"She must be able to cook and clean," Jasmine continued pointing over to a woman kneeling on the ground with a sponge attached to her gag, scrubbing the gleaming marble floor. "And she must do everything possible to make her master's life easier," she pointed to another slave who knelt perfectly still next to a chair, bound in a rope harness and holding a crop between her teeth should her master need it.

Jasmine led them further. "Of course, that isn't to say a large part isn't about being outrageously fuckable." She smirked as they drew closer to the performance training area. Here every girl was primped and made up to perfection, doing everything possible to entice the frisky attentions of their new masters. A blonde and brunette knelt with their arms bound behind them, sensually kissing one another as two more slavegirls whipped them across the buttocks. The gagged moans of another woman pierced the air as she bounced herself on a dildo mounted to the floor and another line of kneeling women were sucking simulated phalluses, but with considerably more gusto than those seen previously, their doe eyes looking up in an attempt to meet those of the men as they walked past. "And here is one of our soon to be graduates," Jasmine gestured to yet another helplessly packaged bundle of erotic female servitude.

"Well hello perkytits, your attitude seems to have greatly improved," remarked Robert with another smirk. The woman he was referring to wore red a leather armbinder combined with leg shackles, a collar and a ball gag. Her cherry red lips parted around her gag to reveal her perfect teeth. She arranged herself into the most submissive kneeling position she could, producing a jangling from the twin golden bells attached to her nipples.

"May I introduce perkytits, former Baroness of Apperton," grinned Robert as Dante looked on in awe. "She's come along beautifully in her training."

"I can see that," Dante agreed, bringing the bottom of the crop underneath her chin so she made eye contact with him. He waited a couple of second before giving a light stroke to her tits at which she gave a small yelp followed by a playful giggle behind the gag, causing her stinging tits to bounce with her laughter.

Dante had never been happier in his life, here he was with a crop in hand, a Baroness as his helpless plaything and a cock so hard it threatened to burst through his breeches. Sadly for him, his moment was shattered by a guard stepping forward with a bow to alert them that dinner would shortly be served. Reluctantly and slightly dazed, Dante turned away from the helpless beauty, following the man back towards the dining hall but Robert stopped him.

"Hang on there, you haven't picked which slave you want as your dining bitch."

"Dining bitch?" repeated a perplexed Dante.

"Of course!" exclaimed Robert with a wide sweep of his hand as he pointed out the vast collection of slaves before him. "In a civilized society, a man should enjoy his meals in comfort with slave's lips wrapped firmly around his cock. It's one off the laws we're implementing in our humble androcratic republic," explained Robert patiently. "Now come along man or dinner will get cold, pick yourself a dining bitch."

Dante's joy very swiftly came back to him as he cast his eyes around for a suitable girl. His eyes were drawn immediately to the girl Jasmine pointed out from earlier who was still spiritedly bouncing herself up and down on the dildo. She had flowing red hair arranged into a sleek ponytail. Her creamy white skin seamed flawless and the small pink nipples of her alabaster tits stood out as they bounced along with her. She was naked save for a black collar and armbinder, her gag consisting of a simple white cleave.

"That one," he pointed out the girl to Jasmine.

"Excellent choice sir," she affirmed with a smile as she clipped a leash to the woman's collar which she handed to him after she stepped over to remove her from her phallic mount.

"Perfect," Robert enjoyed the pure delight on Dante's face as he stood with a leash in each hand, one to the snooty bitch who had made his life miserable and the other to a wanton bondage slut who was going to spend the evening with his cock in her mouth, both of them equally reduced to helpless columns of available and objectified pleasure. Robert turned to lead to party up to dinner, clicking his fingers at which Jasmine clipped a leash to her own collar, handing the other end to her master whom she followed exactly 2 paces behind, her arms crossed behind her back as if bound.

"Bring perkytits up to the hall as well," grinned Robert to one of his guards. "I need a dining bitch too."


Dante was seriously considering the possibility that he'd died and gone to heaven as he sat around the impressive dining table with the other men he'd met in this wonderous place. At one end of the large rectangular table and directly to his left was Robert, laughing at a joke just told by Amicus who sat across from Dante. One would never guess that at that moment Robert's cock was up to the hilt in the mouth of the former Baroness of Apperton.

'Perkytits' as she was referred to by her master had spent weeks being tutored by Jasmine in the dungeon and was extremely keen to show her master she was ready to graduate to serving in the rest of the castle. Her arms still encased in the leather armbinder, she knelt between her master's legs under the table, moving in long slow strokes as her pillowy red lips slid their way up and down the hot shaft in her mouth, occasionally pausing to tickle her master's balls with her tongue just as Jasmine had taught her.

