After about ten minutes of fucking her with her leg over my shoulder I pulled out and sat down on the couch. She sat up and swung her leg over my waist, reached down, grabbed my cock and guided it back into her pussy. My hands immediately moved to her ass as she lowered herself down over my erection. She pressed her lips to mine and our tongues danced together once again as she started to ride my cock. She started switching between bouncing up and down on my cock and stopping with my cock deep inside her and grinding her pussy over my cock. Kissing off and on between moaning.

After several minutes of her riding my cock I knew my orgasm was getting close. Judging by her moaning and heavy breathing she sounded like she was close as well. I started straining to hold off my orgasm as long as I could. Then she threw her head back and started moaning out even louder. When I felt her pussy squeeze tight around my cock and her body start to shake I couldn't hold it any longer. I let out a loud grunt of my own and shoved my cock deep inside her and began shooting my load in her pussy. My body twitching with each gush of cum shooting out inside her in gush after gush.

She didn't move all at first. She didn't kiss me or even look at me for about a minute. She just stayed there still with her head back and I think she had her eyes closed. That's when it hit me that I just fucked my wife's mom. Perhaps that was what she was thinking about as well.

"God, it's been four years," she said.

"Since you've had sex?" I asked.

"No, since I started fantasizing about having sex with you," she replied. "And now I have made it a reality."

"Wow, that's a lot of pressure," I said. "I really hope I lived up to your expectations."

"Oh honey you most definitely did," she replied. "But we can never do this again."

"I agree completely," I responded. "I don't really think this was a mistake, because we both clearly wanted it and maybe needed it, but I agree it can't happen again.

We got dressed and actually started the stupid movie again, picking up where we left off. It was fun to make fun of the movie with her. When my wife got home from work we all three had dinner and just sat around the kitchen table talking all night. The next morning my wife left for work and I slept in. Shortly after I got out of the shower and dressed I sat on the couch and turned on the TV. When I heard the clacking of high heels on the hard wood floor I was surprised, but very excited, to see Evelyn walk in wearing just her bra and panties, black thigh high stockings and the sexiest heels I had ever seen. She held up a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"Would you like to watch another movie?" She asked.

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