The heat of his cock is pulsing in my hand the musky odor of his balls wafts up to my nostrils. Holding another man's cock sends a twinge of panic through me the only other cock I've held other than my own. The pungent taste of another man's male organ cascades over my lips as they press together over his male flesh absorbing its aroma changing it to taste on my tongue my mouth adjusting to the circumference of him.

The darkness of the closet gave me the self-confidence to continue the sexual act normally reserved for male and female copulation. That theory was tossed out the window after he just sucked me off to sexual gratification. Not doing it not out of owing him it was because I needed to. I have been dressing the part it was time to take the next step or continue to have the wondering. Taking a deep breath I moved my mouth over it. With every inch of him I accept my maleness declines. Having no idea what a girl feels the first time she does this I can only image it's about the same.

My eyes close to block him out only I can't help but think about what I'm doing. The graphic sensations transfers to my mind I see myself sucking his cock my lips curved around his shaft bring him to hardness. My other sense become acuter I hear the suckling sounds of my mouth making contact with rigid cock. Involuntary moans of discomfort as I attempt to mimic his desire of taking me the twisting motion of his mouth. The sexual suction of want because he enjoyed it. I was feeling it as my nose and eyes began to water. Gasping through my nose only sucking air in my mouth as I tried to take more of him glugging his girth as a mixture of cock secretions and my spittle ooze from the corner of my lips. His fingers blend into the hair at the top of my head not pulling but massaging. A passive feminize gasp I NEVER made before escapes my lips, full of his cock I open my eyes looking up to him I see his eyes

The light under the door exposes enough our eyes adjusted to the light we can see us! What we or I am doing, I feel a pang of shame as his eyes tell me his thoughts. Only I'm not certain of the intent. Did I look at him with the same way as he focused on bringing me to satisfaction?

His eyes have drawn mine. Directing my head my mouth to the task at hand with his subserviently I lower my gaze and my rear to rest on my calves my knees feeling the burn of the floor on them giving them relief my hands slink to the front of his thighs down round the back of them up to his ass as I change my position maintain maximum contact with his cock strain to take more of him. I hear him let out gasp his body tense. I sense he is about to cum I force myself to take more of him. His hands cup the back of my head pumping is legs pulls my face into him his thighs tighten around my face he pushes my head down on his cock.

I gulp and gasp clear air I look up to him as in the next second his hands slide down to my shoulders then under my armpits pulling me up. My mouth slips from his hard dripping cock. Pulling to a standing position his fingers guide my chin up to him as he tells me to let him taste me. His lips meet mine his tongue snakes between my lips his arms slip down my body to my hips then cupping my ass pulling me into him.

As our bodies make contact I realize for the first time my cock is bone hard it pokes against his body extracting itself from my panty. I feel the vulgar nastiness of what we are doing for a mere second as our bodies mesh our cocks hard sliding up between our bodies throbbing dripping rigid as we suckle to each other's lips. I forget for a moment that we are men. I give way into the role being the woman since I am dressed for the position. After all it's just a sham I'm no more female than he is. It's just role playing even if it is real the only shame is being caught the unrest I am feeling over the physical emotional contact it what we are doing. His aggressiveness toward me brings me to the realty of it as his fingers grope my panty covered ass clasping my flesh in his grip to the point of some pain. His maleness his control of me melting away what maleness I have in me a feeling of passivity shrouds me into submissive compliance. His mouth moves down my to my neck slightly sucking biting on my neck then down to my slight tit suckles it into his mouth lightly biting my nipple as his hand grabs my cock letting me know he is aware that I'm not a girl a pang of fear shoots though me as I feel his other hand his fingers dig under the elastic band of my panty pull my panty to the side a finger sinks into the soft most intimate part of a person's body no matter what sex they are the anus. My ass clenches out of shocked feared reflex action of protection.

Relax baby he coos. My mind explodes the what the Fuck am I doing!

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