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"Hey McKellen."

While walking down the hallway toward lunch Dakota McKellen aimed to meet up with her friend Andrea but was cut short by a familiar voice. Twisting in step Dakota looked behind her to see cheerleader Tina Wiles coming her way smiling as if happy to see her. Unusual considering Dakota and Tina had possibly spoken to one another three times ever since 8th. grade. Four whole years of high school and now she wanted words? Of course, after Robin Banks telling her of Tina's hookup with Piper Cherry's nephew Mace Belmont, she knew exactly what her reason was.

"Hi Tina." At least Dakota kept the friendship level open to further development. "What's up?"

"Can we talk a minute?" Dakota did her best to remain cordial and stepped out of the way of other students coming through, Tina following her to safer ground. "Good idea, don't want us to get trampled. Listen, I heard you and Piper's nephew Mace kissed. Just curious...are you two...a thing?"

"We're just friends." Dakota kept it simple. "He's all yours if you want him."

"Awesome. I...think I kind of like Mace. He..." Her eyes brighten up, "Did he tell you what we did yesterday?"

"That you skipped school and slept with him?"

"Hardly any sleeping." Tina giggled, "That boy has stamina. OH MY GOD! I can still feel..." Chills all over? "...anyway, I'm sure you don't want details. Seeing as Mace told you...what else did he say?"

"He didn't tell me...actually Robin did."

"That witch." Tina chuckled, "Are you that he and Robin broke up?"

"Did they really break up?" Dakota frowned with skepticism, "They seemed awful...close to me."

"Close as all up on you...?" It was obvious Tina knew what Robin and Angus had done to Dakota. It wasn't as if others didn't witness it. Besides Tina and Robin were best friends.

"That kind of freaked me out. Kissing a boy is one thing, another girl...totally out of my comfort zone."

"You didn't know Robin was bi-sexual? I mean...we all are these days. It's fun to experience a girl now and then. Anyways, tell me about Mace."

"I barely know Mace myself."

"You've seen his monster cock though right?"

"Only a picture, not personally. It is pretty huge, but I guess I really don't know, it's not like I see every dick in Nashville."

"Coming from me...I've seen a lot...that boy is hung." Tina bragged fanning herself with a beaming grin. "Do you think he might want a girlfriend?"

"I don't know, he's from Atlanta, Georgia, his family will probably want him to come home sometime soon. I think he's only staying a month tops." She was speculating at best.

"I hope he stays, maybe I'll try and get him to move here."

"His family is filthy rich. Did he tell you his Dad raises prize race horses?"

"Nooo!" Tina dropped her jaw, "Really? So cool."

"The rich part or the race horse part?"

"Both! I'm not after money though. Just so you know I'm not like that."

"He's coming to the football game tomorrow night so you can see him there."

"Oh? I'll see him before that, I'm going back to Piper's later. Octavia and Lily are going with me."

"Wow! Mace getting that lucky?" Dakota seemed slightly jealous.

"I don't mind sharing him. Only thing is I'd like him me more. Most guys prefer it to have freedom to play with other girls, so I'm cool with my bitches."

"Is...Angus and that?"

"You would have to ask them. I don't want to get into the middle of things." Even though Tina had just fucked Angus before school. Slut! Who wasn't at Horton-Dexter?

"I'll ask for myself. I'm guessing yes. I better go eat lunch before hours up."

"Right! Me too. Carrot sticks." She winked patting her firm tummy, "Gotta keep the weight down."

"Same here! Apple and bottled water." Dakota excused herself with a wave and departed rather bubbly. Not even she was positive of why her attitude was quite so jubilant. Everything combined, with so much to offer maybe? Fear and doubt would most likely catch up. Until then? All smiles.


Sable McKellen sat alone in the lunch room, she too smiling more than could be explained. Perhaps it was all the texts that Travis Herbert was sending her. His trash talk about kissing her everywhere was only making lunch that much more entertaining. She wanted that, yet she too had moments of worry that she was moving too fast. There are other boys, not more than a day ago Corey Samson was on her radar until he broke her in one conversation, just prior to tossing Travis upside down in a trash receptacle. The same day he was hijacked and tied nude to the gym bleachers for all to see and laugh. Nonchalantly accusing Corey of the gym incident only to learn it was impossible due to his class during the debacle only made it more curious as to who was behind it all. Sadly, to a point Sable joined their laughter. Her heart switched shortly after his troubles escalated to a horrible outcome. She had to wince at her word outcome, he did cum out of...Travis was sweet, if not extremely perverted. She was over the whole viral video mocking.

"Hey Sable can I join you?"

"Tawny? Hi, yes please." Sable placed her cell on top of the table and patted the seat next to her.

"I heard you plan on trying again at tomorrow night's football game. That's my girl." Tawny brushed elbows playfully with a tender smile, "I'm proud of you."

