Donna and I have been married for about 15 years. She is now 40, 5'1", maybe 140lbs. She does have huge 36E cups boobs. Loves sex. Anyway, over the years we have had a great sex life. Little kink, little swinging, many things. Through it all we have a great relationship.

Before we meet she had a really kinky life, she tells of trying just about everything once or twice. She does enjoy BDSM. She loves being submissive. She says the felling of surrender and no guilt as she is worked on by doms and dommes is one of her favorite kinks.

A few times over the years she had short one night or weekend romps with BDSM friends. I always knew, sometimes I even watched. I always made it clear she could have any bdsm date/weekend she wanted whenever she wanted, that I found it hot. Lately she has gotten that BDSM bug and hinted she wanted to explore it deeper than ever. Of course, I fully agreed.

After a few weeks of futile online bdsm dating site, she got an email that interested her. She pursued it and few days later came to me and explained, this guy was guy who used to dominate her, "back in the day". After some discussion, I agreed she should meet with him. The idea was that they meet for lunch, see if the spark is still there, and figure it out from there. He was coming to town for a work thing and would extend his stay a few days over the weekend. So, the date was made for next Friday at 4 pm at his hotel bar.

The day came, she got herself already for her "date". She looked like a million bucks in her heels, and sundress. I did notice she was not wearing any panties. She said that Ken never allowed panties, so she wanted to show she him that she remembered. She took off for the Hyatt about 3. She sent her standard Im here, all is good text. About 7 she text'd and said she was coming home and that Ken was coming with her. She felt it was better for him to spend the weekend at our house instead of the Hyatt. She said Ken was with good doing her with me watching. Not sure how I thought about this. Normally we are not at our house when she is being kinky, but...I guess location wasn't that important.

A bit later her car pulled in the driveway. Her sundress had few too many buttons opened and clearly, she lost the bra as those E cups were swinging away under the thin fabric of the dress. I noticed Ken had a leash in his hand and the leash chain run from his hand down and turned up under her dress.

He lead her into the house. I was out on the porch, and Ken lead Donna out to meet me. Donna stood there while Ken introduced himself. We traded pleasantries and I asked so what happened to her bra and were does that chain go? He laughed, "Her bra is in her car. She won't need one for the weekend, and chain runs to her clamps." As he lifted her dress to reveal a pair of labia clover clamps secured in place. "I think its great you have relationship like you do. Any issues with me using her everywhere around her?" We discussed what he wanted, which was total control/ownership of her until he left town on Sunday. He promised I could watch every second if I wanted to, but that he needed to know I was totally on board with being his total BDSM slave. He said wanted the freedom to you use her whenever and however in our house. She was nodding her approval. I agreed. We hook hands.

He then turned to Donna and pulled the dress off. Now she is standing on the porch wearing heels and labia clamps. He smacked one her tits, making it swing and tugged on the chain and said, great lets my stuff out of the car. He lead back through the house and out into the driveway...where the neighborhood could see her, he got multiple bags out of the car and they carried them into the guest room.

I could hear they are starting and gave them 15 minutes or so to get settled into their play and I walked to the guest room. The door was wide open. Donna standing at the footboard of the bed. Her ankles tied to the bed's a queen, so she was split wide open. Her hand cuffed behind her back. Ken was flogging her tits and belly. She looked so hot. I like her bushy, so she keeps herself natural and her pubic hair was soaking wet. Ken just went about his flogging of her like I wasn't there. Slowly worked over tit, belly, and down her legs. Then Ken changed from flogger to crop and he started on her neck and face. He wasn't hitting her hard, but the crop was starting to redden her neck and face. He stopped and asked if she would like to safe word out of her weekend. She shook her head NO. He then began tp fuck her mouth with two fingers, then back the crop on her face and back to fingering her mouth. Back and forth he went. Eventually she was red from head to knees. He then pulled a very large nipple clamps. HE tightened the first clamp to her right nipple and pulled the chain around behind her back to the left nipple. Her nipples were pulled viciously out and round her. Stretching them and her tits.

He released her for the footboard and pushed her to her knees. She opened her mouth, knowing what was coming next, as Ken pulled out cock that had to be 8" and allowed her blow him.

After a few minutes of sucking, he was hard, it was huge. He moved her so she was lying over the footboard, stretched and tits on the bed, her feet on the ground. He then stared working on her asshole with his fingers. After a few minutes he put that huge cock in her pussy. She was so wet it went right in! He proceeded to fuck her stupid. She was even orgasmed twice during her fucking. He cum in her, pulled out, rolled her over onto her back and started on her stretched out tits with that crop. She was half delirious. While he was doing this, he turned to me and finally acknowledged my presence, "Its getting late, how about running out and picking up some pizzas", he stated matter-of-factly. Amazingly I said, "Sure", and went to the truck keys to go get pizzas.

When I returned with the food, Donna had clearly just gotten out of the shower. She was still red on her tits and belly. We eat the pizza and drank wine. He and I got to know one another. She didn't eat much, but she had few glasses of wine.

After we ate. He cuffed her hands behind her back, put those labia clamps back on her and led her out on the porch where had her give him a blow job. She was working hard for a while when he stopped her. He announced he going to bed and taking her with him. He tugged that labia clamp leash and led her down stairs to the guest room. I sat on the porch, had a cigar, and wrapped my head around how hot she looked and how turned on she seemed.

Maybe and hour or so passed. It was late, but I decided to check on them. When I got to the guest room, he had her on the bed, on her back. Her ankles were cuffed and attached, by chain, to the corners of the headboard. Her legs were lifted high and split wide open. He had a few pillows under her ass. Her hands were free, and he was balls deep in her ass! He wasn't pounding away at her, but he fucking her hard considering how big he was and how far his cock was pumping in and out of her. I watched them for a while until he came deep in her ass.

Later that night she crawled into bed with me. Asking how I was doing. I told her not as well as she was, but I good with it if she was good. She gave me a blow job and passed out.

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