Breathless and panting I feel him pull away. My legs are shaking with the aftershocks of my orgasm, my brain fuzzy and eyes blurry. I want to drop to the bed and curl up but I know Sir still has his plans and I am more than willing to be part of them.

"Don't move." His words authoritative, I'm too weak to respond. I feel so exposed, my round pert ass still in the air, my legs spread as he had left them.

He moves purposefully around the bed, I flicker my eyes up to see what he is doing. His strong hands reaching for the silk lashings, which are a permanent fixture on the wooden frame of our bed, untying them swiftly.

"Give me your wrists, but stay as you are." He barks. I quickly push my arms across and bury my head in the sheets. The ritual ingrained in my soul, our games part of me.

As I lower my back my ass sticks up further, he lets out a low growl, skillfully securing the light purple fabric around both of my wrists, tying the other end to the lower frame of our heavy wooden bed.

He walks back around, slow measured footsteps, my senses heightened further by my loss of sight, my body tingling with anticipation. I jolt forward as a short sharp slap is delivered to my ass, making my cheeks jiggle lightly. I gasp into the soft cotton, the muffled sound barely audible in the silence. I can feel his eyes taking in my glistening wet pussy, he trails his finger thru the cum dripping down my thighs, and lets out a satisfied moan. I turn my head to the side and wriggle my hips the tiniest amount urging him to fill me with his big hard cock. I sigh as I hear him walk away, the rough pull of the heavy dresser drawer opening again making me antsy. I'm alive with anticipation.

Soft padding of feet on the carpet approaching, a familiar low clinking sound piques my interest, what is in store? It doesn't take long for me to find out and I moan as I feel the cold leather strap of the spreader bar on my left ankle. Moving quickly to the next side he tightens each strap in turn. The metal against metal sound of the clasps engaging, his breath slow and even in contrast with mine. He pushes my legs apart until the bars click three times, firmly held in position.

"Lift up your chest a little." He orders. It's hard to raise more than a couple of cm, between the spreader bar and the tying of my wrists I'm limited in my range of motion, but I obey to his satisfaction and he clips a thin silver chain to the ring on my collar. Sliding the rest of the chain under me, securing it to the matching ring on the centre of the bar between my feet, pulling so that its holding me hostage. I'm fully under his control now.

"Face back in the sheets baby girl!" I struggle to turn, the pull of the chain making me strain. No sight, no touch and the inability to move much had me shaking.

A sharp slap to my ass brings me back to reality, the heat radiating from my skin. Another two in quick succession taking my breath away. He rubs the warm marks with his thick fingers, spreading my ass cheeks, running his thumb between and down to my sex, dipping inside and pressing firmly against my inner muscles. Three fingers slide between my lips, spreading those too, his middle digit teasing my clit slowly as his thumb increases pressure on my g-spot. My body instantly reignites, my need for his long thick cock so strong I can't think of anything else.

My clit is on fire and my pussy throbbing against his thumb as he penetrates me. The tightness pulling him in with every thrust and twist. My body reacting with such force my knees almost buckle, I can feel myself about to cum and try my best to hold back. I want to cum on his cock. I turn my head a little so I can be heard.

"Please Sir, please, I need your cock Sir!" My voice urgent and weak, pleading. Every fibre of my being is desperate for the release only he can give me.

He growls deeply, removes his thumb and slides inside in one fluid motion. The fullness of his hard thickness in me sends me over the edge, straining against the silk lashings and spreader bars, itching to take some control back. The chain pulling my neck, rubbing between my breasts and stomach, the cold metal holding me so still as he pounds into me hard. I'm wild with wanting to push back, delirious with need.

"This is my pussy babygirl, who owns this pussy?" He rasps, pushing deeper, spreading my ass cheeks with his hands as he watches his cock disappear into me.

"You own this pussy Sir!" I half whisper half moan as my body is ignited with desire, every inch of me trembling.

"My tight wet pussy feels so good on my cock babygirl" The power in his voice mixed with his intense pleasure is like a drug to me.

He reaches forward and pulls my head back by my hair, using it to gain more leverage and fuck me harder. My throat slightly restricted against the collar, the chain pulling it just low enough so I can still breathe. I'm pure sensation now, I struggle against my wrist restraints, the urge to rub my swollen clit as he fucks me, making me throb. The silk chafing my soft skin gently, adding to the already overwhelming pleasure.

"You're so wet babygirl, cum some more for me, I want to be drenched in you."

At his command I let go, squirting hard on his strong firm cock, cum flooding out of me. The sound of his dick squelching in and out paired with his manly low toned grunts sounds delicious. He's so deep that I can feel him ramming my cervix. I try to push back harder onto him, frustrated at being unable to. My pussy is throbbing and grabbing at him now, wanting to make him part of me, melting into the waves of my orgasms as I cum over and over. Straining but unable to pull my thighs together against the intensity. Moaning, panting, I feel like I'm going to lose consciousness from pleasure.

"Mmmmm my good babygirl, don't stop cumming."

His grunts getting louder and more urgent, he moves faster, harder, until I can feel his legs tensing. Knowing he's close drives me over the edge, I cum harder, my pussy desperately throbbing against his manhood. Finally I get my reward as he explodes into me, his hot cum jetting into me, my legs give way. His body twitching into me, his hands on my hips, he collapses against my back. Still lodged deep inside me, our sweaty soaked skin sticking together, he kisses across my shoulder and his arms hold me close. Laying in a cloud of pure sensation, how sweet it is to be owned by him. hannaконстанца-колева-в-приказка-за-силата/ & u=25363

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