Amicus himself was enjoying the attention of a stunning brunette under the table, Dante was never told her name, only that she was a former guard. Amicus had been rather more cruel in his restraints than Robert as the woman was covered in coarse brown rope that formed a harness around her breasts and criss-crossed her torso and anchored to a furiously tight crotch rope. The woman's wrists and elbows were also tightly cinched along with her ankles but her technique remained masterful as she easily took the length of her master's cock into her mouth, his balls jiggling in front of her face as he laughed.

Antoine was sat next to Dante and was graciously patient as Dante excitedly fired off question after question about his job corralling the hundreds of captured sluts into their cages where they awaited a master to purchase them. As usual his rod was deep inside the mouth of Hilda whom he'd dressed in a black leather bustier that failed to contain her gargantuan tits, which were appealingly pressed into her master's thighs every time her mouth moved towards the base of his cock.

At the other end of the table was Hank who had allowed Petra the honour of being relieved of her duties as head pony for the night so she could instead be his dinner bitch. The powerfully built woman was exceedingly grateful and keen to show it as she took her master's rod right to the back of her throat, occasionally making small moans of pleasure as she savoured the chance to get her lips around her master's meat. She was dressed in a leather bondage harness that accentuated her bust magnificently, with her wrists cuffed behind her and her black leather pony boots still on her feet.

Hank payed no attention to Petra's ministrations as he exchanged honeyed words with Baronness Reanna who was sat in a chair directly to Hank's right. She giggled playfully as he placed his hand on her thigh. Dante had initially been surprised to see women were allowed a seat at the table with their masters, but was enjoying the eye candy as Reanna was dressed in a scandalously skimpy dress barely managing to conceal anything of the sinfully erotic curves contained within the tight red material. She also wore a silver collar with a ring, as did Jasmine who sat next to Robert, still dressed in her dungeon attire leaving no doubt that although these women were allowed certain privileges, they were still female and therefore property of the men they were seated next to.

Dante sipped his wine slightly shakily as he was finding it difficult to concentrate thanks to the redhead between his legs, who met his flushed gaze as he looked down at her, her eyes revealing a wily smile as she slid her mouth up his rock-hard member so her lips just about covered its swollen head, whereupon she masterfully fluttered her tongue over it causing Dante's whole body to sag with the sheer pleasure. He felt the insistence of his building orgasm and looked away from the vision between his thighs but that proved of little relief to his desire as he spied the evening's entertainment.

Baroness Morgana was entirely naked and splayed on a huge wooden wheel, to which she was connected by straps around her wrists, ankles, neck and midriff. A huge ball gag was strapped into her mouth as none of the diners wanted to be disturbed by her inane shouts to release her. The real fun though came in the form of the blond twins Liza and Nara who were dressed in black leather bras and panties covered in small metal studs, topped off with thigh-high spiked heel boots. Each girl carried a flogger and was delightedly toying with their new captive. When the meal first started they were content with merely flogging the helpless Baroness but had got more adventurous throughout the night.

Dante decided his personal favourite moments where when Liza knelt down to lick Morgana's pussy whilst Nara flogged her helpless tits, and the current arrangement whereby the girls had rotated the wheel, leaving Morgana upside down. Nara was grinding her now naked crotch against Morgana's face, she bit her lip and slid one hand inside her leather bra to play with her nipple as she felt herself building towards climax. Liza meanwhile was using the other end of the flogger as a dildo and was pounding the captive's soaking pussy with it.

Dante steadied himself with a breath, skewering another mouthful of the excellent meal with his fork and savouring the taste of what would have been the finest meal of his life even without the slavegirl worshipping his cock. Noticing Dante's difficulty keeping up with the conversation, Antoine and Amicus chuckled.

"Intoxicating isn't it?" asked Amicus, gesturing around the room with his knife as he ate.

"You get used to it lad," reassured Antoine, stifling another chuckle. "Don't worry its still just as heavenly but you'll soon learn to concentrate better while getting your knob shined. I reckon I'm actually at my best with Hilda's supple little mouth around me." He pointed towards his crotch with his fork, a fond smile on his face as he watched his slave's head bobbing.

Dante was just muddling together his reply when the door to the hall crashed open. The raucous chatter of the now fairly intoxicated men ceased instantly as the haggard looking man rushed into the room.

"My Lords!" he began breathlessly. "I bring news, we've just received word from our scouts, the Queen's forces have invaded the Northern territory, they've taken control of most the settlements already."

"What about Vinctum?" asked Hank anxiously.

"They've taken it sir," replied the messenger, sadly shaking his head.

Hank swore loudly, he thought of Vinctum as his own little slice of heaven and had left a lot of his favourite slaves and trusted men up there who were probably now rotting in cells or worse. He slumped back in his chair, head in his hands. He gestured for Petra to stop what she was doing as he sat in silence, breathing heavily.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by the muffled sound of laughter coming from Baroness Morgana who still hung upside down on the wheel. Her gagged cackles echoed around the now quiet hall until Liza took her flogger's handle out from between the woman's legs and savagely bought the leather strips down over her upturned womanhood at which her laugh turned to a screech of protest which was quickly muffled by Nara, who shoved her crotch back into the beauty's face.

