Disclaimer: This story is original and involves characters all above 21 years of age. It is entirely fictional and is not meant to represent anyone either real or fictional. Please feel free to send feedback as this is my first attempt. The story is based on the first person narrative of a fictional character named Sammie.

Sammie Returns to the Clinic

A few days later while you were just laying in bed wondering what you were going to make yourself for breakfast your phone rang. "Hello? Sammie speaking."

The voice on the other line said without emotion, "Dr Petrova needs to see you back at the clinic this afternoon. She will give you your results then. One instruction she wants me to give you. You are only to drink water today. No other food or drink. We will see you at the clinic at 4 o'clock sharp. Good-Day." With that she hung up.

You recognized the voice of the office assistant. You caught yourself remembering the way she walked away in that leather skirt that accentuated her long legs. You could just see the tops of her stockings where they met the hem of her skirt. You could feel a twinge of energy pulsing in between your legs, remembering your first appointment at the clinic. You decided that this time you really wanted to impress Dr Petrova. She was in your opinion someone who would appreciate effort and style. You decided that you were going to break off work after lunch today to give yourself time to prepare and give yourself something to think of other than missing breakfast and lunch. Fortunately, you were from home on Wednesday so it wouldn't be inconvenient.

At 12 o clock you turned off your laptop, poured yourself your 5th glass of water and after drinking it, went out to a shop that's close to where you live. It wasn't your first visit to Isolde's Bedroom Closet and when you walked in Isolde, or Izzy as she calls herself, the beautiful and curvy shopkeeper, greeted you with enthusiasm. "Sammie, you're back so soon," she said with a wink. "What's your pleasure this time?"

"I need something with the look of a cross between alluring urban professional and submissive Slovenian sex slave," you grinned as you teased Izzy by licking your lips.

"I do like a challenge," she retorted. "Come with me," as she guides you through a bead curtain into a room filled with lingerie, much of it leather, vinyl dresses and many beautiful clothes.


By the time you left the store you had been transformed. Not only had you and Izzy had one of your many "chance encounters" - which is a story unto itself that we must save for another day - but Izzy had given you a complete makeover, styled your hair and given you what you asked for.

From the outside with your white coat, plaid knee length skirt, and one inch heels you looked lie you could go to a parent teacher meeting. What lay underneath was the surprise you had for Dr. Petrova. A short cab ride later you arrived at the clinic.

Your head was filled with questions as you walked through the door. You barely took in the stairway or the corridor and found yourself standing above the assistant's desk.

"Sammie. Good. Please leave your coat on the coat rack and walk right in to the examination room. You remember the way?" she nodded without looking for your reply. She watched as you removed your coat. She watched as you revealed that underneath you were dressed like a school girl with a white blouse, a plaid tie that matched the plaid skirt, black stockings and your black shoes. "Did you know Dr Petrova also works at an all girls' college? She will enjoy your sense of irony." You walk through the door and into the red room.

The three nursing students in their clinical uniforms are standing by some new equipment. There is no one else in the room. The tallest one with the olive skin smiles at you sweetly, saying "Hello Miss Sammie. I am Sonia. This is Tanya and this is Sophia. I am sure you remember us from last time." She went on to explain their roll in their clinical rotation and that they were obligated to make a class project regarding their involvement with Dr Petrova's clinic. They asked if you would consent to their work and produced a form that looked much like a standard university release that you signed quite quickly thinking of your own nursing training, wanting to help out others just starting out.

Tanya, the more heavy set but with the most engaging eyes asked you to sit in the tall chair that was positioned beside her. It looked like the kind of thing they had in a dental office but with a few more features. Sophia held out a clothes hanger and asked you to remove you top and bottom. You were somewhat disheartened that you had been asked to keep your underwear on this time. But you were relieved things were likely going to be much easier.

The chair began to recline as you sat on it. In seconds you were lying flat and the arm and leg rests automatically shot out a set of clamps that pinned your limbs down and the thighs, shins as well as at wrists and elbows. Once again you could barely move. It was then that everything became blindingly bright as your eyes adjusted to the film lights that the students had turned on. It was then you saw the cameras at various angles pointed towards the chair. It was also then the nursing students saw what you had on - a black leather body harness that circled and accentuated your breasts that wrapped around your abdomen and connected with black lace crotchless panties and a matching garterbelt connected to the black thigh high stockings. Both Sonia and Tonia stood dumbstruck with their mouths hanging open - was she drooling?

You tried to turn your head to look at Sophia but she was already behind the camera at your side documenting their project. It was then you realized that you just consented to them make a video with you practically naked - worse than naked. You flashed back to the countless times you went to project day to see the nurses projects. You didn't remember any videos but that was before computers made video making much easier. What you did recall were all of your colleagues that attended. Colleagues who may see this video too. Just as you were about to voice your dissent, Phaedra walked in the room with her short tight nursing uniform. You could see her body sway as she walked. She had something in her hand. She reached towards you as she said hello and with a quick movement had put a ball gag over your mouth. "Shhhh" she whispered. "Dr Petrova is coming shortly." She let her eyes cast a glance all over your body. Your nipples standing straight up. With that she took riding crop off the wall and gave you a series of smacks on your arms and legs. "That is for coming here dressed like a whore!" she hissed.

