Melissa was still stroking Bradley's cock, as if preparing to pass me the baton. He looked very vulnerable, but strangely mine. I still felt embarrassed for him and I do sincerely believe to be different than my three condescending roommates, but really now that I think about it, I might be the bitchiest, cuntiest out of us four. Cuz here I was sober and willingly ready to take advantage of this hunk passed out in our living room. It's not like Melissa put a gun to my head. It was bad enough my intoxicated friends shaved him while he was helplessly passed out, but now here I was sober and still ready to take advantage of him even further.

I remember muttering to myself, "it's time to degrade any virtues Bradley and his girlfriend had left."

I took his hard cock in my right hand as I stretched my tiny leg over his strong hips. I rested my right knee on the couch and continued stroking him. Stephanie came in and lubed his shaft. I placed his penis into me and brought my left knee onto the couch. Carefully and slowly, I had Bradley all the way in me and he was still completely out of it. I leaned back on my hands so that my tight stomach and naval piercing was stretched out on display. My B-34 pear shaped breasts were on full display as I arched my back and began moving my hips, keeping time with my pulsating pussy.

I was fucking a gorgeous hunk, the helpless hottie who had foolishly made the mistake of coming to our party alone - to get shit faced. He was now all mine.

It must have been the blue pill Melissa slipped him, cuz I could feel a rushing, a gorge of blood flowing and mounting into his large nine-inch penis. Not only was he a perfect length but he had substantial girth which I loved. It felt so thrilling to have him fit a little bit tightly into my shaved pussy.

I continued thrusting my hips in a gentle cadence fucking his hard cock. I was gushing wet and felt extremely turned on. I took my right index finger painted in blue nail polish, licked it and began playing with my nipples. This invited the girls to come and pleasure me in my sweet spots. I pushed Melissa's hand down to my clit where she rubbed to add a new layer of stimulation around Bradley's cock in my pussy. Stephanie in her hot pants and boots reached around behind to work my right nipple while Margot bent down in her mini skirt to lick my left nipple. I was completely engaged and quickly moving so close to orgasm. I have often been able to get off with just a guy or girl toying my nipples. My nipples are my greatest turn on.

Margot and Stephanie know all about my sensitive nips and have got me off many times before, so they worked me in perfect harmony. My back was still arched as I fucked Bradley. Melissa now on her knees in a short baby doll dress working her fingers around my clit. I pulled my head up for a look at Bradley and couldn't believe he was still passed out. His gorgeous head of dark hair sent a shudder up my spine. It crossed my mind if he suddenly woke up what would we say? I wondered if perhaps he had already woken up and now pretended to be passed out? Maybe he thought it better to look passed out so he could enjoy the fucking? Maybe he was now only faking it for fear we'd quit if he woke up? But his face had such a heavy tired look that I was pretty sure he was still unconscious.

I leaned my head back to take in all the perfect sensations flooding my body. Then Margot in climactic timing bit my hard protruding nipple, I mumbled "ah you bitch." With that bite she had taken me across the line toward orgasm. My left nipple pressed between her very white pampered teeth. I was now under the control of an orgasm and there was no way of stopping it even if I wanted. Naturally once across the line, I wanted it. Yes, I wanted multiples!

I moved my hips in rhythm to my breathing. Now my body was trapped in ecstasy.

"Oh my fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm gonna go, oh my gawd, my fuck, fuck,...yes, yes, yes, oh fuck, oh fuck..."

The tribe of girls moved around my body with unspoken harmony and pure orgasmic collaboration.

"Oh my fuck, fuck, right there Melissa, keep fingering my clit there, oh fuck, keep fuck, yes there, my pussy is pulsating, ah, ah, ah, Stephanie yes, oh fuck yes my nipple, I'm gonna go, yes, yes... oh my fuck Margot you're making my thighs tingle..."

I blew into orgasm and my sexy, bitchy, privileged roommates knew where to keep rubbing and playing with me. Margot with all her blonde hair was now trying to kiss me, mauling my face, even licking me, rubbing my left breast. I was moving from orgasm to orgasm; at least five orgasms, possibly more. I became dizzy, my pussy pulsating on Bradley's hard cock.

I heard Melissa laugh her devilish tone, "HAHA, wakey, wakey, sleepy boy, you're missing all the action!"