"One more sound and you get another one," hissed Liza to her captive who swiftly fell silent.

"Is there any good news?" Robert asked, grasping for anything to console his friend.

"Our spies in the capital report the Queen prepares for war and is moving her sister to the island fortress of Bazmarum as soon as she can."

Robert nodded, dismissing the messenger who left with a bow. He stood up and bid the rest of the diner's goodnight as well. Dante stayed seated, unsure of what to do until Antoine nudged him gently.

"Come on lad, best leave them to it. We'll sort this out tomorrow, tonight go and give this slut's holes a good pounding and get some rest," he gestured to the redhead under the table. Dante nodded, heading upstairs to find a spare chamber and do exactly that.

Robert turned to Hank and did his best to console him but Hank shook his head, muttering that he wanted to be alone. He left the hall without any of his slaves, the door snapping shut behind him. Robert had never seen him like this, he didn't know how to help until his eyes met with Reanna, who still sat at the table. "Follow me," Robert smiled, offering his hand. "I think between us we can cheer him up."


Robert found Hank on the rooftop balcony, staring dejectedly into the bitter night air.

"Come on mate, we'll get Vinctum back," Robert reassured him. Hank stayed silent but nodded his agreement. "And we know where her sister is going, we can get our own back on the Queen, bag us a royal hostage."

Hank nodded standing slightly taller he finally turned to face his friend. "I'm gonna get her." He said simply. "And once I have, I'm gonna make sure the Queen knows I've got her sister trussed up with my cock up her tight ass and that we're gonna do the same to her plus a lot more."

"That's the spirit!" Robert clapped him on the shoulder. "Now get some rest, we'll start planning tomorrow and I've left you a little surprise in your room."

Hank managed a small grin, intrigued what Robert might mean before he tiredly traipsed his was back to his chambers. The door creeped open to reveal the room to be dark other than the crackling fire at the other end of the room. Hank carefully made his way towards it, peering through the murk.

"Mmmshttrr," came a sensual moan as Hank rounded the large chair by the fireplace to see the surprise Robert had been referring to. Reanna was laid out across the rug by the fireplace, her incredible body naked save for polished silver manacles and a collar, from which ran a chain connected to a bolt mounted on the wall ensuring she wouldn't wander. Not that she would, she was far too obedient of a slave and more to the point, wanted desperately to be ravaged. She had rubbed oil over her entire body so it glimmered like an erotic mound of golden treasure in the firelight. Her mouth was hosting a small strip of pure white cloth pulled between her teeth and her ceremonial tiara rested upon her golden mane.

Hank was unable to speak when he laid eyes on the vision before him. She smiled behind her gag, turning over slightly so he could better see her ass which she wiggled provocatively up at him, her eyes urning wide as she pleaded.

"Pllshh mfftrr," she begged. Hank didn't need telling twice, he hurriedly tore off his clothes and savagely attacked his helpless slave, his hands roaming all over her oiled form, quickly coming to rest on her womanhood which he rubbed as she moaned in ecstasy. Hank kissed her neck with animalistic vigour, feeling her become even more soaked as he did so until he could wait no longer. He flipped his bondage bitch over and took her from behind, furiously slapping against her ass with every stroke. He felt the pulsing of the former Baroness's first orgasm around his pounding shaft after a mere couple of minutes and gave her a hard smack on her ass at which she gave a high pitched cry of pain and ecstasy muffled by the gag. Soon afterwards, Hank was nearing completion and with one final thrust he climaxed just as the waves of Reanna's second orgasm were petering out and the pair fell in a sweaty, oily heap on the rug.

They lay there for a while panting until Hank turned over to face Reanna and pulled out her gag. Their eyes met and all seemed to be still for a moment until Reanna leant forward into a deep kiss that Hank returned after a moment's hesitation. Reanna moaned as Hank locked her in an embrace, his lips still upon hers.

The two broke off eventually, beaming as they parted. Hank's smile faded though as his mind wandered back to what the messenger had said.

"We'll take back Vinctum," insisted Reanna to her master, huddling closer into him. "And we'll win the war, take over this country and enslave that bitch of a Queen!"

"I know, I know," Hank assured himself more than anyone.

"And if at any point in that process you need a little relief, you've got one slave right here who would dearly love to do that again," purred Reanna. Hank held her closer but didn't say anything. "Also, master," she continued with a smirk, "you haven't forgotten the promise you made when you first enslaved me have you?"

"And what promise was that?" Hank feigned being unable to remember.

Reanna's chains clinked as she quickly clambered on top of him, her wonderful tits dangling over his chest, her nipples brushing against it as her hair hung over him. "Once you've got the Queen, I'll get to put her on a leash and make her lick this pussy that you own master." She smiled sexily down at him. Hank pulled her into another kiss, both hands reaching down to grasp his slave's ass.











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