"I just needed time to get over my shyness more. Travis will be there, so will Mace."

"You like Mace? I heard Dakota kissed him."

"I don't know why she did that, she like's Angus."

"I think she...just like boys in general. We all do...well, some of us like girls too." Tawny giggled sipping her juice. Hearing this Sable lifted her brows out of curiosity.

"You like girls?"

"I'm bi. We all are these days. Equal opportunity I say. Don't let my admission freak you out, I'm not hitting on you."

"I know...I think." Sable blushed, "I've never given that kind of thing any thought."

"Really? It's fun, girls know what girls like better than guys do."

"I guess. I think I need to experience boys first before I consider girls. I haven't even lost my...virginity yet."

Tawny eyed Sable's whispered reaction then leaned in to do her own bit of whispering, "Word of advice?"


"Don't lose it to Mace. That first time of breaking the Hyman is bad enough without having an arm shoved up you. Go smaller and build up to it. Once you're used to a big boy then you won't want to go back."

"When did you...lose yours?"

"Sophomore year. Jesse Manley. Big boy himself, not Mace's...mace but big enough. I bled out like a water fountain. Totally had to burn the blanket we used. Don't tell anyone but we fucked on the football field after a game. All of us cheerleaders have done that. It's kind of our rights of passage."

"Shit! I'm a cheerleader now."

"Yep!" Tawny grinned, "Fifty yard line...dead center. It's incredible."

"I don't think I have enough nerve to do that."

"Never know until you try it. Just saying."

"So..." Sable eased closer with further mumbles, "How many girls have know?"

"Licked? Fingered? Scissored?" Tawny was having fun taunting her friend, "All of us cheerleaders have played with one another at some point. I've had a couple others from other schools. I'd say 22."

"Whoa! That's a lot of..."

"Pussy?" Tawny laughed finished her juice with a gurgle through her straw, "Oh, hey? I didn't know your Mom was bi too?"


"Everyone saw her and Piper kiss earlier outside Manley's office. Definitely kissed before because they really got into it."

"Ohhhh god!" Sable dropped her face into her arms defeated, "First she's playing with Coach Randall now Piper?" Other thoughts of the gangbang at Piper's crept back in, knowing her Mom liked other men. Heck even her Father was into other women now too. Lifting up with a fidgeted scowl Sable concluded her thoughts with something verbal, "My mom is losing it."

"She's just enjoying life Sable. You should too."

"Maybe I should. Can I lick you?"

"WHAT?" Tawny snorted laughing then looked around at people watching. "I thought you said boy's first?"

"I'm joking." Sable razzed her with her tongue then wagged it at her. Tawny sneered at her goofiness then slid closer and grabbed Sable planting her lips up against hers for a devastating kiss. Sable whined as people laughed at her reaction. Unable to pull away due to her body frozen in time Sable found Tawny's tongue in her mouth, rolling alongside her own. Intimacy striking, Sable went with it. For a full minute Sable McKellen realized it wasn't so bad. Applause around them Tawny broke their kiss and hopped up from her seat, "Don't listen to the hecklers, they're just jealous."


"I bet it's even better once those braces come out."

"Tomorrow morning. I'm excited to be free of them."

"Good! Tomorrow let's try that kiss me next time." With a wave goodbye Tawny flipped off the hecklers, then blew one last kiss at Sable, "Bye beautiful."

"I don't...okay." Sable was beet red but giggled regardless. Even hearing smooching sounds all around her couldn't disrupt her grin. "Tawny kisses better than Travis. OH MY GOD!"

That second kiss might wait awhile.


Out front of Horton-Dexter...fifteen minutes earlier...

"Gimme the biggest, plumpest, juiciest pecker in a bun you have Frank." Josie McKellen laughed as she and friend Mimi Alexander enjoyed lunch together out at the food truck curb.

"I'll take a big one too." Mimi blurted to her friend, Frank's family member LeAnne. She and LeAnne were close so the mental images shared between them were obviously arousing. Josie watching them goofily tugging a wrapped dog between their hands back and forth feigning a moan gave her a good idea of their relationship.

"Double plumper?" Josie smirked at Mimi then at LeAnne. Luckily Frank was busy and didn't overhear his granddaughter's reply.

"Hours on end." Mimi beamed at her best friend since college.

"We...experiment." LeAnne whispered.

"Nothing wrong with that you two. We all do. Did you ask LeAnne about Saturday night?"

"Nooooo!" Mimi claimed her hot dog and took a bite peering over it sheepishly.

"What's Saturday night?" LeAnne winced.

"While her mouth is full I'll do the asking. Double date with Mimi? She has two dates and only one of her."

"Oh yeah?" LeAnne grinned, "Who we sharing Memes?"

