A vivid image I have forever burned into my memory, is one that lucidly flashes back to me at distinctive moments. It has specific triggers: the brilliant, deep-orange sky of a summer sunset, a hint of coconut oil wafting through salty sea air, and a sailboat on the water, and oddly as it may sound - the sight of a deck of cards.

The image is of a sultry, casually-cool enchantress, strolling down a dirt road in sandals. Her sunglasses resting atop her short brown hair, holding her flipped back quiff in place. The resonant sunset blaze highlights the bronze of her buff shoulders. Her athletic body is toned, yet still features soft curves and feminine flair. I smile, gazing upon the blackstrap of her pink bikini top, as earlier in the day she had directed me to untie it and coat her sunbaked skin with the lotion; a task I was more than happy to take on.

At this point in time, she and I were midway into our maiden voyage of intimacy, our very own, special "Summer Of Love". Her bold request, that came across more like a demand, out in the open - right in front of our mother - was quite audacious. We had mostly been rendezvousing in secrecy up to that point. While our joint showering had been approved by our mother (which had been becoming longer and more playful), our sexual activity was still primarily confined to our shared bed behind a closed door, or a spontaneous quickie on the couch in the TV room during a rare occasion we found ourselves alone.

However, the open sea seems to have a tranquilizing, almost hypnotic effect...whether it's the rocking of the boat on the tide, the intensity of the bright sun in a cloudless sky, or the soft buzz of rum infused tropical drinks over the course of a day...one's discretion seems to dissolve or just not matter so much when the desire for another's touch arises.

It seems silly to think we had been fooling anyone. Our mom had already seen us cuddling on the couch several times, my head resting on Emma's shoulder, her stroking my long hair, our feet and legs entangled beneath a shared blanket. Was it even possible she didn't know? Then again, what if she did? She hadn't said anything. Perhaps her silence was a form of implied approval?

Recalling how my hands has sinuously slithered down her back while applying lotion, my eyes traced their way to those cut-off denim shorts that barely clung to her hips. They sashayed and shimmied in rhythm with her step, rising and falling with her undulating buttocks; a goddess in beachwear. Just enough of a hint of the fabric from her hot-pink French cut bikini bottom, held my attention as it played peek-a-boo in cadence with her strut. I was bewitched - an article of discarded boys clothing has never been so hauntingly enchanting on a female form. Venus herself would have bowed down to her in deference.

That was my younger sister. When I Zoomed with her just a few days ago, I still saw her as that casually elegant 18-year-old. Today, she still has a hold on her "big sister". I chuckle when I hear her call me that, with that teasing lilt in her voice and half-crooked smile. She may be my younger sister, but in no way is she my little sister.

That point was emphatically underscored later on this particular evening, at out portentous destination just ahead of us beyond the intersection of the dirt road.

We ended up here, on this fabulous July weekend, during a visit our uncle who lived on the south shore of Long Island. He'd just purchased a new sailboat that he was proud to show off. We went out Saturday morning and spent most of the day out in the ocean. I wasn't that crazy about sailing, the boat dipped and rolled too much for my liking, I felt unstable and was worried all day about capsizing. I much preferred the steadier ride of his old motorboat, it felt much safer to me. But what the sailboat had in its favor was a gorgeous, if not grandly spacious, cabin. Around midday when we were anchored offshore for lunch, I laid inside to take a respite from the hot sun and was lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the waves. It was very soothing.

As we traveled up the inlet to the marina in the late afternoon, Em asked our uncle if she and I could spend the night on the boat, as the marina was just a few minutes' walk from his house. She buttered him up by telling him how beautiful the new boat was and how we wanted to spend as much time on it as possible. Beaming with pride after being showered by my sister's loquacious flattery, he emphatically said yes. Our mother, somewhat reluctant at first, ultimately acquiesced. What fun! Spending the night on the water, almost like a little camping expedition, only with better accommodations! After a quick backyard barbecue dinner, Em and I set out on our stroll along the dirt road, out to the marina. I, of course, was allured by the view of her the entire way, warmly immersed in her silent spell.

