All of us straight guys want to know if we can please a girl with what we have. For a long time, it was thought that the bigger the penis, the more intense the sex and the greater the orgasm. It sounds right on the surface; after all, whoever's watched porn would think so. But I learned back in college it's far from the truth. It all started at the beginning of my freshman year in college. I made friends - male & female - with my fellow alumni, acing my classes, and excelling as a DJ on the campus radio show. But all the while, I was missing one thing: a girlfriend. Now, I never was awkward around girls, not even back in middle or high school, but I felt my charm with the fairer sex was gone when I hit college.

I didn't mind it all too much, as I was busy with my studies & hosting, but it occasionally got me thinking. I would ask myself questions ranging from: "Do college girls have different standards?" I would think quietly: "Do the girls on campus hate me for something I said on the air?" and: "Could I even satisfy a girl?" Well, I got my answer to the last question after returning to campus after Christmas break. I went for a jog after my classes and took a shower in the locker room, as I always did back then. I was in the shower, washing my hair, when I suddenly heard high-pitched screams from behind. Screaming too, I turned around to see three of the popular girls, one of them the cheerleading captain, recoiling at the sight of my naked body.

"Sorry, we went through the wrong door," one of them said as they all tried to shield their eyes. I was about to say that was fine, expecting them to run out of the locker room, but then, the cheerleading captain's eyes went really wide.

"Oh my God, girls, look at him," she exclaimed, pointing at me. The other two girls looked at what she was pointing to... my penis. They all started pointing and laughing, and the one who first apologized couldn't contain herself.

"Man, he's got practically nothing," she said through her hysterics, to which the third girl added:

"Yeah, how can he be that small?"

"Easy," the captain said, "someone stole his dick and replaced it with a little boy's pee-wee!" The girls left shortly after that, still laughing. What they said wracked me with anxiety that hung around all the way back to my dorm room. When I got there, I went into the bathroom with a ruler and measured myself. Erect, I was about 3 inches long; flaccid, I was barely half that. I was crushed at this discovery, and I didn't know what to do. I took a pee after measuring myself, during which I heard the door open. After I was done, I peeked out the bathroom door to see my female dormmate, Mia, sit down on the couch.

Now, Mia lived with me since our other male dormmate, Troy, moved into the fraternity house he had pledged. She was an exchange student from England with a sweet disposition and a strong brain. I secretly had been attracted to her but kept my feelings to myself, as I didn't want to come off as a perv. Instead, I considered her a female friend, a "Gal Pal" if you like. Knowing she was here, I decided to play it cool. I hid the ruler in the medicine cabinet, flushed the toilet, and went back out to see Mia.

"Hey man, how are you?" she asked.

"Good, classes were boring, as usual, so my jog cleared my mind," I said as we began our homework. About 10 minutes into homework, the phone rang. Mia answered as she recognized the number on the caller ID: it was one of her classmates. They got to chatting, but the phone volume was just loud enough for me to hear everything. The other girl was saying. I suddenly heard her mas Mia: "Hey, is Mini Man there?"

"Who's Mini Man?" Mia replied.

"You know, your dormmate!" the girl told her as she started laughing; my blood ran colder than the outside air. I kept watching out of the corner of my eye as Mia asked the girl:

"What are you talking about, Sarah?" "Sarah" then explained she had run into the cheerleading captain who gossiped about my penis to her. Mia exhaled, seemingly in shock, but then jumped down Sarah's throat. "Okay, that's immature and inappropriate, Sarah. Just because you and the rest of the girls haven't gotten any doesn't give any of you the permission to judge a guy's penis," she said as she hung up abruptly. Mia then came over and sat on the couch next to me. "Is it true they said they saw you in the shower and made fun of your penis?" she asked.

"Yes, what started as an honest mistake, them coming into the wrong locker room, quickly turned into humiliation for me," I said. Taking my hand, Mia told me:

"That's just despicable. I know two of those girls, and I know they haven't seen a guy's penis before today, let alone gotten laid."

"I thought because no one else was in the locker room, this wouldn't go across campus," I replied, "I guess I was wrong, though." The phone rang again, and Mia answered; it was the cheerleading captain this time. Mia said: "Yeah, you gonna take another jab at my dormmate?" After another tangent the captain couldn't defend herself in, Mia hung up, hugged me, and said:

"Look, pay no attention to what they say. They must be watching too much porn and believe a penis shorter than 12 inches is inadequate. By tomorrow, this should all blow over." I thanked Mia for the reassuring words, and we went back to our homework, going to bed around 10 PM. The next day began as I had come to expect, but then during lunch, the same girls who saw me in the shower pointed me out and spilled the beans about what they saw to everyone within earshot. I returned to the dorm humiliated and was greeted by Mia, who noticed the look of dismay on my face. She asked me if I was down because of my dick, I said I was, and she began comforting me.

"Listen, your penis is fine the way it is, and I have a way to prove it," Mia said.

"How are you gonna prove it?" I asked.

"Just wait, I'll be right back," she replied. I spent the next ten minutes or so wondering what Mia had planned for me. I got my answer when she returned to the dorm living room completely naked. "It's time for me to prove it; follow me," she said. I did, and Mia led me to her bedroom, where she threw the covers off the bed and laid down. She pulled a condom out of the drawer of the nightstand, handed it to me, and told me to strip.

"Wait, Mia, are you saying you want me to bang you?" I asked.

