About a week later, Suky and I were in the Mall having lunch at her favorite bistro, when her phone rang. She had a brief conversation, which ended with her saying that we would be there very shortly. I knew better than to ask her what her plans were, so I sat quietly as we finished lunch, and followed her as we left the restaurant.

When we arrived at the sex shop, I entered with some trepidation. Amanda looked very happy to see us, and Suky and her exchanged a hug, before the girl handed her a neatly wrapped package. My relationship with Suky didn't invite questions on my behalf, but my curiosity was getting the better of me.

"Can I hold it?" I asked, figuring I may have some clue to its contents, if I could feel its weight and dimensions.

"Go and wait in the car," Suky ordered, shutting down my request in front of the teenage cashier.

"Suky, please," I said, trying to stand my ground in front of Amanda.

Suky gave me an icy stare, and I immediately backed down and scurried out of there, with my tail between my legs.

"Fucking pussy," Amanda said contemptuously, the teenager's words ringing in my ears.

I couldn't put my finger on the reason why, but I feared Amanda. I hoped I never had to deal with her dominant personality outside of her store.

Later on that afternoon, I was laying low, doing laundry and other household chores, as Suky entertained Rim, Joy and Rosebud in my living room. I could hear the girls laughing and carrying on, and the anticipation was really getting to me. I wanted to crawl under my bed and hide, but that was not one of my options.

Suky rarely drank alcohol but today she was tipsy! She and her three friends were drinking wine when I heard her call my name. I entered the living room nervously to see what she needed. My relief was palpable when she spoke.

"We need more wine, baby," she told me.

I noticed that most of their wine glasses needed a refill, and I figured it would be easier to bring the bottle from the kitchen. When I entered the room with the wine bottle, they let out a collective cheer and I felt very self-conscious.

I poured Suky's glass first and she took a large sip and said, "Thanks cabana boy."

The women laughed and giggled at that, and Joy spoke up.

"What else does cabana boy do?" she said mischievously.

"He gives a mean foot-rub," Suky blurted out.

I had no clue why the fuck she responded the way she did, but I blamed it on the alcohol. Of course, the revelation that I would kneel before Suky and massage her feet was of great interest to her girlfriends. None of them really had steady boyfriends, but on the rare occasions that they were in a relationship, their men didn't have the time or inclination to kneel and give foot rubs!

"I want one," Joy exclaimed. "I haven't had a foot massage in years. That sounds wonderful."

Suky looked at me, as I squirmed with discomfort, and for whatever reason piped up, "Cabana boy would be happy to give you a foot massage."

Then she turned her attention to me.

"Fetch your foot massage oil and whatever else you need," she instructed me, as the women giggled with excitement.

I felt so submissive when I came back into the room with my oil, towel and bowl of warm soapy water. I was aroused by Suky taking control of me, and I could feel a familiar tingling in my loins. These feelings were magnified when I knelt before Joy. She had kicked off her shoes in anticipation of this unexpected treat, and wiggled her toes expectantly.

I laid the towel on the ground at her feet and placed the bowl of warm soapy water on it. I washed Joy's feet first, taking care to treat her with deference, and then I dried them. I felt really self-conscious, but she seemed very happy with my attention and she had a big smile on her face, as I knelt before her.

After her feet were dry, I applied the massage oil and began to attend to her feet. She was telling all of the other girls how great cabana boy was at the art of foot massage. I kept my head down and quietly worked my magic. I went through the massage routine that I always used on Suky, and then I washed her feet again.

She rested one foot in my lap as I dried it, her soft sole inadvertently caressing my cock. The combination of the subservience, and her soft touch, had an affect on me that I couldn't hide.

"Kneeling before me and giving me a foot massage, made him erect," Joy remarked to the whole room.

I was so embarrassed, I wished I could just disappear. I looked across at Suky to see how pissed she was, but she was laughing at my predicament.

"Are you sure, Joy?" Rim asked.

Joy removed her dry foot from my crotch, and stuck the foot that needed drying right into my genital area.

"Oh yes," she said, wiggling it around in my groin. "He definitely has a boner!"

