I kissed her on the cheek and muttered "Is that your A-game?"

She took a short moment. "I really liked having you in my mouth. It was so hard. And then you came all over me, I had your cum all over. Mmmm. At that moment I imagined we were doing it at a party. Everyone watching us, other girls seeing your dick, wanting to lick it like I did. I could suck your fucking cock for days and drink all your tasty cum. Just like you love my pussy. Don't you love my pussy?"

"Yes..." I closed my eyes too, but with the attempt to resist.

"My pussy is so wet for you... I want you to lick it, I want you to fuck it. I want your big, hard dick in me. I am your slut, fuck me however you want to. Put it inside. Do you want to touch my ass? You want to cum all over me? See me how I lick the cum off my nips?"


"You really want me to stop??"

"Yesss, now's a good time to stop. Kneel down."

She did, and I pulled out my cock. She smiled as I closed her eyes. I rubbed it on her cheek and put my balls in front of her lips to kiss them. She opened her mouth and her tongue was starting to work.

"OK!" I said, pulled myself together and reigned in my dick.

She gave me a surprosed look.

"Remember the rules" I said.

"You're really going through with this?"

"I want to show you that I am a man of my word. A man of character."

"You're a dumbass" she chuckled.

"Time to go downtown, it's almost evening."

"I see." There was a twinkle in her eye or a smile on her lips, or both that told me she was thinking of something we did on a beach last year. But that was fine. She was in for more surprises.

"Since you are doing what I say today, remember, I will pick your outfit. So please, wait here, I'll call you to the bedroom."

I knew all her wardrobe very well, I knew exactly what I was going to present her with. She will have a choice.

After rummagiong through her suitcase, I called her to the bedroom. Three outfits were spread out on the bed.

"The good news is. that shoes and footwear are entirely up to you. And I am such a nice guy, I present you with three options here for the rest."

She took in her options. The first one was a light blue dress, with thin shoulder straps, flatteringly tight around the breasts, and a little looser around the hips and ass. Almost knee-length. Second option were tight cotton shorts, a little like bicycle shorts, combined with a roomy t-shirt that she would usually tie up around her waist to show off her cute bellybutton. Third one were jeans hotpants and a white tank-top. A black bra was generously provided to go with that combo.

She looked at the black bra: "What about the underwear?"

"All the clothes you are allowed to wear are already spread out on the bed."

"No panties, huh?"

"Your ass needs no support" I grinned at her cheekily. "That is why I took the liberty of adding this" I showed her a small tear I made right in the middle of the right buttcheek on her jeans hotpants. They were old and she wore them rarely.

"Should I give you my analysis?" she asked.


"I actually only have one choice here. I know it might turn you on for me to show that tiny little part of my butt to the world, but I would prefer not to. And jeans can be quite uncomfortable without panties. The dress is nice, I like it, it's comfortable. If you want to do me in a dark alley, you can just lift it and be done quickly. But, the color is a problem and I am afraid, I might make certain parts of it a darker, wetter blue if you keep treating me like this. Which leaves us with the black shorts."

"But they are so tight and what if you get wet?"

"At least they are black and no one will know."

"I see. I backed you into a corner there..."

"Oh, it was not on purpose?"

"Not really. I actually like you in all three outfits and just wanted to spice it up by removing the underwear bit."

"Did not think it through, eh?" she laughed at me "all the blood is gone from the brain."

"Yup." I looked at her provocatively: "I removed the underwear and added this instead" I pulled the blanket away to reveal the latest sex-toy I had bought for her and which we used a couple of times: an small anal plug with remote control.

She stared at it for a moment. "Do you want to watch me get dressed?"

"I will wait for you at the door. I need to get dressed too."

I put on a shirt and pants she likes on me and waited for her.

She appeared with a slight smile. She was looking at the floor in front of her, walked up to me and handed me the remote.

"Thank you. Do not think about it. Let's just go for a walk."

"You don't have to walk around with a tiny cock in your ass."

"Maybe when I am your slave someday." She looked at me, as if it gave her an idea.

"Watch it - remember I have the power" I winked at her.

"Yes, master" she teased me.

"Let's go get some ice cream."

We took a stroll to downtown and I did my best to relax her. Well, that is kind of a lie; we are relaxed together. We always have fun together.

We came to an icecream shop, one of those where you queue up in front of the ice cream freezer in the window.

"I'll have strawberry and chocolate" I told her and motioned her toward the queue. "I'll wait over there"

Immedaitely she knew something was up. She walked insecurely toward the queue and took her place at the end. It wasn't a long queue.

I watched her, standing there, her beautiful round ass stretching the black cotton fabric of her pants. Her thin waist looking even thinner wrapped in the oversized t-shirt. A couple took their place in the queue behind her and I took out the remote controller.

I turned it up ever so slightly. Her eyes darted in my direction and she shifted her weight. I stopped. The line got shorter in front of her. She took a step and felt me adding more power to the vibration.

She was clenching her ass cheeks and bending her head forward. She stood there. The line again got shorter, but she didn't move.

The couple behind her asked her to move forward. I stopped. She took a step and looked at me with insecurity in her eyes. She took another step, and another. I watched her. She was next in line and then it was her turn.

I saw her mouthing strwberry when I cranked up the dial. She stopped and watched the guy make a strawberry ice cream. He asked if there would be anything else. He had to repeat the question and then I dialed it back, but did not stop it.

She paid and slowly walked back toward me. Her nipples were starkly protruding from her loose t-shirt. I wonder what the ice cream server must've thought.

"You asshole" she whispered.

