"Oh God, yessss," she cried, "take my cunt, it's yours to use as you want." She grabbed his ass, "fuck me, fuck me with that huge cock of yours," she wrapped her legs around him as he picked up the pace even more. Beth felt more stimulation than she'd ever felt before and with the audience, she felt the ache growing in the womb. She gripped the sweaty back as she cried out she was cumming.

Jerry felt the writhing, sweaty body against his and tried to pull out, but the girl was too far lost in the orgasm throes and her legs were incredibly strong so he let it happen.

Bob wanted to jump up but also to do what Phil saw doing seeing his guest grunting out he was cumming and spasming inside Beth's pussy. He knew she was at her peak and she always made him wear condoms during these periods. He resigned himself to knowing another man was emptying his balls into his wife's womb for the first time. He'd never seen anything so erotic in his life as the sweating couples held each other tight and writhed against each other. He thought it might be over and everyone would get back to their lives when he heard his wife's voice.

Beth grabbed the man's face as he came, their mouths locked together much as their crotches were attached. She wanted to merge with the man, pressing her cunt hard against his cock reveling in the knowledge a man she'd just met was spewing his sperm deep inside her. When both went limp, she stroked his back, "So, since all this is just hypothetical, if you'd won the hand would you keep me to yourself or offer me to your friends?" she panted.

Jerry looked over, "Hypothetically? I'd prefer to keep you to myself all night, but that's being selfish. I see no reason I wouldn't let anyone who wants use you any way they want to have their way with you," he said.

"Ooooohhhhh, I love how you say that. So, tell them hypothetically what they can do to me," she said breathlessly.

Jerry got up, his long slick cock dangling between his legs, "Guys. She's yours. Why don't you three," he pointed at Phil, Mike, Steve make use of this fine piece of meat," he smiled hearing Beth groan happily as he said that.

As she stood up, she looked at Phil, Mike, and Steve, "Guys, I'll need some lube, so I'll grab that and clean up a little so get naked and I'll be back." She walked naked over to the poker table and pressed down hard on it, "This is a solid piece of furniture, it'll work," she smiled. "Jerry, you want to shower? I'll get you a towel."


Jerry came back in and looked over to Cliff and Bob, their eyes glued to the sight of their three friends covering the smaller girl. "Bob, Cliff. When they're done you both look like you'll need some of that," he smiled thinking how nice he was to allow Beth's husband access to her holes. "Sorry to tell you this, Bob, but I don't remember ever cumming so hard. She's an incredible piece of ass."

"Yeah. I know," Bob mumbled. He looked over at Cliff, "I assume you..." he looked back as the grunts were louder.

Beth was on top of Mike with Steve thrusting into her ass while Phil was being deep-throated by the girl. The table was solid as it barely wobbled under the weight of the four naked people.

"I'd really love to but I can't," Cliff sighed, "She's my sister. She'd never let me."

"She was. Now she's a horny slut who is eagerly opening her legs for a hard cock. She'll pull you inside, trust me," Jerry said feeling his cock coming back to life.

Bob sighed, "I really fucked up, didn't I?" he said mostly to himself. He'd rarely felt harder and wondered what a used pussy would feel like. He'd taken the panties out of his mouth to drink a beer and he was stroking his cock with them.

"Fucked up? I think you opened up an exciting new chapter in both your lives. Did you know she did anal?" Jerry asked. "I didn't think so. She's the best cocksucker I've ever experienced, she's incredibly tight and now she'll offer you her ass?" I'd say you won in the long run."

"I don't think he's thrilled she's letting all their friend fuck her. We've hung out for years and these guys have overtly flirted with her at pool parties, barbeques, the cruise in the Caribbean, and other get-togethers with nothing but frustration. She's been the most lusted after wife or girlfriend of our group," Cliff sighed. "I confess I might have jerked off once or twice fantasizing I'd get her naked," he said looking over at Bob, "Sorry man, but it's true."

They watched as Beth swallowed rapidly when Phil cried out he was cumming. Bob sighed seeing this, "And that was also a first," he said. "She never even let me cum in her mouth let alone swallow."

It wasn't long before Steve also cried out he was cumming in her ass, leaving Mike alone with the disheveled blonde. He whispered something in her ear and the other men watched as they climbed off the table.

Beth pulled Mike close, kissing him while her left leg wrapped around his waist. She looked at him and whispered, "I want you to fuck me hard, but cum in my ass. I want to feel what being fucked in the ass is like without...you know, other cocks inside me."

The two men grinned at Bob as they headed towards the bathroom to clean up, "She's incredible," Phil sighed.