Once aboard, we went inside and did some exploring. We figured out that the outermost cabin could be semi-open - once the doors were completely opened the hatches above also opened up, allowing the orange-red sunset to illuminate the interior in the most pleasant way as it complimented the dark wood wonderfully. I imagined the view of the stars in the night sky would be amazing as we were sheltered from any bright lights at the closed down marina in this quiet part of the edge of town. There was a small table between two futon-like benches that could be used as bunks. The low ceiling made it feel a little bit cramped, neither of us were very tall but walking around completely upright was an impossibility. Still, it was cozy and there was an air of excitement as this was a new and fun experience for us both.

Beyond that was an interior cabin, way up in the front. It was completely closed, with a single small porthole on either side. You had to climb up into it, and there was open space completely covered by those futon-like mats. We both looked at each other, with a smile that articulated our shared thought, "Yep, this is where we're sleeping tonight." Not a word needed to be said.

After watching the sun set out on the deck, we retreated to the open portion of the outer cabin. Em found a deck of cards, shuffled them, placed them face down on the little table and flipped the top card over and placed it alongside the stack face up. She said we were going to play Hi-Low with Truth-or-Dare stakes. I experienced a slight shudder of fear, knowing my sister was capable of asking me to say or do anything on a whim.

She continued, noticing the puzzled look on my face, "It's simple. You bet on the face-up card that the next one will be higher or lower. If you guess correctly, you get to ask me any question you want, and I will answer truthfully. If you guess wrong, I get to ask you any question. If the next card comes the same, then you have to do a dare." I nodded affirmatively, if reluctantly. I got to go first.

Fortunately, my first guess was easy. A 4 card was showing and I said "higher", which it was. My first question to Em was, "You know that you were my first. Who was your first and how did it happen? What was it like?" [Personal aside - I often preface a question with a statement relating to myself or something familiar to me. I dislike randomness. I like to think things happen for a reason or have a relationship somehow to something.]

She replied, "One afternoon walking home with a friend after softball practice had been rained out. We stopped at a corner about a block away from the girl's home. Knowing we had time on their hands and neither of us felt like going home just yet, we fell into a conversation. She continued, "It was still drizzling, but we were soaked from the downpour earlier. Our uniforms clung to our bodies and Maria's Latina booty was killing me. We looked at each other and when she licked her lips I leaned in and kissed her with an open mouth. We grabbed each other and rolled onto the grass off the sidewalk. She pushed my top up and sucked on my tits and I nearly came right there. We did a bump-and-grind next to these bushes then laughed our asses off because we both knew we were crazy! It was a miracle nobody drove by and saw us!"

Typical Em. I wasn't all that shocked.

On her turn, Em guessed correctly and asked, "Who's your biggest crush?"

I quickly shot out, "Nelly Furtado!"

Em laughed, but being unsatisfied she followed up, "No, really, who do you like? C'mon, you can tell me. Did you like anyone at school? Who is it?"

I honestly didn't have one though. Sure, there were some girls who I was attracted to, but I was too shy to approach them. I spent a lot of time either at the library or in my dorm room. I only went to a couple of parties but, was really uncomfortable in those big, social situations. I'm much better in a quiet space one-on-one. So, I just stared at my feet and mumbled, "I don't know, I don't really have anyone."

Em was disappointed. I think she was hoping for an answer that would lead to some juicy dishing, but she probably wasn't surprised either. So far, we both had been true to our character. Now, I probably could have confessed to Em that she was my crush, but I was too abashed to say it out loud. I thought that she might interpret that obvious flattery as too much of a blatant brownnose (not that I wasn't secretly hoping to be doing that in the literal sense very soon!)

On my next turn I drew a 10 card, guessed lower, but was betrayed by a queen. Seizing the momentum, Em quickly asked, "When was the last time you were busted playing with yourself?" Even though we only had the dim lighting of a lantern, I felt like she could see my red of my face burning like the sunset that had just passed. I hesitated, trying to find the right words, but Em wouldn't tolerate any stalling, "C'mon, spill it you naughty slut! I want every detail!"

I groaned an exasperated sigh, "OK, fine. It was Mom back when I was home during winter break."