I really didn't know which way to look, so I continued to dry Joy's foot. Joy knew exactly what she was doing and spoke up.

"I need more wine cabana boy."

It was fairly easy to conceal my erection while I was kneeling down. However as soon as Joy indicated that she needed more wine, I started to stress at the thought of having to stand up. I looked at Suky for moral support, which was a dumb thing to do.

"Fetch Joy and the girls more wine, baby," she teased, knowing full well my predicament.

I got to my feet trying to conceal my erection with my arm. As I left the room to get the wine bottle, Rim spoke.

"Yep, he definitely had a hard-on," she announced, loud enough for everyone to hear.

When I got to the kitchen I was trembling with anxiety, and I did not want to go back in to the living room. Suky appeared in the kitchen, with her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face.

"I am sorry to embarrass you," I stammered. "I feel like such a fuck-up."

Suky put her finger to my lips to silence me.

"No apology necessary," she began, "I am very flattered that my friends are enjoying your attention. Now get your ass out there and pour their wine."

It took everything I had to walk back into that room, but I obeyed her and refilled the girls' glasses, trying in vain to hide my erection.

"That felt fantastic," Joy told me, "I really enjoyed it."

"It looks like cabana boy enjoyed it too," Rim added, which got everybody giggling.

Suky was feeling the effect of the wine and suddenly blurted out, "He does pedicures too."

My face turned red as she told them this. Really, I thought, are there no secrets in our relationship?

Joy's face lit up at this revelation. "Do one of you girls want a pedicure?" she asked Rim and Rosebud.

"I would love a pedicure from cabana boy," Rosebud exclaimed enthusiastically.

My heart sank at the thought of having to kneel before Rosebud and work on her feet. Of all the girls at the massage parlor, she was the one I knew the least. It wasn't due to a personality clash or anything personal. It was just that her speciality was anal, and my sexual preference was blowjobs and rimjobs, so I hadn't availed myself of her services very often.

I had given Rim a semi-private performance before, having jerked off for her and fucked my pocket pussy in her presence. I would have felt much more comfortable on my knees in front of her, or Joy, than in front of Rosebud, who I barely knew.

Apparently, it was already decided.

"Fetch your pedicure kit and your service pillow," Suky ordered, as Rosebud clapped her hands together with excitement. "Oh, and put your silk boxers on for us."

As I slinked out of the room with my tail between my legs, Suky watched me leave the room and prayed that I would storm back in and say "no" to her latest directive. She really wanted me to stand up for myself, and draw a line in the sand. She was just toying with me, having a little fun at my expense.

The alcohol had made her more aggressive, but she was only going to push me as far as I was comfortable being pushed. I needed to let her know when I was done with her game, and it would stop. Then we could all have a laugh about it, and it would be over.

She had given me warning in the past. When we first started dating, she noticed how submissive I was, and she took her pleasure as often as she desired. As she continually pushed my boundaries, I offered no resistance. I just willingly complied, every time, with whatever she wanted, with a smile on my face.

"You need to say no occasionally, or at least push back a little," she had warned me. "Otherwise, one day you will end up doing something for me, that you really did not want to do."

I couldn't rely on Suky to do the right thing, or even show some restraint. The prospect of unconditional pleasure was too strong for her to resist. I had allowed her to take so much from me, that she enjoyed pushing my boundaries once in a while, occasionally needing a little extra kink. Unfortunately, for me, tonight was going to be one of those nights.

This was quickly going from bad to worse for me, and I briefly thought about going back into the living room and saying "no". Seconds later, I realized what a bad idea this was. Suky would punish me severely for disobeying a direct command, I had to get on her program and suck it up. The last time I had tried to stand up to her, she had left me with my hands tied behind my back for several hours. "No" was clearly not one of my options tonight.

It took me a few minutes to get everything together, and to heat the rocks that I needed to warm Rosebud's feet. I was extremely embarrassed and humiliated when I walked back into the living room, wearing just my silk boxers. My head was hung low, my face was flushed and I had a pedicure kit in one hand, and a pink heart-shaped pillow in the other. I positioned the pillow in such a way to attempt to hide my erection, but at some point I had to place it at Rosebud's feet.

