At Zach and Janelle's again, enjoying the usual mostly-nekkid wife-swapping foreplaying-around while smoking, drinking, and snorting, the subject of taking us girls to display our womanly charms at Leather and Lace's weekly amateur night came up again. This time, though, we made our men two of the happiest guys on earth by getting up and by-God DOING IT!

We all drove over, walked inside, and the boys hustled their recently-minted Hotwives through the sign-up process. The doorman then escorted J and me to the backstage dressing room, while our men secured a table towards the back. Our hubbies didn't want their presence to inhibit our interaction with the appreciative customers ogling our tits, asses, and the occasional peek of pretty, swollen pussy-lips slipping outside our G-strings in any way. They wanted those anonymous strangers to get all the sexual enjoyment they could out of us, and so did we!

The boys ordered drinks, kicked back, and waited on pins and needles for us to emerge from the backstage cloister and hit the stage with every intention of getting as naked as the law allowed. Way more so, if one of these horny strangers invited one or both of us back to the VIP room for some up-close-and-personal action. We hadn't actually discussed the possibility among our foursome, but my Cucksband already knew I loved the idea his own naughty self. At the very least, I would most certainly go all the way and get completely naked, and to hell with any stupid law!

After our recent glory hole trip (A Glory Hole First parts 1 & 2), we all just figured Janelle would follow my lead, wherever it might wind up taking us all. As I mentioned in that previous memoir, I had worked as a stripper in NYC for several years, and J had been a career peeler here in NC herself. Both of us had absolutely loved every minute of it too. In fact, every least aspect of strutting around practically naked onstage, our bare bods being drooled over and/or felt up by a roomful of desperately horny men, we both found to be a tremendous turn-on. To be paid absolutely stupid money for it seemed almost surreal to kinky, natural-born sex-fiends like us; we had long ago agreed when we first brought up our shared naughty past, that we would have happily done it for free!

Everybody sat patiently through a couple of shaky, awkward amateurs, then one quite good one. Then all of a sudden, it was my turn onstage. DAMN, it was HOT!! It had been awhile; I had almost forgotten how aroused I became from strutting, swaying, and gyrating to the music mostly naked. But it was rapidly coming back to me. I squatted down low to let a front-table cluster of men run their hands all over my bare thighs, grope my butt, and fondle my oversized (honest double-D's) boobs. I grabbed my tits and pushed them right up into the faces of these anonymous horndogs, letting them lick and suck on an erect nipple for a brief moment before moving on to the next table over to give everyone a chance to enjoy me.

Working my third or fourth table, I was in profile to Mike and Zach, so at first they didn't know what to make of it when my current customer/victim—a solid, muscular, kinda rough but good-looking guy; the boys told me it was quite obvious to everyone in the club that he had my undivided and enthusiastic attention after kneading my thighs all the way up to my by-now-wet snootch, his busy hands blocked from their line of sight by my open thighs—induced a deep, electric shudder in me that racked my whole body. My head sagged back as a long, helpless moan escaped my lips. Then I returned my intense gaze to my crotch, where M and J could see the guy's forearm moving rapidly from whatever it was he was doing to me down there.

And then our men got it: my Christiana-craving partner had slipped my G-string aside to slip his fingers into my willing, hungry pussy. More than just one of them, in fact. As my Cucksband told me afterward, the whole room could easily tell from my helpless, panting response that this man was really getting me good, which I was happy to confirm after we had all gone back to Zach and Janelle's place to enjoy some follow-up buzz replenishment, stoking an extended session of incredibly hot reminiscing. Yep, this guy was DEFINITELY masturbating me, while a whole roomful of strange men watched him doing it. Masturbating me QUITE DAMNED WELL, I might add, leaving me panting, moaning, eyes rolling, mouth open, legs spread like a porn star so as to allow this most talented fella to work more fingers more deeply inside me.

The night had only just started, and I was already on the brink of cumming right then and there, in front of a room full of horny strangers! Mike turned to Zach and said: "Watch my wife, Zach, watch her close! She's cumming! That guy is making Christiana cum! Watch her, she wouldn't want you to miss a second of this!" Which, of course, was perfectly true, and I devilishly confirmed that for our horny, pervy foursome as well. Cumming I most certainly was; it was impossible for anybody to miss when I laid back, tucked my feet up under my butt and parted my quivery, shaky knees even wider, my head and shoulders on the floor, and began to scream, "YES, YES, DO IT! OH BABY, OHHH, DO IT, DO IT TO ME BABY, MAKE ME CUM! OH GOD YES I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMMMMMINNNNNG!!"

I got off HARD, my new anonymous lover now obviously driving four fingers in and out of my steamy lovemaker, his rough ministrations making me cum and cum and cum some more—several dozen men looking on as I was absolutely ravished, overcome completely by this public quenching of my insatiable, perverted lust for domination, humiliation, and exposure in front of a totally turned-on crowd.

As this stud went on masturbating me, I began trying to wrestle the thong off my body entirely. He obliged by just ripping the flimsy thing apart, tearing it off my pumping hips, and tossing it onto the stage. Free at last, my body now completely bare, I laid back to let him continue fingering me, humping his hand as he finger-fucked my wet, open pussy and got me off again and again. Meanwhile, the bouncer rushed over to M and Z's table, a somewhat worried look on his face, and struck up a conversation with Mike which, during our swinging foursome's after-action report, he described for us stripper/Hotwives like this:

That's your wife up there, right? Girlfriend, something?

Yep, sure is. Wife.

And you're okay with all this?

