This is the sequel to my first series on Lit: "Was that all?" You could start here without reading the original, but you'll miss out on a lot! This short prologue is to give a taste of what's to come and serves as a tiny refresher.

You can look forward to a new installment each week, for at least the whole of December.

The family is starting to settle down and everything seems perfect. Yet, as Emily's 21st birthday approaches, there is turmoil on the horizon. New characters emerge to test the strength of their relationship while a threat lurks in the shadows. They've all got dangerous secrets and a lot to lose!

This story contains: straight and lesbian sex with a balance between action and drama. Scenes will occasionally involve anal, incest, prostitution, rough sex, and voyeurism - written with care and in the context of loving relationships. All characters are 18 or older and any resemblance to real persons or events is coincidental.

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I'd spent an hour lazing in the sun before the sound of splashing water roused me from my half-slumber. Looking to my left, I saw my little sister and her girlfriend fooling around in the pool. They had a small speaker playing a drowned, hypnotic, beat that intermingled with the sound of their giggling. Ahead of me, there was nothing but sand and the Atlantic; the smell of the ocean and the gentle sun.

Life was pretty good.

Emily was turning 21 in less than a week — not so 'little' anymore. But even as she blossomed into adulthood, I still thought of her as the same exuberant young soul that I grew up with. My younger sister was the first girl to make time fly and love seem unstoppable. Everyone used to whisper about how we behaved too much like boyfriend and girlfriend. Still, I don't think anyone ever thought we'd actually do it.

My other sister, Blake, was three years older than me and I watched her transition into adulthood when I was still a teen. That sort of thing can set the tone for a lifetime, and it did. It's something familiar to everyone: the first time you notice the older girls. Well, that was Blake for me — the first girl I really 'noticed' in the way boys notice girls when the hormones get going. She had a fun, boyish, personality and could be my big sister, big brother, best friend... Sadly, sometimes she had to be mom and sometimes she had to be dad

My actual Mom is, Katherine or Kate (depending on which you prefer). I didn't notice her in 'that way' until after the siblings started our affair. A mom can make you feel uncomfortable, sometimes. Our mom was always young at heart and gloriously attractive. As her kid, you don't want to look at her when she wears that one old nightie or when her legs are encased in skin-tight nylon. First, I thought it was me being embarrassed — that I looked away because it grossed me out. Then, something clicked, and I realised the truth.

Shakespeare wrote about it, so did the Greeks, and the psycho-analysts. Apparently, everybody wants to fuck their mom.

Three years ago, we committed to a new life. Me, Emily, Blake, our mother, decided that we were done pretending. If we could be happy together, in every sense of the word, why should be we avoid it? It wasn't like we'd be having babies. Then again, Blake would often say that Emily had 'childbearing hips', but that's a story for another day.

Mom took months to make the decision final, but she eventually started divorce proceedings against our dad. I moved closer to home and gave my older sister a ring. We couldn't get married by law; still, we wanted to commit to one another.

The road to happiness was complicated. We faced massive challenges, but I couldn't be happier about where things ended up.

We'd found an enclave: an East Coast town called Dumontane. With the luxury of Mom's money, we invested in a marvellous home that offered privacy and space for four over three bedrooms (of which we only used one). I'd left the world IT for construction and real estate, and I was busy with renovations at an apartment we bought to resell.

It was Tuesday, Blake was serving as an acting judge in the nearby city, so she only came home for the weekends. Meanwhile, after the divorce, Mom decided to go on a 'cleansing journey'. She was in Rome after having been to Bali and Istanbul. It was just me and the two younger girls at home that afternoon.

I looked back over to the pool and noticed that the two girls were beginning to get frisky; playing grab-ass as they swam laps. They wore the teeniest of tiny bikinis: one pink and one baby-blue. Riley, my sister's girlfriend, had been around since before we were doing our thing. We had an unspoken understanding that she would always be around. At first, I was jealous, but I soon realised nothing could reduce the love Emily and I felt for each other. It was more than romance for us: we were family, and that was unbeatable.