Once I was stood in front of Rosebud, time stopped. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and I knew I could only delay the inevitable reveal of my erection for so long. I needed to place the pillow at Rosebud's feet, but fear kept me rooted to the spot.

"Don't be shy," Suky instructed me, "we all know you are excited."

There were a few titters at Suky's remark and then all eyes were upon me, waiting expectantly for me to remove the pillow from my crotch. I drew in a deep breath, placed the pillow at the feet of Rosebud, and stood there awaiting further instructions. My cock was rock-hard and clearly visible in my silk boxers. I didn't know what the hell to do with myself, and was relieved when Suky took control.

"Kneel," she said, electing to keep things simple with a one-word command.

I was quite shaky as I sank to my knees, both in anticipation of being forced to serve this young girl, and with embarrassment at other people seeing my service pillow.

Suky had bought me a pink, heart-shaped silk pillow to kneel on when I massaged her feet or gave her a pedicure. The first few times I had given her a foot massage, our relationship was in its infancy. Suky had not realized how submissive I was, and did not demand prolonged attention to her feet. However, as she started to push my boundaries, she found that I would attend to her for hours, if she so desired.

Suky loved this. She could watch back to back episodes of Sex in the City, while I was on my knees washing and massaging her feet. She no longer had to leave the house to get a pedicure. She could occasionally sense my discomfort if I was kneeling for an extended period of time, and so she got me the pillow. I did not love the fact that it was pink, or that it was made of silk, or that it was heart-shaped. However, I would never have dared to question her about it. I was sure she had a master plan that would eventually be revealed to me.

One day, when I was on my knees painting her toenails, she told me why she got me that exact pillow.

"It is pink to emasculate you," she told me. "The same reason that your silk boxers from China are pink. I like to watch you fetch your pink pillow and carry it into the room before you service me. It is heart-shaped as a symbol of your unconditional love for me. As for why it is silk? One day I am going to use that silk pillow to punish you. On that day you will learn why it is made of silk."

I knew that I was going to hate whatever punishment involved this pink pillow, and I remained silent on the issue.

Shortly after she shared this with me, I learned that the pillow had a secondary function. She was playing on her computer and summoned me into her office. I always assumed she was working when she was on her computer, however as I walked into her office, I noticed that her panties were on the floor, and the pink silk pillow was at the foot of her computer chair between her legs. She didn't even bother to look up from the computer screen. She just pointed to the floor in front of her, and I submissively knelt on the pillow.

I had serviced Suky many times before while she worked on her computer. In the past, it had not been very comfortable being under her desk on my knees, but this pillow made all the difference. Despite the color, material and shape having been chosen solely to emasculate me, the pillow functioned perfectly to alleviate the discomfort of a prolonged kneeling session.

Once I got into her desired position she spread her legs slightly, and I began to lick her sex. She was already very wet, and I surmised that she had been reading erotic stories on her favorite website. She continued to surf the internet while I licked her to her first orgasm. After she came, she told me to stand and, upon noticing my erect cock tenting in my briefs, she flicked the tip of it with her forefinger, sufficiently hard that I let out a yelp of pain.

"This isn't about you," she scolded. "Move your service pillow to the center of the room and lay on your back," she ordered me.

As soon as the back of my head hit the pillow, she straddled my face. That heart-shaped pillow became the symbol of my submission to her. She used it often, and I was required to keep it spotless, even though she leaked her juices on it frequently. I probably washed that pillow three times a week.

Now, as I placed the pink pillow at Rosebud's feet and slowly sank to my knees, I felt a wave of humiliation wash over me. When Suky had given me the pillow it was emasculating enough, but I never imagined that she would make me kneel on it, to service one of her friends.

Suky watched very closely to ensure that I followed the procedure. I had a small pouch that contained some hot rocks to massage her feet and calves, and as I started to pamper Rosebud's feet, she was quite appreciative.

"Wow, that feels heavenly," she said enthusiastically. "It has been a long time since a man pampered me."

