After Larry and Tiara returned from Florida, they both spent the rest of the weekend in their own homes resting up for Monday. Tiara was peppered with questions when she returned to work. "Who is he?" "When do we get to meet him?" "Where did you go?" "Is he hot?" She did her best to avoid her co-workers, but eventually she was cornered and had to give enough information about Larry to get them to back off. But she left out the part of being at the Daytona Bike Rally and getting banged every night on a trash can in Pirates' Alley. She also didn't say anything about getting a tattoo or ending each evening getting laid on a picnic table and then smoking a cigarette while looking up at the stars.

Larry's co-workers weren't quite as inquisitive, but they also asked about how his conservative older black chick fit in with all the bikers at Daytona. Since they had all seen her when she visited him at the shop, none of them were surprised to hear that she had finished in the top three at the wet tee shirt contest even though she was probably twice as old as the other contestants. "Hey Larry. How did she look in that bikini you got for her?" Ray asked.

Larry grinned and said, "You wouldn't believe it, my friend. She was turning heads everywhere she went."

Ray said, "You know, I finally figured out who she looks like." Larry paused and looked at his friend. "I think she looks like Angela Bassett. You know. She's that woman who played Tina Turner in that TV movie." He pulled out his phone and hit a few buttons and then said, "See what I mean," as he held out his phone.

"Wow, you're right Ray. She does look a little like her. Anyway, she finished in the top three in the wet tee shirt contest. She wore Daisy Duke shorts all week. And we had more sex than I've ever had in my life."

Tiara and Larry met in a small restaurant for dinner. As they were eating, Larry knew that something was on her mind so he asked, "Is everything OK, Tiara?"

She paused for a minute and then said, "Yeah. I want to ask you something, Babe."


"My book club is going to hear a nationally known poet rad a few of his poems at a small auditorium and I was wondering if you'd like to go. We're all allowed to bring guests, and I thought of you. You don't have to do it if you don't want to."

Larry was grinning from ear-to-ear and he said, "Sure Babe. I'd love to go with you. When is ti and what should I wear?"

She filled him in on all the specifics. It was going to be the next evening and would be a test for both of them. It would be a test for him to see if he really was as interested in poetry as he appeared to be. And it would be a test for her since it would e the first time that she had been with him with her friends. Quite frankly, she really wasn't looking forward to it at all.

The next evening, she picked him up in her small car and drove to the small auditorium. She wore a conservative dress that was knee length and he wore khakis and a new golf shirt. She noticed the shocked looks on the faces of her friends and co-workers as they walked in together. She introduced him to her co-workers and a few of her friends and they all smirked as they tried to picture their old friend having sex with this good looking younger white man. But many of her other friends tended to make themselves scarce whenever they approached. She was puzzled in the way some of her friends and fellow poet society members avoided her.

As they were waiting on the presentation, to begin, she was disturbed by the people who avoided her and Larry when they arrived. As she thought of the people, she realized that most tended feel they were better than others, so she didn't really think it was wasting any more time on.

They listened to the semi-famous poet do his reading and then congregated in the lobby to meet him and briefly discuss the evening. Larry kept to himself until someone asked his opinion. To everyone's surprise, his response and his quick analysis of the poetry was very astute, and he was quickly asked more and more questions. Finally, as they were ready to leave, Larry said he would meet her at the car to give her a few minutes to visit with her friends. As soon as he left, Tiara was mobbed by her co-workers and friends.

"Wow, he's really smart." "He's cute, Tiara. Keep him." "He sure does have a lot of tattoos, doesn't he?" "I'll bet he's good in bed." All of the women laughed at the last comment as Tiara said her good byes and left. As she walked to her car, she thought that the evening went much better than she had hoped.

When she reached her car, she flipped the keys to Larry and said, "I need a favor."

"Sure Tiara. Anything. What do you need?"

"I need you to drive so I can suck your cock on the way back to my house."

Larry grinned at her and said, "I'll do those kinds of favors for you anytime, Babe."

"I'll bet you will, Larry. And I'll probably ask for favors like that often."

Larry started the car as Tiara unzipped and unfastened his pants. She was pulling out his big cock as he was driving out of the parking lot. Tiara got on her knees and dove onto his cock engulfing much of it in her mouth. "Oh shit!" Larry yelled. As she began moving her mouth on his cock, he said, "Damn girl! That feels good!"