They probably thought I was asleep — I shouldn't have been watching. Still, I couldn't force myself to look away. I hoped my dark sunglasses would provide the cover I needed to glare sneakily.

Emily's long brown hair shimmered and clung to her skin. They began moving closer to the edge of the pool, with my little sister's back pressed against it. It was shallow there and as her body straightened it revealed the track of her spine. My eyes followed the little bumps on her lithe body until the water obstructed the rest. Somehow, she just kept getting more beautiful.

The girls were being silly. They splashed water at each other before Riley wrapped her arms around Emily. Soon, their quiet giggling and mild affection gave way to a full-blown kiss. Their bodies were liquid; their soft skin yielding to the pressure of their embrace.

They kissed like two people who'd never been kissed before — hungrily and with eyes shut tight. At points, they would pause, wait, find each other again. And that music kept playing: that unfamiliar rhythm that articulated their every move. Their tongues seeking one another; their fingers interlaced. They could hardly stay standing as they collided. There were moments where mouths seemed to spasm, tighten and freeze before softening again.

I could hear the faint sound of their tongues dancing, their lips smacking, and slow moans that came straight from the throat. They took a breath and Emily's delicate nose brushed against her lover's as they smiled at one another. Riley wore a feather hanging from her ear, and it swayed like the hand on a clock, hypnotising me. And the speaker still played that aquatic sound.

Teasing one another, their mouths grazed a dozen times without even a hint of impatience. Soon, they were laughing joyfully as each girl planted countless little pecks of affection on the other's face. Then, a sly smile from my sister set the stage for what would happen next.

They gave each other some space so that Emily could clamour her way onto the edge of the pool. Her tight stomach firmed as she pushed herself up and spread her legs wide. As she did, her top slipped off, and I caught a glimpse of her boobs as she rotated her chest to get free of the garment. They were two perfect handfuls topped by a pair of nipples that almost blended with the rest of her skin. Riley couldn't help but flick her tongue against those sweet pebbles with her nose buried in the soft pillows of Em's boobs.

I could read my sibling's face and feel all the things she felt: excitement, lust, passion... It was a proper head-rush. She looked down at her lover with a pleased smile on her face as she toyed with the girl's hair. Then she drew her closer for another kiss.

As Riley lifted herself to meet my sister, I gasped at the sight of her body. Water poured off her and released a vibrant aquatic smell that made me alive to her every feature. She had a gorgeous figure — shorter in stature than my sister, with broad shoulders and a firmer frame. A baby-blue bikini covered her voluptuous ass. It was tight and barely moved as she adjusted herself.

I thought back to a friend's room when we were kids, and he had a massive poster of some blonde surfer girl behind his bed. Now, I got to watch that girl from the poster leave behind a lingering kiss, dragging my little sister's lip with her teeth. Then she submerged herself again — lining up with Emily's crotch. The brunette's long legs kicked about as her girlfriend did what I'd been starved of for days, and started savouring my little sister's tight pussy.

I had to swallow some envy; take a sharp breath and inhale the beauty of the moment. The sun was perfect and sparkling droplets of water vibrated at their every touch. My every sense was creaking under the pressure of the moment — like my eyes weren't meant for this. My conscience kicked in, and I looked away... Then I heard it: a suppressed moan, a little whimper, half a strangled exclamation.

I saw my little sister's whole body tense as her lover's lips clung to the wet spot between her legs. Riley would taste the water from the pool mixed with the sweetness of her lover's sex. Between them, nothing but a thin piece of fabric that Emily desperately wanted off. She was wild with lust and needed to feel Riley's soft lips wrapped around her clit; feel her lover's tongue against her sensitive slit. But Riley had no intention of giving up the tease as she kissed the inside of my sister's thighs. Instead, she toyed with the piece of fabric; pulling it around with her teeth.

