"That is most important. Drinking alcohol is nice but alcohol tends to dehydrate you and you will need to drink plenty of water until you acclimatise yourself here. Make sure you take those bottles with you everywhere. The filters will be good for your entire stay. But you should replace them when you leave. There are things in the water here that are not healthy for people and the filters will take them out. They will also filter out the taste of plastic from bottled water. Do not drink from the resort's taps without using the filters. Best to use bottled water. There should be plenty in your villa's fridge and if there isn't simply let the butler know.

"Now, I know you have many more questions, but you will need to see the resort and your rooms. You may ask anything of any of the staff, their discretion is assured. The bracelets will act as a key card and let you into your rooms."

"Rooms?" asked Janet.

"Why yes Miss, you have one or our finest villas."

Janet clapped her hand over her mouth and giggled like a schoolgirl. Selena smiled and made a phone call speaking quickly in Spanish that neither could follow but which they realized included their names.

"Your bags have already been sent to your villa. I have other people to attend to so have called for some of our staff to show you around the resort and bring you to your villa." She said as she helped them return the items to their beach bags.

"Now that you know what this resort is all about, I have to ask you if you wish to remain?" Selena asked, looking at the couple.

"Do we have to answer immediately?" Joe asked. "You did say that the other resorts are all booked solid, how long do you think it would be before we could be moved?"

"A week at the earliest," Selena replied. "You have booked for a two week stay, which means half of your vacation would be spent with use anyway. Please remember that 'No Means No' at this resort. What you are willing to do, or what you want to do, is entirely up to you as individuals and as a couple. If you wish to view this a simple vacation, you can do that. You don't have to get involved in the more adult aspect of the lifestyle here if that is your wish. This is, after all, one of the finer resorts on the island and you will enjoy yourself here one way or another.

"The only downside being that the resort's adult nature is more-or-less in your face. You cannot avoid it. The only way to hide from it is to stay in your villa, and that would not allow you to really enjoy your vacation," Selena advised them.

As she finished speaking, she waved to someone on the other side of the glass door. It opened immediately to the tinkle of moving bells and Joe and Janet turned to see who had entered and both almost fell out of their seats at what they saw.

There before them were a very tall and nearly naked young black couple! And what a couple! They were both dressed in hats made of brightly coloured feathers sticking straight up. They each wore a feathered armband and wrist bands with bells intertwined at the wrists. They also wore feathered ankle bands with bells, their movements constantly set the bells ringing. They were both evidently in very good physical shape, the muscles of their abs highly delineated.

The woman was about 5'8" and wore a bright silver whistle on small chain that hung down between her naked breasts. She also wore several necklaces made of different material, each with a single feather similar to the ones they wore on their anklets/bracelets. She wore a very tiny light-blue G-string with the resort logo on it that barely covered her mound. The G-string stood out strongly against her very dark skin. Bright coloured leather sandals with leather laces that came up to just under her knees finished her outfit.

Her eyes were accented with bright eye shadow to make them pop out, and she wore red lipstick that was complimentary to her skin tone.

The man was at least 6'2" tall and had what looked to be a Kazoo on a long silver chain that hung down on his chest along with sets of necklaces with feathers similar to that of the woman. He wore a slightly larger light-blue pouch covering his manhood and the same style of brightly coloured leather sandals.

His eyes too bore bright eye shadow to make them pop, but he wore no lipstick. Their cheerful smiles contrasted strongly against their very dark skin, and there was a lot of skin to see!

Both brightly cried out "Hola" as they entered the room. The woman came directly over to Janet and gave her a strong hug and a kiss on each cheek, then turned to Joe and did the same. The man hugged Joe and then moved to Janet giving her a strong hug and kiss on each cheek as well.

"Welcome to the resort!" they both chimed in together, their voices harmonizing in a sing-song way.

Selena introduced the two as Maria and Juan, two of the resorts dancers as she carefully watched the newbies reactions.

"Yes! The resorts Finest Dancers!" Maria declared as Juan laughed. "And we will be in the show tonight. You will come watch?" Maria asked.