Em howled with laughter, "Oh my god, she caught you!? How did I not find out?"

She pressed me for the details...I fessed up: "I was upstairs in the bedroom late one afternoon. You were at practice or something and I was bored. I was playing on my phone, surfed some vids. I found a good one that made me hot, and I took off my sweats and panties. I had the phone on my pillow and was in a straddle. I was going at it pretty good when she came in, she totally busted me in the act. I had my finger in my butt and everything. I was so embarrassed I couldn't even look at her the rest of the night, and she never said anything to me either." Em was delighted by my humiliating account and teased me over the next few rounds, which were mostly uneventful, to my relief.

At one point though, I did get up the courage to ask her a question I'd had smoldering inside me for a while. After asking her an easy question on my turn, she guessed wrong and I needed to come up with an additional question on the spot. Letting it out was like purging a wave of pent-up anxiety.

"That night you told Mom that you and I were going to start showering together really startled me, I couldn't believe you said it. What made you say that to her? We probably could have gotten away with being sneaky about it."

Without missing a beat, Em coolly said, "I knew she wouldn't have anything against it. I always get my way with her. I didn't need, or want to be sneaky, I wanted her to know."

The resolute assurance Em displayed completely unnerved me. Having always been "the good one" I would never even think of challenging my mother's authority in any way. I'd spent my entire life up to that point not only unquestionably obeying her, but seeking her approval in everything I did. Clearly, Em's stronger will and steadfast resolve granted her a perspective that was foreign to me. I'm basically a giver and people pleaser at heart, and I lack any desire to exert influence over others.

After asking Em how she knew our mother wouldn't have a problem with her bold declaration, she continued: "After you went to school and it was just the two of us, I noticed a pattern where she always did everything I asked her to. It was mostly small things, but after a while I started testing her with bigger things, and she always gave in. A couple of times I started arguments with her about staying out late during the week, staying over at a party, she'd always back down. I knew it would be the same with us showering together. If she tried to put up a fight, I'd end up winning. She wouldn't oppose me for long. I'm the boss." I was stunned.

As we neared the bottom of the deck, I placed a bet for higher on a 5 card, only to have Em flip over another 5! "Ha! Dare!"

I fidgeted nervously while Em contemplated my fate. It felt like forever...she was capable of anything. Trying to anticipate her demand to at least get myself mentally prepared was futile. Would she have me run around the marina naked? Maybe. Would it be some depraved sexual deed performed on her? Possibly. But in fact, her task for me was fairly simple, but ultimately quite demanding of me.

"I want to watch you pee off the side of the boat."

I said, "Seriously? Do I have to?"

Em was insistent: "Yes. It shouldn't be a big deal, I've seen you pee outdoors camping, so what's the problem?" Without protesting, I explained my worry that I could easily be seen if someone across the harbor were to turn on a headlight or something, and who knew who could be walking around one of the docks? Em said, "Don't worry, I'll be your lookout. You don't even have to take your cover-up off. Just hang your butt over the back, and when you're finished do your little wiggle thing, drip dry and you'll be done!" I let out another sigh of resignation as I stood up, slid off my bikini bottom and walked up to the deck.

Em looked around from the top step of the cabin, then called out, "All clear, tinkle away!" I was mortified that she actually said the word "tinkle", which was a blatant allusion to my history of little accidents in my panties. Our Mom would frequently say, "Oh Ginny, you tinkled again." Regardless, I dutifully assumed my exposed position, and grimaced as I clung to the edge of the boat with all my might. I don't know if I was more afraid of being seen or of falling in the water. All I know is that the air coming off the water felt ice cold on my bare bottom! I became tensed up and couldn't squeeze out a single drop! Em, of course, was enjoying my internal drama.

"Stop trying so hard, just relax and let it flow," she said encouragingly. Of course, telling someone to relax typically has the opposite effect. Now I was asking myself, why wasn't I relaxed? There were probably a dozen reasons why, but none of them mattered. My only way out of this was to do the job to appease my audience (which I hoped was only Em).

