I met a very sexy Canadian lady years ago. Actually, we had never met face to face, just online and, maybe once, on the phone. But we had exchanged much intimate information about ourselves and had a pretty good idea of each other's sexual turn-ons. She claimed she was willing to indulge my oral appetite for pussy and I thrilled to the thought of spending hours on my back with her riding my face. But the distance between our homes prevented us from consummating our mutual desires.

Then, one day, I opened a message, and there she was, in all her female glory. She sent me a selfie she shot while wearing sexy lingerie, tiny black panties and black stockings covered by a man's shirt. I was instantly hard for her. I told her we needed to meet. I needed to experience what I was sure would be the most overwhelming erotic event of my life, the chance to ravage her and to be lost in her passion. She graciously agreed.

Being a Canadian snow bird, she spends summers in Ontario and winters in Florida. I made arrangements for a business trip to the Sunshine state at a time when we could hook up.

She provided very precise instructions. I was to book a room on the beach (she said she sometimes likes to watch the rolling ocean waves while being taken from behind). At the time of our meeting, I was to leave the door unlocked. I was to be naked and erect. She said we have had 25 years of foreplay. She did not want to have to take the time for me to get hard for her.

I followed her instructions to a tee. Bed spread pulled down, no clothes on. I had only to look at her picture to get a raging hardon for her. I heard the door click open, then close. And there she was, just as she had appeared in the picture, short reddish blonde hair, lingerie, panties and black thigh high stockings, all concealed under a trench coat.

The coat fell to the floor, and we were in a clinch. My hands cupped the cheeks of her ass as she wrapped one stockinged leg around me, pulling our groins together. We devoured each other's mouth and tongue. In a flash she was out of the corset, and I feasted on her lovely breasts, licking around her nipples, then suckling, as she threw her head back and sighed with contentment.

Soon I was kissing my way down her body till I was on my knees. I rubbed my face against her panty covered crotch, feeling the dampness and inhaling the intoxicating scent of her arousal. I looked up into her eyes, and her smile told me to proceed. I grasped the edges of her panties and pulled them down. We both chuckled as her wetness caused them to stick to her slit. My breath caught as her magnificent, waxed pussy was revealed to me for the first time. There was simply nothing for me to do but place grateful kisses upon those swollen lips peaking out, beckoning me to an experience I had ached for, year after year.

"On the bed," she commanded, and we stretched out. She rolled on top of me, grinding herself against my erection. Then she lay to the side, and our hands went to work, stimulating each other. My finger found its way into her vagina, and she soaked my hands with her fluids. Then I found the pearl of her clitoris, hooded and swollen and rolled it between my fingers, to her obvious approval. All the while she was working my penis with the best hand job a man could ever want. I needed to slow her down or I was going to be spraying myself all over her in no time. Besides, I needed to make my favorite fantasy come true. I could wait no longer.

"Please, please, let me taste you, please," I begged.

She smiled, and rolled on her back, legs spread. I slipped a pillow under her butt and settled down between those stocking covered thighs. I love the feeling of stockings squeezing my head as I pleasure a lady. Now, I got my first close-up look at the object of my desire, that had, for years, filled so many of my fantasies. I stared, transfixed at this amazing masterpiece of anatomy, full, thick lips coated in vaginal fluid, the slick pinkness inside, her vagina where my finger had just been sheathed. Her hand at the back of my head gripped my hair and pulled me to her.

She did not want preliminaries. Her fluids were flowing freely, and I applied my tongue to the entrance to her vagina, drinking deeply of her arousal. Her hips were moving against my face, rubbing my mustache and beard between her lips, soaking me and marking me with her scent. Soon her hand in my hair pulled me up to the seat of her pleasure, her swelling clitoris.

My usual technique is to lick and suck a woman's clit at the same time, and I applied myself earnestly to the task. "Oh, yes," she hissed, pressing me tighter into her pussy. I inserted one finger into her vagina and stroked her g spot. With my thumb, I pressed against her anus and was thrilled to hear more cries of "Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes!" Her stockinged thighs were squeezing my head and pulling me back and forth, as she rocked and twisted her hips against my face.

Then, she came! And what an orgasm! Twenty-five years of lust that we had generated for each other was released between her legs, soaking my face in a jet of liquid, her thighs dragging me around the bed, her voice in a scream of pleasure. Contraction after contraction pulsed my finger within her vagina. Finally, her spasms slowed, and she held my face still against her vulva, slowly reducing her movements, till she pushed me away and lay still.