Suky was watching with pride now, as her cabana boy was doing a fabulous job. After the hot rock massage was done, I worked on her callouses and rough skin just like a professional, a testament to the training that I had received.

Suky had initially contemplated on sending me to cosmetology school, but when she learned that I needed four hundred hours of technical instruction, she decided that I didn't need my manicurist license. Suky wasn't planning on putting me to work in a salon, I just needed to learn how to give her a world-class foot massage and pedicure. So she hired a licensed manicurist to teach me the art, and was very pleased with the result.

After I had attended to Rosebud's rough skin, I cut her toe-nails and cleaned up her cuticles.

"Would you like clear-coat or color?" I asked, as I looked up at her from my knees.

"I would like more wine first, while I consult with the group on my color," Rosebud informed me, clearly becoming more comfortable with my servitude.

In my opinion, wine was the last thing they needed. Additional alcohol would just embolden them, and I already felt like this evening was spiraling out of control. Silently I arose from my knees and went to get the wine bottle, the massage crew checking me out as I crossed the room, the evidence of my arousal on clear display.

"He's got a wet spot in his silky boxers," Rim teased, rubbing the palm of her hand across the tip of my cock, as I refilled her glass.

Rim's overt action emboldened the girls and they all fondled me, as I topped their wine off. After I had refilled everyone's wine glass, I stood in front of Rosebud.

"You may assume the position," she said assertively.

I heard a couple of titters at her attempt at dominate me, and I was very embarrassed as I sank to my knees.

"Did you decide on a color for your toenails?" I asked her respectfully.

"We did," she said, apparently speaking for the group. "I want the exact same shade as your boxers."

My face reddened at this request, and I knew it was Suky's idea for sure. I looked across at her, and she was smiling sweetly and raised her glass to me.

"His boxers match his service pillow too," she pointed out, her level of intoxication evident as she enjoyed my subjugation.

Twenty minutes later, after applying a shade of nail polish called "Barbie Pink," I was done and Rosebud's nails looked fantastic. I started to gather my things to leave the room but Suky had other ideas.

"Don't rush off," she teased, "you are not off the hook yet. Come over here with your pink pillow."

I really wanted to get the hell out of that room, but all eyes were on me, and I knew better than to embarrass Suky by disobeying her. I walked over to her and stood awkwardly in front of her, my boner still tenting in my boxers. Suky extended one hand expectantly, and I handed her my pleasure pillow. She tossed it on the floor in front of her, and moved it into her desired position with her foot.

"Kneel," she said, favoring the one-word commands tonight.

I sank to my knees in a fluid, graceful motion, the way she had taught me to. When I was in position, she rested her hand on my head, and patted me as if I were a dog. Her friends were loving this blatant display of dominance, and I knew Suky could feel the fire between her legs again.

"Good boy," she slurred, "you make me very proud of you."

Suky took another large sip of wine before turning her focus to the girls.

"Do you guys have plans later tonight?" she asked, innocently enough. "Cabana boy is due for his weekly release, if anyone wants to hang around and watch. Oh, and also some punishment for his rude behavior."

I just could not believe what I was hearing. What the hell was she doing? I assumed that my rude behavior was my erection, but surely she could punish me when we were alone. My weekly release should be private too, for fuck's sake.

I had seen her become more aggressive and controlling, on the rare occasion that she consumed alcohol. However this was getting out of control. I made eye-contact with Suky and she took it as a direct challenge, and called me on it.

"Do you have other plans?" she asked me, in front of everybody. 'Somewhere else to be?"

I was begging her with my eyes not to do this, but she had made up her mind to dominate and humiliate me in front of all of her friends.

"I would normally punish him first," she continued, "and then he would get his release. A typical punishment would be a bare-ass spanking with my hairbrush. However, I do not want you all to see him naked, as this is about control not sex. So, I will create a new release and punishment for him. Which do you want to see first?"

The overwhelming consensus, was that the group wanted to see my release first. This didn't sit well with me, as it meant I would have to endure my punishment after my orgasm, by which time I would be over it.

"It has been eight days since his last orgasm," she informed them, matter of factly.

"Holy shit," Joy said barely able to contain her laughter, "you keep track."











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