The time I spent with my bare rear end hanging off the back of the boat felt like it took eons to pass. Success mercifully arrived after staring at my feet, taking in slow, deep breaths. I thought I felt a trickle, looked up at the stars, then sighed a joyous sigh of relief as I let out a full stream. Em cheered me on patronizingly, as if she were training me, "Yay! I knew you could do it!" I didn't dare make any smart remark back, I just wanted this to be over. I did, however, look up with a little smirk while I did the jiggle she had requested. I jumped up to my two feet and walked back toward the cabin, almost feeling proud of myself for overcoming a bigger than expected ordeal. Em greeted me with an embrace, "Good girl."

Those two words instantly changed my disposition. I fell into her arms and dropped my head on her shoulder with a nearly inaudible whimper. Only seconds ago, she was my tormentor, but now I felt I was in the safest place in the world, the arms of my sister - the biggest little sister that's ever been.

Em scooped my low back with her arms and took me in. I turned my face and kissed the nape of her neck - her skin was still warm from the full day in the sun, and her skin tasted slightly salty from the sea water. Her hands stealthily slid down and firmly took hold of my buttocks, "Ooh, your cheeks are cold! What happened?"

I coyly said, "Some mean person made me hang my butt off the back of the boat for like a half hour!"

Em, again in that patronizing tone, said, "Awww, poor baby. I'll make it up to you."

She led me back into the cabin, lying me on my side on one of the futon benches, where she smoothly joined me with a seamless transition...one hand around my back, the other cradling the side of my head and her top leg entangled with mine. Our lips met and our tongues parried and sparred in a long, luxurious make out that served as a long, wordless conversation between us. Any faux grudge I pretended to hold for the teasing and taunting that had been directed at me quickly dissolved, as I knew it was her way of having some fun with her "big sister", and deep down I knew she would never cross the line of intentional malice or cruelty. It was just a game between siblings.

All veneers having been stripped away, it was in this moment where we seemed to become subconsciously aware that we had been gifted something uniquely precious and rare for the very first time - seclusion.

There was no need to rush, we had privacy.

There was no need for secrecy - we were alone all night.

I could have just engaged with Em all night in that soul kiss and been entirely gratified in the morning. Our bodies entwined, our lips locked, our tongues immersed in an expressive dance as our hearts beating joyously.

Minutes, or hours, later, I lack any precise recollection of the time passing, Em's hands slid up my belly and slipped my cover-up over my head, then around my back untying my bikini top. I was completely naked while she remained in her bathing suit and cutoffs. This stark difference made me feel that I was indeed all hers, a bride about to be taken on her wedding night, and this was our little floating honeymoon suite on the water.

Em amorously kissed her way down the side of my neck as she rolled me onto my back. Space was constrained on that narrow bench, I bent my left leg and rested my knee against the wall and left my right leg out long, providing a cozy area for Em to settle. While kissing my shoulder she twirled a lock of my hair just above my opposite breast. I rolled my head to that side and kissed the back of her hand. I was sent into ASMR overload as she continued kissing along my collarbone and lightly raking her fingertips down my ribcage. If it is possible to moan, sigh and giggle at the same time, I think I did. My body's entire electric field was alight with goosebumps!

As she kissed her way down my belly my breathing deepened, and my back arched when she kissed my pubic mound. I shuddered when she took a turn and kissed her way up my thigh that was leaning against the wall. Her deliberate toying of my anticipation was so intense! On her way back down my inner thigh a whispering touch of her fingertips signaled my extended leg to bend. While guiding my knee toward my chest, Em continued her arousing, maestro-like symphony of kisses along the back of my thigh, across the base of my buttocks, and after the most agonizingly suspenseful pause, where her warm breath washed over my labia like the water rippling along the outside of the boat, astonishing ecstasy as the tip of her tongue alluringly slithered along the length of my slit from bottom to top. Once at the apex of my flowering womanhood, Em suckled my engorged clit. Seemingly so tuned into my essence, she pulled off an instant before I climaxed with a lengthening stretch of my taffy-like clit that was suctioned withing the grip of her puckered lips.

I was suspended in a breathless state as she climbed off me. She took my hand said, "C'mon, we need more room." and led me into the front cabin.r"









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