"Get over here!" came on of the handler's voices calling to others outside Tori's stall. She leaned over to see if she was able to tell what was going on and causing all the commotion.

One of the new females brought in was struggling against the handlers. They had two ropes around her neck, trying to guider her into a stall. She had not been fitted with the gag Tori and the other females had and was shouting expletives at the males manhandling her.

The handlers were not panicking, just controlling the errant female waiting for her to tire herself out, or for Isiah to return with the cattle prod. The fighting female caught one of the handlers on the leg with her hoof and his limb buckled, sending him to the floor.

As she tried to rush him the others pulled on the ropes, closing them around her neck and dragging her back away from the downed male.


A scream came from the new female as the electricity from the cattle prod arced through her and she fell to the floor.


Isiah hit the female again, advising her to submit. At the second snap came another scream followed by a stream of apologies.

"Get her in the stall and make her stand all night. I'll stripe her in the morning, and evening and the next morning. That heifer will learn her place if I have to strip the hide from her." Isiah said as the four males moved the heifer into a stall across from Tori.

Tori watched as they moved the female into the center of the stall, tying her leads to where she was forced to stand, but unable to move otherwise. Isiah moved before her, gag in his hand.

"Open up, you stupid heifer. I will get this in your mouth if you want it or not. It's just a matter of how much pain you want to be in."

The female refused to comply and Isiah sighed. He reached behind him and took out a steel device. Looping it over her head he put the straps in her mouth that she tried to force out with her tongue. A hard slap to her breasts diverted her attention as she tried to protest and allowed Isiah to fit the device and lock it into place.

Now her mouth was held painfully open, her hands unable to remove it and too snug when she tried to shake her head. Isiah stood up and looked back at Tori.

"I'm sorry you won't get to be a good girl tonight, I'll still give you chocolate, but this heifer needs it more than you." he told her. The other female tried to speak to protest, causing her to gag when Isiah shoved his cock in her mouth. Unable to close or move her jaw kept the new heifer from hurting him, just providing a hole for him to fuck.

As he shot his release into her mouth she once again gagged but he tilted her head back and forced her to swallow it. Once Isiah retreated she started to try and spew out more words, being reduced to just sounds.

"Looks like she didn't learn, Tori. She's still got that look in her eyes. I think I'm going to leave her here and let the others fuck her too. A heifer cannot know her place enough. What do you think?" he asked her receiving a moo and nod in return. "I'm going to go see how the others are doing."

The new heifer looked across the hallway, trying to get the other to help her. but Tori just stared back. She made some noises as if trying to talk but watched as Tori turned around and settled on her straw.

Tori watched as the other handlers came to the new heifer's stall and fucked the new addition even as she protested. When all of them had their turn Isiah picked up the gag and moved toward the heifer. He removed the gag she was currently wearing and waited.

The heifer opened and closed her jaw to get rid of the soreness. As Isiah came forward with the second gag she started with the stream of profantities. Isiah reached back and slapped her across the cheek, shocking her to silence.

"Hold her." Isiah told the other handlers. The others reached for her face and she tried to bite them. One grabbed two handfuls of her breasts and twisted them. As she screamed in pain Isiah shoved the gag into her mouth. She started to choke and push the gag out, but not before Isiah got it snapped closed behind her head. "Stupid heifer. I'll stripe you tonight so you know I'm not joking around."

The other handlers cheered on Isiah as he worked the female over with a cane, leaving deep marks on her skin. She would have curled up had she been allowed, but was restrained by the leads.

"She will get beaten tomorrow during examination. Make sure you get her the largest tail, the heifer needs it." Brad suggested as he moved from the new heifer's stall.

Isiah agreed, locking the stall door behind him. He looked across the hall to Tori who was watching him. He dipped his hand into his pocket and opened Tori's stall door.

"Come here. I promised you." Isiah told her as she moved toward him. A soft caress had her eyes closed and she felt the chocolate under her gag. "You are a good girl. Remember, you will be milked tomorrow too...and every day after that." Tori smiled as much as the gag would allow, giving a happy moo. "I heard the bull you came in with pleased the higher-ups so he is Alpha bull until they decide otherwise. You have another two to three months before you can be bred again, but I don't see that changing. Rest well, my favourite heifer."

Tori returned to the pile of straw and settled down, the chocolate melting into her mouth and eyes burning into her from across the hallway. Tori looked up at the heifer watching her and gave a friendly moo which caused her to avert her eyes.

* * * * * * *

Tori woke the following morning and heard sobbing coming from across the hall. Opening her eyes she saw the strong-willed heifer sobbing. Tori understood how much she must hurt from being forced to stand like that all evening.