It was painful to watch because I'd been there before. I'd been where Riley was, and I wanted to be there again. She put her hands underneath the brunette's legs and started pushing her back and onto the terrace.

I convinced myself that they'd want me to watch. That Riley's submissive nature would welcome it, and that Emily loved putting on a show. There was no way I could rip my eyes off them.

My little sister kept crawling her way out of the pool — making space for her lover and slipping out of her bikini. She was gorgeous; becoming more beautiful by the day as she outgrew her teenage body. Still, she had this slim and kinda clumsy shape that made her seem youthful. Her thin legs flailed around as she scooted her way back. Each inch she gave away was invaded by Riley, who was single-minded in her pursuit of my little sister's excited pussy.

The beautiful blonde mermaid gripped Emily's thighs and locked herself in place. At the end of her arched back was a perfect ass that defied physics in both how round and firm it was. The stage was set for her to devour the object of her desire, but she changed her mind.

Riley began sliding her way up along Emily's body; wanting to kiss her tenderly one last time. My sister leaned back, and her biceps tensed as her lover's breasts pressed against her own. With practised ease, Emily slid a hand behind her girlfriend's back and unclasped the blonde's top.

I swear I saw the blonde mouth curse words as she looked at me, and I wondered if maybe they knew...

Riley's irritation turned into a frustrated kiss and strange joy filled my heart as I watched her make-out roughly with our girl. I saw a frenzy build inside her — inside them both. She started to nuzzle at Emily's neck and imagined my sister might have a few new bruises because Riley let her lips live there for a minute or more. She knew that her partner deserved meticulous love, even while she fought the lust inside her. Her hickeys were an expression of angst and so was the hand between her legs; she craved relief!

The blonde was leaning in; bending her lover's body before travelling down every inch of it. Her bikini slid off as she did, and her soft breasts rolled over Emily's body. My sister moaned softly as feminine lips touched her collarbone, breast, navel... When they touched her sensitive clit she made a melody. But the tip of Riley's tongue only teased her before leaving a trail of gentle kisses down her lover's legs. She touched her mouth to my sister's pedicured toes, only for a moment, before hungrily inspecting her prey. You could see that there was a fire between Riley's legs now. Her journey down Emily's body felt like it took hours; agonising hours, and she could hardly stand it. She began sliding along my little sister's leg but found no friction.

"Fuck, you're such a tease," Emily exhaled.

I could feel her frustration, but at the same time, I wanted it to go on forever. Still, I tried to resist — tried to focus on the sound of the ocean, but that only made the sight of the sapphic nymphs more perfect. The fresh sea-breeze filled my lungs, and I fell into a trance as I heard that music again. It sounded like a speaker had been plunged underwater, and all you could hear was the vibration.

My sister's long legs tried to wrap around her lover, to take control, but were too slippery. The pained-pleased look on Emily's face was perfect, and so was the grin with which her partner replied.

The brunette surrendered. She laid down flat, biting her lip as tender kisses touched every inch of her, except where she wanted them most. Her back jumped each time Riley's lips moved a little closer to her special place, and she was soon going to get what she wanted...

Finally, Riley began the satisfying work of eating her lover out.

The blonde was being slow and made sure to keep eye contact. Her legs were bent atop one another as she leaned forward, creating two pleasing lines. Even from afar, I could see how unbelievably gentle she was being. Her nose tickled my sibling's slit while her flat tongue did laps along its length.

Emily managed to run a hand through Riley's hair before her feelings overpowered her. Her face had matured beautifully, but I still saw my little sister: playful and sweet. She was naughty but innocent — at the mercy of her high school sweetheart.

Riley's fingers dug into her legs as she picked up the pace of her loving assault. As she travelled up to the centre of my her lover's vagina, her tongue darted forward. Then, she masterfully pulled it across the length of the slit until she found Emily's nerve-centre. Leaving an inch between them allowed her warm breath to build a fire between my sister's legs. Then I saw an explosion rock Emily's body as her little pink nub was surrounded by tender lips.

