He felt a hand on the bare skin of his thigh.

"Good morning," a deep voice said.

Startled, 18 year old Bryce Meadows opened his eyes and realized immediately he wasn't in his bedroom.

He blinked, trying to clear his vision. His head was banging and his mouth felt like it was filled with sand. He tried to focus, figure out where he was and why in the Hell he was there.

Bryce felt a presence next to him and he froze. At first all he thought he could hear was his own heart racing. Then he heard breathing and felt a shifting next to him on the bed. He wasn't alone and he panicked slightly.

Then the voice spoke again.

"Hey Sleepyhead. You going to sleep the whole day away?"

A hand touched his hip and gave him a gentle shake.

Bryce rolled over onto his back and saw a black man just inches away from him, sitting on the edge of the large bed. The man was smiling. The man was handsome for his age and it was a nice smile.

Bryce instantly recognized Junius Brown, an executive at the same company where he worked as a mail clerk.

"Mr. Brown? How did I...where am I?"

"I thought you were going to sleep the day away. Good thing it's Saturday. How does somebody wake up looking so cute? I mean. Seriously."

The sleepy, hung over boy ignored the last question. Actually his mind was racing and it didn't really register.


"You're at my place."

"Your place? But how? Why?"

Bryce's voice was raspy. Mr. Brown offered him a glass of water.

"Figured you'd be parched. Drink up. Hydrate. Catch your breath."

Bryce gulped down the cool water. He caught his breath and gathered himself.

The morning light was burning holes straight to his brain which was still trying to piece together the events of the previous night which might explain why he was lying in a stranger's bed.

"How the Hell did I end up-"

"Hey, hey, hey," Mr. Brown said in his deep voice, "Relax, Bryce. It's cool. You're in a safe place."

He waited for the boy to calm down before continuing.

"You ended up here because you had a little too much to drink at the Christmas party last night. I thought it best to take you home and tuck you in all safe and sound."

"I'm at your place?"

"You are. I live close by and thought this the best solution to your situation."

"My situation?"

"You were obliterated last night."

The sleepy boy looked confused and very cute. His hair was messy. He had a glazed look in his beautiful blue eyes. His pouty mouth, his full pink lips, hung open slightly.

"You got...were...very drunk. I didn't feel good about sticking you in a cab and hoping you got home safe. So I brought you home...to my home...and put you to bed. My bed to be exact."

"Wait. Hold on. I'm in your bed."

"You are."

There was only a thin sheet covering him and Bryce suddenly realized he was naked except for a large black t-shirt which was bunched up around his waist. His entire lower body was exposed. Bryce grabbed the sheets and covered himself.

Mr. Brown grinned.

"Where are my-"

"Your shirt and tie are soaking in the washer. I'm trying to get the stains out. Your jacket will probably have to be dry cleaned. I have it in a plastic bag for now."

"Soaking? Stains?"

"You threw up all over yourself. Twice. You threw up a lot. In fact I've never seen so much vomit. You-"

"Please," Bryce begged, feeling nauseous.


Bryce took another sip of water, emptying the glass.

"Egg nog, beer and whatever else you managed to pour down your throat. Actually you may want to burn your shirt, tie and jacket. It's not pretty."

Bryce remembered being at the office Christmas party. He remembered drinking. The rest of the night was a blur.

Mr. Brown continued, "You were quite the mess. Anyway...I cleaned you up. All of my clothes were too big. I mean, you're kind of small. I figured a t-shirt was the best way to go."

"Where's my underwear?"

"Well, that might be a tad embarrassing for you but you wet your pants last night. I rinsed them out and they're soaking along with your other things."

"I wet-"

"I didn't know what else to do. Couldn't send you home in a cab with wet pants and puke all over your jacket and shirt. Like I said, nothing I have would fit you."

"I wet my pants?"

"I wish I'd seen how much you were drinking at the party. I saw you when you first arrived. A few times after that. Always with a drink in your hand. You were really slamming them down. The last time I saw you...well...you were in the men's room peeing at a urinal. "

"Then how did-"

"You hadn't bothered to pull down your pants or underwear."


"I feel somewhat responsible. I should have said something...done something."

Bryce sat up, making sure to cover himself with the thin sheet. He pulled it right up to his chest.

Mr. Brown had to chuckle to himself seeing how bashful the boy was being. Seeing Bryce covering his chest like a girl would confirmed his initial suspicions.

