Her second day on the job as an intern, Bonnie's boss sent her to deliver some documents to Lou's office. "Normally I just give them to Sarah when she stops by. Sometimes she takes them over to Lou during the day and sometimes just gives them to her that evening." he offered by way of explanation. "But these are time sensitive. It is a new contract that one of our customers proposed. We need to get them to Lou ASAP to look them over. She is expecting them. You know where her office is, right?" Bonnie admitted she didn't know for sure as Sarah had driven her around only a little the day before but she could get directions on her phone. "Great! Take your time. We have a couple things going this morning we wouldn't be able to use you on anyway which is why I am sending you. But this afternoon we'll have some stuff for you to get busy with. Rest assured, you are not gonna be a gofer. You are here to work and learn."

In Lou's office, she gave the packet to Lou directly as instructed and was told to stand by for a few minutes in case Lou needed to send anything back. Bonnie stepped into Cheryl's office. "How's it going?" she asked congenially.

"Okay, Ma'am." Cheryl replied evenly.

"What's with the Ma'am thing?" Bonnie asked, taken aback. "I thought we were on a first name basis. Why the formality?"

"Well, it's just that I am next on the list to be used, I have a one in three chance of having my tongue up your pussy this evening so I figured it was in my best interest to be formal." Cheryl said frostily.

Bonnie's face got hot. She was not sure if it was embarrassment at the thought of getting her pussy licked in full view of others. Or discomfort she was being called out for it. She decided it was the latter. "Wait a minute." she said. "I know you lick Sarah and Lou on a regular basis. I am guessing you play a bit with the other girls too since men are not in the equation. You are on a first name basis with ALL of them, so why single me out?"

"Well, we all knew that sooner or later we'd be doing you, but you didn't waste any time." Cheryl said curtly. "The first night anybody does anything, you didn't wait ten minutes before you were calling for somebody to lick your pussy. We'd figure you'd wait at least a few days while we got used to you being around. You know...become one of the family. You don't know how humiliating it is to be used by a stranger. Yeah, I'm a fucking slave girl and I lick and suck or get fucked by whoever but still... "

"Now wait just a fucking minute!" Bonnie said, interrupting her. "Sarah suggested I be part of the group and get involved. So I did. I was damn embarrassed to strip in front of everybody. But I did. Last night was the first time I EVER had sexual contact with another girl. But I did it and in front of everybody. I had orgasms in front of an audience for the first fucking time last night. But I did that too. And in front of my mother as well!! I don't think I deserve to get my chops busted because I jumped into the group activity. The last time I was here you were having to run around nude at home cuffed to Kat. It's not like you were not exposed to me. I saw every inch of your body."

Now Cheryl was the one in the hot seat. "I'm sorry. I thought you were playing the Mistress card. You know, using us slaves because you could."

"Well, that was part of it, too." Bonnie admitted. "I was encouraged to do it but it was fun. So let's just forget what we just got pissed at each other about." Bonnie grinned and leaned forward. "And I won't bust your ass for being disrespectful. Or suggest you run around naked at home...." She laughed to take the sting out of her words. "Speaking of that. how long did you and Kat stay cuffed?" Bonnie asked.

"We just got freed up last week." Cheryl stated. "It got worse for us after you left. Sarah overheard us bitching about her and REALLY lowered the boom! She locked us hip to hip. I mean we wore belts and cuffs full time and got locked together wrist, waist and ankle whenever we were home. It was fucking miserable! Sarah let us out after we went to one of those weekend parties connected like that. You wanna talk about humiliating? That took us to a whole new level. We sure as hell stood out. Everybody seemed to want a piece of us. We got bent over and fucked repeatedly side by side. I mean pussy AND up the ass. And it hurt more than it normally did too. I think it was the angle of having two women side by side pounding us at the same time. If the women screwing us weren't in sync, we'd get twisted and it stretched our holes even more. That was painful. We bawled our asses off. When we got home we begged Sarah to forgive us. We weren't totally sure if she already planned to let us go free after that party or figured we suffered enough there. But she took the cuffs off."

Lou walked into Cheryl's office and heard the last bit of the conversation. "Ahh, reliving your escapades, huh?" she teased. "Tell Greg that the contract looks fine. No hidden traps." she said to Bonnie, then turned and left.

