12: Monday, July 13, 1440 hours CST: Colby's Torment

Zach awoke when Colby ran a cool hand across his brow. She was sitting on the edge of the bed next to him. She leaned down and they tongue kissed for a while, just saying hi in a nice quiet waking up kind of way. She got up again to go get a glass of water. She was wearing a knockout purple summer dress. He looked at his phone to see what had happened to his alarm. It was only 1440; she was early.

From across the large room, with her glass of water, Colby said, "I half expected to find you balls deep in another woman."

"Well you know it's happening sometime, which I suppose is your point."

"I don't want to share you."

"This situation is far from ideal for me, as well. Frankly, it's a madhouse. But I have a role to play in these women's lives. I want to be available to them. It's my choice. I chose it. Colleen gave me the chance to decline the mission, and I didn't."

"Oh, so now it's 'Colleen'."

Fuck. Shit. Zach was going to give that bait a wide berth. "I'm glad I didn't say no, because I got to fall in love with you."

"Is that the only reason?"

"Isn't it enough of a reason?"

Colby ran over, hugged Zach hard, and cried. They lay down on the bed, she crying softly into his chest. He held her, and his body demanded one thing. Feeling her so close to him was driving him insane. His cock strained and itched in his pants to be inside her. As she cried, he ran his hands over her, trying to comfort her as well as give his itching need to be with her some release. His hand ventured to her breast and he rubbed it and felt the nipple harden. She looked up and saw the raw lust in his eyes. "Don't you ever quit?" she asked incredulously.

"I've missed you so much," he said, looking at her intently. "I've missed you specifically you, Colby Lincoln." He was almost crying now. She just wasn't getting it. Her tiny hand ventured past his waist and found the bulge of his rock hard throbbing cock.

"Well you're hot to go," Colby sighed, "So I won't leave you hanging. I love you, so I'm not going to torture you. I can give you what you obviously need now and sort myself out later." As she was saying this, Zach got down under her dress, moved her panties aside and began to tease her lips with his tongue. "None of this," she said, moving away from his mouth, getting off the bed, and starting to undress, setting her things on a nearby chair. He joined her, throwing most of his clothes straight into his clothes hamper. When he turned around, she was standing there, lean tiny naked chocolate perfection. "Where's the lube?" she asked.

"But-" started Zach.

"No, this is for you," she said, "unless you want head, or even, you want my anus, baby? Would that make you cum a big load?"

Zach couldn't even think. He wanted it all. But he knew she was just handling him. Dealing with his visceral need to be with her. He was upset with himself. "This isn't right," he said. "You're sad right now, and you're not interested."

"I want to give it to you, baby," Colby insisted seductively. "Lay back and let your REAL girlfriend take care of you." She squirted lube onto both her palms and stroked the lube up and down Zach's cock, gripping him nice and tight. Her hands felt SO GOOD! He grabbed her breasts in his hands and felt their delicious firm softness. She grabbed a towel for her hands, and he grabbed her, threw her down on the bed, spread her, and speared her in almost a single motion, so great was his need. "Oof!" she groaned.

And then he pounded her like a maniac, his cock driving farther and farther into her while she hung on for dear life. Her teeth bared in a grimace, whether from pain or pleasure, and he tensed and exploded into her with a howl, "AAAAAAAHHHHHRRRR! Oh God!" His orgasm filled him forever, until he relaxed and fell to a crouch above her. "Did I hurt you?" he croaked.

"NOW I'm turned on," she beamed, "I've never EVER seen a man cum that hard. I'm very proud of myself."

Zach moved in her again. He loomed above her, watching her beauty and taking exquisite pleasure in her tight loins. Tears began to fall from his eyes, splashing randomly on Colby as he covered her vigorously. "Hold me," he pleaded as he continued to move in her harder and harder. What the hell was happening? Tears were pouring out of him.

She gripped his rippling muscular ass with her tiny hands. "I've got you, baby," she cooed, tears spilling from her own eyes to join his.

(To be continued)











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