"Oh, fuck, Baby!" Emily groaned before adjusting her voice to a broken whisper. With age had come a raspiness and her vocal cords shook, "I love it, so much.

My sister's body tensed and contorted, and her hands looked for something to hold. Her back lifted in a shudder; a wave of pleasure building inside her as she kneaded her knuckles into her breasts. It wasn't an orgasm yet, but it was close. Her knees were pulling back as her climax built — as her lover's tongue flicked against her soft pink flesh. Flesh that moistened and changed hue as tension built inside it and a blissful release approached. Plunging two fingers into her wet tunnel, the blonde pushed her over the edge.

The orgasm was overwhelming and punctuated by the sound of fists hitting the floor. Like a wrestler, my little sister wanted to tap out — give up — and live to fight another day. But Riley didn't stop making love to her sensitive nub or pumping her fingers faster and faster. Emily's body shivered and shook until Riley released her, allowing her to roll over. Even from a few feet away, I swear I could smell the unbeatable scent of girl-cum.

The blonde was winded, exhausted by how hard she'd worked for her beloved, but she still had a little left inside her. "My turn?"

"Of course," Emily chimed before stumbling to her feet. She stretched her tall body and took her lover by the hand. As they retreated into the house, I swear they kept glancing back at me.

I let myself drift back to sleep. My dreams played around with what I'd seen, and I wanted to turn dreams into reality. After all, you can't have too much of a good thing, right? I could still hear the music they were playing, and this time I remembered the missing lyrics.

And I was thinking to myself, this could be heaven or this could be hell...

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Three things conspired to wake me. The first two, I didn't mind: the warm touch of the sun and the cooling of the wind as we approached night-time. But there was also a horrid smell in the air.

I got to my feet — my body sore from the way I'd been lazing — and began following the scent. The smell was earthy, like burnt grass or fire made with rotten wood.

Our home's living area consisted of a dining room, loung and kitchen in an open-plan arrangement. The floors were light wood and all the furniture was either white or grey. There were a few blue accents and the whole palette of the room seemed to match Emily's personal sense of style.

Riley and my sister were fast asleep in the living room; snoring peacefully. They hadn't bothered drying themselves, nor had Emily put her clothes back on. Pillows laid scattered on the floor and an empty can of soda rolled around next to them. On the coffee table stood a glass with a joint extinguished inside it. They'd made a proper mess of the place.

I was tempted to wake them up, or to at least wake Emily. Then my brain went to what I'd seen earlier that day. It was a vision of my sister happily in love with someone else; running away with her true soulmate, Riley. It was a fear I'd felt before, but now it seemed real.

Of course, I remembered something my mom said when she'd just discovered our secret affair. Your little sister will grow up and look for something else.

A combination of irritation, anxiety and soreness led me to a simple conclusion. The ocean was a minute's walk away — the perfect place to cool down and release some tension. I dashed to the bathroom and reapplied sunscreen. Mom was in Rome, and Blake was in court, but I still snuck a look at my phone before heading out.

I never thought I'd be a beach person. Since I was a little, I've loved the lights and sounds of the city. Usually, I found comfort near noisy streets, not cloudless blue skies. The city made me think of late nights in the car — when the roads are empty and you can drive with an incredible sense of freedom.

On the other hand, the ocean always seemed so dangerous. The best days of my life left me feeling weightless and unbound. My worst days were similar, but instead of floating in space I found myself trapped in an endless body of water. So, why did I seek comfort in the cold sea that afternoon?

When my feet hit the sand, it felt like a world of tension was melting away. Soon, I made contact with wet sand as water surrounded my feet. When the water reached my waist, I stood still to savour the moment. Temperature didn't matter. My feet were still planted firm enough and I closed my eyes to let the other senses take over.

Perfection then chaos.

I gasped. My nose flared and my lungs filled. Strange instincts kicked in and I reacted in ways I couldn't control.

The wave came out of nowhere and I went limp. & action=getinfo & userid=155355

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