She then stood at the foot of the bed with her eyes to the camera and explained the project to the students. "Today you will be part of an exciting new innovation. You are witnessing the birth of a new medical marvel. Compound SM2369 is a molecule just isolated from human pheromones that has the capacity to treat pain, depression, low libido and addictions. It has been discovered by Dr Petrova and her research department. Today she will demonstrate a novel peripelvic electrostimulation tool that causes the release of SM2369 in susceptible individuals. We are lucky to have patient Sammie here to volunteer. We truly value her commitment to helping scientific advancement."

With these last words Dr Petrova and an unnamed person dressed androgenously entered the room. Dr Petrova smiled as she saw Sammie in her beautiful and erotic undergarments. "Sammie, its so nice to see you. This is Darcy, they will be assisting me with some note taking. Darcy please sit close to Sammie so you can gauge her responses accurately." There was something about Darcy. They were beautiful and handsome, strong but slight. Did I know them from somewhere?

Dr Petrova continued. "Your test results were all good. The reason I called you back is because of what you just heard. Substance SM2369 will make history and you Sammie will make history with it. Your body created about ten times the amount we have ever seen in a test subject. We need to isolate enough that we can replicate it. To that end, today we will need to take a larger blood sample. But first we must provide you with the proper stimulation to evoke a strong enough response."

"Also, I am sorry about the ball gag but we don't want to overwhelm the microphones with your vocalizations. I do want to explain what we are doing to the cameras as we proceed, OK?"

Obvious you could not respond verbally. You shook your head like you were trying to get their attention but everyone there ignored your gesture.

Dr Petrova went on. "Nipple suction is one of the stimulants for SM2369. We have found in the past few days that suction and current is theoretically going to be more powerful still. Here you can see how I apply these."

The sting was intense and caused you to cryout a muffled cry.

"Next, there is the peripelvic stimulator. There is the vaginal probe which we insert after applying this conductive gel. Then there is a series of vibrating electro-coils that surround the vaginal region, the largest for the clitoris. They are positioned as so."

She turned them on low and you felt the familiar nice feeling of the probe warming and moving in and out between your legs, while that leg rests of the table slowly spread apart causing your vagina and anus to be completely visible to all in the room - a perfect view for Sonia's camera. The vibrating coils started and you were about to think this was going to be much more pleasureable when the electric shocks started.

There were four coils - one at each side of your cunt and one on top of your butthole and one on your clit. The shocks were individual at first and very short lived, each one came with the vibration - one half second, then it would rotate to the next.

The shocks became stronger - each one lasting a little longer - they started into a circular pattern - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 . Over and over, Stronger and stronger. The probe started shooting currents inside the moment between the electro- coils. You could feel waves of pain welling up within. All the while the thrusting, the stimulation of your clit and butthole with the wonderful vibrations was making you so very wet. Drool was starting to pool in your mouth and slide down your chin.

"Look at her" you could hear Sonya whisper, "what a slut. I bet she likes this."

You felt the nipple shocks increase as Phaedra intensified your sensations pouring hot wax down your chest and abdomen.

"Ahhhh" you tied to scream in vain again.

The pulsing building, your eyes wide open to the may eyes watching you as you began feel it. It started like a far off sound but gradually became stronger and stronger. You felt like you wer going to pass out or maybe throw up - you had no idea - just this wave of energy building through out your body. By now, your cunt was gushing and the probes pulse were only more intense with the liquid intensifying conduction. IT FELT LIKE YOU WERE STRUCK BY LIGHTENING. Wave after wave of intense pain and pleasure simultaneously crashed through you like a tsunami with you tossing and turning in the giant undertow. YOU COULD NO LONGER SEE ANYTHING BUT A BRIGHT TUNNEL OF LIGHT. All sound was gone but a quiet high pitched ringing. You felt the sting of a needle in your left arm.

And then it was gone.

You were floating in the sky, above a tropical sea. Wait was it on a boat? Where were you?


BOOM. Crashing back into your chair with all eyes upon you. Dr Petrova looking almost alarmed. "She's OK everyone." You could hear sighs all around. She had just pulled your gag off and was holding it in her hand.

"We were worried for a moment. You almost flatlined there. But you made it. We are so thankful to you" Her lips met yours and you felt her tongue against yours. All the sudden you remembered you had nothing in your mouth all day. Her tongue felt amazing. Her taste was amazing, You were transfixed. You kissed her passionately.

The nursing students and Darcy loaded up the photography equipment as Phaedra undid your restraints. All the while your lips were locked with Dr Petrova. She was so happy that you were going to help her help so many people. It had been years that she had been working on this. When she saw the way you dressed she thought she would still be able to maintain professional boundaries. But, with almost losing you in the procedure she became lost in the moment too...











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