"I'll see you tonight." Bonnie said to Cheryl. Then she leaned over and added. "If I get you tonight, I'll work your clit hard while I sit on your face. I never did THAT to a girl before either. I DID jack off a guy once that way. I rubbed my pussy all over his face while I jerked his cock!" Cheryl blushed. She was pretty sure she'd never jack off a guy while sitting on his face rubbing her pussy. Derek would never do that and contact with other men was not allowed. Bonnie continued. "You'll wiggle and scream as you orgasm over and over. And everybody will wonder how much is because of what I am doing to your clit or if you just love me creaming your face!"

Bonnie grinned at Cheryl who turned beet red. She could tell the other girl was visualizing the ordeal. "Couldn't we do that in private? I mean like in your bedroom? Not out in front of everybody else." Cheryl asked quietly. Bonnie realized Cheryl was bothered more by being the focus of public attention than her kinky treatment. She decided to mess with the girl a little more.

"I don't know." Bonnie said equally quietly, almost in a whisper. "I was thinking of you getting me off once or twice then putting you on the floor right in front of everybody. I'd sit on your face, just barely rubbing my pussy back and forth across your face. I'd pinch your clit and pull the hood back as far as I can, exposing as much of the thing as possible then I'll flick it, pinch it, and rub it HARD. I'll have you squealing in seconds and I wont stop until you are worn out." Bonnie walked around the desk and leaned over to whisper into Cheryl's ear. "Does that turn you on? Spread your legs." She reached down and opened Cheryl's slacks. Pushing her hand inside she felt the older girl's pussy. "Yep. A swamp." She pulled her hand out and offered it to the girl who licked her own secretions off Bonnie's fingers.

"Now, if you want me to do that in private, you'll have to ask me, nicely." Bonnie said. "At dinner you'll ask me if you can join me in my bed tonight."

"You mean in front of everybody?" Cheryl asked, wide-eyed. She shuddered when Bonnie nodded. "But that will be embarrassing! The other girls are going to wonder! Nobody does that. We just hint in private. Even with Derek." she protested.

"You will." Bonnie said with a smirk. "Or I'll use you like I described in front of everybody. And I may take you to my room afterwards anyway." Bonnie was very aroused herself with this power play. "Maybe I ought to take a few extra minutes and have you lick my pussy right here in your office. Of course you'd have to be naked when you do it just like at home. Does your door lock?"

"I can't do that HERE!" Cheryl protested. "It's against the rules! Lou caught me with my pants down fingering myself in here once and spanked me." Bonnie shrugged and said that was not her problem and asked what got Cheryl so aroused in her office. At first Cheryl refused to answer and just shrugged. Bonnie acted like she was going to take her pants off and get on with using Cheryl. "It was the day Kat confessed all the shit she did to me and basically fucked herself over. I was listening to the recording of her begging and whining and imagined her getting enslaved and it turned me on." Cheryl confessed quickly. "You can't tell anybody!" she said quickly.

"I won't. As long as you are a good girl." Bonnie said grinning, not going into specifics. "See you tonight." She turned and left. Bonnie stopped in the lobby restroom to wipe her pussy. She was soaking wet. Fortunately her panties were not soaked. She certainly did not want to return to work smelling like pussy. She hoped a little cologne would cover. "I'm gonna like having slaves at my disposal." she thought.


When Richard's check did not arrive that week, Lou sent a demand notice to inform him he was now three months in arrears and she wanted those payments caught up immediately. The statement stated that unless the full amount due was remitted, she was going to foreclose on the property. That got Richard off his ass. His lawyer immediately called Lou. He made a few offers, like asking for more time in exchange for interest on the outstanding debt. Lou said," Why should we accept that? The man cannot pay the amount due as it is. Does he have more collateral he can offer?"

Of course Derek's lawyer wondered where his own fees were going to come from. He had only agreed to represent Richard because they had been longtime friends and members of the same country club. They played golf together often. "Look, guy. You are gonna have to get off your ass and pay some these debts. This Lou Player woman is NOT playing despite her name. She is gonna foreclose on your property. She is a fucking shark!"

"And those big ass penalties for not taking care of your wife's estate when she got convicted and enslaved. That is just a stupid waste of money!" Bill, the lawyer said. "I told you how to handle that in the beginning. Did you not listen? You only come to me when you were drowning!"