'Bashful and cute,' the handsome black man thought to himself, 'He's so perfect."

Junius' instincts about the slender, fair-complected, almost pretty eighteen year old had been correct.

Bryce was indeed cute.

His small stature and girlish looks had been what had caught Junius' attention when Bryce had started working for the firm. He looked forward to seeing him in the hall or at his office door every day as he delivered mail around the large office building.

Sometimes Junius would stand just outside his office as Bryce dropped off his mail. He would stand there and watch the petite mail clerk walk away, his bottom, his round, girlish bottom, swishing a little from side to side. He wondered if Bryce knew he did that when he walked. He often let himself fantasize that Bryce did know exactly what he was doing and was in his way flirting with the 50 year old.

Lying there, covering his boy breasts and cute little privates with the thin sheet only made Bryce look more adorable. The older man smiled at him.


Mr. Brown grinned, remembering that at one point during the night Bryce had rolled over onto his stomach. The boy's shifting had woken him and he'd turned over onto his side to see his bed buddy lying on his stomach, bathed in moonbeams which streamed through the skylight above.

At first Junius thought the drunk twink was going to be sick but he only lie there, breathing deeply. He'd kicked the covers off of himself. His borrowed t-shirt had risen up leaving his lower back and perfect little butt exposed.

Junius had turned onto his side and admired the girlish perfection of Bryce's smooth bottom. The delicious cleft between his round cheeks, his pale pinkish white cheeks, were free of hair.

When he gently pressed a finger to Bryce's tender flesh he found there was a bounciness to it.

This was not a man's hard, muscular ass, shaped by doing squats or swimming endless laps. This was a pretty boy's round bottom. It was just the type of ass Julius Brown liked on his white boy playthings.

Mr. Brown had run a finger ever-so-lightly along the line of the crack between the boy's cheeks. The boy didn't wake but he smiled and uttered a soft coo.

It took everything for the horny black man to not throw the boy onto his back, lift his ankles up onto his broad shoulders and fuck him.

When Bryce rolled over onto his back, Mr. Brown saw his pink nipples were hard. He lightly tickled them and the boy smiled again, deep in a state of drunken sleep, but enjoying the attention being paid to his pink nubbins.

Mr. Brown studied the boy's almost girlish body.

Bryce had no gym-earned muscles. He was lean and soft. He was so sweet and innocent. He had beautiful eyes and long lashes. He had a cute button nose. His lips were full and looked as soft as rose petals.

The most fascinating thing about his bed buddy was that at one point, Bryce lie sleeping with the tip of his thumb resting against his mouth. He wasn't actually sucking his thumb, more's the pity, rather it was just lying there, pressed against Bryce's full, soft lips. He looked so fucking adorable.


Back in the present, Bryce's mind raced as he lie in a stranger's bed dressed in only a shirt the man had dressed him in because he'd wet his pants.

He was trying to process it all. Mr. Brown, a man he saw every now and then as they passed each other in the hall at work, had taken him back to his place, undressed him, cleaned him up and put him to bed...in his bed.

He looked at the man sitting so near to him.

Bryce had only seen Junius Brown (Mr. Brown that is) in the hallways at the company where they both worked. Mr. Brown was an executive who worked on the top floor. He was 50 but looked like he was 40. He was in great shape. Not that Bryce looked at him that way but people tend to notice good looking people and Mr. Brown could certainly be considered handsome. He was tall, maybe 6'4. He was solid with a broad chest and big arms. He definitely worked out, that much was true. He had a kind face. His bald head had a nice shape to it and he kept his goatee neatly trimmed. He always wore the finest of suits which showed off his amazing body.

And now Bryce was lying in the same man's bed, naked from the waist down, with only a thin sheet to cover himself. Mr. Brown on the other hand was shirtless and every time he moved his muscles flexed.

Bryce noticed the thick patch of hair covering the man's powerful chest.

Then he continued to try and figure out how he'd ended where he currently found himself.

His mind kept asking the same question over and over: What the fuck happened at that party?

"Where did you sleep?" he asked the older man.

"Right next to you. Only one bed and my couch is too small."

Bryce couldn't believe what he was hearing. Then another thought struck him.

"We were in the same bed?"

"We were."

"Did we?"

"Did we what? Did we?" Mr. Brown paused and then smiled a huge smile.

"Ohhhhh. I see what you're getting at," he said grinning, "Did we do anything? Because you were in my bed dressed as you are...you assumed..."