Her legs were still wrapped tightly around my neck, as I looked up to see her face. One of the most beautiful sights I have ever witnessed is the satisfied smile of a woman to whom I have just given an orgasm. It is a sight I will never tire of as long as I live.

After a short rest, she released me from her grip and snuggled into my arms. My erection was pressed into her thigh, and she stroked me while she caught her breath. "I guess he needs some attention, huh?" she chuckled. She climbed atop me and inserted me into her pussy. She was so wet that I sank to the hilt immediately. We kissed as she began rocking her hips against me, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone. After the excitement of our encounter, I was unable to last very long and quickly came into her, gasping as the intense pleasure rocked me. She giggled at my loss of control and continued to rock. Eventually, she orgasmed again, this time on my cock, singing her pleasure loudly.

Still coupled together, we kissed and snuggled some more. She looked at me and said, "You told me once that you wouldn't mind eating my creampie. Why don't you clean me up."

"I would love to," I said, and rolled her on her back. Once more, my head was between her legs, and I was licking our combined juices from her pussy. Once more, she came vigorously on my face.

The rest of the day continued in a similar manner, resting and fucking, resting and fucking. My lover seemed to have a boundless appetite for pleasure and an inventive, playful sense of adventure. Finally, tired out, we napped.

When we awoke, we dressed and went out for a nice supper. My lady friend looked radiant in her flowing dress as only a woman who has been sexually satisfied can look. When we were seated and the server had departed to fetch our drinks, she leaned over to me and said, "I have something I want you to hold on to for me." With a twinkle in her eye, she placed her panties into my hand. I balled them up so no one could see what I was holding and pressed them to my face. Instantly, I was surrounded again by her scent, lost in lust for her. After a hearty laugh at my reaction, she said, "I don't think I'll need them again tonight." I held her gift in my hand and periodically smelled them throughout the meal.

After we finished eating, we went for a walk hand in hand on the beach. It was getting dark and not many people were around. As we passed a dune, she pulled me to a secluded spot and said, "Take off your clothes."

"Right here?" I asked.

"Right here, and lay down," she commanded. By this time, I had learned that when she told me to do something, I would be glad I had done it. So, I lost no time in disrobing. She stood over me, straddling my hips and sat down, inserting me. Slowly she rocked back and forth on me and smiled. I've always considered being ridden by a woman who was clothed while I was naked a huge turn on, and I had been aroused all evening, sniffing her panties. I knew I was not going to last.

"I'm going to come," I told her.

"No, don't come yet. Don't move," she replied, and I tried to control the urge. She sat still on me, then lifted up till I was only halfway inside her and gathered her skirt around her waist. Suddenly, I was bathed in a warm flow as she began to urinate on me. The impact on my brain was like a shot of heroin! My ejaculation was so intense it approached pain, and I gasped in a wracking orgasm. I'm not sure if I passed out or if my senses were simply so overcome that I was unaware of my surroundings for a time.

When I returned to reality, my lover was still astride me, smiling triumphantly. "Wow, you really do like watersports," she chuckled, She slipped my penis out of her and knee-walked herself up my body to my head. As she settled down, she said simply, "Clean me." In a haze, I licked the combination of our fluids and her pee from between her legs. In short order, she pressed down hard on me and came again.

When she finished, we arose, and, as I dressed, she said, "You're a mess! You need a shower. Let's go back to the room."

We were soon sharing a shower, and as the warm water cascaded down our bodies, I found myself again on my knees worshipping between her legs. More sex continued thru the evening till we both finally had to sleep. Sometime during the night, we might have shared a sleepy 69, or it could have just been a dream by my over-stimulated brain.

In the morning, we shared a gentle lovemaking. It had become our practice that I would clean her with my mouth after intercourse, and I wasn't sure if this was not the act that I looked forward to the most. It seemed her orgasms during this activity were the most intense, and I loved any opportunity to taste her.

We continued enjoying each other right up to checkout time and vowed to renew our passion again whenever a chance arose. All the way home I continued to enjoy her scent on the panties she had given me in the restaurant. They sit here in front of me now as I write and continue to transport me back to that wonderful time with every sniff.











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