"Each other." Mimi mumbled with her mouth full as Josie dabs the corner of her mouth to prevent a mess. "I was going to text you later."

"Why text, just ask me now. Fill me in."

"That's the idea." Josie giggled taking her own finished dog from Frank then paying him. Frank was all business. He had a loan on his Food Truck that needed paid.

"Two other teachers, Kevin and Dewey." Mimi spoke.

"Dewey? The hairy guy?" LeAnne bulged her eyes. "American Hairwolf in London?"

"And Kevin...aka Charlie Brown." Josie grinned, "They're both sweethearts."

"Then you fuck them." LeAnne grimaced, "Ewww!"

"Why do all young women go ewww? My daughter's do that." Josie frowned, "Sometimes you just take risks."

"Seriously?" LeAnne rolled her eyes, "Would you fuck Sascrotch and Stringbean?"

"Be nice!" Mimi pointed her dog at LeAnne, "I like them. you too. I just want us to share everything together."

"The things I do for you Meme's, I swear."

"I haven't...had sex with them...I want to though." Mimi admitted.

"Then, have your threesome. You don't need me there."

"But, I want you there. Pleassssssssssse LeAnne?"

"Uggggggggh! Call me tonight I have dicks to broil."

"I love you." Mimi blew her friend a kiss then turned to follow Josie out toward the fountain they had all danced in earlier in the week with Piper. LeAnne watched them settle in and sighed. "I love you too Memes." Frank merely shook his head, he knew his granddaughter had feelings for girls more than boys. Shoving a dog in a wrapper at her she just slid it back. That answered that.

"She won't let you down." Josie told Mimi as kids who knew all about the Teachers shrouded their dining hall. One girl in particular interrupted their meal by plopping down next to Josie. "Hi Kim." Kim Zeller's the lovely Korean beauty who had ravished Josie in the gym yesterday joined her.

"Hi Mrs. M. Miss me?"

"You know it." Josie winked at her, "Ohhh! Before we flirt harder...I mentioned to Carl about your sister Jin wanting to work here. He's going to find you and get her number." Kim dropped her jaw then hugged Josie from the side.

"You're soooo awesome. Thank you."

"I know. What's not to love?" Josie flipped her skirt up showing off her bare thigh from the side, Kim eying it as if it were her lunch. "I have a suggestion...invite Jin to tomorrow night's football game. I can introduce her to Carl myself."

"That's a good idea. If anyone gets unruly she can take them down with her Taekwondo. She's also a black belt, my Dad made us train our whole lives. I'm not quite there yet but I bet I can kick the shit out of the football team."

"Let's hope it doesn't that." Josie just wanted them to cum. "Question? Is you?"

"Lesbian? No, she likes guys too. Jin is bi-sexual, our Mom doesn't know so we hide our personal lives. So shush!" She puts a finger to Josie's lips. Josie licked her finger just to be mean. Kim had a good laugh at her antics. "My turn to ask you something?"

"Go ahead." Josie bit her dog again, a nice head indeed.

"Rumor is you kissed Miss Cherry this morning. What was that about? Miss Cherry is soooo hot."

"Oh that!" Josie giggled while chewing, Mimi beside her overhearing and looking around Josie at Kim with curiosity. "Yes we kissed. I'm leaving my husband for Piper." Jaws dropped until she rolled her eyes, "NOT! Love my husband to death. We were just being silly. Not that...we haven't..." Josie ceased fluttering her eyelashes in favor of letting them in on her past relations with Piper.

"You and Piper?" Mimi turned pale, "No way."

"Yep! Licked, flicked, and we both still get dicked. I love Piper's pussy. She loves mine."

"I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!" Kim chuckled with awe, "I wanna lick Miss Cherry."

"Just tell her I'm sure she would be open to...keep it open."

"I didn't know Piper was into girls." Mimi smirked with astonishment.

"You have LeAnne over there. Don't go stealing my girl."

"You just told just wait Josie McKellen." Mimi sneered, "Saturday night I'm going to shock all of you."

"Oh? How so?"

"I'm not telling." Mimi stood up and walked away, throwing her garbage in a trash can on her way back inside the school. In her swift departure her shorter than usual skirt whipped about for subtle cheek peeks. Now students were growing curious over the Mouseketeers persona change. This was getting good.

"What was that about?" Kim pondered aloud.

"Miss Nerdy Lou is coming out of her shell."

"I can tell. Is she...whoa! She's not wearing panties either. Have you guys started a trend amongst the female Teacher's?"

"Yep! Elsa's going without tomorrow."


"You know Elsa is also a lesbian right?"

"Double EWWWWWW!"

"There it is again. What happened to yucky or gross?"


"Kids these days."

Josie couldn't stand it.

"I need to get back. Bye Sweetie!"

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