Bradley had come to at some point during my multiples. He had realized his arms were tied back over his head. I looked and saw him pulling on his arms. He seemed dazed and unsure; he was fixated on getting his muscular arms loose. But the girls had the extension cord knotted very tightly even for his strength. I saw his face lathered in shock once he finally realized he was tied down and his penis inside of me. He was speechless from suddenly taking in so much overpowering stimulation.

My body felt as though I may be the one to pass out next.

The girls were making fun of Bradley and laughing. Stephanie brought her wine glass from the kitchen table and offered him a drink, heckling him, "you sure you don't want more of this?"

I pulled myself off and stood beside the couch quivering and naked except for my jewelry and Bailey boots. I saw Bradley scan his eyes up my tiny legs and undulating hips. Reality was sinking in that I had just fucked him with my shaved pussy.

Margot grabbed his perfectly long penis that was still firm and pulsating. She casually stroked him, "well he still hasn't got off yet."

"What are you doing to me?" said a barely audible Bradley.

Melissa the consummate bitch said, "don't worry Boy toy, we can't call this rape, you haven't blown out your load yet."

"What did you girls do to me," was all he could say with a soft muddled voice. A shrinking part of me still felt bad for him, I wished I had been drunk like everyone else, but then again, I had no regrets experiencing such euphoric multiples, even if it was at plastered Bradley's expense. It felt perversely good knowing I fucked Lisa's man. What can I say, I was born a privileged and entitled rich girl, I had to embrace who I am!

"Can you please untie me," Bradley asked.

"I don't think we're done here yet," laughed Stephanie as she pulled her red mini skirt down her curvy hips that look so sexy on a shorter girl of 5'2". She flung her halter top like a mock stripper and kept her black high heels on.

Stephanie mounted Bradley opposite to the way I did, her back to him. He again pulled on his arms trying to get loose. He was trapped as Stephanie held his penis and pushed herself down on top of him. She wiggled her perfectly soft rear end to get him inside her all the way. Us girls moved in and gave Stephanie the same treatment they had given me moments before.

Bradley was still trying to pull his arms loose. His tactic seemed to be focused on loosening the knots with constant movement.

"Is he still hard?" I asked Stephanie. I could see her pumping a lot faster than I did.

"Very, ah, ah, ah, oh my fuck is he ever, ever, ever hard,, ah, ah, ah, ah... he is, ah, ah, hard, ah, ah..."

"Definitely can't call this rape can we Bradley boy," taunted Melissa while rubbing Stephanie's clit area.

Stephanie was moving close to orgasm. I think a lot of it was the erotic magic of us girls working her over while she rode Bradley's penis. I saw him again tug on the electrical cord around his wrists, I leaned down and began making out with him. I started rubbing his chest.

"Oh my fuck is he ever hard now," Stephanie moaned, "ah, ah, ah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah."

I played around with Bradley, kissing and rubbing his chest and nipples. It was turning me on seeing him become even more aroused at my touch. I knew I was breaking him down sexually by Stephanie's responses. When I touched his nipples, Stephanie moaned louder. I pulled hard on both his nipples at once and she started screaming, "oh my fuck is he ever hard now, I think he's gonna blow."

Margot looked down at him, 'is that true drunk boy, you gonna blow in another girls pussy and cheat on your wifey?"

I kept kissing Bradley and rubbing his chest, watching Stephanie reap the benefits of his hardening cock from me toying his nipples.

Melissa threw in another taunt, "so Bradley you gonna cheat on your slutty girlfriend and blow in Stephanie?"

I now had my tongue in his mouth and was pulling on his one nipple.

"Oh my fuck," Stephanie was full on screaming, "oh fuck, he's so much harder, he's still fucking growing, ah, ah, I'm gonna go, fuck, fuck, ah, ah, ah, ah, FUCK..."

As Stephanie blew into orgasm, she wisely pulled off Bradley. I relaxed away from him.

"Good idea," laughed Melissa to me, "let's keep him hard, don't let the cheating boyfriend get off just yet."

I could see Bradley close his eyes. Once more he tried to pull his arms loose but he was trapped by us spoiled tribal brats and an electrical cord.

"First time for some nude pictures," laughed Melissa with Bradley's phone in her hands.

"What the hell you doing?" yelled a horrified Bradley, "you can't touch my phone, for fucks sakes Melissa put my phone away."

"Shut him up Margot."

Margot pulled off her hot pants and cropped shirt. Her beautifully tanned and toned body looked so healthy from a pampered lifestyle. The nipples on her ivory C breasts looked like sublime rockets. She mounted Bradley, wearing only her white go-go boots, facing him as I did.