Selena interrupted with a burst of quick Spanish and the two dancers nodded then turned to their new guests.

"We are to show you the resort and take you to your villa." Maria said simply. "But you are much too overdressed for here!" she smiled at Janet.

Janet simply blushed. The only time that she had ever seen another woman topless was in the change rooms at the gym. She didn't know what to say or do!

Maria giggled and grabbed Joe beginning to pull off his shirt despite his objections. She picked up some sunscreen and began to rub it into his chest laughing at him as he tactfully tried to fend her off.

"You must get used to it, Mr. Joe!" She laughed. "It is always better to have someone else put the cream on you!" She teased while continuing to slather the cream onto his body.

Juan had been standing beside Janet and asked her in a soft whisper if she wanted him to help her with her dress? Janet, her mouth wide open, simply shook her head no. Juan laughed and reached up with a single finger to close her mouth.

"You will catch flies!" he teased and began to apply some of the sunscreen from her bag to her neck, arms and legs. Janet managed not to flinch as much as her husband when he began to rub the cream into her upper thighs but as his hands moved up under her dress, she stopped him.

Both Joe and Janet were a little uncomfortable with the overt touching, but strangely comforted by the fact the two dancers stopped immediately when they objected, a blatant display of the resort's 'No Means No' policy.

The muted sounds of a Conga beat came over the sound system.

"Conga!" shouted Maria and moved in front of Joe. She turned her back to him and all Joe saw on her virtually naked body was the tiny piece of string coming up between her naked buttocks to catch another thin piece of string tied around her waist. Taking his hands in hers, she placed them on her bare ass and held them tightly to her as she began to move to the music and pull him toward the still open door.

Juan grabbed the two beach bags and turned to wiggle his virtually naked behind at Janet. "Grab on Janet!" he cried. "We are going to see the resort." Stunned Janet reluctantly grabbed hold of him, though higher on his hips than her husband's hands had been on Maria's! Her first impression at touching him was how powerful his muscles felt and how warm his flesh was!

The four of them moved out of the office and danced toward the back of the reception area. They came upon a large bar with several people lounging around in bikinis. They cheered when they saw the foursome dancing conga. Many got up and joined them as they danced around the large open area. Many of the guests had whistles and Kazoos and they tootled and whistled to the music as they danced around.

Everyone laughed when the music ended and proceeded to give Janet, Joe, Maria and Juan some decidedly friendly hugs!

A new song came over the speakers and Maria squealed "Shakira!"

Janet recognized the opening bars of "Hips Don't Lie" as Maria began a very sexy rendition of the Shakira's dance moves. Janet stood in awe as she watched the women spin, twist, bend and flow through some very tantalizing and sexy belly dance moves. Everyone began to clap in time to the music and Joe and Janet, caught up in the moment, began to clap and cheer along with the others.

As the music came to the part of the dance video where other dancers normally came out to dance with Shakira, some of the other women present moved in with Maria and gave a commendable rendition of the video's moves, though it was abundantly clear who the professional dancer was.

The song ended with more cheers and hugs all around. Janet found herself especially liking hugging the nearly naked Maria. The woman seemed so vibrantly alive and so completely free of inhibitions. And like Juan, she could feel the muscle definition and the power of her body when they hugged.

Juan explained that this was the piano bar lounge and that a professional musician was available every evening after 6. He got them some drinks, the ones with little umbrellas in them, while explaining with a wink that tipping was customary for the staff. Janet decided that the drinks were quite tasty, but Maria warned them both that a number of the drinks were made with Coconut milk which was a natural laxative and too many of them would ruin their day! She giggled insanely as she told them of a couple that hadn't taken their advice and wound up sitting on the toilette for two days afterwards!

Their guides took them to the opposite side of the gallery. This was where all the excursions were booked. Janet and Joe looked at the long list of things to do off site, including diving, hang gliding, horseback riding and much, much more. Janet's head was spinning now at all the new things the money that her and Joe's promotions had given them access to.

