Episode 28: Serendipity

The video begins and we see an attractive girl in her dorm room, studying at her desk. The dorm room is very basic; it has a bed, a desk, and a nightstand with a lamp. She's wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. It's nighttime and the shades are drawn and all of the lights in the room are on. She finishes and puts her pen down and closes her book and puts it on a shelf. She turns off the desk light, stands up and pulls the covers down on her made bed. She walks to her closet, takes off her t-shirt and bra, and puts them into the laundry basket. She takes a lacy, white nightie off of a hangar and puts it on. It comes down to mid-thigh. Then she takes off her sweats and puts them in the basket and the same thing with her panties. She turns the overhead light off and gets in the bed and turns off the light on the nightstand.

She pulls up the covers and then picks up her iPad next to her bed. We're looking over her shoulder as she pulls up a porn site from her list of favorites. From the main menu, she selects the Lesbian category. She props up the iPad on her chest and navigates with one hand while the other hand slips below the covers and out of sight. She opens the most recently uploaded video, and we see two nude girls 69ing. She gasps. "Oh my God, it's Crystal."

She turns the sound all the way down and puts the iPad next to her in the bed. She sits up and turns the nightstand light back on and picks up her cell phone. She calls a number and puts it on speaker so she can set it on her pillow next to her while she picks the iPad up to continue watching it, too.

The call is answered and we hear a voice say "Front desk."

"Hello, I'm looking for Crystal Harswell. Will you transfer me to her phone, please."

We hear the phone ringing and then a girl's voice answers "hello."

"Hi Crystal, this is Harmony. Can you come down to my room? I've got something to show you and ask you."

"I'm just about to put on my pajamas and get in bed. Can it wait?"

"No, this is something we have to talk about right now."

"Okay, I'll be right over."

Harmony puts the phone back on the nightstand and puts panties on under the nightie. Moments later, we hear a knock on the door. Harmony opens it and Crystal comes in. She looks exactly one of the girls in the video.

"What's so important, Harmony?"

Harmony smiles and sits on the bed. "I just saw your video online."

Crystal continues to stand. "What video."

"The one where you're using the name Lisa."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"It's okay, you don't have to hide it. I'm really very glad and excited that I found it."

"I'm like totally confused. Can you show me what you're talking about."

Harmony gets the iPad, and Crystal sits next to her on the bed. The two watch it side-by-side while she turns it on and navigates back to the video. They watch it a little. Then Crystal says "I swear that isn't me." She starts pulling off her clothes. She's wearing a leotard as underwear. As she undresses, she's saying "And I can prove it. Look at that girl in the video. Do you see her lower back? She doesn't have a tattoo." The girl in the video has no tattoo at the top of her butt. "Well, I have a tattoo on my butt. See?" Crystal has a small tattoo on the top of her butt. It's too high for her to lift up and leotard and show it so she takes off the leotard and only has on a thong. She turns around and lets Harmony examine her butt. Then she turns back to face Harmony.

Harmony's very embarrassed. "Oh, wow, I'm so sorry. It just looked so much like you." Harmony is looking back and forth between the video and Crystal. Crystal's just watching the video.

"And if I were a famous porn star, do you think I'd be studying accounting here? But I guess I should be flattered that you think I look like her. Does my body really look as good as hers?"

Harmony's actions are very nervous and she is trying to just look at Crystal's face. "well, um, yeah. I'd even say, you know, that you've got a sexier body."

Crystal beams. "Really? Well, I think her breasts look fake, and mine are natural." There's a pause, and then a slight smile crosses her face. "Here, feel them so you'll agree."

"No, I don't need to feel them. I can tell that they're real."

"Seriously, I want you to know for sure." She takes Harmony's hands and puts them on her breasts. "See? Now you know that isn't me in the video, right?"

Harmony pulls her hands back. "I agree." She's very flustered. "I'll let you go back to bed now. Forget I called."

"But now I want to know something. What are you doing watching girl-girl videos?"

"Oh, well, it just came up. Sometimes, I watch some porn to help me fall asleep, and this video was the first one on the site."

"And why did you say you're so glad and excited that you found a video you thought was me?"

"Um, I don't know. maybe I was just trying to be nice."

Crystal gets right up close to Harmony. "Maybe you were hoping I would do this ..." She embraces Harmony and kisses her. Harmony's surprised but then kisses her back, and they continue to kiss. Crystal pulls up Harmony's nightie so she can suck on her breasts. The girls play with each other's breasts while they kiss. "I've never been filmed nude and especially not with another girl, but I'm very glad you found that video and thought it was me." They both smile. "And the girl I'd most like to be filmed with is you."

Harmony asks "I really like that tattoo. Can I see it closer?" Crystal lies on the bed on her stomach. Harmony pulls of the thong and stretches apart Crystal's legs so that she can sit between them and then pushes herself up against Crystal's body and is rubbing Crystal's tattoo and then her upper thighs and then her pussy. Her rubbing becomes faster and Crystal is breathing hard. Harmony rolls Crystal overs they can kiss and scissor until they cum. They continue having sex for the rest of the video.

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