As he continued to drive, he reached across her back and lifted her long skirt so he could get his hand down the back of her panties. As he squeezed her sexy black ass, she continued to suck his hard cock. He drove cautiously and didn't break any traffic laws as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. Just before arriving at her house, he yelled, "Ahhh. I'm coming! Ahhhh yes!" He shot his spunk deep down her throat and she lovingly licked and sucked his cock clean just as he was pulling in to her driveway. "Perfect timing," he said.

She sat up and smiled at him and said, "I hope you're planning to spend the night because I'm not finished with that beautiful cock."

"You are indeed a tramp, my horny friend. I had hoped to discuss more poetry," he kiddingly said.

As they got out of her car, she said, "Yeah right."

He smiled at her and quoted: "Love seeketh not itself to please, Nor for itself hath any care, But for another gives its ease, And builds a Heaven in Hell's despair."

She looked at him with a puzzled look on her face. "I don't recognize it," she said.

"William Blake from 'Song of Experience,'" he said.

She walked to him and put her arms around his neck and said, "I love you, Larry. And I want to go inside where I'll get us a couple of drinks and then I want you to fuck me until I can't walk. I want you to use my body any way you want." She kissed him and their tongues fought back and forth from mouth to mouth. Larry reached down and picked up the small black woman and carried her into the house.

When he sat her on the floor, she went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. "If you open and pour, I'll put on something more comfortable that you'll be able to remove in record time." He grinned and she left the room. After he opened and poured the wine, he sat down and waited for Tiara. When she entered the room, his mouth fell open as he stared at the beautiful older woman in front of him. She wore a very short white transparent negligee that was held on by just two small bows on her shoulders. Her matching white panties also had a small bow on each side. Just looking at the contrast between her caramel-colored skin and the negligee was making his cock hard again.

Tiara saw the look on his face so she decided to make the most of it. She sauntered seductively around the room and posed in different positions as she enjoyed watching her white lover shift uncomfortably on the couch. She walked past him and he reached out for her, but she scampered away and slowly bent over facing away from him. The negligee rode up over her panties giving Larry a clear view of her black ass through the transparent panties. She continued to tease him until he stood up and turned away. He started walking and she asked, "Where are you going?"

"If I can't catch you, then I'm going home."

She ran over and jumped into his arms squealing, "Don't you dare leave me, Lover. I need your cock!"

Larry sat her on the floor. He smirked and said, "Gee, I don't know. Let me think about it."

She opened her eyes in mock panic and then dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around his legs. Trying to keep a straight face, she begged, "Please Baby. Please fuck your old black slut. I know I'm unworthy, but I'm begging you." He looked down at her and after a few seconds, they both broke out laughing. He picked her up and carried her to her bedroom where the negligee just vanished leaving him holding the 46-year-old's hot black body.

Larry gently laid her on the bed and then removed his own clothes. He decided that turnabout was fair play, so he took the next hour to kiss and lick her whole body. She screamed and pleaded with him to fuck her as he slowly worked his kisses up her leg, around her pussy and then back down the other leg. He continued kissing her leg and she yelled, "Please Larry! I'm begging you, Baby. Fuck me! Please!"

A few minutes later, he was nibbling on one of her hard nipples as she tried to pull him onto her body. But Larry resisted and continued working on her nipples. He knew she had had a couple orgasms during his tour of her body. She continued to beg and plead with him to fuck her and he continued to ignore her and kiss, lick and rub her body. Eventually, she had tears in her eyes and her body was shaking as she begged the young man to use her body. She reached down and grabbed his hair and pulled hard. As he looked up at her, she was on the verge of crying as she pleaded, "I need you, Honey. Please love me. Please. I'm begging you."

Larry smirked in victory as he moved up her body and slid his hard cock into her soaking wet cunt giving her an immediate orgasm. "Aaaarrrrggggh!" She screamed. "Yes! Yes! Ohhh, fuck me, Baby. Fuck your slut!" Larry pounded her pussy so hard that her teeth were rattling in her mouth. He had never heard her scream and moan and cum so loudly, and he lost track of the number of orgasms that she had. After almost 20 minutes, he dumped his load into her pussy and collapsed on top of her. Both of them were covered in sweat. He lay there for a couple minutes and then rolled beside her. She laid her arm across his chest and her leg across his legs.

As they looked at each other, she said, "I love you, Babe. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

He smiled and said, "I love you too, you hot little slut." She laughed and hugged his neck, and within minutes, they were both asleep. & t=18850

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