I am driving down the road and have the top down on the car. The wind is blowing through my hair and up my skirt. The wind up my skirt feels wonderful blowing over my pussy. I look in the mirror and see a cop coming up behind me. Looking down at my speedometer I see that I am well above the speed limit. I start slowing down and I know the cop is going to pull me over. I unbutton my shirt a little so that my breasts can be seen. Pulling over to the side of the road I pull my skirt up so that my pussy can almost be seen. I start getting my licenses and registration ready for the officer and when I turn and look you are a beautiful female cop.

You ask me why I am in a hurry and I tell you I was just enjoying the wind blowing on me. You ask for my paper work and I hand it to you. You notice that I am almost home and ask if that is where I was going. I tell you that it is and you tell me that you will follow me there and make sure I don't speed again. You keep my papers and get in your car and motion for me to go.

We pull into my driveway and I get out of my car. You get out and bring me my licenses back with my registration. We stand in the driveway and talk for a few minutes and I ask if you want to come inside for a cold drink. You agree to come in and I lead the way to the kitchen. I get us both a coke from the refrigerator and we sit down at the table.

You tell me that you enjoyed looking down my shirt and the way I had my skirt pulled up.

Hearing you tell me that got me excited and I wanted to see your breasts. Asking if you could let me see them you started unbuttoning your shirt and removed it. You then removed your bra and your breasts were amazing. I asked if I could touch them and you said you would love for me too. As I move around the table I remove my shirt so that you can touch mine also. When we get close together we both reach out to touch each others breasts.

As we are touching each other we have a slow tender kiss. Your lips are so soft my desires begin to build enormously. Your breasts feel so wonderful I lean down and kiss them softly. As I softly kiss your breasts my hand slides down between your legs. The warmth of your pussy as my hand holds it excites me even more. I start unfastening your pants as you pull my skirt up. Your fingers slide over my pussy and brush over my clit as you feel my soft pussy. I feel my pussy getting wetter and my excitement is going crazy. Your fingers slide between my lips and up to my clit. You start softly rubbing my clit and my knees get weak from the excitement.

I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom. We kiss passionately as we sit down on the bed. You push your back between my legs as you get in the floor. You push my legs apart and begin kissing up my thighs. The anticipation is driving me crazy with desire. You softly kiss my pussy and slide your tongue up and down it. As your tongue brushes over my clit the electricity runs through me. Your breath blowing on my pussy as your tongue slides over it is amazing. I lean back as your rub my clit with your tongue. My clit is throbbing as you wrap your lips around it and gently suck it. I feel you slide your fingers inside me and my excitement is out of control. My body is trembling then starts shaking as my orgasm rolls through my body.

Your face is covered with my juices as I pull you up and kiss you passionately. I pull you on up on top of me and have you sit on my face. I push my tongue deep inside you tasting your wonderful juices. Wrapping my lips around your clit I suck it tenderly and you start rocking your hips. You rub your pussy on my face covering me with your juices. I feel you trembling as your excitement is going out of control. Your body tenses and you are shaking as your orgasm thunders through you.

You lie down beside me and we kiss and touch each other. Moving between your legs we push our pussies together and begin rubbing our clits against each other. As we rub our clits together you start massaging my breasts. Our passion and excitement is going wild as we start shaking. We erupt in a magical orgasm with fireworks exploding in our minds.

Exhausted from the pleasure we lie down and hold each other as we kiss tenderly. We regain our strength and get dressed. You tell me to slow down and be careful. I tell you to pull me over anytime that you want. It was a pleasure paying the fine.



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