Kathy has a two day conference in St Louis and with her mom watching the kids I tag along for some alone time away from the madness that is our day to day life. The conference is Thursday and Friday, so those days I spend scouting locations to play our favorite game. Kathy loves showing off her body.

Kathy has always been proud of her body, and for good reason she can still fit into her wedding dress and looks just as good as she did on our wedding day. At 5' 1", 105 lbs and a fantastic 34D-23-34 body she is completely flawless, her D cup tits look huge on her small frame adding to her sexy allure. Her skin is milky white without a blemish except for a small birthmark on her right ass cheek that looks kind of like Texas. I once called her Texas ass when I first saw it and was threatened, "If you ever want to see this ass again you'll never call me that again," I took that to heart and have never uttered those words again. Her blonde hair and green eyes only add to her natural beauty. You hear it all the time, she looks just as good without any makeup. With Kathy the statement fits her o a tee.

Kathy developed into an exhibitionist soon after we married, although considering how fast she took to it I think she was harboring it all along. I was in the Navy at the time and stationed at Meridian, MS, of all places for a sailor to be, but loving airplanes I chose aviation machinist mate as what I wanted to do and that landed me at the Naval Air Station in Meridian.

It had its perks, for one thing I was able to spend the first two years of our marriage living with my soul mate before shipping out. It took a little while for her freaky side to surface, but once freed from the strict rules imposed by her mother and the Catholic Church she bloomed into a beautiful and perfect wife in front of friends and family and a total slut when it was just us two.

I remember the first time her exhibitionism surfaced, we were driving home for Christmas passing through a small town, Kosciusko, MS, when a pickup load of teenage boys pulled alongside our car at a stop light. They were ogling Kathy's perfect tits much to her delight. Seeing her openly flirt with them I joked, "why don't you give them a better look."

She looked over at me a little shocked that I would say such a thing, then gave me an evil little smile and turned back to face the boys in the bed of the truck. The light turned green and as they turned right and we started going straight Kathy gripped the hem of her sweatshirt and jerked it up exposing her orbs to the delight of the teenagers. They screamed, yelled, and whistled as I sped away.

After I cleared the city limits and I saw they weren't following us I realized my cock was like a steel rod. "Mad, or just jealous?" She asked tentatively.

"Neither, that was hot, just look at what you did to me," I said rubbing the outline of my cock straining at my tight jeans. She was just as turned on as I was and reached over and started rubbing my cock.

"You have no idea how horny that made me," she said as she started unzipping my zipper. She kissed me on the cheek as she, with a little help from me, pulled my pants down far enough to free my cock, "but I intend to show you," she breathed in my ear sending chills down my spine.

She lowered her head as I slid the seat back to give her more room.

"Oh fuck," I groaned as her mouth enveloped the head of my cock.

Pulling off my cock she sat back up still stroking me. "Just don't kill us," she laughed, "Oh and better watch out for bumps."

"Yeah I'll do that," I chuckled back. The laugh caught in my throat as she went back to work on my cock sucking it like she was starving for it.

Her other hand was busy pushing her jeans down until they and her panties were bunched around her knees. she was kneeling on the seat, her head buried in my crotch and her bare ass almost pressed against the window in our compact car. Soon the car was filled with the sounds of her slurping mouth on my cock and the unmistakable sounds of her fingers in her drenched pussy.

It only took her a few moments before her head came free of my cock as she groaned out, "fuck I'm already cumming." She gave out that squeal that morphs into a deep throaty groan that I had learned meant she was cumming. As soon as her orgasm eased she again attacked my cock, but from the sounds her fingers were making she never slowed the movements of her fingers as she worked then feverishly in her juicy cunt.

She had cum so fast that I wasn't close, but that all changed with her second assault. I felt the cum gathering as the pleasure she was giving me increased with each passing second. She learned while we were dating that she really enjoyed giving head and boy was she proving it now.

"I'm going to cum if you don't slow down," I warned.

She pulled off me with a loud pop, "me too," she whispered into my ear in a low throaty voice. Then tongue fucked my ear before biting my lobe. "Can you hold off and cum with me?" She asked after raking her teeth off my ear.

