"I am Asmodeus," the young blond man said, stepping out of the shadows.

"I'm Eric," replied the other young man, rocking slightly on his heels. "I normally don't do this sorta thing, you know. I work across the avenue and my roommates are having their girlfriends over..."

"Oh, it's cool," Asmodeus jumped in. "I figured out in the open might be easy...and safe, you know. I'm not very familiar with things around here. Don't want to get hurt my first day in town," he laughed as he walked into the light of the streetlamp. He smiled as Eric gave a small almost inaudible gasp at the stranger's bright green eyes almost glowing in the bright yellow light.

"Wow, you look even better in person," gushed Eric. He nodded his head, and shook his fists in his hoodie pockets. "Damn. That's so fucking corny. I'm not great at meeting guys."

"That's cool. I think you're a cutie. And you'll do just fine," Asmodeus laughed. He reached out and placed a hand on Eric's scruffy cheek.

Eric's eyes widened as a tingly blue light leapt from the stranger's fingertips. His body stiffened as a blue light flashed around him for less than a second. He doubled over. His hands rested on his knees. He looked over at Asmodeus who had fallen backward and was now sprawled on the sidewalk. Eric couldn't tell if he was breathing. The streetlamp flickered and Eric vomited into the gutter.

An older lady came running up to him asking if he was okay. Eric nodded his head and wiped at his mouth.

"What in the world was that flash? Was it some kind of lightening?"

The lady rushed over to fallen blond and looked him over.

"He's breathing...just barely. I'll call an ambulance," She said as she pulled out her phone and dialed.

Eric straightened himself up. He rubbed his hands over his face and down his neck.

The lady talked to the dispatcher, and turned to him.

"What's your name, son?" she asked, stretching out a hand toward him.

"Asmodeus. My name is Asmodeus," he said softly, with a slight grin. His eyes widened, and then rolled back into his head. He fell to the ground in a heap.


Richard had been standing at the nurse's station for a couple of minutes before he finally tapped his index finger on the counter. The young blond nurse looked away for his paperwork and reached around to massage the back of his neck.

"Sorry, I was trying to finish this report," he said. "Can I help you?"

"Uhm, yeah, they just brought in my brother," Richard said, as he loosened his tie. "Eric Davis. He has seizures and I haven't heard from him all evening. Did he have an episode?" Richard was trying to stay calm -but he could hear his voice getting louder. He took a deep breath.

"He was found on a street corner with another guy. A witness said something about lightening. But it does look like your brother suffered from a seizure of some kind... Uhm, let me see if Dr Abbott is still on the floor. Hold on, one second."

Richard watched as the nurse walked from behind the counter and walked down the hall. He noticed the thin twinky body with nice broad shoulders. He had over a foot in height on the nurse and he could probably lift him into any position he wanted. Mmmmm, and a nice ass filling out those scrubs, he thought as he pulled at his tie. He shook his head and took in a deep breath. Here he was waiting to hear if his brother was okay and he was lusting after some hot little nurse. But, oh, that fucking ass!

"I'm going straight to Hell," he said softly under his breath. "Get it together, Rick," he muttered to himself as the nurse returned with the doctor.

Dr. Abbott introduced himself and took the tall blond businessman down the hall toward his brother's room. Outside the room, the doctor explained the situation.

"Your brother's brain lights up during his seizures as there's a sudden burst of electrical activity, sort of like an electrical storm. This time we've noticed something odd -- the bursts are moving to different parts of his brain constantly and in a strange pattern."

"But is he going to be okay?"

"Well, he's in a coma, but stable. The electrical bursts aren't inhibiting brain function...we don't know what's causing them or how to stop it. They are bouncing around inside his brain like a wild animal in a cage trying to find a way out. It's past visiting hours, but you are welcome to spent as much time here as you like. It might help. Now, if you'll excuse me."

"Thank you."

"If you need anything, you can talk to Nurse Woods at the desk can help you," Dr. Abbot stated as he disappeared down the hallway.

Richard walked into the hospital room and sucked in a breath as he saw his younger brother hooked up to all of the various machines. The room was dimly lit, except for the various colored lights as the machines did their jobs. He wanted to cry as he walked over to the bed and looked down at Eric. He reached down and grabbed his brother's hand.