"I know!" Richard Santiago lamented. "But I asked my brother and he called me a pussy if I went along with what Karen said. She said she wanted an undivided half interest not half the equity like the law says I have to give her. He told me to man up! I thought it would be best if I stayed in control of our assets. I am the man in the family!"

"You are a fucking fool! That is what you are!" Bill said. "And I say that as a friend. You could have shut down the whole slave estate problem by signing you'd give Karen her half interest. Why the fuck didn't you call me? I told you that before. Instead you beat her ass when she demanded what is really the best way out for both of you. You don't have to scramble to get money to put into escrow that you don't have anyway. Now she is pissed and I don't blame her. You need to either make nice with her, slave or not or just give it all up. I mean you need her income to survive. You spend money like you are a millionaire!"

"I know! But we have an image to maintain and it costs money!" Richard said. "I've been kissing my wife's ass like you would not believe! She's wearing the collar, but now she has ME jumping. She went back to work for now. Then she started making more demands wanting to see the checking account balance and all that. At least she still has her job. That was touch and go for a while! Tell me the truth. Can we salvage any of this?"

Bill said. "Two months ago I would have said yes. Last month, my answer would have been maybe if you were very careful. Now, you are gonna need a miracle. Have you looked at what you can sell? Your boat maybe?"

"I sold it. Rather, I got enough ALMOST enough to pay off the loan on it. I had to pay another two thousand out of pocket. But at least I don't have to make that payment next month." Richard said. "Can you loan me the money I need? I'm tapped out!" Richard said. "My property is gonna be worth a shitpot in a few years. I just gotta hold onto it until I can cash out and make it big.!"

"I hope you don't handle the hospital's money like you do your own!" Bill said. "FUCK! Let me see what I can do. I'm gonna tell you this. When you go home today, you kiss your wife's asshole. Or ex-wife. However you want to think of her. If she EVER stands firm on not working you are screwed. I mean you lick her holes until the cows come home if she wants. Whatever it takes to get on her good side and keep her working with you. Listen to her." Richard was disheartened and left the country club without even finishing his round of golf. He did not tell Bill the check he wrote to pay off his sailboat was going to bounce. He prayed his paycheck would be deposited before that check hit the bank. If not, the whole sale of the boat was likely to be cancelled as well as whatever penalty he got for the bad check. He crossed his fingers.

"What do you want to do, Derek?" Lou asked two days later. "Karen went back to work but she will not get her next paycheck for over a week. Richard just bounced a big check. From what I can tell, the company he paid it to turned him in. In Florida, it is a crime to bounce a check. You don't even have to take it to collections or a lawyer. Just turn it in to the county bad check division and they prosecute. And they did. He'll face a fine or even possibly a little jail time and that could mean a short enslavement if he has a history. That is on top of having to make the check good."

"If you think it is time to jump, then let's get froggy!" Derek said, grinning. Lou filed her case with the Florida courts. Because she was not licensed to practice in Florida they hired an attorney there. Lou would assist as an advisor.

"Well, Santiago smartened up. He signed to give Karen her half interest in everything. But he did it a couple days too late. He got hit with another four thousand dollar fine." Lou said the next day. "Karen is working but they cannot pay you after Richard's fine so that is going to mean four months in arrears. He will now owe you twenty four thousand. We have a court date scheduled next week. Do you want to just have you and me fly out?" Sarah immediately declared she would like to go.

Derek grinned and offered they could make it a little vacation. He wanted to drive which made both women protest. They said they could not handle a long drive as pregnant as they were. Derek suggested they fly while he drove. He just liked the idea of a road trip and see the sights along the road. In the end, he decided to take Wanda along in case her expertise as a forensic accountant was needed. "Rhonda, we are taking a trip. You have plenty of vacation time accrued. Do you want to go?" he asked.

"Oh my God! Are you kidding? I'd love to!" Rhonda gushed. Derek laughed and told her to put in for a few weeks of vacation. He teased both women about buying themselves new bikinis in case the beaches did not allow slaves to go nude. Wanda stuck her tongue out at him. The women were giddy as they prepared for the trip. It only took a phone call to Rhonda's boss to get verbal approval for the two weeks. She was already maxed out on allowance for paid time off accrual so any additional time she earned was lost. That fast-tracked her approval.

