A Note to the Reader: This multi part story is a culmination of different scenarios I have found myself in over the years. Most of the sexual situations are all based on real life experiences with slight twists, and liberties taken to weave it all together into a story. For example the strip club was real with another couple. In my mind this was always meant to morph from NonConsent (1-8) to Loving Wife if you will. Meeting my second wife did happen at work. At first it was just raw sex, but it changed over time. As all things do in life. Even today the "tone" is real and is used, but yes sometimes life and relationships change to something different or more. I have received some comments. "You can't make 20 Labor's, The aggressive lead character is softening. He doesn't know how to continue." Is he softening? Yes he is falling in love. Does that mean all the fun will stop? No. I hope the latest chapters have not let anyone down, and I hope you stay with me while I tell the story. I am thinking I should have probably 12 chapters if you will. As always please feel free to respond, reply etc.

1/5/21 EDIT Some people were upset that I filed this under Loving Wives. They didn't feel it belonged there so I am submitting it under Non-Con. I would rather have people thinking it's a soft Non-Con then upsetting people because it is too rough for Loving wives.

The Next Morning

Thank god for light blocking drapes. I slept later than I usually do. It's already 7:45AM. Mary is rolled over still asleep. I get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Did you ever notice, when you are trying to be quiet in a hotel bathroom there is no hiding the ACME Company sized flushing noise the toilets always make? I swear they got Wile E Coyote from the Road Runner cartoons to design it....Huge Overkill, LOL.

I walk out and Mary is still sleeping. I grab my phone, lay back down and do my morning ritual. I glance at my emails for anything important,and scan the headlines to see if the world is falling apart. After a little while Mary stirs, and rolls over. She sees I am awake, and gives me a big smile,"Good Morning." she says.

"Good Morning" and I reach out to brush some hair out of her face. She keeps smiling and then starts to get up.

"Hold that thought. I will be right back" and off to the bathroom she goes. She comes back having peed and brushed her teeth, and climbs back into bed. She snuggles next to me and sighs. "I can't believe I did those things last night."

"What things would that be?"

"Let's see the things I did last night, hhmmm. I had sex with Kate. I had sex with Jack. I had sex with you. I deep throated Jack. Oh and last but not least I let you tie me to a table where I sucked and fucked I don't know how many guys, and they came all over me."

"You did look sexy strapped in like that."

"Well you can tie me up anytime."

" Ok" and I hop off the bed. I rummage through my duffle and pull out the new vibrator, the mouth ring, the padded envelope with the bondage stuff, and nipple clamps. I don't think I am going to use it right now but I pull the leg bar out of the bottom of my bag and put it on the bed. The straps are straight forward, put it under the mattress with two pieces coming over the top for the hands, and two from the bottom for the ankles.

"Get off the bed."

"What? Now?"

"Off the bed now and help me set up these straps to tie you to the bed or its 10 spankings on each cheek. Sitting at breakfast will be uncomfortable with a red ass." I say in my sternest voice.

She hops off and in just a few minutes it's set up. I have her get back on the bed and one limb at a time I have her hold out a limb to strap on the padded cuffs. I then have her put on a pair of panties. This gets me a look, but no comment. I have her lay down with her feet at the bottom of the bed and I strap in her arms. Now that she can't use her hands I tell her to open up for the mouth ring. She submits, turning her head to me to put it in her mouth and then away from me to buckle it in. Just as I get the ring in her phone rings. It's Kate, so I pick it up.

"Hi, oh yeah we can be ready in 10 min. Mary is a little tied up, but I can take a quick shower. I will leave the door open. Just come on in."

Mary just looks at me and moans. She knows that she isn't moving from that bed for a bit, and she is right. I grab the thrusting vibe I got, turn it on high, pull her panties aside, and side it right in. She is already wet. I then pull her panties back to keep it in place.

"Have fun." and I sit in the padded chair next to the sofa. Leaving Mary humping and moaning with the vibrator inside of her on high. I start reading the news when Kate & Jack knock and walk in. The walk right past me because their eyes are glued on Mary.

All Kate gets out is, "Honey??"

Jack manages a "Holy shit."

I speak up from behind them, "So I thought we could start the day with a bang sort of speak for one of you ladies."