"Oh, Eric," he whispered sadly. "I wish I could take your place, buddy."

He leaned down and gave his brother a peck on the cheek. There was a slight shock like static electricity and Richard pulled back quickly, startled. He rubbed his thumb gently over Eric's cheek where he had kissed it. Then he reached for Eric's hand. Suddenly, there was a flash of blue light which lit up the room and jumped from Eric to Richard's hand. The muscles in Richard's hand convulsed into a tight pose, his fingers arching backward. His back arched as his head pushed backward. He froze like a pained statue for a second. He then went limp and fell forward. He dropped to his knees. He sucked in a long ragged breath, his head to his chest. The room was dark again. Richard reached out and grabbed at the bed. He managed to pull himself up, grasping at the bed rail. He stood staring blankly at the young man on the hospital bed.

"I am Asmodeus now," he said in a low dark whisper.

The door of the room creaked slowly open. Nurse Woods walked inside, pulling his stethoscope from around his neck. He smiled at Richard as he walked toward the nearest machine and jotted something onto a clipboard.

Richard looked around anxiously. He then rushed toward the bathroom, violently vomiting into the sink inside. He turned on the faucet and splashed his face frantically with water. He pushed his wet hands through his hair and stared into the mirror.

"Are you okay?" the nurse asked, appearing at the door.

Richard bent down and washed his mouth out. He gave out a low groan and splashed himself with water again. His clothes were drenched.

"Are you okay?"

Richard turned to the nurse and glared at him. Then he changed. A smile appeared suddenly on his face.

"Uhm, yeah, I'm okay," he laughed and reached up to his loosened tie. He pulled the tie off and then touched his shirt with the palm of his hand. His hard rounded chest accented by the wet material clinging to it. "I seem to have gotten myself a bit wet." He took off his jacket and held it out to the nurse.

Nurse Woods stepped inside the bathroom and took the jacket. He pushed the door closed and hung the jacket on the hook on the back of the door. He felt a hand on his shoulder.

"What's your name again? I'm Asm-..." the big man started. He grinned and winked at the hot little nurse. "I mean, I'm Richard, or Rick...Some even call me Dick...with a big 'D'." His hand ran over the crotch of his trousers; his eyes locked on the young man.

"I'm Jackson...you can call me Jack." His eyes darted down to the large bulge snaking down the big man's thigh

"Okay, cool, Jack," replied Rick, smiling at the cute young man. "Can you give me a helping hand?" He gave Jack another wink as he pulled his wet shirt out of his trousers.

Jack reached to Rick's cuffs and began unbuttoning them. Rick looked at the young blond and an evil smirk crossed his lips. The larger man quickly unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his muscled hairy chest. With the cuffs undone, the shirt slipped off his broad muscled shoulders.

Jack's eyes slid over the hairy muscled torso in awe, taking in every bulging muscle covered in dark dense fur.

"So is there anything else I can do?" the blond asked, taking a step back, his hand reaching behind him for the door handle.

Rick reached for the blond; a large hand grabbed the back of the twink's neck. The young man looked down, but Rick's hand grabbed at his golden locks, forcing his head back. Their eyes locked.

Jack couldn't look away and felt compelled to push himself against the large muscled body. He smashed into the thick hairy body and could feel a wet heat rising from the flesh. He had desired the large handsome man since he first saw him. He wanted the big guy to ravish him, to take him. But he knew he couldn't...not here at work, with a patient's brother in a coma. Now, staring into Rick's mesmerizing eyes, none of that seemed to matter. He could smell the musky natural cologne wafting up with the heat of the big man's body. Rick pulled at Jack's scrub top. Now there was flesh against flesh as Rick's mouth pressed against the boy's mouth. His tongue pushed in and tasted the warm wet young sweetness.

Jack wanted to pull away; but looking in Rick's black eyes, he just fell to his knees.

Rick pulled at the belt of his trousers and unbuttoned them. He pushed them to his knees. His large cock bounced out of the fly of his boxers. Jack leaned forward and let his tongue glide over the stretched flesh. A drop of sweet precum slid over the tip of his tongue. He took a deep breath, inhaling the particular sweet musky smell which lives on a big meaty cock.

"Eat that big meat, son. Swallow the fat prick."