Melissa teasingly held the phone for a picture. Margot smiled for the picture,

"This is an invasion of privacy;" mumbled an overwhelmed Bradley, "you can't take pictures with my phone."

"Relax drunk boy, we can just use our own phones, you prefer that?"

"Ha yeah loser," laughed Stephanie in only black high heels, "you want us to have the pictures too, HAHA."

Bradley went quiet as he realized the potential for pictures on everyone's phone.

"Don't worry I can send the pictures to me from his phone," laughed Melissa.

Margot put him inside her and rode his penis with a focused look, her undulating hips and shaved pussy pushing into him.

"We only want to make sure your little wifey Lisa knows you're safe," mocked Melissa still pointing the phone at Bradley, "she phoned and was worried about you all alone with us!"

"What?" he mumbled. Margot fucking him seemed to be consuming and distracting him.

"If you don't like it Bradley, why are you so hard?" asked Stephanie as she leaned down to begin kissing him.

I moved in and began playing with his smooth muscular chest. His pecs were firm. I again toyed with his nipples. I felt so turned on watching him immediately respond. I played around with him like a switch that I could turn to make him harder.

Margot thrusting him moaned, "my fuck, when you rub his nipples, I can feel him throb even more!"

"I say if he's this hard it can't be rape," smiled a devious Melissa pointing the phone toward Margot who was now assertively moving her hips toward a full body orgasm.

"Look he's working with her," laughed Stephanie. She continued kissing him.

"Oh yeah look at the Boy toy getting into it," teased Melissa, "as Margot aggressively pumps, he loves it baby!"

"And watch his face melt into ecstasy," I shouted with glee, "depending on how hard I pull on his nipples."

Melissa took a picture.

"He seems to mostly like it when I lick my finger and rub both of his nipples simultaneously."

I saw his face looking tense so I eased back to keep him from edging toward climax. Suddenly Margot started into loud screaming, even louder than Stephanie was moments earlier. Bradley also started grunting heavily, "agh, agh, agh, oh no, agh, no, no, oh no, agh, agh..."

Stephanie pulled away from kissing him and began brushing his hair back. "HAHA, Margot looks like he's gonna blow in you."

Margot pumped aggressively and brutally screamed into an orgasm. She never used curse words like Stephanie or me, or any other words for that matter. She utterly shrilled a sexual frenzy.

I could see Bradley's face turn red and tense, and oh he was so gorgeous, such a cute face with boyish looks, Stephanie was playing with his long thick hair, and we could see Bradley's embarrassment overwhelm him.

"Fuck I'm gonna go..." he grunted.

A raptured Margot gloriously moaned into perhaps her third orgasm, pumping Bradley wildly and then the poor helpless guys shook and twisted his hips as Margot pulled off his hard throbbing cock. His cock smothered and dripping in pussy juice. His penis had a slight curve to the right; his nine inches fully extended hard, pointing back toward his cute face. He looked so helpless, his arms tied down over his head, three girls had just fucked him, one while he was passed out drunk.

The blue pill Melissa had snuck into his drink was on full display as blood pumped ferociously through his pulsating erection. I could see pre-cum oozing and dripping out of his penis hole, his balls were throbbing tight, it was like so obvious he had loads of cum backed up and dying to explode out of him.

I bent down, still naked in my Bailey boots, and teased his cock, keeping it at a throbbing erect level, but not enough to let him get off.

"Well girls," smiled Melissa still holding the phone and taking photos, "with a cock this hard we still can't say this Boy toy has been raped. He hasn't blown his load, so he hasn't even cheated with that whore he calls 'the wife.'" Melissa mocked "the wife" with finger quotations.

Me, Margot and Stephanie were laughing. I felt caught up in an animalistic tribe. Earlier I had reservations about taking advantage of a passed-out hunk. But now I had already fucked him and felt completely swept up into an irresistible sexual madness happening in our living room. The tribal frenzy had consumed me. Like I had tasted sexual blood and had an uncontrollable thirst for more. I now wanted to see this tied down hunk blow his heavily backed up load.

Melissa pulled off her baby doll dress. She pulled it up over her B-34 breasts, no tan lines, only 115 pounds of rich pampered sexiness. For a moment I admired the healthy glow of her bronzed skin. Melissa looked divine and so, so very feminine. I even saw a defeated Bradley lustfully admire her body. As I stroked him to keep him primed, he went even harder at the sight of what awaited him. I thought he might blow so I backed off rubbing him.