"You are gonna make this a fun trip?" Lou asked.

"Hell, yeah!" Derek said. "We'll stop in Mississippi or Alabama and let the girls get in a little beach time. And again when we are in Florida. I already checked to see the hotel where we have our reservations has a nice swimming pool and hot tubs. I need the women to have fun." He explained how this would be fun as well as promoting goodwill with his girls.

"You don't need build more goodwill with these slaves, you idiot!" Lou said, grinning. "You just don't want to be alone while you travel. You want a couple toys along. And with Sarah and I being almost seven months pregnant, well.....''

"A win-win." Derek declared. "We'll be down there on time to pick you up at the the airport, I hope. Otherwise you'll have to rent a car."

"If you are not on time to meet us because you were playing on some beach with the girls, I'm gonna nail your balls to the wall." Lou threatened. Sarah stood by listening to the exchange, laughing.

"Guess most of the beach time will have to be after our court date. I need my nuts." Derek offered. "And then you both can go with us to the beach."

"Yeah? And the first one to comment about there being a couple of whales on the beach will fucking DIE!" Sarah threatened with a laugh. Derek grinned. He almost did not care about the outcome of his case. He was planning to have fun.


Derek was not laughing a few days later but only because he did not want to offend even one of the three judges as he sat next to Lou in the Florida courthouse. He watched with rapt attention as the judge began to assess criminal charges in addition to the civil case they had filed.

The morning had begun with Derek's attorney making the claim on Santiago's house and property since he put it up for collateral for Karen's purchase. Santiago was now four months in arrears and despite very lucrative double incomes the couple had, Santiago had no money to pay his debts.

Richard's attorney had tried a weak defense questioning why any slave would be worth a purchase price of three hundred and sixty thousand. He began by claiming Richard loved his wife and could not allow her to be enslaved and owned by another man especially the man she divorced many years before. Bill actually asked the judge to set aside Karen's purchase contract and hence Derek's claim on their property. It was only by the end of the case he finally conceded the real reason was his client needed Karen's income to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

One of the judges asked how Derek justified asking so much for his now enslaved ex-wife except to screw with Santiago. Derek explained how he valued slaves for their earning ability and described how he would value Wanda and Rhonda who sat in the back of the courtroom if he decided to sell one of them. "You honor, while Wanda and Rhonda both have great jobs where I live, Karen Santiago did not. Her earning potential for me in Louisiana was low. Her job is here. She was far more valuable to Richard than to me so he paid the price I asked. It was justified to reap the benefits of her paycheck. Using her as collateral for the loan was worthless. I live in Louisiana. There I'd set her value to me at twenty thousand which was the price I paid for her at a sale. Instead, I knew he owned some property and even if heavily mortgaged it would be suitable as collateral."

The judges had already reviewed all the documentation. The lead judge said that Richard Santiago had indeed agreed to the conditions in the contract and had adequate legal counsel before he signed. He ruled in Derek's behalf. He added Derek would have to pay the outstanding balance of the mortgage before he could take possession of the actual house and land. He was surprised to hear Derek was prepared to do just that. He had already arranged to have the four hundred fifty thousand dollars available. Then the judges said since the contract said 'all properties and assets belonging to Richard Santiago' that included Karen, herself. Karen almost fainted when she found herself owned by Derek again. Richard was distraught. He glared at the judge at this last verdict. Derek could tell the judge was quite aware of Richard's angry stare but did not acknowledge it.

"This case started as a civil case, but in reviewing the documentation, I see we have some criminal elements that need to be addressed." the senior judge, Judge Jenkins, proclaimed. " "A few weeks ago Richard Santiago was convicted of writing bad checks. He was fined and and sentenced to year of enslavement but was offered probation as it was a first offense. He neglected to complete the federal requirement to work with a slave estate brokerage firm as directed by law. He was fined on three separate occasions. After his second fine, he was ordered by Judge Branson sitting here on this tribunal he would have one week to complete that requirement. It was almost two months after that with another fine assessed that Santiago finally followed that order. The brokerage firm did not report that lapse to the court so it was missed. UNTIL NOW!" Judge Branson nodded.r"











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