Their guides took them down a grand staircase where a very large bar sat in an open area below the balcony. The roof extended out over the entire area and Juan told them that if it rained, they could come here to have drinks and to talk to other guests. On either side of the open area were large ponds with statues and fountains. The statues were rather risqué in nature being of nude women in various positions jetting water from their mouths or from items they carried or nude men jetting water from their mouths or from rather large erect penises. Janet blushed at the imagery.

Maria giggled when she saw where Janet was looking and told her that the statues erections deflated when the water was turned off at night.

"Really!?" Janet said, then blushed when Juan and Maria laughed, and she realized they had been joking with her.

On either side of the grand staircase were two of the resorts more illustrious restaurants "La Parisiennne", a French restaurant, and "The Tokaida", a Japanese restaurant. These required bookings for sittings.

Under and at the back of the staircase was the entrance to one of the resorts discos. Just as Juan was showing them the entrance, one of the cleaning staff came out and called out "Hola" to Juan and Maria. They talked briefly to the other staff member and then Maria told them that Miguel said it would be alright to look inside even though the disco was currently closed.

Miguel opened the door for them, and they quickly moved into the darkened area. Cleaning staff were rushing about but they could see most of the disco, which was quite large. It had three separate dance floors spread across the space, lit with flashing lights below the floor and spotlights shining down from above. The center dance floor had three dance poles going from floor to ceiling, the type used by pole dancers and strippers. And, of course, there was the ubiquitous mirrored ball hanging over one of the dance spaces.

There was a large bar across most of the rear of the room and plenty of seating all about. Janet noted that some of the seating was in booths that would be hidden from anyone dancing on the floor but not necessarily from someone standing or seated at the bar.

Maria pulled them to one side of the disco. "This is the 'La Disco El Diablo'" she told them as she guided them to a door that was surmounted by a large painting of the face of a smiling devil the entrance being through its open and rather toothy looking mouth, fangs included.

Once through the door she saw another disco floor, this one with two poles. All around the room were large comfortable round seats which almost looked like beds, big enough for two people. Pillows were strewn everywhere. Some of the bed style seats near the rear were hidden in shadow and these looked to be large enough for four or more people.

"You must remember when you come into this room you must come because you want to come. Out in the other disco is not public area but is not for play area, some touching but no play. Here any play can and does happen," Maria told them with a conspiratorial wink. It was a good thing it was darker in here as Janet felt herself blushing strongly when she realized what Maria must mean.

Their guides thanked the friendly staff for letting them show the newbies the disco and led them out once more into the bright sunshine.

They entered a covered walkway, with two large boards, immediately in front of the bar area. One showed a map of the resort, the same map that was on the website, but now Janet understood just how extensive and vast the resort really was. Opposite the map was another board with activities listed.

"This tells you all of the events happening this day, tomorrow and the day after." Juan explained, pointing to the appropriate area for each day. "You can see the show we are in tonight," he said with a grin.

The sign he pointed to was an advertisement for an 'Erotic Dance Show'. Janet blushed when Maria squealed and told them "You most come and watch our moves"! And then she spun around doing a perfect split immediately in front of Juan facing away from him, her arms outstretched over her legs. Juan reached down, grabbed her under her arms and threw her up over his head and caught her by the thighs, his hands just either side of her crotch! She hadn't moved so wound up over his head in the exact positions she had been on the ground. Her legs were spread wide in a split and her G-string seemed to be sucked into her pussy, leaving her almost completely naked!

Juan was holding her with casual seeming ease above his head, though the strain on his muscles was evident by their tautness on his nearly naked body.

There they were, two virtually nude dancers, holding a pose one over the other's head and suddenly they began to draw a crowd. People that were walking by stopped to stare and clap. Two topless women asked if they could take pictures and stood on either side of Juan while their partners quickly took pictures.

More and more people began to crowd around, including two completely naked couples. Janet was shocked when she first saw them. Both looked to be in their early twenties, though it was hard to tell for one couple as they were Japanese, and they might have been older.