"Yeah if you don't stop when you cum," I answer with a laugh.

"Don't worry lover," she whispered as she fondled my full balls. "I'll drain these dry." With that she went back to work and I was rocketed back up to the edge of my orgasm. Feeling my cock swell in her mouth just seemed to feed her lust.

"Fuck Kathy I warned you," I managed to get out just before the explosion filled her mouth. She froze for a moment then groaned around my cock as her hips jerked rapidly driving her pussy into her hand as her orgasm washed over her. She swallowed between groans and grunts as with each jerk of my cock I filled her mouth several more times before I was done.

Luckily this all happened on a relatively straight stretch of road with no on coming traffic or I just may have killed us. That was the first time she gave me a blowjob while I was driving, the first but not the last.

From that moment on, whenever we were somewhere that we felt like there would be nobody that knew us she would flash her tits at anyone that looked interested. This always got our juices flowing.

The next step in the evolution of her exhibitionism was when we started planning her exposing herself. The first time she tried she went out wearing her long trench coat, completely nude under it. She lost her nerve and never opened it, but just knowing she was walking down the street like that got us both so hot we fucked like rabbits once we got home.

After a while she started posing at popular spots, waiting until no one other than me could see her, she would open the coat as people walked by behind her, these scenes were so hot I wanted to preserve them on film. She balked at it until I assured her that I would learn to develop the film myself. She agreed, but still wouldn't let me take the pictures until I learned, so I made friends with an on-base photographer, Steve Wilson, and bartered my mechanical skills, working on his broke down piece of shit car for lessons in developing film.

I soon had his car running like a sewing machine and he was so pleased he gave me a key to the building where the darkroom was and let me use it and the much better cameras the Navy supplied at will as long as it was after hours so his commanding officer wouldn't know.

I became a very good amateur photographer and we soon had a scrapbook full of pictures of her in all states of undress, in a variety of places. We replicated poses from magazines like Playboy. Of course, we didn't have the props they did, but we managed. We also copied the poses of WWII pinup girls. I even smuggled her onto the flight line and had her pose with the planes and much of the flight equipment.

As a going away gift when I shipped out she gave me an empty album. At first I thought she wanted me to fill it with pictures of the places I'd see, but she tucked one of my favorite pictures we had created into my pocket as she kissed me goodbye whispering tearfully, "I'll send you more."

She knew Steve and liked him so for the price of a copy of the pictures of her, at least that's the story she told me, he would take and developed pictures of her in all states of undress. I'm sure much more than that went on, but I never asked and she's never said. Just like she's never asked and I've never said what went on when I had shore leave while overseas. I'd get one or two sexy pics a week.

I was sitting on my rack looking at them one day when the hatch next to my bunk opened and three of my friends came in. I didn't get the album shut fast enough and Dale, better known as 'Rookie' grabbed it, "Holy fuck, you've been holding out on us," he exclaimed as he showed Charlie, 'fuck stick' so named because he was always playing with himself, and Bigford, 'LTD' a big Ford. I know corny as hell, but when guys are bored their minds work overtime to make up for it. I had been thinking about showing a few of my friends the album so I watched there reactions.

They were drooling all over them and fuck stick was openly stroking his cock through his dungarees. Rookie was slowly turning the pages when I saw the light come on. Flipping the pages back and forth he exclaimed, "these are all the same girl, who is she?" He asked slowly looking up. "No, you've got to be kidding me, this isn't your wife?"

I just smiled in answer. "Would you consider selling any of these?" LTD asked, not looking up as he seemed to be studying each picture closely.

"No fucking way," I answer.

"Ahh come on, you've got plenty you never miss a couple," he begged.

"Yeah," Fuck Stick whined.

"I'll tell you what, I'll leave it up to Kathy, if she says yes then yes it is, but if she says no then I don't want to hear anymore about it." I say looking at each of them to make sure they understand.