Kate looks at me naked and hard on the padded chair, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Well we are all hungry I am sure, so I thought to expedite things we could just do a quick threesome. One of you ladies tied to the bed exactly like Mary is. The guys will take advantage of you at the same time. One in each hole if you will. Once the three of us cum we can leave for breakfast. The woman that doesn't get attention this AM will be promised extra special attention from all 3 of us when we return to the hotel later."

If I had to bet I would say Mary just orgasmed. There is a huge wet spot on her panties, her face and the sheets under her mouth are a drool covered mess, and her body is humping.

Jack is in awe watching Mary, and Kate just looks at me. "I suppose the ring is a requirement?"

"Exactly like Mary." and I drop my tone like I do for Mary

"This is crazy." is Kate's response. She looks at Jack, "What do you think?"

"I think I like the way John thinks." and he laughs.

"God you are both pigs." She looks at Mary. "Please don't hate me honey but watching you has got me all rev'd up, and we felt we woke up late and Jack wouldn't fool around." Kate turns to me, "I will take her place."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." says Kate.

"Strip and get on the bed."

Kate stares at me.

"Strip and get on the bed or come over here and watch Mary get fucked."

Kate strips and climbs onto the bed.

"Unbuckle Mary's ankles and wrists, and then the mouth ring. Mary you Will Not touch the vibrator but will get off the bed, and come sit on the sofa. Jack, go put the ring in her mouth and belt it on, and then strap in her left side. I will get the right."

After Kate is strapped in Jack pulls off his shorts and polo. "Jack would you like a memento of your wifes first deep throat?"


"Mary would you like to be useful?"

She is almost pouting on the couch. "Yes please."

"Remove your panties and the vibrator and come over here."

"Jack at first she is going to fight it. She will jerk a bit, but little by little go deeper and longer and she will be deep throating you before you know it. Kate this time around you may not think its the best, but Jack obviously loved it last night. Wouldn't you like to be able to do that for your husband?"

I get rolled eyes and an "Unhuh" for and answer.

"Kate can you snap your fingers."

She snaps them to prove she can. "Since you can't tap his thigh right now snap if you need him to pull back. Jack you watch her for body language for clues and watch her eyes."

"Got it."

"Jack unlock your phone and hand it to Mary."

Mary takes it, knows what I want and starts recording. Kate realizes Mary is recording and just starts snapping. Jack holds her face, "Kate this will be so hot to watch later. It's my phone. It's only for us." Kate drops her snapping hand and turns her head towards her husband's hardon. I kneel quickly between her legs. I want to enter her pussy at the same time Jack's dick enters her mouth.

Kate is giving small retches as Jack pushes deeper a little too quick, but Kate is being a trooper and isn't snapping. "Jack back off, go a little slower. First just to the back of her mouth, with a quick poke further then pull out and let her breath. When she gets better with the quick pokes, push past the back of her mouth with quick pokes into her throat, and back out again. I promise you she will get it. She just needs practice."

"Jesus man I don't know how you got her to agree to this, but my wife is awesome." says Jack

I see Kate's eyes expressing the same thing to Jack. "Mary be sure to get me fucking Kate too. Lets not let her forget she had 2 men fucking her this morning." I have settled into a nice firm fucking. I remember from last night she liked it hard. She is so wet there is a bunch of slurping, wet sounds with every stroke and I am shiny with her juices as I fuck in and out.

Jack praises Kate. "Jesus honey I am so close to cumming and you are so close to doing it. One last push honey." I see Kate look up at Jack and give him one big blink yes. "God I love you." and you can see her eyes shine. I hope Mary got a good video of that for them. Jack starts feeding himself back into her mouth, and doesn't stop. "Oh god, oh god" Jack keeps repeating.

I am not sure if it's because Kate has done it. She has deepthroated him, or because he is about to cum. Jack then grunts and groans still buried in Kate's throat. She starts snapping, but Jack is oblivious. I bark, "Jack she is snapping, pull out" He comes to and pulls out while still cumming. Kate is coughing and spitting up somehow with her mouth wide open. His cum is all over her mouth and face.

"Mary unbuckle her and rub her jaw." Mary sits behind her, and cradles Kate's head in her lap. Jack notices Mary put down his phone. He picks it up and video's Kate's head in Mary's lap. Her face is a mess of drool and cum and Mary is gently rubbing her jaw.