"Which reminds me how much I love your asshole. YOu have the best asshole, Sarah. Do you remember how I lick it sometimes? I know you enjoy that. Do you enjoy having my tongue or my dick more in your ass?"

I grabbed her seductive booty and pressed the plug into it more. She softly moaned. I dialled back the vibration and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"My dick is about to explode."

"It's already almost too much for me. The whole day you've had me going."

We were in a dark spot of a somewhat populated road. I looked around.

"I can rub your clit here. Do you want to cum? Do you want me to make you cum?"

She was hesitant.

"Remember, I have the say today. If I tell you to drop down again and suck me off, you have to do it. Do you want to suck me off?"

"Not here..."

The ice cream was melting in her hand, but neither of us noticed it really.

"Then let's go somewhere else."

We'd been to that place many summers, so I knew a lot of dark roads.

"You want some ice cream?" she asked.

"Not yet" was my answer. She started licking it.

We came to one of those dark roads and I kissed her very passionately. Then I turn her around and started kissing her neck and grabbing her breasts. She stood there, quite helplessly, with a melting ice cream in her hand.

I dialled up the vibrator and she moaned and pressed her ass on my dick. I pressed my cock into her as hard as I could and the turned her around again and showed her to go down on me. I took the ice cream out of her hand, pulled down my pants and basically fucked the cornetto and then put my strwberry-flavord dick into her horny mouth. The buttplug was dialled almost to the max and she was moaning whily swallowing the hardest (and sweetest) dick she ever tasted.

Soon I felt I could come.

"Wait!" I almost yelled at her.

"What?" She looked up at me almost in a daze.

"Let's go home. Let's fuck."

"Yes please"

We hurried home. It was a 15-minute walk, if we hurried, and we were almost running. Halfway back I asked her to halt.

"Show me the plug"

She looked around and when she saw there was no one there, she perched her ass, and pulled down her shorts. I cme up to her, gently grabbed her ass and commanded "Bend over more."

She did and I slowly removed it from inside there. It stretched her a little, I could see.

"Fuck me" I whispered "Stay like that"

I bend over slightly and dropped some saliva onto this wonderful little hole. Sarah did not say anything, she just perched her ass a bit more. I had to pull out my dick and fill her hole. I had to, it was a reflex, a desire, horniness unbound. Slowly, I inserted it into her ass, but she pressed her ass against me until all of it disappeared inside of her. We were breathing loudly in unison.

She moved forward slowly and I could see my cock reappearing, then she moved back toward me again a bit faster. I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her on my dick as hard as I could.

"You are in so deep" she whispered.

We had to stop, we were not going to make it home like this. It was dark around us, but we were still on a road.

"Let's run" I said and slowly pulled back.

We pulled up our clothes and ran home.

As soon as we closed the door we were all over each other. I actually ripped her shirt a little and a button flew off my pants. We were kissing passionately, powerfully, with nothing else on our minds but each other's bodies.

"Do you want to continue what we started?" Sarah asked.

I mustred up some playfulness "What are you referring to?"

"My ass, do you want to put it in my ass? Do you want to fuck me up my ass, you moron" she pronounce the word moron with a husky voice which made me even hornier.

"Yes, but I also want your pussy. I so badly want to fuck your pussy."

"Let's go to bed." she said.

"Meet you there - I'll just go quickly wash my cock so it's clean for you."

She nodded. I ran to the bathroom, took my boxers off and washed my dick. That was nice and cooling, and probably gave me a coulple minutes more for fucking.

When I came into the bedroom, Sarah was there completely naked, her legs spread and ready for me. I just jumped in, I saw that wonderfully wet and smooth pussy and I was lapping it up within seconds.

"I am not gonna last long like this!" she protested and pulled me up to her. On the way to her beautiful face and lips, I kissed and licked her breasts and she was moaning "Yes, yesss"

I pulled my face to hers, looked at her, stroked her hair, gave her a good, long kiss and then I pushed my cock inside of her. I could barely feel I was inside, that's how wet she was.

No matter, I was thrusting like a machine. If there had been any resistance, I would have come immediately. Like this, I could make her feel the size and the power of it. I could show her I am her man and her pussy, her body, her desire and pleasure all belonged to me. All of it!

What followed was the loudest scream I ever heard from Sarah. There was no way the neighbors did not hear it. Or the neighbors two houses down even.

She was breathing like she had held her breath for 10 minutes, her body was convulsing from the volcanic orgasm.

And I was so close, but not quite there. She knew that.

She looked at me and said "Tell me what you want me to do, tell what you want." Her voice told me that she was entirely in my hands, ready for anything, there was nothing she would not do. She'd just had the biggest orgasm of her life and I was the man who brough her there.

She admitted to me later that she would have done anything I could think in that moment - let me come on her face in the middle of Times Square, put my dick in her ass on top of a bar in our usual hangout, smeared my sperm on her face and walk into a grocery store, had a gangbang for me if I so desired, anything in the world.

I could not help but see her reaction as an expression of love and not only lust. So I kept it modest.

"I want you to stroke it and look me in the eyes. Then I want to come on your beautiful breasts."

And that is what we did. She looked at me with smoky eyes, mouth half open, and this general expression of sexual fulfillment. She stroked my cock, while I knelt in front of her, on top of the bed. Sonn I was there. I am not a screamer, but I shuddered as I unloaded on her breasts.

She loked at all that cum and pulled me down to lie on top of her. We were connected through the warm and sticky liquid and both happy. What a way to fall asleep in bed together.

"So another day like this tomorrow?" I asked. "Whatever you want" she smiled.

Let's see what the next day will bring us...








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