A couple weeks later the answer came in the form of three 8x10 pictures. Each one was the same pose, she was completely nude, her stance was such that you could see her cute ass and the sides of her big boobs. Her face was turned toward the camera with her fingers of her hand combing her hair so most of her face was hidden, only one eye, and a sliver of her nose, and half her red lips and chin could be seen as the peered around her hands. She had written a massage to each of them on their particular picture.

"Fuck Stick, what a name, I hope you enjoy this and have fun with yourself, oh sorry I mean the pic."

"LTD, I wonder are you a 'BIG' um ford,' I love to cruse up and down the strip."

"Rookie, I'm told you started this, well I'm kinda glad you did."

Also in the envelope was a note to them. "Guys, it really gets my juices going knowing you're lusting and do other things over my picture, but be careful with them because this is it guys, I'll not be sending you any more. Period!!

PS: Don't go showing these around please.

The guys were pretty good about keeping the picture to themselves, but I did have a few inquiries. I always acted insulted that they'd think my wife would do that and that seemed to satisfy the people that came to me.

After a couple of months the lease was up on the apartment in Meridian and Kathy moved back home so the pictures stopped coming. I couldn't let that happen so when we pulled into Subic Bay, Philippines the next time I bought a Polaroid camera and shipped it home to her, to my delight she knew exactly what I wanted. I started receiving what people now call selfies, they were shots of her not only in public but in front of a large mirror pleasuring herself. These, are to this day, among my most prized positions.

Now fast forward ten years and I'm walking through Union Station looking for the best places to capture the images of my still very attractive, nude or seminude, wife. I already have a list of several places that are a must and another few maybes, of course the final decision will be Kathy's, she has veto power, but uses it sparingly.

We've learned that when done right, that is, at the right place, at the right time, and at the right speed, almost any shot is possible, even one in a great hall like this one with people milling about, a truly spectacular shot is possible.

She once walked up between two guys and when they looked away she opened her coat and slipped it off her shoulders, I took three quick pictures, she pulled the coat up and around her and walked between them without either one knowing what had just happened. The picture turned out great, these two guys in suits are standing with a nude Kathy between them as people walk past in the background.

Of course, we have been caught, but so far we've either been able to make a get away or more often, the men or women play along posing with her.

Glancing at my watch I see Kathy's last meeting will be out in about an hour so I have to hurry. I make a few more notes and head for the car.

I'm waiting in our hotel room when she enters, "hi lover," I say greeting her as she enters the door.

With a sly smile she walks over to me and her hand goes to the budge in my pants, "well it feels like you had a fruitful day," she laughs as I bend down and kiss her. My tongue probes her mouth as she melts into me.

She pulls away her breathing coming faster, "a quickie before we eat?"

"No I want a whole lot more than a quickie," I say and slap her ass playfully.

"Ouch," she yelps, "well then let's get out of here before I jump you," she laughs rubbing her ass.

All of her co-workers have left for home and her demeanor is totally flirty now. She openly gropes me in the elevator as we stand behind another couple. By the time we reach the ground floor she has my cock stone hard and the outline is clearly visible along my thigh.

All through dinner she continues to tease me, 'accidentally' brushing her tits keeping her nipples hard and erect. She also plays footsie under the table, removing her shoes and running her foot up my leg to my crotch to rub my cock.

"Looks like you have a big problem there," she giggles looking at the bulge in my pants as we leave the restaurant.

"I'm not sure you could call it a 'big' problem," I joke using air quotes around the word big.

She reaches over pushing the button calling the elevator then turns to face me. "It's big enough for me," she breathes as she hooks a hand behind my neck pulling my face down to hers. The kiss starts out mild, but soon deepens into a passionate, tongue probing kiss that has us both breathing harder within moments. Her free hand caresses my erection, "feels big to me," she whispers. For a fleeting moment we're lost in each other's eyes before the ding of the elevator brings us out of the fog of lust and we separate and entered the elevator.

I try to pull her back to me, but she pushes back and with a devilish smile says, "enjoy."

Her hands go to the buttons on her blouse and in a matter of seconds I'm holding it watching opened mouthed as she removes her bra. She hands me her bra with that same devilish smile, but then quickly grabs her blouse and puts it back on as we feel the elevator slow to a stop. The ding of the doors makes her jump but to my surprise she doesn't button her blouse, instead she hugs my arm hiding the gap of creamy white skin showing between the unbuttoned sides of the blouse.