Bryce suddenly felt embarrassed for having suggested what he was thinking.

Then Mr. Brown upped the ante.

"Why yes, Bryce. You couldn't control yourself. You were like a crazed sex maniac. You kept asking me to show you my cock. You couldn't keep your hands off me. You took off all your clothes and offered yourself to me like some little sex kitten."

Bryce thought he might throw up.

"You finally crawled between my legs and took my big, black, cock in your mouth and sucked me like you were the prom queen and I was the star quarterback. Then you begged me to fuck you long and hard."

Bryce turned pale.

"So I put your ankles on my shoulders and slid my hard, black cock into you over and over. You kept screaming for more. More! More!"

Bryce thought he might pass out.

Then Mr. Brown exploded into raucous laughter.

"OH MY GOD. Your face. Too priceless. You actually thought...no, Bryce. The answer is NO. We didn't do anything. I swear. You were drunk. I'd never take advantage of someone like that. I'm actually a little offended you'd even suggest I'd..."

He let his words trail off as he did his best to look offended and play on the boy's sympathy.

"I'm sorry. I didn't meant to...I'm really sorry, Mr. Brown. Really. I know you would't do that."

Bryce was relieved but couldn't shake the images Mr. Brown had created from his mind. He saw himself on his knees, bobbing back and forth on the older man's cock. He was himself on his back, his ankles on the man's broad shoulders, staring into those beautiful green eyes as Mr. Brown slid his monster cock in and out of him.

Then something disconcerting happened. As he sat there, creating images to illustrate the elaborate sex story Mr. Brown had constructed to tease him, Bryce found himself getting aroused. His cock, all five and half inches of it, stood straight up and poked against the thin sheet. He quickly put his hands over his lap and turned his body slightly. He was horrified and prayed Mr. Brown hadn't noticed.

Junius had noticed. Of course he had. It's why he said the things he had. It was a test to prove his theory that Bryce was a sissy. The pretty boy's arousal was all the proof he needed. Now he just needed to coax the sissy out of Bryce. He'd done it before but something told him this time things were going to be much easier.

"Although, I must say, you didn't seem so bashful last night."

"What do you mean?" Bryce asked, butterflies fluttering in his tummy.

"Well, all I know is that at one point you snuggled yourself right up to me."

"I wasn't...I mean I didn't...no way."

"Way. You did. It's okay though. You were so drunk. I'm sure you didn't even know what you were doing...lying there...pushing your bottom into me...making happy little moaning sounds."

Before Bryce could respond, Mr. Brown smiled and then stood.

It was then Bryce saw the handsome black man of about 50 was completely naked. His hard, muscular body a stark contrast to Bryce's own fair complexion and slight build.

Bryce also couldn't help but notice the chocolate baseball bat swinging between Mr. Brown's powerful legs. It was huge.

Junius caught the boy looking at his cock but said nothing. Instead he lowered a large hand to his crotch and scratched his balls. Bryce was mesmerized. That was a good sign.

"I'll make some coffee. Why don't you splash some water on your face? Freshen up a little."

Mr. Brown left the bedroom but not before Bryce got a good look at his muscular ass which seemed to be carved from chocolate brown marble. The toned cheeks flexed with each step.

Bryce pulled the sheets away from his body and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. His feet didn't touch the floor. He stood on wobbly legs and pulled the shirt down as far as it would go. Even though Mr. Brown's shirt swallowed him, it was barely long enough to cover his privates or the lower part of his butt. Of course that's exactly what Junius had planned.

Bryce caught his reflection in a mirror on the wall over a large dresser. He looked like he'd been rode hard and put up wet. His shoulder length hair was a mess. He had the red impression of a pillow on the right side of his face. His eyes were red and puffy.

He also looked like a little kid wearing an old fashioned nightshirt.

He heard that deep voice again.

"Good. You're up."

Mr. Brown studied the half naked 18 year old standing in his bedroom.

Bryce was adorable with his tussled hair and wearing only his t-shirt. He could see just a hint of pinkish white cheek. The boy's cock and balls weren't even long enough to show from the bottom of the shirt. In other words, he was perfect.

Bryce turned to face Mr. Brown, pulling down his shirt as he did. He knew his bottom was exposed but at least his front was covered.

Mr. Brown had put on a pair of pajama bottoms and tight tank top.