Taking her attention from her surroundings back to herself, her breasts were heavy and getting uncomfortable. As if he could tell her discomfort, Isiah showed up at her stall door.

"Morning Tori. Ready for your milking?" he asked her, not paying an ounce of attention to the heifer sobbing behind him. Tori mooed an affirmative and her handler unfastened her door. "You going to be good and not make me lead you?"

Tori paused at his side, waiting for him to move, her eyes never leaving his face. The pair walked together toward the milking room on their side of the barn. Mena was all ready in the room like last time and was enjoying the treatment.

Tori shifted on her hooves, getting excited at the prospect. Isiah motioned for her to get up on the bench, which she gladly did. Her handler carefully moved her breasts for better access, reaching for the cups.

As the plastic cupped her nipples, they hardened at the thought of what was coming. Isiah ran his fingers over the flesh nubs before making sure they were centered for best results.

"There you go, Tori. Enjoy your milking. I'll be back. I would love to stay, but I have to do something with that new heifer." Isiah explained as the tingling on her nipples started. She mooed her understanding and focused on the sensation that now dominated her attention.

Like last time the tingling moved to soft suction, getting milk much quicker this time. As soon as the liquid was detected, the tingling stopped and the suction started in earnest. The machine moved back and forth from one nipple to the other getting more and more milk.

Tori squirmed on the bench, riding the wave to its crest. She let out a loud cry as she tumbled down, her body shaking in pleasure but the machine wasn't finished with her milk. It continued to draw liquid from her, setting her up for another crashing release.

By the time Isiah returned she was on her fourth crash and getting tired. Milk was coming out only rarely compared to before as her handler tapped the machine off. She looked around, just now coming back to her surroundings and saw that Mena was gone but Isiah was there for her.

"Come on, girl. Let's get you back to the stalls. Want to stop at the field?"

Tori nodded, hanging her head as she walked. Her muscles were stiff from the exertion she had put out, and wanted nothing more than to sleep. As she used the bathroom in the field she started toward her stall without her handler having to make another comment.

The new heifer was still restrained in her stall, looking as exhausted as Tori felt. Isiah opened her stall door and looked over the edge back down at her.

"I have to stripe this heifer for her disobedience. Will you be a good girl afterwards?" Isiah asked and Tori nodded. "Thank you. This shouldn't take long.

He moved to the other heifer's stall, opening the door and picking up the cane that had remained in view of the other heifer. She shook her head in denial and still tried to protest in words around her gag.

"The only sound you are allowed to make is one befitting your breed. A moo." Isiah lashed the heifer once and she screamed. "That is not an appropriate noise. This will be as long as you make it, you stupid piece of meat. If you cannot be trained," Isiah spoke again and landed a blow on her legs causing another scream, "you will be destroyed. Now, what sound can you make?" He continued to land blows as she screamed.

Finally the other female tried to make a noise similar to what she had heard Tori produce.

"That's better. Perhaps if you can learn this, we can get you processed." Isiah lashed again. "Make the noise again." The female obliged with a more moo sounding noise. "That's good for now, I suppose."

Isiah put the cane down and unlatched one side of her bindings, freeing her from being forced to stand, but still connected to the stall. "Get to your straw, you stupid meat."

It took the female a long while to move, her arms and legs wanting to refuse to work. Isiah twitched the cane in his hands, but didn't strike the female anymore. Once she was laying on the straw he turned and locked her into the stall.

He came across the hall and opened Tori's stall, who was waiting for him. She took his cock in her mouth and let him use her mouth. After beating the female, he didn't take too long to climax and feed her a piece of chocolate.

"That's my good girl." he whispered to her. "I will see you in the morning. Rest well."

* * * * * * *

Tori was trying to sleep, but noise from both the field and inside her barn was keeping her awake. Across the hallway the heifer was sobbing again. With her hooves the unnamed heifer was trying to remove the gag but had been unsuccessful. Tori gave her a angry sound, telling the new cow she was keeping her barn-mate awake.

That, and the sound from the field. Beth, the dethroned female was finally up for breeding. Her sounds were pleading to the bull in the field with her, Tori knew it was the bull that came in with her, who was making the heifer beg to be bred. She could remember the bull's presence, sending her stomach to jelly as she thought about the male standing over her.

Beth must have begged the bull enough because the next noise was her scream as the bull shoved his cock into the now-submissive female. He growled at the female as he fucked her, and Tori moaned wishing she was ready to be bred.

The breeding seemed to last for hours, but finally the male finished with the female, letting the other males now have their turns. The breeding of the other males was far less noisy than the alpha and Tori tried to settle down on her straw and fall asleep, the thought of being milked the following day making her cunt warm.











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