"Better than incredible," Steve grinned. "I hope I get to fuck that cunt of hers next time." he looked back before heading out.

Phil and Steve came back and sat down on either side of Bob. Beth's chest was pressed into the table, her ass cheeks rippling with each impact as Mike pounded her cunt. They could not believe the flirty but off-limits girl they'd know for years was eagerly begging for their cocks. Phil looked over at Bob, "Are you ok? I mean you don't seem upset, but how will you feel about this tomorrow?"

The man snorted watching as his friend pulled out and drove his cock into his wife's ass. "I fucked up. I get it now. I took her for granted not considering her feelings. I hope once she is done tormenting me she'll have gotten it out of her system." He sighed as Mike cried out he was cumming, pressing his hips hard against that tight ass.

Beth was walking slowly as she headed out to the bathroom. She glared at the men sitting there, "It's your fault if I can't walk tomorrow. You guys are mean," she grimaced.

Beth padded back into the family room after cleaning up as best she could. It seemed like no matter how much cum she wiped leaking out of her, more kept coming. She finally felt a bit less messy and brushed her hair before heading back. The aching in her crotch had faded and she felt anticipation for what she wanted next. This would be the sluttiest thing she'd ever done in her life.

Cliff smiled at his sister as she came back in, "Feel better now? I think Bob learned his lesson," he said. "Really?" he asked as she pulled him to his feet leading him over to the couch. "Are you sure about this? I'm your brother."

"Not tonight. Bob established I'm nothing more than a whore to be used by various men tonight...wow! I see you aren't really against this," she sighed

Cliff had let his sister take off all his clothes then sat down when she was done. Her small hand on his cock and her tongue licking up the shaft was just like many images he'd had about her. It was incredibly arousing seeing her kneeling between his legs her mouth opening over his cock.

Beth felt a rush knowing she was crossing a line as the plump head pushed between her lips. Feeling many sets of eyes on her she intentionally opened her legs wide as she knelt between her brother's legs further exposing her swollen cunt and ass. She moaned happily as her brother pressed her face onto his cock wanting more.

Cliff had never been sucked off like this before amazed by his sister's skills and assumed she'd just suck him off since fucking would be taboo but when he felt himself getting close as her lips kept pressing against his pubes she stopped.

Beth wiped her mouth off, pulled her brother to his feet, and lay back on the couch legs spread wide. "Ok, brother. I know you've fantasized about this. Come on and fuck your sister," she smiled.

Cliff looked over at his friends, "Not a word of this. No one can know," he ordered.

Beth nodded, "I doubt mom would be happy, though dad? He'd ask when he gets to...Oh shit! Nice!" she grunted as her brother's cock slid all the way in. Her hands explored her brother's naked back and ass as the man tenderly fucked her. She thought about all the different ways all the men drove into her. She then realized until now, she was used, her various holes were simply there for their pleasure. Cliff was the first to make love...to slowly savor her pussy. His mouth was on her nipple, a hand cupping her ass as he plunged his cock into her slick pussy.

Cliff wanted Beth to cum first but his level of arousal had been increasing all night watching the various acts performed on or by his sister. He tried to hold back but hearing her soft voice in his ear telling him it was ok he arched his back, driving in as deep as he could as the wonderful aching jets of cum splashed into his sister's womb. He finally collapsed next to the beautiful girl on the couch. "Sorry, I should have pulled out and I feel really bad. I never cum before my partner. I hope you don't get...I sure unloaded a lot inside you."

Beth stroked his face, "Yours and a few others," she sighed, "Bob always wanted kids and who knows? Maybe we'll have a blonde kid, maybe brown-haired." She kissed her brother, "Don't worry about me. I lost count of my orgasms a long time ago." She slapped his ass, "Let's get cleaned up."


Beth and Cliff came back in having both showered and looking refreshed. The blonde went over to her husband and straddled his lap, "In the future, don't assume. You want something, ask," she looked over at the table. "It's a good table, but it seems such a waste to use it just once every couple of months. Rather than have it at different houses each week...why not have the weekly poker nights here?" She ground her bare pussy against his cock, "I'll change my volunteer shifts to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so I can be here every Friday to get you guys beers or whatever you desire."

Bob nodded, "I'm sorry about tonight...last night, but are you sure about this? Won't the guys expect...?"

"Expect us to be good hosts? I'd hate to disappoint them," she smiled. She looked over her shoulder at the five men, "You wouldn't take advantage of me being a good hostess, would you?" She looked thoughtful, "I need to go shopping. I just realized I don't have a maid's outfit." She looked over at the table, "Doesn't that seat eight? Who else can you invite?"











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