer for a kiss, "you're the standard against which I've set all men ... and so far, they've all come up wanting."

"But at some point, you're going to want to try again with men your own age, right?" I asked her while fondling her lovely ass.

"Nah, fuck it! I'm moving in with you guys again ... and I'm gonna share my Daddy with Mom. A high quality man ... is worth sharing, don't you think? Mom certainly thinks so, though she has others on the side, you know. I'll be right down the hall, ready, willing, and able to spread my legs for my old man. Before too long, you'll get the point ... and the pace. You'll get used to servicing both of us, Mom and me, on a regular basis," Tricia winked at me while stroking my dick with obvious enthusiasm.

"And ... you're going to be pregnant again ... you planning to take precautions for the future?" I asked my stepdaughter directly now, trying to tackle that issue head-on.

"God, no! I'm gonna have you breeding me regularly, Daddy! Best get used to it! Mom's gonna have lots of grandkids ... and you lots of babies. It'll be like Mom and I are sister-wives! The family that breeds together stays together. Just you get used to it, Daddy! Mom will, too! Pretty soon, it will be clear who's putting the buns in my oven, of course. It will be rather difficult to hide. Our family ... will be united by blood at last!" Tricia encouraged me, apparently eager to get bred ... and often, by her own stepfather.

"You're going to ... actively try to get pregnant by me again ... and again?" I asked incredulously.

"And again ... and again, yes. Daddy, you're the man of my dreams ... and Mom's, too. Deal with it, old man. Between Mom and me, we'll get our way. She'll get her grandkids ... and I'll get more babies by a man who's worthy to knock me up. And you'll be Papa in more ways than one. Daddy and Grandpa all rolled into one. So, face facts, lover. You're Mom's, yes, but you're also mine ... and I'm yours, just as she is. Now, will you fuck me again already?" Tricia insisted as she bent over in the shower and proudly displayed that thick bottom of hers.

My little soldier betrayed me, of course, urging me forward as I grabbed her hips and started humping my own stepdaughter in the shower. She moaned loudly enough that it drew some attention, and before I knew it. I heard the bathroom door open and then the shower curtain get pulled away. Dina stood there, mouth open and jaw dropped for about a moment before putting on a coy smile.

"Looks like you're busted, young lady ... you like dirty old men! Well, you picked the best of 'em, no doubt of that! As Joey Tribbiani would say, 'if you're gonna do something wrong, do it right.' When you're done with my husband, though, we need to talk in the master bedroom ... the three of us. If this is gonna be the family dynamic, we need to set some decent ground rules," my wife told her daughter and me.

I finished up inside Tricia and she squirted, right in front of her mother. Dina stood there and dried us both off ... with kisses to our lips, no less, too. My missus wasn't shy with the affection, that was true enough. She slapped my ass on the way to the bedroom, after which she then did the same to our daughter (well, technically her daughter, but my stepdaughter). Then she closed the door behind us ... and disrobed in front of us.

"Okay, let's talk this over, guys. First of all ... I'm not mad. I'm really not. In many ways, this a perfect, practical solution to how to deal with Tricia's presence under this roof. This makes it nice and permanent. But I don't like half-measures. I ... I ... want to propose that ... Tricia ... shares a bed with us. This bed. Face it, honey, you're your own son-in-law now ... and you're own father-in-law as well.

"Trish and I are not just ... mother and daughter now. We're sister-wives. And that's actually a very beautiful thing, a good way to bond, I hope. No more skipping and running between rooms, trying to hide things. No more looking the other way at affairs. No more hiding or ducking or need for secrecy and discretion. No more condoms, at least not with her and me.

"But ... I want ... at least this time around, to get pregnant, too. By you, of course. And since Anastassia is also pregnant to you, yes, she is, she showed me the proof ... well, I propose that she moves in with us as well. We'll need a monster of a bed ... for four people, but we can remodel and make it work for us.

"But that's it ... no new lovers after this. No more open marriage. You have three wives now. You're gonna have to step up, man up, and service all three of us ... daily. And because I have needs, but no longer wish to go outside of the marriage bed ... I'm gonna buy a strap-on dildo. And other toys ... so I can help you pleasure my sister-wives.

"Yep, you heard me. I'm gonna lez my own daughter out ... and your sweet little mamacita, Anastassia! Any thoughts about that, honey?" Dina proposed now.

"Have you been reading Homer Vargas again?" I teased my wife now.

"Oh, definitely ... he puts me in the right frame of mind for this kind of action. Now, how about it, guys? Want to make the polygamy open at last? Want to make an honest woman of your mamacita, your mistress? Not to mention my daughter ... our daughter? What say you?" my wife turned to both of us.

"I'm in, definitely ... he'll make a better hubby than Joe for sure, no matter how much I have to share him," Trish insisted.

"Well, in the immortal words of the Three Musketeers, 'all for one and one for all.' Of course, Homer Vargas would just say, 'yes, dear,' but that's never been my style. I'm a stubborn old Kraut, so sue me," I chuckled now.

"Nah, I'd rather screw you and our daughter, too!" my wife told me as she pulled Trish and I closer to kiss us on the lips.

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