Jack starts interviewing Kate. "Kate why is your face such a sexy slutty mess?" She is just laying there staring at Jack with a "really" look. I start fucking her harder, making her shake. "Kate before I start fucking you so hard you can't talk, I suggest you answer your husband."

She glances down at me, looks back at Jack. "My face is a mess because for the first time in my life I deepthroated your big dick all the way down my throat. You then came in my throat, mouth and on my face."

"Honey why are you shaking like that?"

"God, what is this 20 Questions? Pan down a bit and you will this little ladies man fucking me. He started fucking me when you started sticking your dick in my throat, and he has started picking up the pace. I bet he is going to cum real soon." Kate looks at Mary. " God he fucks hard sometimes, I like it." and the two women start giggling.

Kate wasn't far from the truth just a few more strokes and I am pulling out and cumming all over her stomach.

"John I am so close. Rub my clit please, make me cum." I reach down and start rubbing my hand in circles over her clit. Her hips start humping up. "So close. Harder please" I start applying more pressure and not 30 seconds later she is gasping and moaning as her orgasm hits her. But I refuse to stop. My hand is a blur back and forth across her clit.

Kate is gasping, moaning and bucking while strapped to the bed. Almost screaming, "Please stop. I can't. God please"

I stop rubbing her and ask "Who's hungry?" Two hands go up, and Kate moans. I send Mary to the shower. She pouts a little because I am sending her off alone. Jack and I unbuckle Kate.

Kate sits on the side of the bed, "I need a shower. You two made a mess of me." and she starts to get up.

"No you don't Kate." I tell her.

Kate looks at me, "What."

"You go in there now with Mary and there is a good chance we will be having lunch instead of breakfast. When she comes out you can take your shower."

I get a razzberry and a "You party pooper"

A few minutes later Mary is out and Kate heads in. Within 20 minutes we are all showered and dressed. We start to leave, and Kate speaks up. "Don't you want to put away the toys?"

"No, let housekeeping find it, and know that we had a lot of fun in the bed."

Again Jack & I laugh and the women shake their heads. On the way out we ask the front desk for a good local breakfast place, and they recommend a place about 5 miles away. We drive past 2 bigger chain type places, and we are all glad we did. While it wasn't a hole in the wall it wasn't spit and polished but it was clean and the food was delicious and good sized servings.

The girls are talking while looking at the tourist pamphlets. They want to go shopping at a huge mall. They keep chirping about this store or that store and now it's the guys turn to shake our heads. We know it's a lost cause. We are going to be trapped in a mall with 2 women. I look up at the TV and there is some local news story. They are doing an outside shot and I see an adult entertainment billboard, and the light goes off. I grab my phone and look it up. It's not 45 minutes away, and down the street from it is a well known steakhouse.

I kick Jack under the table to get his attention. "Hey ladies we guys will make a deal with you. We will take you shopping, if you meet a few demands."

Jack chimes in, "Yeah we have a few demands. You tell them John."

"One be kind to us. Let's plan on some time after shopping to enjoy the pool & hot tub."

Both ladies say they didn't bring a bathing suit.

"Ok so we will buy you both bathing suits, and something sexy to wear to dinner tonight. Which brings me to #2. There is a really nice steakhouse about 45 minutes from here. We want to go there for dinner."

Kate asks, "Are you guys picking what we are going to wear?"

Jack answers quickly, "Yes. No micro bikinis or anything crazy. Just something sexy for your men."

Mary moans, "Oh jesus I am having PTSD flashbacks and giggles. No Remote this time?"

"Scouts honor." I assure her.

Kate asks, "PTSD? What did he do to you before when you were shopping?" she giggles.

Mary looks around, "Lets just say it included a day with a remote control vibrator, and being tortured for hours."

Kate's hand goes to her mouth to suppress a giggle. "I don't know if I should be horrified or turned on."

Mary says, "I was both at times."

Kate looks at me. "You are a pig. A creative pig, but a pig. I don't think I want Jack playing with you. You might be a bad influence."

We all break out laughing.

We get to the mall and Jack and I fall back a step or two and just follow the women. Jack asks, "How do you do it? You got Mary to agree to try deepthroating when before if I pushed deep she would get pissed."

"Get her worked up well before hand. Cuddling on the couch with a hand over her shoulder just rubbing a nipple. Find out what turns her on and do it. If you have to eat her out and lick her ass for an hour do it."