"Yeah, let's say that," she replied, "how else can you be sure your dick is perfect?" Thinking I wouldn't get laid for a while after this, I got naked and let Mia take in the sight of my body, penis included. "Okay, you're still soft," she said, "let me get you started." Mia then began feeling me up, taking special care as she stroked my dick. I was hard within a few minutes or so. "That looks fine to me," said Mia, "just cover it up and let's get busy." I put the condom on, and per Mia's instructions, I slipped it in carefully. "Feels good so far," she said, "keep going." I did so, and about 10 minutes later, Mia wrapped her legs around me; she then shouted in ecstasy and orgasmed.

"See, I told you," she said as she came down, "your cock pleased me just fine." Feeling good about that, I told Mia I had to shower for the following day. She said okay and that she would wait for me to finish to shower after me. I was dancing the whole time I was in the shower. "I got a girl to cum; life is about as good as it gets," I thought. Well, as it turned out, life was about to get even better than I thought. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; stay tuned. Mia hit the shower once I was out. We both dried off and went to bed. The next day, I went to my classes, letting the "little boy pee-wee" comments from the students roll off my back.

This included the following one from the cheerleading captain, who started the whole rumor about me: "Hey, Lil' Weiner, we're curious: can you pee standing up, or do you have to sit like us girls?" She and the other girls she found me with laughed out loud; one of them even said I was "more than welcome" to use the girl's room if I sat down. I just smirked and said: "If you wanna see, I can show you," and went to unzip my fly. The captain stopped me and said: "Oh no, that's fine!" Another girl asked her:

"Yeah, you can't pee in public, right?"

"True," the captain replied, "but he probably might not wanna embarrass himself again." The girls laughed and left, but I was set to see them again... under the most unlikely of circumstances. That interaction was on a Wednesday; that Friday, Mia called me after my first two classes. As she usually didn't need to call me for anything, but I answer the call anyway. Mia explains that she has a surprise for me when I get back to the dorm. I say okay and go on with my classes. I got back to the dorm around 6 PM and saw Mia sitting with the cheerleading captain & her friends in the living room.

"These girls don't know what they're missing," Mia said, "so I invited them over for some fun with you if that's okay."

"What kind of fun?" I asked, and that's when the captain piped up

"She's saying you should bang us to see your mini Winnie is enough to satisfy a girl," she said. This was more of a surprise than I bargained for, and I asked Mis this really was the case. She concurred, telling me:

"It's the only way they'll stop spreading their nasty rumors." One of the captain's friends volunteered to go first and began stripping. "Well, you two get the bedroom; we'll just wait out here," Mia said. The girl and I heeded her orders and went into the bedroom. The captain and the other friend followed us in, however, with the friend saying:

"Oh, I gotta see this." Friend number one told me:

"She's a voyeur and [the captain's] gotta see this, so just go with it." As I had already been set up for sex, I agreed to that, and friend number one & I got ready. Seeing me flaccid, the three girls giggled, but I began jerking myself off. I soon got it up, and the giggling stopped. I thought maybe Mia had a good idea after all. I then put a condom on, and girl number one & I got to work on each other. Within a few minutes, she was gasping & moaning, and I was sweating. I looked over at the other girls at one point. Captain wasn't convinced at all, but Voyeur was into what she was seeing; I thought I saw her put her hand down her pants.

Regardless, I kept going until their friend screamed: "I'M GONNA CUM!" She did that shortly after and laid down on the bed to rest. I looked over again and only saw Voyeur standing there; Captain decided she'd seen enough, but Voyeur went to get her. "It's my turn now," she said, "I think he can make you and me cum, too." I was exhausted after nailing their friend, who by now had gotten dressed and left the room. Voyeur got naked and put a fresh condom on me, saying she was ready for me. Thinking this would be the only time in my life I'd ever bang two girls, I slipped it into Voyeur, and we got to work too. No surprise, I got Voyeur to cum too, even sooner than the first girl, and this is where the Coup de grĂ¢ce begins.

Captain came in and asked Voyeur: "Was it really that good? We heard you out there."

"Why don't you strip down and let him work on you?" Voyeur replied. Without much emotion, Captain stripped down and I went to put another condom on, with many giggles coming from her before she asked if she could touch me. I said she could, she did and said: "It's definitely not supposed to be that soft, right? Let me help it." She then stroked me until she felt I was hard enough, slipped the condom on, and told me to get inside her. We got started and about five minutes in, I noticed the look on Captain's face change. At first, she was unamused at my efforts. By the five minute mark, though, her eyes widened, her jaw dropped, and we began gasping.

As she gasped and then moaned, I knew I was about to satisfy the most unimpressed of the trio. Captain & I then climaxed after a few more minutes and laid down to recover. "Okay, I'm sorry I ever doubted your cock," Voyeur said when she, their friend, and Mia came back into the room after I finished with Captian.

"I never doubted you at all," Captain herself said, and after a few looks from everyone, she came clean. "Okay, I did, but I'm glad to be proven wrong as anyone." Mia then had the girls line up for the shower. They showered, got dressed, and left after a few goodbyes. Once they were gone, Mia pulled me aside and said:

"Sorry I threw you into that, but it was the only way for the girls to know your cock is enough to make a girl cum." I told Mia I didn't mind and I was just happy I could've proved myself to the girls who cock-shamed me before. After that experience, I never doubted my ability in the bedroom ever again. Every other girl I've slept with has been satisfied by me. And I, in turn, have been satisfied that I can get a girl to cum with my average-sized penis. And let me finish with this bit of knowledge. Later on, I watched a video from a porn star that says the smaller the penis, the better the chance for an orgasm. This is because most women have their G-Spot closer to the vaginal entrance, not further back as most think. So, any guys who doubt their packages, remember that!

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