While the Japanese couple were short, the other couple were just as tall as the dancers. She looked to have the body of a model, with large firm breasts and long golden hair. He was heavily muscled in the way of a body builder. They seemed completely oblivious to the fact of their nudity and Janet noted that neither of them sported tan lines!

Maria gave a sort of twisting move, slithering like a snake around and down Juan's hard body, first to the right, then to the left across his chest and around his back to end up back at his feet in a split, this time facing him with her hands on his thigh. Her face was directly in front of his crotch. People clapped and cheered at her move.

Maria quickly caught Janet's eye, winked, then pulled Juan's pouch away from his crotch and gently nibbled at his cock!

"Aaaaaayyyyyyiiiiiieeee!" cried Juan as he jumped back hiding behind Janet while Maria laughed. "Naughty woman!" He cried, "That is for tonight!" he told her.

Janet was stunned. The quick look she got of his manhood shocked her. His cock was much fatter than and just as long as her husband's erection even though Juan's cock was still flaccid! She could feel him rubbing up against her, his almost naked body sending incredible sensations through her own. She looked down at him to see that he had not put his cock away and that it was still out for all to see.

"You help Juan put it back?" he asked her. Janet blushed, her mouth hanging open. He laughed and reached up to close her mouth. "You must like taste of flies." He said with a laugh in his words.

The tall naked couple then approached the dancers and asked if she could pose with them. Juan quickly put himself away and stood opposite Maria with the woman between them. They both lifted their knees and told the woman to hold on to their legs, when she did, they quickly moved one hand each to cup her exposed breasts, turned their heads toward the camera and brought them close to the woman's, then shouted "Cheese"!

The woman laughed merrily, and her partner took several shots while Maria and Juan gently squeezed her breasts. Janet noted that with their legs up and crossed over their bodies the camera would not be able to see their G-strings so they, along with the woman, looked to be naked.

The Asian couple then advanced and asked them if she could pose with Juan. Though she was very tiny, barely 4'8" tall, her body was all woman. She had long jet-black hair that hung down to the middle of her back. Her pubic hair was sparse but also very dark. She had what Janet thought might be B cup breasts which still managed to look large on her tiny frame. She had a tiny waist and hips that flared out definitively declaring her a woman. She seemed to be very shy, more so about being naked with such a tall black man but at the prodding of her partner she allowed herself to stand beside the dancer.

Her partner was no taller than Janet. He told her to do something in their own language and she blushed and covered her mouth.

"What is he saying?" asked a smiling Juan as he looked down at the tiny woman.

She blushed and then told him, rather timidly, "He say 'maybe I would feel better if dancer is naked too?"'

Juan laughed and then whispered to the woman, loud enough for Janet to here, that his pouch had clips at the top. The woman looked up at him in total surprise and again held her hand over her mouth. But she looked at her partner and licked her lips and said something to him that Janet thought might be a challenge just from the way she was standing.

Her partner looked surprised but then simply nodded to her. She turned to Juan and asked him to show the clips. Juan pulled his pouch away from his body and turned his hips outward indicating were the strings around his waist clipped together. Juan encouraged the woman to open the clips.

She timidly reached out and unhooked first one then the other. There was no way that her hands could not help to feel what Juan had inside the pouch. Juan pulled the pouch away from his crotch and passed it to Janet with a wink and asked her to hold onto it for him.

Shocked, Janet took it before she could think about what she was doing. She looked at Joe and blushed while holding the pouch, still warm from Juan's body and smelling faintly of him. She quickly balled up the pouch and placed her hand behind her back.

Juan was standing naked now beside the tiny woman. Her head barely came up to his chest. Her breasts were at the same level as the top of his hips. He took her hand and placed it on his large cock and then smiled for the camera.

The tiny woman looked so shocked to be holding the overlarge cock in her hand that Janet almost laughed. Her fingers could barely reach around the still flaccid prick. Instinctively she began to stroke it and it began to pump full of blood suddenly getting much thicker and longer!











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