Rick pushed his hips forward and his cock slipped into the blond's mouth. He growled at the rapturous friction of his cock slipping over the full lips of his obedient boy. He sank his cock until there was a gurgle from the boy as he gagged on the throat-stretching organ forcing him open. Rick pulled back.

"Oh, man, you're such a good cocksucker. This time just let it slide on down. Take it all, baby."

Jack nodded his head as he looked up at the hulking figure over him. Rick smiled at the tearful wet eyes and cupped his large hands around the back of the blond head. Jack placed the palms of his hands on the tree trunk thighs.

Slowly, Rick pushed his cock into the boy's throat. Tears ran down Jack's face as he took the whole cock into his gullet, his fingertips trying to dig into the hard muscled thighs. Rick didn't pause until the boy's nose was pressed against him.

"Good boy."

There was a brief pause, and then Rick pulled his cock out the warmth. Jack began to move his lips along the shaft like a man possessed. He lapped and sucked on the round purple cockhead until Rick pushed him off of it.

Rick pushed his spit-wet boxers to his knees and grabbed Jack under his arms, lifting him up to his feet. He turned the young man around and pushed his scrub bottoms down, exposing the round bubble butt he had admired earlier. He caressed each cheek with his massive hands. Jack instinctively pushed his ass backwards into the big man's palms.

"You are going to let me take your ass?" Rick whispered into the blond's ear as his chest hair ground into the young smooth back. "I want to fill that tight hole so fucking badly." A spit-slick finger ran over the crevice between the cheeks. Jack nodded.

"Tell me to possess you. Tell me to take you. Say it," Rick commanded as his eyes glowed red, the room almost vibrating from his demand.

"Take my ass. Fuck me, possess my hole, daddy."

Jack pushed backward as Rick's finger found its target. The young bottom moaned softly.

"Say 'take me, Asmodeus'," Rick demanded with a growl as his thick finger was pushed farther into the boy.

"Yes, take me, Asmodeus. Fuck me," the boy cried as the big man pulled his finger out and put the big cockhead against the asshole. "Please, Asmodeus, fuck me!" the possessed boy cried out.

The big man cupped a hand over the boy's mouth to quiet him as he pushed his dick into him. The boy screamed into the hand as the thick cock more than filled his tight young hole. The boy would never want a small cock ever again, thought the bewitched Rick as he pummeled the fuck-begging boy crying out for more under him.

Rick took in the power the moment created. The sexual energy fueling him made the room glow a dark red. Rick was being replaced by a strong, satiated Asmodeus. The young nurse was bucking his hips hard; pushing his ass as far as he could onto the cock.

"Take this gift inside you," Asmodeus groaned as his seed scalded the young man's guts. He continued his thrusts until the young ass tightened around his thick cock as the boy shot his own cum across the sink.

The nurse fell forward as Asmodeus pulled his cock from the young tight ass. He pulled up his trousers and fastened them. He grabbed his shirt from the floor and put it on. With his jacket and tie on, he snapped his fingers.

Suddenly everything was back as it was when Rick had first walked into the bathroom.

"Are you okay?" the nurse asked, appearing at the door.

"Oh, yes, I'm doing rather well. Nothing to worry about here," the big man told the nurse as he walked out of the bathroom. "I believe he'll be fine...especially under your care," he said, pointing the figure in the hospital bed as he walked out of the room.

The young nurse was confused, even more so after looking at his watch. He flipped through the papers on the clipboard and shook his head.

Asmodeus climbed into the elevator, adjusting his tie. Upon exiting the elevator his suit was gone, replaced by loose black tunic, tight leggings, and high boots. A thick belt with an elaborate golden buckle was around his waist, from which hung a small pouch and a sheathed knife. A cloak hung from his shoulders.

Asmodeus liked this realm, this new raw world. He could easily conquer it. And he might come back and do just that. But he had plans that were older than this world; plans involving another world, other realms, and other beings. Asmodeus gritted his teeth as he thought of that upstart Shaitan. He calmed himself and focused on the revenge he would bestow upon his enemy. He stopped and the air in front of him appeared to ripple like a pond disturbed by a rock. There was a faint white glowing point in the center of the ripple which began to expand. Asmodeus took a deep breath to center himself and stepped forward, vanishing into the bright whiteness.


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