"Where are my clothes?" the groggy, hung over boy asked.

"As I said, you got pretty drunk last night. As I was bringing you back to my place, you fell. You ripped the pants pretty good. Your top was stained with beer and vomit. I'm soaking it but afraid it won't do any good."

Bryce didn't even register Mr. Brown had referred to his shirt as his 'top.'


"Afraid there weren't too many options for you. You're so much smaller than me."

"What should-what can I wear home?"

"We can talk about that over coffee. Come on into the kitchen and we'll discuss your options."

The two walked down the long hall to the kitchen.

Mr. Brown's home was huge. Bryce couldn't begin to imagine living somewhere like this huge, expensively decorated apartment. He lived in a two room, shit hole in a bad neighborhood. He wondered exactly how rich Mr. Brown was.

They passed a door on the right side of the long hallway. It had a pink bow tied around the brass knob. Bryce was curious about what lie behind the white door.

Artwork, paintings and sculptures decorated the spacious apartment. Bryce recognized some of the sculptures as being from the Greek style. The figures all seemed to be of young men in a variety of poses. Their bodies weren't muscular but rather slender and smooth. Bryce didn't know a lot about art. He just figured these pieces represented Greek sculpture.

Some of the paintings were of young men and older men together. There were also black and white photographs of nude and semi-nude models in different poses. All of the models were male. The younger men looked very pretty and he had to look twice to make sure they weren't in fact girls.

Mr. Brown certainly had interesting taste.

When they got to kitchen, Mr. Brown pulled a stool out for Bryce and when the boy sat, he pushed him to the counter. He then set down a glass of juice and a bowl of cereal. It was one of those sugary cereals kids eat but Bryce didn't mind. He liked sugary cereals. He was hungry and happily spooned milk and cereal into his mouth as he mindlessly swung his legs back and forth under his stool.

Mr. Brown studied the boy. Sitting there with his long hair, pretty eyes and long shirt, Bryce looked like a teenage girl who was having breakfast with her daddy.

"Slow down, Sport. Don't want you getting sick."

In between bites and swallows Bryce replied, "I'm just so hungry. I don't know why."

"There's nothing in your tummy. I know what will fix you right up."

Bryce watched as Mr. Brown gathered some supplies from the fridge.

Mr. Brown noticed the boy was sitting with his borrowed tee bunched up around his waist. His entire lower body was exposed again and he either didn't notice or care.

He busied himself putting all sorts of fruits, powders and drops and squirts of curious liquids from mysterious bottles into a blender. He could feel eyes on him...pretty blue eyes.

Bryce looked at Mr. Brown standing across the kitchen from him. He noticed how defined the man's muscles were. How his tight tank top and pajama bottoms clung to his hard, black body.

Mr. Brown smiled. He continued with the task at hand. He poured some orange juice into the blender and hit PUREE.

Bryce saw Mr. Brown coming toward him with three pills and a large tumblr filled with what looked like a strawberry milkshake.

"Take these. You're hung over and a little out of sorts. They'll pep you right up and get you on your feet."

Bryce took the three pink pills without question. He swallowed some orange juice to wash them down.

'Good and submissive,' Junius thought, 'Even more so than I had hoped.'

"This is a special smoothie I sometimes make when I'm a little hung over and out of sorts."

"I'm not-"

"You are. You have that look in your eye. I'm actually impressed. If I'd had as much as you had to drink last night I'd still be in bed or puking my guts out. Try it. Aside from having all sorts of restorative properties, it's actually quite yummy."

Bryce took the large tumblr and put it to his lips. The smoothie smelled of strawberry. He tasted it. It was indeed yummy.

"Yummy?" Mr. Brown asked.

Bryce nodded as he drank the smoothie.

"Drink it all up, now. That's my good boy."

Bryce drank the entire smoothie down and set the glass down. Mr. Brown smiled approvingly. He picked the glass up and set it down in the sink.

"Maybe you could help with the dishes?" he said smiling.

"Sure. Be happy to!" Bryce jumped down off the stool and smoothed out his short shirt.

He went to the sink and realized that every time he lifted his arms his shirt would raise up.

"Ummmm," he said, hoping Mr. Brown had a suggestion as to how remedy his current situation.

Mr. Brown did indeed.

He grabbed an apron from a drawer and set about reaching his arms around Bryce's body. He was close to the boy, just an inch away now. He could smell how sweet and fresh Bryce smelled.







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