Aside from those, by her looks her age might be around 25 just 4 years junior to me. Her eyes are like petals of lotus in shape, smiling lips and nice cheek bones. And totally she is beautiful. The odd thing about her (other than her being ghost), I didn't feel threatened by her presence.

The reality kicked in as I suddenly fell down on the floor. While getting up I checked mine and my wife's wrist. The talismans are there. Then why is the ghost still here?

"I cannot possess your body but I can still talk to you and be visible to you."

I was stunned that she read my thoughts. And her voice is very nice and is great contrast to last time.

"Who are you? Why are you here? Why are you causing harm to my family?"

"So many questions at a time. Ok."

"I am a normal female human who turned into ghost due to a tragic incident. I am a simple and carefree girl from this city. I have no greater objectives or wishes. The only wish I had to take care my elder sister. I worked hard even neglecting my studies to arrange money for my sister's future. By the blessings of God, my sister was asked for marriage by a great family. We were shocked, at first, to get a marriage proposal from a family of their profile. They persuaded us to accept the proposal. The marriage was great without any problems and my sister was happy so was I."

"One day when I was going home through this route, I was attacked by 5 goons." pointing to her scar "it was given by their leader. They robbed me, raped me and finally burned to ashes in this place."

"I was so angry at god that my life was cut short cruelly, furthermore as I burned to death in this spot I cannot escape from here and couldn't take my vengeance on them. The owner who built this place doesn't know about it while building the house and this house became my new prison."

"As for your final question when you came here first time you all disturbed my peaceful personal space. I was furious. I waited for a moment to capture you off-guard. I watched you all daily, while hatching a plan to send you running. I was envious of your family. They follow your word and you theirs. You love your mother more than you love your wife. First your wife was my first target. I thought you would leave, but you didn't. obviously, your mother is the next target. I scared her really pretty instead of leaving you chose to fight me."

"I used every trick I have up inside my sleeve, but no use you all got lucky and escaped in the last moment. I noticed how you shower your wife and parents with love. I envied them. After few days I became jealous of your wife that she is getting you and your dick and I don't. I wanted to be the one on your bed with you. It surprised me. Later I came to understand you all. I found myself being content around you. When I found your wife was pregnant don't know why, even I am happy. I wanted to congratulate her. When I tried to talk to her, she didn't hear me let alone see me. I want to convey my message with the help of powder and mirror. She saw the bottle raise and passed out after screaming."

"That moment I resolved to talk to you and settle the score with you. So here I am talking only with you."

I was stunned when she laid everything to me "Why did you choose me? Why I am the only one who can see you and hear you?"

"I don't know... and I didn't choose you. Just say dumb luck."

"Soo, what you are going do from now?"

"Again, I don't know."

"Ok, tomorrow we both will speak to everyone and we will follow whatever comes out of the meeting."

"We both ha?"

"Sorry, I forgot. You speak to me, I will tell them. Ok."

"hahahaha..." she laughed at my blunder.

I will admit it, it is creepy to hear a ghost laugh even though it is lightly melodious.

"Ok. Good night." And vanished into air.

"Wait what should I call you?"

I expected that she would pop up tell her name. But I did not get any reply. My head throbbed due to the conversation. Either it is all real or I was losing my shit.

For the first time in my marriage life I slept in. I woke when it is 15 minutes past 11'o clock with mother of all hangovers. My wife came into our bedroom at that moment in royal blue saree. "Ah! What a sight for sore eyes."

"So, you are finally awake. I thought of waking you with a jar full of water on your face." She said while ruffling my hair and kissed my forehead.

"I talked to her last night." I said with my face against her bosom. With a jerk she pulled my face and my expressionless face told her that I was talking about our residential ghost.

Worry was written all over her face. "If my parents are free, please ask them that I want to talk about the ghost with you my side in my office room. I will go and freshen up."

The coffee was as bitter as I asked, it helped my headache. I narrated everything that occurred last night. And the ghost joined the conversation answering the questions through laptop which I placed there just for that particular purpose.

To say everyone were baffled will be the most under statement of the year. Lot of opinions were passed and when it came to judgement about her redemption, my father told that he would support my mother's judgement cause he has confidence on my mother's wisdom. Even though my mother is furious of the ghost's antics she is ready to forgive on conditions. No spooky dreams and no more terrorising or possessing others. My wife is both sympathetic and furious about the ghost. She agreed with her mother-in-law after few minutes of cussing. I already decided to forgive the ghost last night.

The vote was unanimous and we decided to forgive the ghost. The ghost swore that she is willing to accept the conditions and behave nicely and pleaded to trust her. As a token of trust and forgiveness, we all decided to remove our talismans and place them on the table as there will be no possession. Everyone removed their talismans and placed on the table. I was about remove mine and place it on the table, I saw the ghost smirk evilly in the corner of my eye and before I warn others the ghost possessed my wife's body and that's when I woke up with a start.

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