A young couple, I'd guess early twenties, wearing robes and carrying towels smile at us as they get on the elevator, obviously headed to the roof top pool. As the elevator starts back up Kathy eases herself away from me. She's standing directly behind the couple as she slips the blouse off her shoulders. She smiles back at me, then steps forward until she's almost touching the couple.

"Headed to the pool," she asks.

She quickly pulls her blouse back on and holds it closed when the woman turns her head back to look at her, "yes, have you been up there, is it nice?"

"No sorry we haven't, but I've heard it is a beautiful pool," Kathy answers.

I can see her breathing has increased. The elevator slows again then stops at our floor. "Excuse us this is our floor," she says as she nudges her way between the couple. Letting go of her blouse its opens as we exit the elevator. Turning as the doors close and her blouse opens, she chirps, "Well have fun."

I get the briefest glimpse of the guys eyes widen just before the doors close.

Kathy whispers, "did you enjoy that?" Glancing down at the bulge in my pants she giggles, "yes I think you did like that."

She starts walking backwards toward our door. Glancing over her shoulder checking she won't trip she pulls the blouse off dropping it on the floor. As I bend to grab the blouse I see her unzip her skirt. It slides down temporarily stopping, she steps out of it leaving it crumpled on the floor then continues walking backwards. Again as I bend to retrieve the skirt I see her hook her thumbs in her black lacy panties and pushes them down. She stops in front of our door and hooking the toe of her heels in the panties she kicks them at me with a giggle. Her aim is terrible and the panties fly up to the ceiling and get snagged by a sprinkler head and hang just out of reach.

Her hands go to her mouth covering it as she laughs out an, "oops."

I laugh, "you know I could jump up and grab them but I might set off the sprinkler system."

She looks at me then the dangling panties then back at me. "No, for gods sake don't do that, I guess we'll just have to leave them," she giggles.

Our eyes meet and we both laugh, "guess so," I agree.

"Hurry up and open the door," she urges, "you know I am in a somewhat compromised position here," she smiles and strikes a pose.

She has always insisted on wearing sexy, lacy, bras and pantie sets, "after all," she explained, "you never know when the opportunity to show them off might come up." To that end she refuses to wear pantyhose, which means she also has matching garter belts and hose.

She's standing in front of our door nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Her black garter belt in sharp contrast to her milky white skin. It perfectly frames the junction of her thighs.

"Mmm you look good enough to eat," I groan.

"Yes dear that sounds divine, but let's do that in there," she urges pointing toward our door.

"Patience is a virtue," I laugh as I wave the key card in front of the door lock, nothing, no green light no click of the lock, nothing.

Down the next hall we hear a door close and voices. Kathy grabs the card from me and frantically starts waving it in front of the lock, but to no avail. "You have to do that slower," I tell her as the voices keep getting closer.

"Fuck," she hisses through clenched teeth as she scurries behind me. I take the card from her and try again. This time the light turns green and the lock clicks, I turn the handle and Kathy pushes her way into the room just as two men come around the corner.

One guy spots the panties hanging overhead and nudges the other pointing to them. "Looks like someone's been having fun," he says his voice trailing off when he sees the bra hanging from my hand.

I nod my head to them saying, "Howdy," as they get close. I'm holding the door open and Kathy is standing just inside fully exposing herself to them. They slow as they approach the door as I step in. I step to the side and when they get even with the door I let it go. The door slowly swings closed and latches.

I look at Kathy and she's grinning from ear to ear, "they stopped," is all she said before attacking me.

I throw her clothes and as she tackles my belt I pull my shirt off. She pulls my pants and boxers down as she kneels in front of me. Grabbing my cock with both hands she licks the drop of precum off the head. Looking up at me she breathes, "This is the big cock I've been dreaming about."

She slowly takes just the head in her mouth swirling her tongue around the head. She pulls free with a pop, "God you taste good," she groans.











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