With each bounce Julia's moans slowly turned to screams as she exclaimed at the pleasure of the penetration began to build into orgasm. "You are so deep inside me, you fill me so completely," she moaned and groaned as Abelard met her bouncing with his own thrusts.

"I missed you so much," Julia exclaimed as she leaned over and kissed her lover. Abelard met her lips with his own and wrapped his arms around her in and embrace.

"I missed you too," Abelard whispered before once again lifting Julia off his body and placing her on the bed beside him. Julia laugh led as the Chief effortlessly maneuvered her body around so she was on all fours facing sway from him. Julia instinctively lowered her head the shoulders to the bed and reached back, spreading her ass and pussy, and waited for the inevitable penetration. And she did not have long to wait as Metellus watched Abelard move himself against his wife's round ass and forced his giant cock into Julia's already well used and stretched pussy.

Metellus watched as the chief thrust himself deep into Julia over and over again pounding away at her womanhood with ruthless and merciless efficiency. Julia's moans and screams quickly grew more raucous as her body could do nothing but steady itself against the onslaught of complete pleasure that she was receiving from her lover's thick member lodge deep inside her. Metellus could tell the Julia was racing closer to orgasm and he met her rising pleasure with his own accelerated thrusts into the throat of the slave woman wedged against the wall by his hips.

Abelard's demeanour had shifted and he now seemed to attack Julia's body, as if his incredible cock was a broad sword being plunged deep into the heart of an enemy. It was intense beyond anything Metellus had seen his wife subject too and for a moment he was concerned for her wellbeing. But he needed not worry.

"YES YES" screamed at the top of her lungs, "Fuck my married pussy. You own my body now. You can do whatever you want to me. Fuck me harder!!"

With those words Metellus could hold on no longer and he soon he began to empty his balls deep in the throat of the slave woman. He could hear her gargling and spluttering as she struggled to accept his load but he did not care for her discomfort. All he cared about was watching his wife's body tremble as she too was rocked by cascading waves of orgasm, her large breasts swaying beneath her, her nipples brushing against the sheets of the bed. her mind lost to pleasure and to primal sexual desires.

Metellus could feel the slave woman's throat contracting around the head and shaft of his cock as she struggled to swallow his surprisingly full load. But he did not offer her respite and instead stayed there pinning her head against the wall as he enjoyed the view of his wife's continued exploits and the thorough plundering of her bodies gifts by her husband 's new benefactor and protector.

After several minutes Metellus' cock started to soften and he removed himself from the slave woman's throat. She stifled a cough as she gasped for air. Metallics felt a twang of guilt at his treatment of the young woman and he helped her to her feet.

"Thank you for the gift of your load of come," The young woman said, clearly still physically recovering from her treatment. "I have never had a Roman Senator in my throat before. My Lord has said I am to make myself available to you whenever you desire".

Metellus waved away the woman's offer feigning to have no intention of further take advantage of her body. But as his wife's copulations continued at a frantic pace in the room next door Metellus could not guarantee he would relent to the temptations of the slave woman's throat or body again. Especially if it was a gift from the chief and had Julia's full blessing.

"What do I call you?" Metellus enquired as he escorted the still naked woman from his bed chamber.

"My name is Adelina but you can call me Ada if you prefer," the slave woman declared, coyly averting her gaze and not meeting Metellus's eyes. He could see now how young she was, barely 18 or 19 years old but she had clearly already experienced in terms of sex.

Metellus held out his hand to her chin and raised her face to his and smiled.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Ada," he responded, with warmth and kindness in his voice. And with a small smile returning to Adelina's face, she turned and left.

As Metellus closed the door and turned back into the now empty room, he was suddenly overcome with exhaustion. His life for months had been dominated by constant anxiety, stress, and fear. And now it was over, he could feel his mind and body quickly relent to their desperate need for rest and respite. He stumbled around the room, blowing out candles and torches until the bedchamber was lit only by moonlight.

As he collapsed onto his bed, his body seemingly sinking into the soft mattress below, he smiled to himself. He had won! He had defeated his enemies and escaped with his life and his love.

And not even the pleasure filled screams of his wife in the room next to his could stop him from falling into his first real deep and restful sleep in months.











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