"Lick her ass? Really?"

"Oh yeah, Mary loves it. She thinks it's dirty but she loves it. You have to get her to want to do nothing more than please you. Don't over do it today but follow my lead. Be affectionate, compliment her and I promise we will be going into that strip club tonight after dinner."

We stop to look at the directory. There is a national lingerie chain here, a bathing suit store and lots of women's clothing. I look at Jack and say "A step at a time." a little louder I speak up to the women. "Hey Mary, that store Jen works for is here. Why don't we go there and get you ladies something sexy to wear for your men tonight. Jack & I want to walk into the restaurant and have all the guys be jealous of us. We will after all have 2 of the prettiest, sexiest women in the place on our arms."

Jack adds. "Kate you haven't worn something sexy in a while. Tonight I don't want you to be a Mom, I want you to be my sexy wife."

Kate shakes her head, "I knew hanging around John would be bad for you, well me." and the girls giggle. "OK we can go look."

The walk to the clothing store included lots of other stops along the way but we finally arrive. A younger girl greets us, and promises to check back as we look around. Jack says, "Since the men are picking out the outfits you ladies sit here while we browse." and he points to two arm chairs near the dressing room. "We will bring back something for you to try on."

Jack and I start looking and I see a sexy top that will look great on them. It's basically a halter top but it's held up with some thin straps that attach to a strap that loops around their neck. The nice thing about these stores is they build an outfit for you. Shirt, pants, etc all together on one big rack. All the shirts and pants are black and white so Jack and I decided to get them the same style but alternate the colors. Kate gets a black shirt & white pants, Mary white and black. It's cooler now and they have a shawl to go with it so white for Kate & black for Mary.

Mary holds up the shirt, "Oh come on we will be on display, really?"

I kneel in front of her. "It's not revealing it's sexy. Every single guy will be jealous of us. They will be wishing they brought you two to the restaurant.

Kate looks at Jack, "And what do you have to say?"

He reaches down for her hand and pulls her up. He puts his arms around her. "This weekend is for us. Do this for me and you. I will love looking at you and I know you will feel sexy in it." and he kisses her.

"It's a good thing I love you. Come on Mary let's play dress up for them."

We hear them talking and giggling, and finally they step out. They look fantastic! The snug stretchy pants, and the shirt comes down to just under their ass, and while I won't say they are straining the tops they fit great for both of them. Just snug and clingy enough around the chest to look amazing.

Mary speaks up, "Neither of us have the proper bra to wear with this shirt."

Jack answers quickly, "No Problem they must sell them here right?"

"Jack I know just the place for that trust me." I tell him.

Mary looks at me, "Trust you? That doesn't always end well for me." She smiles and leans up to me. I make her wait just a second, and she reaches up and pulls me down and gives me a hard kiss. "I love the outfit. I can't wait to wear it for you tonight." and she and Kate walk into the dressing rooms to change.

Jack looks over at me. "Why not get them here?"

"I saw a Fredericks of Hollywood on the store directory. That will be our last stop for new bras and panties and maybe matching lingerie for later tonight. But first the bathing suit store. Sexy outfit, then a little push sexy bathing suit, then the final push sexy lingerie."

"Jesus I love the way you think."

The bathsuit store was easy. Jack pointed to the winner the minute we walked in. The front had cleavage down past their boobs with wide enough stips of material if you will that completely covered their boobs one all sides, they weren't flashing people but it was sexy. There was no real back above say the belt line, and the sides cut high up the thigh. Both women complain "We can't wear that in public." Jack caves and says we will buy cover ups, and they begrudgingly agree. I get the thinnest, sheerest cover up I can find.

Frederick's was a different story. Kate sees where we are headed. "Oh no we can't go in there."

"Why not?" I ask.

"It's not just sexy, it's, it's too much."

I walk over to Kate and tilt her chin up to me. "It's sexy as hell stuff, that you two pretty ladies will look great in, but how about we meet you halfway. Nothing crotchless and I will give Mary the final approval. We will point out what we like and if you like it great, if not you don't get it. You have to get at least a bra, panies & lingerie for tonight though, deal?"

Kate looks at Mary, and Mary nods her head.

"You two promise no pushy sales tactics?"




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