"I'll get some cold water," said a still naked Stephanie. I watched her caved in back and firm rear end prance to the kitchen in black high heels. She looked so richly hot in her birthday suit.

Melissa kicked off her pumps and passed Bradley's phone off to Margot. Stephanie brought two glasses of cold water and slowly, even painfully poured them over Bradley's throbbing cock. He thrashed wildly on the couch, yelling: "what the fuck was that for?"

We ignored him by glaring at his hard naked body. He jerked his bound arms and then eventually gave up. It was like us girls knew what to do next without even saying it; as if our sexual frenzy brought us together as one tribe with a common unspoken language.

Bradley's wet cock softened. He had his defeated eyes closed. I went in and began kissing his sexy lips and rubbing his nipples again, getting him worked back up. It felt powerful to have total control over a gorgeous hunk of a man. My pussy throbbed as he responded to my touch. I could turn him on and off with my fingers. So much control in my hands. He needed what I had. His lips, nipples and cock were like levers to pull and manipulate to make him do what we wanted. He was our boy toy for our pleasure. We could humiliate and torture him all night long.

Melissa mounted facing toward him. I backed away as Melissa leaned down on his chest preparing to fuck his brains out. She placed his erection inside her wet shaved pussy and started pumping and he quickly reciprocated. Like a newly trained boy he was now totally into it! Melissa adjusted her rhythm to please herself and keep him from going off too quickly. He was at her mercy.

"Bradley," Melissa teased him, "remember if you get off in me that's cheating on your little wifey."

I was now completely caught up in the mob scene of controlling our Boy toy, I reached down to play some more with his nipples, watching him get fucked by a fourth spoiled college girl. My reservations had melted into uncontrollable throbbing in my pussy.

Bradley was again edging toward climax, "agh, agh, I'm fucking close, agh, agh... I gotta blow... this fucking backed up load...agh, agh, agh, agh...I'm like a gawd damned maxed-out steam valve..."

"You talk like such a man," laughed a still naked Stephanie. I saw her and Margot watching with serious looks on their pretty doll like faces. I saw Bradley in serious need of release.

I knew Melissa was super close. I could see the quiet focused disposition on her pretty, yet cunty face. The many times I've eaten her out, I didn't even know she had an orgasm. For such a mouthy bitch she is a quiet fuck.

I could hear soft moans coming from Melissa. Her perfect ass mounting this tied down hunk. A drunken guy, with a girlfriend wondering where he was, completely at our mercy. The poor boy really should have known to never pass out alone with my privileged roommates.

More soft moans came from Melissa, her sexy spine shuddering, her hips flexing such lean tight muscles, her bubble ass looked oh so tempting, sensuously moving up and down. Bradley fully engaged, following her movements.

I could see Melissa's whole goddess like body twisting in the throes of pure orgasmic sensation. Her full breasts close to his muscular chest.

Finally, Melissa completely collapsed on top of a tied down Bradley, her majestic body trembled.

Collecting herself she pulled off him.

Bradley yanked on his bound arms to no avail. His long hard penis, covered in fluids, pulsated and twitched. I could see he wanted to say something. He looked frustrated in his helpless state.

"Okay, come on, just get me off for fucks sakes..."

"Shut up Boy toy," mocked a slightly recomposed Melissa. Her bossy mouth had recovered and was quickly working again. She stood with her hands on her naked curved hips that still quivered.

Like an unspoken language, me and Stephanie moved down and began stroking his cock. Margot started caressing his balls. Melissa took her finger and collected spent fluid dripping off his penis and quickly shoved it in his mouth. He shook his head back and forth, pressing his lips tight. Melissa laughed, "keep your mouth closed Boy toy, no more demands from you, we control the drug supply you need HAHA."

I never held such a hard pulsating cock in my hand. The poor guy was humiliated but we also had him horned up and ready to blow. He depended on us. Everything was building to an extreme explosion, but only if we allowed it.

Margot in her boots put the phone back on us, taking pictures, laughing, and drinking wine.

Bradley was now groaning heavily, his legs were stiff, his ankles tightened, he was thrusting his hips up. Again, like an unspoken tribal language we tortured him, keeping him hard and not letting him get off right away. Laughing watching him lift his hips to try and get off. Pure intentional torture.

He started to get frustrated, "come on fucking get me off, keep rubbing, agh, agh, agh, come on, agh, agh..."

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