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We offer a discount every day for veterans, seniors, and people working in the service industry. Be sure to sign up for our vip text club to receive all the latest deals and promotions. We believe that cannabis can postiviely impact your health and productivity and increase your enjoyment. To help you get the most from it, we’ve taken care to stock our muskegon cannabis dispensary with the products you need to relax, sleep better, or get energized. Check our online menu to find high-quality flower, convenient vape cartridges, tasty edibles, powerful concentrates, soothing topicals, and more.

$75,000–$180,000 or more is what you’ll need to budget up-front to open a cannabis dispensary in illinois. Ongoing costs could range from $26,000–$71,000 per month, much of that driven by real estate lease rates that could be as high as $20k per month in high-demand locations. For a new adult-use dispensary license, the non-refundable application fee is between $2500-$5000, depending on whether you qualify for the for the state’s social equity program. Once approved, a license will cost you $60,000 for 2 years, or $30,000 if you meet the social equity criteria.

But overall, the cost of opening a dispensary in michigan is comparatively low, with an up-front investment of between $47,000 and $136,000. The state’s bargain real estate and lower staffing costs help keep ongoing costs to between $24,000 and $48,000 per month. Applications for latter will be accepted starting november 1, 2019. The application fee for either type of license is $6000. For provisioning centers, there is a regulatory assessment fee of $44,000.

Medical marijuana, also known as medical cannabis, can change your quality of life. We know because we see it happen firsthand, every day, among our patients. You have discomfort; we can help restore your feeling of well-being.

Both our medical and adult use online menus update instantly and are a reflection of the products we have in stock. For the safety of our employees, we cannot disclose to customers when we expect to receive shipments of new products. Aurora is also home to dry dock brewing’s south dock location where you can try a pint, as well as a short drive to the university of denver campus and just 12 miles out from the heart of the city. Harmony dispensary is rolling out a new way to order!

Cost of living and minimum wage are quite low, so you can probably hire good budtenders at a bargain. Real estate in oklahoma is also a lower cost than in states like california or colorado, though you may still face the same challenges finding a good location and a willing landlord. The application fee for a medical marijuana dispensary license is $2,500. The application fee for a medical marijuana dispensary license is a non-refundable $6000, and the annual license renewal fee is $10,000.

Up to 20% discount for those who qualify for two of these categories or patients that have a discount and a promotional discount and use the discount to purchase on harmony products. Harmony has felt the increasing demand for a wider selection of products, and more product availability. So we have responded, making available products from other atcs here at harmony. We will continue to provide our high quality flower for our loyal patients, while also offering flower from other producers. Our online platform has real time inventory access, which lets you order what you want immediately.

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