FUCK YES I AM!! I love watching her get off, and I ain't threatened at all by someone else making her cum. Actually, I enjoy it; I know she fucked a whole lot of men before I ever came along, worked as a stripper at Flashdancers in New York too. She gets off on being watched, I get off on watching her, it's all good, trust me. Actually, are YOU enjoying watching her? I'll tell her later, she's sure to ask and will want to know. I know how much it turns her on to show off her naked body and her wild, kinky sexual desire publicly like this. Her biggest fantasy is to be gang-fucked by a whole lot of strange men, one after another and then all at once, in public. In fact...


Welllll, I'm thinking you might want to go lock the doors quick, to keep the cops from wandering in and ruining the party. Because if I know my super-horny little hotwife, and I surely do, this is just the beginning. I guarantee you right now, after having a man get her off so hard in front of an audience like that, she's thinking this just might be her chance to fulfill that fantasy of hers, make her wildest, wettest dream come true. And knowing how much I'd love to see it happen too, she'll make up her mind quick to do it. After that, won't nothing stop her. She's going to lay right there on the edge of that stage and take on all cummers, trust me. She's going to fuck every swinging dick in this place, and not just once either. The way she's getting off already, it ain't gonna be much longer, either.

SHIT!! Seriously?

Trust me, dude, she's real close to starting about now unless I miss my guess. By now, she's hot, she's ready, and she wants this guy's cock inside her badly; his hand just ain't gonna be enough to satisfy her. The compensation for all your trouble and risk, though, is that YOU'LL be able to get as much of her pussy as you like your own self. And trust me, you DO want some; it is SWEET, from a true sex-demon who really knows how to give it. My wife absolutely LOVES cock, as much cock as she can get, the bigger and harder the better. So after you lock those doors, you might just want to go ahead and get in the line. You notice it's already forming...


Never been more so, pal. Look at my little whore wife up there, all naked and spread and ready. Sweaty, turned on, and wanting more. Don't she look good? Ain't she sexy? How could you NOT want to get some of her pussy? Well, trust me, she wants to give it to you—you, and every other big, stiff cock in this room. I'm telling you now, she LOVES it, she NEEDS it, she can never get enough of it. You want some of that pussy, you're just about to get some. Just go lock the door and get on up there.

A line was indeed forming; several guys were milling around uncertainly, watching me writhe and moan on the stage, close but not too close to me just yet. Meanwhile, the first guy went on exploring my wet, sweaty, completely-exposed bod as I mentally prepared myself for another truly wild and crazy adventure tonight.

My first new lover suddenly straightened and dropped his pants to reveal a rock-hard erection of huge proportions, stroking it even stiffer as he leaned over my body to take a deep, hot kiss. In response to this most welcome development, I reached between my legs to grab that luscious cock and begin working it into me, moaning with painful ecstasy as I felt him penetrate my vagina.

The other fellows started finally venturing over for their own crack at this obviously horny, wild-ass slut. As they pulled their own pants down, I soon found myself with a throbbing hard-on in one hand, another in my mouth. I happily stroked and sucked away while my first lover fucked me but good—HOT DAMN, I was in a for-reals gangbang, in the flesh and not mere fantasy! Meanwhile, more of the onlookers wandered over to surround me and get some themselves. I intended to fuck them all, every last one of them. Way more than just once, if I had any say in the matter. Which I figured I probably did.

According to Mike's side of this story, as confirmed by Zach, the bouncer shot him an excited grin and a double thumbs-up as he returned from door-locking duty, taking his place in the rapidly lengthening Christiana-queue and unzipping. I smiled drunkenly over at my Cucksband as I felt my first stud spurting a huge, scalding load deep inside me, even as one of the guys I'd been jacking off simultaneously ejaculated all over my chest. Janelle came over to rub the sticky wad on my boobs, face, and erect nipples. Suddenly, my blowjob client began to shoot in my mouth as well! I sucked hungrily, trying to get every last drop of his load into my mouth. Swallowing it all down, I licked more cum off of my fingers and felt another hard prick entering my pussy.

I didn't even bother to look to see who it might be between my spread legs and inside me now; frankly, I didn't care who it was, not in the least I didn't. Why should I? I was here for the express purpose of giving myself sexually to every man who desired me, intimately offering my hot body for the erotic enjoyment of as many perfect strangers as I could take on—to get all sweaty, wet, and covered in jism from head to toe, pleasuring myself, my Cucksband, and our two swinging friends by letting them watch as I public pleasured others. As long as all the fucking and sucking and jacking and fingering kept on going, as long as the horny boys kept on cumming (and making ME cum!!) it was alllll good with me.

I was just soaking the whole luscious scene up, languidly jacking the two other now-rubbery cocks I had just brought off as yet another cocksman stepped up to press yet another big stiff one against my lips and into my waiting mouth, taking his own turn to be serviced by me. I bobbed my head ferociously, sucking his cock as hard as I could while still concentrating on the pleasure from the good fucking I was enjoying at the same time.

The whorehouse queue moved right along as I quickly and skillfully brought each of my studs to orgasm, getting off myself and keeping this outrageous fuck-fest rocking and rolling. As each of my anonymous partners got his rocks off, he would stagger back around to the rear of the line for sloppy seconds, then throbbing thirds. Yep, Christiana's Big Group-Sex Adventure had indisputably escalated into a real, no-shit orgy now, an epic fuckstravaganza, truly the stuff of Hotwife legend. My clearly aroused Cuck could only look on in horny bliss as his lust-maddened Hotwife went buck-wild sexually: taking on all cummers and cumming frantically her own bad self, all inhibition or self-doubt swamped by her supersized passion, her craving for kinky, public sex unleashed once more."

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